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In The Faraway Land 31 Mar 2017 2:44 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hay man, I am just here to help. I did the best I could with what ya gave me. Only think I can say that would of gotten me is this: When we where talking about the story lore and Mechanics of the Story ya should of taken that, broken it down and made it accessable for everyone. Then again I had the info as well so we are both at fault for that one.

Anyway I am always happy to help man, you know where to find me on Steam ([DsGN] Mavros Drakos) when your feeling up to making a new one. Just don't get to surprised if I start asking questions man. Remember: Devil is in the Details.
In The Faraway Land 30 Mar 2017 23:00 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Well, thats more or less up to the people man. They have to decide if they want to keep going and from there, with your help decide whats best for the health of the Thread.

Ya...wish I had more but thats the bare bones of it man.
In The Faraway Land 30 Mar 2017 17:43 Forum: Casual Roleplay
When it rains it pours, at least that's the old saying anyway.
In The Faraway Land 30 Mar 2017 15:43 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Well then... the puts things into prospective done it. Here I am just waiting on other people and anew round to post. Also Starcraft 2 en?
In The Faraway Land 29 Mar 2017 3:25 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Oh if Vert tries Edward will have some words to say to dear old Vert. But thats something else, just take a look into his cold dead eyes love.
In The Faraway Land 27 Mar 2017 1:25 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Blah, short and too the point.
In The Faraway Land 27 Mar 2017 1:24 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Lord Zee

Looking down at Erudessa, eyes still closed yet knowing right where she was. It was obvious what she was doing but he didn’t mind. Instead he looked back at his Lady giving her a small nod to assure her safety before noticing the Brute who stood. He was cute, or at least Edward though as he watched the Orc get all huffy all of a sudden. A laugh erupted from him that was both cheerful and at the same time snide.

“I know what you’re doing,” he said with a light tone, before leaning in and whispering dimly, “And I like it.

With that said he leaned back to the flames for warmth. Is attention taken by the off beaten sound of the forest being trampled. Odd but he could feel the vibrations coming at them and yet he didn’t worry, anything could happen out here, and it normally does.

“To answer your questions, he is fine. Still angry at the whole burying us alive thing. No he has moved on but still trying to build what you broke, thanks for that I still owe you for that. As far as the dead go, yes and no. The dead are dead, instead we look to the living to bring back a noble sect. Also Dinner would be lovely right now, I am famished!”

- - -

As the light faded from Tiberius eyes, still clutching the dagger he found his consciousness being wised away, and upon his eyes light returning his soundings were changed. No longer was he in the dark woods from which his physical body now lay in slumber. Instead he found himself at a lake's edge in a clearing, off in the distance a city filled with light on the other side of the Lake. The City he might of recognized as the Capital City of the Elves Rule. Yet it felt different, like a ghost town besides the light coming from it. Just a stone's throw away he could see a Bonfire burning, blue in hue with a lone woman resting by its gaze.

Beside her rested a skull, but not human like her, instead it was that of a Transendant’s. Her armor matching the same color pattern all the way down to the hands and feet, but she was Human in Ornamental Armor. Lifting a Hand she waved to him, the sound of scaled armor clanking slightly as she waved.

“I have been here a while, Tiberius. Seems you're at the end of your rope dear. Would you like to have a rest? I have food and drink.”

Nothing felt hostel, nothing at all, in fact everything felt calm and collected. As he stood there he could see more people like him, only the difference between him and the spirits around being they had visible wounds and lacerations one could tell where self inflicted. The Spirit’s didn’t acknowledge or even make any kind notion that the two were even there. Instead they just marched further north along some kind path leading to beyond where those who committed suicide were taken by the Reaper’s will.
In The Faraway Land 26 Mar 2017 13:44 Forum: Casual Roleplay

Alright then Tigger, I am always willing to give the Benefit of the Doubt. Its good your blunt, but do well to remember this. Text can't Emote as well as a voice. Using Harsh words and sentences structures that feel harsh, even if it doesn't sound like it to you, comes off as being angry.

Perhaps I was the one jumping to conclusions, I am willing to admit it and while Thin tries to remember the setting of this Story (Which he did tell me as we went over it and I really feel the S.E.E.D thing is a bit of an Ass-pull here. That being said my digression was the type of 'enchantment' used here. If its an Inanimate object that has an ability on standby (in this case the 3D GPS system) its going to take a rather honest amount of Mana or energy en-general to preform. Energy of course is an always flowing source, and our bodies do make a lot of it, but 90% of all energy is burned off as heat. It makes since where we can get the energy from, but how we use it depends on if we can feel it.

As stated this is a Fanticy setting, and I have stressed to Thinslayer that he should be getting the Setting/Story/Lore out before things like this happen instead of waiting for them to pop up and change how the lore works so far. I will do my best to get the information out as I get it from him, but right now I will be the one to say this.

Sorry for Assuming your anger, I should of asked questions, but I still stand by what I said.
In The Faraway Land 26 Mar 2017 3:23 Forum: Casual Roleplay
In The Faraway Land 25 Mar 2017 11:00 Forum: Casual Roleplay

First off, calm the titties, secondly; I was just giving an opinion based off what I read. Holograph style geologically aware mapping that shows locations of others, thats not a simple thing to be honest, we don't have a GPS here. Thus why I said that must be one hell of a Mana burn. Rest of it felt jumbled but I did read it. Or rather still having a bit of a time reading it. Anyway, didn't take away or nothing, just felt a little odd he was willing to commit to such a heavy Mana burn on Tech style magic is all.
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