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@Lumiere @Thinslayer

Still calm, still watching with hollow eyes Nebel felt every jab at his pride his forced abdicated Princess laid into him. Yet he did not snap back, just let them talk while he watched. In his mind he was already doing something that should of been done the moment he laid eyes on this lands Queen. She wasn't human, or at least he was thinking that. No human could of come into a room sealed by his Hex let alone the fact he could not since the spirit powering the hex which lead to a different Train of thought. The creatures and spirits of the Occult are not something to be trifled with, let alone meeting with when in confinement of a seal.

Looking over at Kaitra for a moment he had to stifle a chuckle. It seems she forgot that they were unarmed coming into this place and was grasping at ghosts at her side. Still he leaned forwards, while he could feel no anger nor malice coming from their new guest hew as going to be ready just encase. Dishonored or not, he was still of Ispar and as such he had a duty to protect what he believed to be one of the last non-corrupted elements of his old home. This was, till he felt it. That warm feeling of someone whom he spent so long with.

Standing quickly, quick enough that his chair feel over, Nebel looked over at the door and with his left hand pointed at the hex. Oh that energy he felt coming from the door was like the warm summer's sun. With his first honest smile the Monster of Ispar gave a command, his words echoing with each sound that came.

"Ich gebe dir Passage."

With that the door swung open, and before them stood the only person that Nebel truly felt for. With a wide grin he reached forwards and dropped to his knee. Taking her and and kissing it softly. "Oh, ich habe dich vermisst. Mein Herz tat mir weh, seit wir uns das letzte Mal getrennt hatten" With that said he reached for her, wanting to wisk her to a chair, somewhere he could make her pleased in this cramped meeting hall. All he could offer, was his own chair.

With a slam of the door, the Hex returned to normal. Glowing in the corner now with Five creatures to make it stronger. The room, growing colder, and seemed to hold a much more defined stiffness in sound alone.
@Lumiere @Thinslayer

Take down a peg would of put it mildly. After having not only his pride as a Knight of Ispar taken in all but official act, which considering in his mind who said it, it might as well have been an official act, Nebel felt his heart weep like an open wound. Still he kept his expressions under control as she stood on. It made since they where alone in taking back their home, for it seems that this country had no interest in aiding a fallen kingdom, even if they where allies at one point in time. Chalk that up to people trying to secure their own power first and if it helps then others second.

Gripping the arms of his chair tighter, if but slightly, he felt that old calling. His want for a culling of those who seek power over all else. Internally he was having a struggle and it was starting to show slightly as his Hex was getting a little stronger, feeding of his raw anger was was reaching its boiling point.

"Es bot mir eine Menge Münzen und eines dieser Artefakte, über die sie gesprochen hatten. Die Bitte war, das Kind des Königs zurückzugeben, es gab keine Bestimmungen über die Gesundheit, nur lebend." Reaching up he started tapping his chin.

In his mind he started to ponder a few things, somethings he had already done so that now where taking the forefront of his mind. For her they wanted to keep the artifact, but for him they where willing to part with it. Added to it the Kingdom she lost to that, scourge, it made since. Yet why not offer it to him as well, surely they knew he was an Isparian Knight, Hexer Knight but Knight none the less. If the requests he had taken before where any indication, most times the person making the request would offer things not only within their power, but add a few things they might be able to make the deal more appealing to.

"I...see." He said, his accent showing as well as is lack of usage of the common tongue. "It, does not make since, yet it does."

Looking over at their friend who was currently passed out on the table Nebel felt his rational mind starting to work over time. He, after all, had more pieces to the puzzle. Who ever requested their air knew not only who he was, but her as well. The whole deal was starting to stink, but he had been out in the cold too long and his nose wasn't working right when he took the request. This little bit of information felt like a warm soup that always helped clear up the scenes.

"Wir sollten unsere Augen offen halten, es fühlt sich jetzt nicht gut an, wenn ich darüber nachdenke."
Whats that old saying? Monsters don't get names, they become but foot notes for the brave to have at their feet.
Rage, blinding rage was building up. Only to be squashed by a feeling of shame once he saw that marking on her body. It wasn't a new feeling, but it burned all the same. While in his humble thought, nothing hurt worse then getting his Tattoo's all over his body this was a close second. Looking up at the woman dead in the eye and giving her enough respect not to look away or huff the Monster stood up and then, to many this might be a shock, infront of the woman and droped to both knees planting his head on the ground with his hands to the side of his head. His Malice was still quite thick in the air as the Hex burned away in the corner, the soft burning of the candles and hissing of the dark flames leaving the eye sockets of the skull.

With out lifting his head Nebel spoke, more dead then alive at this point as his mind told him who he was in front of once more. "Ich heiße Nebel Asteri Mesanychta! Der Albtraum von Ispar."

Keeping his head down Nebel kept his body clam as his Malice leaked off him. Fear wasn't an emotion he felt often, unless his enemies felt it, but right now he felt something even worse then fear, the disappointment in his actions or rather inaction. He tried that night he left his home, he really did, but the King wouldn't hear him. It seemed his atempts to save the people he respect failed and the proof was currently standing before him baring the mark of both his pride and shame.

Lifting himself back up to full height with both feet planted on the ground Nebel looked down at the Woman, his lower face showing no emotion but if she could of seen his Yellow eyes, she might of seen the shame and guilt that stung his soul. He was about to say things he wish he couldn't but knew he had a duty to say. Taking a deep breath Nebel went over and grabbed his chair and set it infront of her only to take a seat himself.

Setz dich, ich habe eine Geschichte zu erzählen und ich werde nicht schön sein. Erstens bin ich kein Attentäter. Ich würde niemals einen deiner Namen verletzen. Ich würde mich zuerst für den Tod brandmarken, bevor ich überhaupt daran dachte, so etwas zu tun" As he spoke, emotion slowly started to come to his normally dead voice. And it was nothing short of shame. "Ich bin sicher, Sie kennen mich als jemanden des Okkulten. Einer, der mit dem Jenseits geht und mit den Toten spielt. Aber was ich getan habe, war zum Wohle unseres Volkes! Aber nein, ich bin, wie Sie sagten, ein namenloser Jäger geworden. Auch um Ihre Frage zu beantworten. Brich mir den Hals und es wird nicht aufhören. Ein Hex ist nach dem Start autark.

Leaning back in his chair Nebel looked deeper into the Woman's eyes. His hollow eye sockets showing nothing but his body language perhaps saying something as he seemed to relax slightly into the seat.

"Es mag kalt sein oder vielleicht nicht mein Platz, aber ich muss fragen. Wie wurden Sie von ihnen angeworben? Oder haben Sie zuerst weitere Fragen?"
@Lumiere @Thinslayer

Those moments where we are caught between what we hear and feel are not rare, but uncommon. For one Nebel Asteri Mesanychta he felt it, all the pains and feelings one shouldn't feel while talking to someone he didn't know, but at the same time he felt regret and shame. Yet his face, still covered by the cloth and mask, was still as dead and blank as always. The mask he ware when the Monster went to fight, the same face the Monster had when his mother hugged him.

Turning to look at the now named Knight he all but froze for a moment as his mind went into overdrive because of questions that now seemed to spawn more questions from the black labyrinth that was his brain. Should he talk to this person, but what to say, where was he that knight, what about the other of his Kinsmen on the floor? It was slowly starting to get to him as he felt the questions start to boil over.

After a quick jolt from his head, via a quick turn back to the other Isparian, Nebel did what he felt was right in that moment. Walking over to the fallen Kinsmen he picked him up and held him on his shoulder after a quick check for any sights of life, and thankfully he was even if it was but whispers of breath. Walking back to the Bar Nebel looked down at Elzbrn. Reaching up with his free hand he pulled down the cloth covering his face, showing those tribal tattoo's that covered most of his face.

Leaning down to her, in a hushed tone. "Komm mit mir in einen der Besprechungsräume, meine Dame. Wenn Sie darüber reden wollen, müssen wir es alleine tun."

With that Nebel turned and walked back to the main entrance hall going up to one of the Receptionists, only to be greeted by the man trying his best to avoid his gaze. Still with the man slung over his shoulder some of the Bouncers watched with baited breath as they would only act if he did something to harm anyone and most had watched the man fall over, most more then likely thinking him just drunk. After a good handful of minutes trying to get a key to the room he requested, and fumbling because he still didn't really speak this language, Nebel took the key and paid for the meeting room. Turning around he went to one of the many hallways located to the left of the reception desk's. It was there at a door with '153' he unlocked the door and left it open as he went to the table to lay the man out.

With that done Nebel went to the left core of the entrance to the room and kneeled down. Reaching behind his back he pulled out a skull as well as a set of rib bones, metal rods of some make, a Femur and half three candles. After a moment of setting up, the Femur acting as a spine while the metal rods held it up as well as acting as a rest for the ribs acting as a base to hold the rods and Femur bone from spreading apart. All this held together with string and perhaps something else as he placed the candles in the middle base of the Totem he was making. While the three candles remained unlit the Monster smiled as he reached behind him one more time as he pulled out a, if in his opinion on the matter counted, clean skull with no markings on it.

Taking a breath, and a spare carving tool he always kept on his person, Nebel started to engrave the rune of a music into the center of the skull's forehead. With that done he reached out and genitally placed it above the Totem. The strange thing was, it didn't rest on the top of the Totem, nor did it fall out of his hand as soon as he placed it above it. No the Skull, for lack of a better term, floated above the Totem. While it was sill dull for the eyes had yet to burst to life with dark fire, nor the candles had lit themselves, it was in its 'inactive' state. A Hex placed on this room waiting for the Trigger to be activated which just so happened to be the Knight whom, when she walked into the room, would force the door closed as it would cast the room in Silence. No Mana flow, no sound escaping past these walls as the Void would act as a boundary and 'eat' the sound before it left, The door locked and wouldn't budge till the Hex was taken down. There would be no escape for anyone till the Hex was removed, but this was what he wanted, a place he could talk with said person in private.

Turning back to the table Nebel went to the head of it, taking off his coat, and slowly removing his armor. At least the upper part of it leaving his helm on. Once he was down to just the shirt he removed it as well to show his torso and arms. If this person's calm was true then he would also bare his marks. Despite being almost Fifty years old he didn't really show it. His body was well build, and for someone of his age held muscle rather well. None but a handful of scars blemished his flesh, this however wasn't what some would call odd if they didn't know he was a Hexer. Across his body, front and back Tattoo's where drawn. Across his shoulders, connected across his spine and neck, were tribal lines, all an inch thick, that intertwined and spread down his arms coming to a head near the wrists. His back held images of his fath and training in the Hexer's ways. Across his heart was a Tattoo of a heart, not the comical heart but a live like heart, with four stitch like marks running across it. On his right Pectoral was a Skull that looked like it was made of smoke that was slowly drifting way into the Tribal marks on his shoulders, while under said skull was a candle slowly burning down. The images didn't stop as the Tribal marks once more picked up again in his lower torso area weaving designs and the like one on his shoulders only when looked at more closely they looked like a grinning demon, or void spawn if you where a learned youngster. His back held much he same as well.

Laying his armor on table near the foot where he was going sit for this meeting, Nebel took the chair and moved it to the right side of the entrance and placed the chair against the wall and took a seat waiting for the Knight to come and Trigger the Hex so they could speak in complete privacy.

Riding along, taking the sights of the City, Nebel spotted where they were going. With a quick click of his tongue and soft pull on the reins to the left he took them to the guild hall. Perhaps it was the fact he had been there before for both drink and work that he knew, well it was that very fact. If memory served right the old Bartender was hopefully on shift and not that young man whom always persistent him about his home. At least the older bartender was nice enough to leave him be and when he wanted to talk they did have a nice conversation or two.

Taking them out front he stopped the Pale Horse and tired her down, putting a little lock on the saddle bags. With that he walked to her front and pet her nose. "Ich bin gleich wieder da. Mit Wasser und vielleicht mehr." With that Nebel walked into the Guild Hall. Not really giving The Knight much choice, he'ed be damned if he was going to drink anywhere else considering.

Once inside he was stopped, course, by the Bouncers who asked him to 'Check' his weapons in. After a nod and small word of thanks, and a coin for 'extra' protection of his Sword and Dagger, Nebel walked into the Hall proper. Right away it was clear this was meant for the more 'higher' end of the spectrum for Mercs and Knights who wanted a little extra income or for the people who wanted some experince before joining the Army. Every lively and ever full of both active members of this Guild and Knights who seek thrills and coin they just currently couldn't get. In this section was the main 'reception' area. A large BBS board for people to browse, mainly for people who aren't with the Guild proper, the Desk against the back wall for people to both checking requests as well as take them, for people who are part of the Guild of course, and seats for clients who are making the requests. To the Left of the entrance was the 'Members Only' section for people who want to relax and be away from the 'common' collection in the reception & bar. Of course lets not forget the Bar. Perhaps the second largest spot, aside from the reception area being the biggest room, for both 'commoners' and members to come and talk about really anything. The main staff who worked it where all clearly dressed, mainly because they didn't have armor on and/or smelled like they just came off a long work day needing a bath.

As soon as Nebel walked in the air felt, stifled. It was the Members who recognized him first, and they all did one of two things, looked away from him as the Vets knew better, or the newer recruits eyeing him up and down gauging how well they could last against him. Needless to say the Guild Master and Nebel had talked this whole thing out before, he did work for the Guild, got paid, and they didn't bother him or that man with the broken jaw and PTSD wouldn't be the last one he left. It was a, love/hate relationship with the guild Members and Nebel. The Receptionists all, for lack of a better phrase, turned there heads to seem busy. Perhaps it was clear to the Knight Nebel's all reputation still lingered on him even after all this time away from his home country.

Keeping his arms to the side, Nebel strode to the Bar. Each step echoed by the muffled raddle of bones from his pack on his belt. This did little to placate the Members as he Entered the bar. Still he showed no sign of slowing his step nor change in direction as he went to the Bar and took a seat at the counter. Waiting to be served. In this time he noticed, rather heard, the conversation of the man behind him. Luck would have it one of his Kinsmen was raddling off a story off about how his beloved home fell. Still what struck his interest was the final words that came.

Turning his head he got an eye full of whom the man on the ground spoke of. His hidden yellow eyes taking in all the details while he waited for the Knight to order them their drinks.

One doesn't really notice much in this time we have, let alone what happens around us as we let our minds wonder the rouge thoughts that always seem to plague the voids which seem to crop up only for it to be filled in by the false or partial truths the brain can think of. Still This was the case as Nebel was lightly racking his teeth across the wooden mouth guard of his pipe. With his eyes closed and free hand slowly tracing the lines on his face that She gave him he kept thinking of the events that just played out in his mind, for him it was almost illegible slog of the language he just barely understood. All the while still humming his favorite Lullaby, letting its hunting melody calm his addled mind.

When the Knight came for Nebel, the monster of a man didn't react at first, indead letting what was left of the anger just flow away. What finally brought him back from this almost trance like peace was the voice, perhaps it was the way it was said but Nebel could feel agitation in its voice. With but a nod, no since in getting mad, at least he was still fuming on the inside, at the Knight before him. Instead he offered a simple nod as he walked off to the place he hitched his Horse, the poor girl was more then likely mad at its current rider, not owner, that she was left in these human hands.

Coming to the Pale Horse, the Monster of Ispar went to the saddle bag and pulled out a wooden box as he set it on the ground beside him. With that he opened it and pulled out a bowl, with a sealed leather water skin. Pouring the water into the bowl he showed the horse and set it on the ground. One the Pale Horse was drinking he went about letting the Stirrups free from their respective holders and insuring Billet straps and offside Billet-straps where secure he looked back at the horse who was done drinking. With a rare smile that touched the old hexer's lips he picked up the bowl and placed it carefully back into the wooden box along with the water skin. If one looked at the contents of the box they could see the needed items for horse care, clearly this horse meant more to them then someones life, as proof to the skulls lining the back Skirt of the Saddle, before putting it back into the saddle bags.

Placing his foot into the Stirrup and hoisting himself into the seat of the saddle proper Nebel pulled the mask that normally covered his lower face back up and adjusted his helm properly so he could see. With a quick tug on the Pale Horse Reins and a small click of his tongue the horse turned and went in the direction of the Knight, it seemed the Pale Horse already had an idea of what her rider wanted and even fore the actions to get her moving the Pale Horse was already turning to leave. For many this was a sight that shouldn't be seen, the image of the Pale Horse and it's rider moving at them, added to the fact the Rider had a Skull shaped Helm didn't help matters. Still once he came to the Knight's side when it was outside the palace proper an into the streets he looked down at it.

"Ich lüge nicht, ich mag dich jetzt nicht. Aber ich werde mit dir in eine Halle gehen. Ich habe die Währung, die in diesem Land gekürzt wurde. Also keine Sorgen machen."

With that he turned his attention forwards keeping an eye out for any hall, pub, or tavern, even guild hall that wasn't covered in rats and dust. If he was going to drink, no matter how little, he wasn't about to do it in some place that wasn't at least cleaned daily. Still he was reminded of the Pale Horse who was currently letting her Rider direct her while she seemed more interested in the Knight. The Pale Horse for lack of a better term 'poked' the Knight's shoulder with her nose before looking forwards again. With a surprising level of sentience, it was almost as if the Pale Horse was inspecting the Knight.

Nebel just shurged, it was Her horse after all. No telling what kind of things the Pale Horse could do outside of what he knew of. With a small chuckle he started to remember what she told him.

"Don't hurt her, she tends to hurt you back if you do." The woman said as Nebel too the Reins of the pale horse that was walking to him of it's own accord. "She will remember you, and as long as you take care of her she will stay with you. Just don't forget, she needs a new head every now and again."

With that happy memory playing in his head Nebel looked forwards once more bouncing slightly with each set of The Pale Horse.
Still slightly humming, if only more quietly to himself the Hexer found the mood in the room, well boring to him mostly. Not because nothing was being said or because of what was being said but rather because he could barely understand what was being said. Perhaps their host knew this and was using it to keep someone like him complacent so he wouldn't go off and do as his job instructed. Last time that happened the standing army came to a ruined keep that someone converted into a cult housing, it was a rather strange battle but the silver lining everyone was dead. Okay in retrospect maybe there wasn't a silver lining to that story but at least he complied with the job given to him and removed the cult.

Seeing as they weren't going to give him a translator nor was this Knight going to give him one Nebel did the next thing he could think of. He picked up his old blade, strapped it to his back and stood to full height. His humming died as the left the meeting room, they might send him a sit-rep of what happened or that Knight would fill him in later on the road. Still a Seven foot Four inch (2.25 Meters for my non-USA Gentlemen and Ladies) bastard with a Deer head leaving the room might of seemed normal in Ispar but it might be a little crass here so he turned and looked at the group.

"Ich werde draußen sein. Gib mir die Informationen, wenn du fertig bist, in einer Sprache, die ich verstehe."

With that the Hexer walked to the door, ducked as he opened it, and left while humming his old Hunting Lullaby. Perhaps they heard it die away as he got further away, more then likely they just ignored it. Didn't bother him one bit because right now he still had his letter that someone write for him to understand. Reaching to his side, into one of the packs that rested on his hip the old Hexer pilled out his pipe, rather simple really. Old molded metal pipe covered in corn cob husk and wood around the mouth piece. While he didn't light it up, because he didn't have any thing to smoke at the moment, he just chewed on it still humming, more out of reflex then anything else.

Once he was outside at the bottom step he stopped, humming as well. Odd for him because that normally wasn't a good thing, unless he was hunting. Reaching down he pulled out the Letter once more reading it over before looking at the gate where the people who met him were. Squinting his unseen eyes he scanned the area, they didn't seem to be around. Well damn, missed his chance to get some answers on that front. Still walking over to one of the trees beside the steps he leaned back still chewing on his old pipe, now just waiting for this Knight to hurry up so he could get some answers, all the while closing his eyes calming his rage. He lost it and was lucky he wasn't hurt for it, this time.

Nebel, unless that was intentional.
To be honest everything I'm writing as far as in German is being run through Google translate so that way when it is converted to English it sound better at least. Then again an accurate translations are never 100%.
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