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Oh~! I'm interested!
Thank you so much! @Starmie & @Naw
Well, @Hyde, I would say the (ham & cheddar) hot pockets and (barbecue) hot pockets are pretty good enough to mention. But I can't leave out the pepperoni hot pockets. They are the go-to for me.


Pleased to meet you, Stranger!

My name is Cyrene, but there is an option on calling me Cy.

I am not entirely new to of RoleplayerGuild since this is technically my second account. I used to be an active member many years ago when I had access to the first one. However, due to certain circumstances that occurred in my life around that time, I had to go on a hiatus.

My experience as a roleplayer has stretched on for seven years—and still counting. I don’t exactly remember who introduced it to me, or how it really started, but I can say I am happy that person introduced me to such a creative environment. Throughout those many years, my writing now compared to then has improved drastically. I used to be the type of roleplayer that would do, at most, a single, complete sentence. Now, I can go as far as make a post with a large amount of detail. The record for the longest post I made throughout my entire roleplaying history was one that filled up seven pages in Word. You can say I am rather proud of that, but still am always welcome for new improvements in my grammar and creativity skills.

I look forward to continuing my journey here with a blank slate!
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