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Still slightly humming, if only more quietly to himself the Hexer found the mood in the room, well boring to him mostly. Not because nothing was being said or because of what was being said but rather because he could barely understand what was being said. Perhaps their host knew this and was using it to keep someone like him complacent so he wouldn't go off and do as his job instructed. Last time that happened the standing army came to a ruined keep that someone converted into a cult housing, it was a rather strange battle but the silver lining everyone was dead. Okay in retrospect maybe there wasn't a silver lining to that story but at least he complied with the job given to him and removed the cult.

Seeing as they weren't going to give him a translator nor was this Knight going to give him one Nebel did the next thing he could think of. He picked up his old blade, strapped it to his back and stood to full height. His humming died as the left the meeting room, they might send him a sit-rep of what happened or that Knight would fill him in later on the road. Still a Seven foot Four inch (2.25 Meters for my non-USA Gentlemen and Ladies) bastard with a Deer head leaving the room might of seemed normal in Ispar but it might be a little crass here so he turned and looked at the group.

"Ich werde drau├čen sein. Gib mir die Informationen, wenn du fertig bist, in einer Sprache, die ich verstehe."

With that the Hexer walked to the door, ducked as he opened it, and left while humming his old Hunting Lullaby. Perhaps they heard it die away as he got further away, more then likely they just ignored it. Didn't bother him one bit because right now he still had his letter that someone write for him to understand. Reaching to his side, into one of the packs that rested on his hip the old Hexer pilled out his pipe, rather simple really. Old molded metal pipe covered in corn cob husk and wood around the mouth piece. While he didn't light it up, because he didn't have any thing to smoke at the moment, he just chewed on it still humming, more out of reflex then anything else.

Once he was outside at the bottom step he stopped, humming as well. Odd for him because that normally wasn't a good thing, unless he was hunting. Reaching down he pulled out the Letter once more reading it over before looking at the gate where the people who met him were. Squinting his unseen eyes he scanned the area, they didn't seem to be around. Well damn, missed his chance to get some answers on that front. Still walking over to one of the trees beside the steps he leaned back still chewing on his old pipe, now just waiting for this Knight to hurry up so he could get some answers, all the while closing his eyes calming his rage. He lost it and was lucky he wasn't hurt for it, this time.

Nebel, unless that was intentional.
To be honest everything I'm writing as far as in German is being run through Google translate so that way when it is converted to English it sound better at least. Then again an accurate translations are never 100%.
Story time! Quick get the popcorn.
Nebel's list of priorities: (Note this list is NOT Finite.)

-His Love (And any gifts, her likes ETC)

-His Home (Former Ruling family)

-His Job (Start to finish)

-Hobbies (Don't question his wants for skulls unless you want to be in his collection)

-Personal Vendettas

-And perhaps free time if he has been a 'good boy'
Nebel would interact more, but with seeing ghost of his home and the details of the job his mind set is more 'do the job, get information, interact with others as needed ki d of mind set. Granted he isnt socially inept, just putting the 'hi my name is' on the back burner.

<Sneak 100>
._. I do.
Every main story post from me begins a new round (unless otherwise noted). So yes, everyone is free to post again.

Speaking of which, could you two PM me the details of your upcoming duel? I'd like to help plan for it.


It would be good idea. Though its up to you.

Yes, us strange foreigners. >->
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