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2 mos ago
Current Huh, this Expanding Horizons thing. Don't know if we need this or if I'll ever get involved, but it is neat.
2 mos ago
Hey, if you guys actually care enough take it into PMs or something. Since you know this is meant for statuses and whatnot... which hasn't exactly been the case for a while, but still.
4 mos ago
RIght, well sorry to anyone who's doing stuff with me. Got sick over the weekend then decided to take it easy, and so I hope to repond to everything tomorrow.
5 mos ago
To anyone who I do RP stuff with, I'm feeling pretty drained in the creative department, so gonna be taking a day or so for a break.
8 mos ago
Na you be a technocracy and solve all your problems through the indomitable might of science until the robots rise up in revolution.


Not much to say really, I consider myself a veteran roleplayer at any rate with a good five years of experience that obviously stretches back far before I joined the guild. Generally I'm willing to join any RP that I find interesting it doesn't matter what genre it is, something weird and outlandish is much preferable to the same old plots that have been beyond exhausted by now if you ask me. Uh... yeah that's all I got in this half-baked bio, so yay.

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Yet another bump because why not.
Welp. Bump time again.
@Hyyde322 I would normally ignore you since you didn't read the last part of my thread, but please do what it says and send a PM. Then we can talk.
Da bump.
@Ardiax Personally I'm not interested, but I feel like echoing what others have said. An interest check less than a day old is super new, you should give it way more time, and seems like there's people who want to do this anyway.
Bump cause man RPs are still scarce.
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