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Hello all. It's nice to be here. I can play a ride range of roles and am open to most topics. I am pretty new at this but I have a very vivid imagination. If you want to know about me personally keep reading, otherwise I'm done. I am 18 and I enjoy drawing. I'm not good at people but prefer, Disney, dragons, and flowers. I also play the piano and baritone for 6 yrs. I was the team captain of my robotics team in high school and lead us to many victories. I would call myself a geek. Computers, Star Wars, Robots, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Avengers, etc. Anyways I'm now off to study engineering at PFW.
Thanks for reading.
See you out there.

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@Jasper19 Np, I can use yours and make some edits.
This will be a very casual rp. I wish for this to be 100% 1st person, by all other characters. (I may add 2nd person, but you should play 1st person.) Before joining I will ask you to PM me to create and add your character to the character tab, but we will get to that later.

The Gafriean Circus, is a traveling circus that has just started up, and is recruiting people to join as performers and care takers. It has recently posted flyers all over the country to invite people to come try out. The circus pays for travel expenses, food, and homing expenses, so even though performers don't get paid, there will be nothing they need to worry about.
He gave John a look of disappointment. Sherlock didn't like people, and usually only worked murder cases or robberies. However, he rarely declines a client. He was not looking forward to this case. None the less he would listen to the lady. He sat back and smoked his pipe. "Anna" he said, calmly and quietly. "Tell us everything. Past and present." He spoke.
The place was Baker St. in London, England. The year was 2018. 8:21 in the morning on a Tuesday. The streets were bustling with cars and pedestrians on the sidewalks. People shouting for a cab, moving along the walkways, headed to work or the market. The smell of fresh pastries, from the bakery just around the corner.The skies were darkening, as a small storm was rolling in. Thunder rolls from the distance. Apartment 221b lie in it's normal silence, though it was occupied.


Sherlock, a famous "detective" sat in the armchair in his parlor. Well, he rented it from an older lady, Mrs. Hudson; who lived in as a housekeeper. He smoked his pipe, as he read the newspaper in silence. The apartment usually held no conversation, just as he liked it nice and quiet. The room was quite warm, as a cup of warm tea sat steaming next to him. Occasionally setting down his pipe to sip on the tea. He would often read the newspaper, to find a case to work. He did not work for anyone in particular. He was a private investigator and often picked the cases he wanted to work. He hated simple cases, he much preferred to work ones, that everyone deemed impossible. Suddenly the door opened and his intern and colleague John walked in with a guest.
Any progress?
If you just hand sketch a crude floor plan, even with multiple floors if you'd like. When you post it or send it to me through pm either works, I'll go ahead and render it in as a photo. I'll probably have fun with it and devise multiple renderings of the same picture, to be used ad lib. (ex/ blueprints of the original facility, that may be found in a drawer; maps that you would see hanging up on the facility walls; or even old "map" paper like it is a "hand drawn" map that an scp made to escape or something. idk) If there are other things I could render lmk. Like I said I do have some knowledge in scps, so that will help.
I have some knowledge of SCPs. I have created some programs based on SCP containment before and may be of help @finris if you don't have any graphics knowledge, if you need help I can render your idea into a high quality 2d graphic.
I would like to do a rp where I play as Sherlock Holmes, and others play as maybe, suspects, police, bystanders, or even Dr.Watson. I believe it would be really fun, just not sure how to go about doing it, so if you are interested and have ideas pm me. (I will add others as co-GM)
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