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1 mo ago
Current Welp, the eclipse was pretty underwhelming. To be fair I wasn't in the total eclipse zone either, but it was still meh.
4 mos ago
Huh, this Expanding Horizons thing. Don't know if we need this or if I'll ever get involved, but it is neat.
4 mos ago
Hey, if you guys actually care enough take it into PMs or something. Since you know this is meant for statuses and whatnot... which hasn't exactly been the case for a while, but still.
7 mos ago
RIght, well sorry to anyone who's doing stuff with me. Got sick over the weekend then decided to take it easy, and so I hope to repond to everything tomorrow.
8 mos ago
To anyone who I do RP stuff with, I'm feeling pretty drained in the creative department, so gonna be taking a day or so for a break.


Alright new bio because the one I had before was about... two... three years out of date? Basically I haven't touched this since I joined the site. Nothing fancy to say here, I'm a person who also happens to write stuff with other persons. Simple stuff. In a more serious note I mainly stick with 1x1s nowadays, but not for any particular reason other than that's how it worked out. I suppose the other major thing to note is if we do have an RP going, and I haven't responded for a while then feel free to get my attention. I'm also a fan of OOC chatter, its nice to have, but hey it isn't required either.

And... that's it.

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