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@DoubleCan you see if there is anything that needed to be fix? Thanks.
damn, interest
@Double May I ask what is the time of the Rp centered around? Like Peter Pan was firstly introduced during 1900s, but the Snow White was firstly known by the Grimm tales in 1812.
ninja banned
ooh, crimes lords.

@Hey Im Jordan Meant to ask this, but are you sure you aren't Gwen? Specifically Gwen Stacy? If so, then what trickery are you trying to imply by saying you are Jordan?

(It's a joke. So please take this with a heap of salt. I will pay for the production cost later.)
And try my best. Now, I can hide like an ostrich.

Well, sorry for being late. I promised the normal post would never take this long. It is just so happened that it was the perfect chance for my plan for Moth. So, sorry.
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