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I mean Edward...He doesn't have a home in this time line. We can assume his old...Lord...Is very much gone at this point.
The app you didn't need.

Okay after reading you got me really wanting to remake Transcendent Edword.
Must of missed something >.>
No spoils where had, none that held value to anyone other than her. Perhaps the way she implemented this treasure of hers wasn’t the best but no one was complaining, not yet anyway. Walking up to the Gorman's line her skull moved on its own, at her normal head height while her body slowly dug out of the ground, only to have it fall down covering her face once more before she fully emerged. Seemed having those old traits turned on made for a good way to move around.

“Time wasted, pointless.”

Clawing her way out of the ground completely she just sat down not even bothing to even try and stand at attention. It was, to her atleast, pointless for all this was doing was taking away from her research time. Things she could be doing to make them better, perhaps she could use her new strands she made on this team. While she contemplated these ideas the sound of a bone snapping came from her unseen maw. Chewing on the fragments might of given off a bad air as she was eating, in really she was taking in the essence of the bone for whatever creature it belong to.

“It is time for change, make better, more efficient.”

Her cold voice said as she held out a few items of distasteful rewards, in her mind they were worth more then anything that pile of riches they looted had. It was the idea of change, making them better, stronger, more adapt at the current goal.

Returning her attention to Gorman she kept chewing and waited for his next word. For tonight was the night she was going to start taking samples from her ‘squad’. Regardless if they liked it or night.
I suppose now is the best time to put something down to prove I am still here. Well here I go writing again.
Bump (Checking if dead or not.)
Nice, at least we know your still around, as for the others I can't say.
Hmm not quite what I has hinting at. Anyway, GL HF with the idea.
You kinda need to respond to everyone's posts right about now, as in since they need individual responses you need to give mate.
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