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@Mae I think I will let Mariana to join "A few dark stones more." She isn't quite strong enough to go on other missions yet. Thank you.
Well, I am just gonna make mine quick. No reason to type up a page when Sola and Karkinos have pretty much summed up what I saw in two CS.

+Du Bak is quite a fun character. Somehow reading through Lasersquid's CS, I can't help but thinking this is the "America Fuck Yeah!" turn into a character. Overall, quite fun although it would be much easier to see if you can press enter to clear the text block. But still, after reading through your line, I only have one question. How did he ensure that his pirate vessel would not fall into mutiny? Assuming that he has some mystical power which allowed him to control the boat like the Flying Dutchman in Pirates of the Caribbean, then why doesn't he just ambush and mix his pirate with the refugees. It is a much simpler task than trying to persuade a bunch of sailors that serve the king. Besides, if the captain was a smart man, don't you think he would be wise enough to beat one of his men so that he could insert the spies within the riot circle?

+I think Calle did a wonderful job when describing his/her character's appearance. I could draw out his/her character when reading the appearance lines. The history did a pretty good job of summarizing her reason to go to the sea. But I don't think that is a quite strong enough reason. Besides, I would be very interested in reading about her conversation with her husband after giving birth to their second child. Certainly, in my mind at least, that event should leave a deep mark in her life.

Well, with a few minor plot holes that I am just being nitpicking at this point, I think I will vote for Calle.
>They call me Mariana Lapointe
>I'm a female
>I look like a biker with short hair, relatively dark skin since I ride horses days and nights, and no accessories or cosmetics because I like my face normal. I always wear a leather jacket, a white shirt underneath, blue jeans, and a pair of old leather boots.
>I am a U.S. Marshall
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Interest if you guy still open
@RubyK, then I will make him a forester then. Hope it would fit your theme then.
@DC The Dragon
-Yeah in regards to that, according to the Wiki and the Criminal Code of Canada:
Everyone who commits a sexual assault is guilty of
(a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years and, if the complainant is under the age of 16 years, to a minimum punishment of imprisonment for a term of one year; or
(b) an offence punishable on summary conviction and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 18 months and, if the complainant is under the age of 16 years, to a minimum punishment of imprisonment for a term of 90 days.

-Yeah, the name Mathias is taken from his mother middle name, and the first and last is the doctor because I am too lazy with naming and bad at it.
-For the whole thingy as why he did not send to the asylum or anything like that is because I just only have a few reasons. First of all, he turned himself in, which is one of the reasons why he was released early. Secondly, I assume that the corporations are major factors and game changers in this dystopian world of ours. So, in fact, hiding them from the public eyes while still able to concentrate them into large camps are quite good. This is because of profits. And as long as we know, some of them have quite good mutations (ie: plant control which could modify plants gene or electricity manipulation which could result in materials with better conduction with cheaper price)
-For the government side, the reason they would rather to keep the secret is possibly due to two major factors. First of all, they all want to have the bomb in some way or some how. Like there is a reason for us to notify other nations when we were able to develop our own nuclear program. And as long the mutants do not show any signs of favoring any sides, it is still best to assume that they follow the nations they inhabited. Second, they want to hide from the population. Due to the failure in my part to identify whether or not the superhuman controls act thingy had been activated and whether or not the House of M and M-day had come into place (I remember there is a canon where the government are taken interest in controlling the superhuman like what they did to the mutants. But it got shutdown though.) So for the population that had beginning to look the others way, it is the best for them to continue to look away. Like unless it is like the 90s documents that are no longer high priority, the government does not have any need to frighten its people's wits off. Like that is a few reasons I could think off right now.
-Powers are different from mutation in which the unit, Moth in this case, are able to achieve itself without the aid from his DNA. Mutation are based on genes and currently related to unsolvable and unimaginable abilities.
-He was 18 when he was arrested.
- Yeah the woman got impregnated. Thank gods that she didn't go to abortion clinic but give the baby to the hospital.

And here is the link that I used to saw about Canada Criminal Code if you are interest.
redated to be fix
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If possible, I would love to reserve the Indochina. Can't wait to die trying or leave in victory against the German.
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