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3 days ago
Current I charmed an extra jello out of my nurse - I still got it ;)
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4 days ago
Who woke up in the Hospital with no recollection of going? Oh, just me - again.
5 days ago
ALL of the employees at my job are positive for COVID but is it closed? No.
5 days ago
I mean I got COVID from someone who denies COVID exists and still denies it exist despite her son being in the ICU
6 days ago
It’s harder to breathe today - posts will likely be delayed.
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Hello! I have a craving for an arranged marriage RP and am happy with whatever time period you would like it set, past, modern or future. I would prefer to play the male character in this pairing. If you have an idea for a FxF pairing I'm also not opposed to that (and would be intrigued how we're going to pull that off). I have some ideas in mind, PM me with what time period you think you want to set this in and I can send you my ideas or we can make something up together.

As for the romance I can do attraction at first sight but not love, especially not for an arranged marriage. Please be 18+ (I'm in my 30s). I'm fine with either fade to black or explicit detail and can do either PM or thread posting. If we post on the forum I will say we should definitely fade to black.

Hope to hear from you soon.

So I'm not looking to play any cannon characters. More I want to do an AU story where our characters are campers at camp half-blood getting their first quest. I plan on playing as a child of the big 3 but you are not required to do so if you don't want to. I like romance in all my RPs but it does not have to be the main aspect of the RP - I just tend to lose interest without it. PM or @ me.
Just kidding. I'm on a Percy Jackson kick as of late so you'll have to excuse me. You'll catch me in the 1x1 section looking for some romance RPs.
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