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Yeah it has been a hot minute Jb, I fell outta RPing there for awhile but now I’m poking back in. Eager to see this get off the ground!
Color me interest, I love me some Clones
Hey howdy, this still open? I've been hankering for a good Halo RP since the last one I was in a couple years back flopped
That moment when I realize I too am still subscribed here

Fine memories indeed.

Marielle had never been one for physical effort, which had made her entry into the Army quite difficult. Training had been hard, incredibly hard, and her class had barely made it through. Only by supporting one another, building each other up and bearing one another's weaknesses, had the class survived. Marielle had been overjoyed to be part of such a group, even if the work was hard and her marksmanship had very nearly had her failed out, her fellow trainees had saved her from such an ignoble fate. It hadn't been one way, however, as every time one of them felt their will failing, or they nearly dropped out of formation, Marielle had been there to save them with encouraging words and a gentle smile.

Training wasn't the end of the story however, the inspiring story of recruits coming together, the kind of tale you'd read about in a storybook, segued into the real story: war. Marielle was separated from almost all of her recruit class and assigned to the 8th platoon within the 15th Atlantic Rifles. She was packed into a train, tight with the others being shipped to the frontline, an army duffel bag shipped with her leaden with what few belongings she had already been issued. She'd nodded off for most of the journey, her fellow soldiers were consumed by worry but Marielle had been calm, drowsy even given she'd been in intensive PT not even a week before. She was awoken by the train's stopping and another soldier shaking her awake.

She trooped out of the train with the men and women surrounding her, soon arriving at the Lieutenant's gathering spot for the platoon. The soldiers around her had all manner of different expressions on their faces. Some were nervous, others excited, others still drowsy from the trip, all around her these people had a riot of different expressions on their face. On Marielle's face was a beatific smile, as if she knew some beautiful truth that nobody else was privy to. The Lieutenant's speech was fairly rousing, though it also made Marielle more than a little nervous. Combat was on its way and she'd hardly been issued her weapon, much less gotten comfortable here in the trenches. She calmed herself with a great effort however and, when the speech ended, found herself aimlessly surveying the crowd of her fellow soldiers.

When she drifted away from the main formation, another girl approached her to speak. She immediately lead off with a fairly cheap pun, causing Marielle to giggle and smile merrily "Ah yes, my travel agent advised me to stay home, but I just couldn't! You're very funny for why I'm here, I just want to do my part for my family. Oh, um, I'm Marielle, Marielle Oxford. Its very good to meet you!" Marielle smiled happily but, soon after, the Lieutenant put out the call: they were heading to the frontlines early. With a chuckle, Marielle continued "Oh dear, it seems our rest is going to be very short. Lets head for the trenches together, I think it'll be nice to have a friend to speak to while we wait."

When they arrived at the frontlines, the distant sound of gunfire and explosions were...disconcerting to say the least. Marielle had been shot at in training, or well, at least had guns fired over her head while training. She found herself crammed in a dirty trench, though at least her newfound friend wasn't far away. Making her way back beside the other girl, Marielle smiled in an attempt to help the other girl remain calm in this admittedly terrifying surrounding "Oh my, it seems this will be quite the active excursion. If you'd like, when we attack, you can stay with me. I may not be as good a soldier as the others, but, I think being with a freind makes everything better."
Dang, I musta missed the interest check on this one. If you're not full, I'd love to apply, if you are, I'll still be watching with interest, I love me some VC after all.
Name: Thomas Joseph Sabatine
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Former Profession: Hospital Orderly
Rank: Hospitalman
Specialisation: Medic
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