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Alright guys I'm back and ready to go. Everyone roll call to see who we got left

I'm going on vacation soon.
Is there still a rpg like system from Re:monster.

Hey since you are the only one dealing with your event do you want to keep it going that way or would you rather I set up a different event since its only you?

Sure and i believe caliber already posted.
Day 244 was the most epic day in Re:Monster
I'm here.
@demonspade64 when did you join Malakaus's party? I don't remember Dante meeting up with Malakaus before they left the city.

What Lunariors said.


Over the course of the tripped Dante looked at bit worried, wondering if Aya would be okay by herself. Maybe he should have urged her better and stopped her from leaving. however, he didn't want to do so cause there still some doubt to rather not Vesta would taste her well or not. Though the woman was mostly likely not a kidnapped she is well...a bit eager to get violence if someone were to disrespect her family name. and that dragon girl of her was even worst when it came to temper. Dragging other people into her fight when she gets angry. Hopefully, Aya will be able to meet back up with Kyojin and Daisuke so they may help her back in the city.

Vesta party soon found there the way to the battlefield. and thus it was time to reflect on the past was done...and the time to fight for the lives of yourself, your team, and all the citizen living in the village has come. It was time to lay his life to protect thought around him, even thought the character he was working with were a bit questionable he believe it was better to try to remind positive so that some of Dante would rub off on the group and they would in return be better people rather than just fight to keep himself alive and allow Vesta and Zin to remain unchanged.

So Dante ran into the fray with his blade in hand and move to Vesta's and Co's side. "I'm fighting with you!" He told her before joining the frontlines along with Vesta while making sure not to get in her way. With his first attacked Dante had cut apart three of the four rabbits he swung his sword at, while one narrow avoid the attack by jumping up to attack him. Dante then used what left his momentum from his first swing to spin at of the way of the rabbit leap attack before turning in the direction of the surviving rabbit and cut it in half with another horizontal slice. However, two more rabbits were right behind him and saw the opportunity to attack while his back was turned. Sadly for them, Dante was trained by his clan to reacted to an attack without seeing it thus Dante was able to cut the two rabbit heads off by turning around quick and slashing them in mid-air. Dante primary fighting style was depending on agility, speed, and well accurate slash attacks so he had less of a problem cutting down rabbit demons.

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Dante calmly listen to her as Vesta's proposal to Aya. To be honest Vesta's proposal sounds like the best choice for Aya, especially since she seem to be foreign to this world or timeline or...whereever or whenever she from, Dante will however, trust that the girl haves enough sense to take the proposal but with a grain of salt. Hopefully, Vesta proposal will not have a strong catch behind i. Then again Avery came out of it deal okay...he may dress as a girl...but Avery doesn't seem to mind.

Dante was a bit sadden when she mention what happen last night. "What i did last night was very foolish, i can not apologize enough for what happen. He told her while scratching behind his head and dropping his dog ears. He then got up and begin stretch. "I am most thankful for the chance you are giving me. I will fight for you at your call." He told her gracefully. Dante seems to have no problem throwing himself into danger. Through he hoped Aya isn't put on the battlefield before she's ready.

So who am i suppose to go with?


Coralia would smile warmly and calmly at the fox girl as she took hold of her tail and begin to feel her scales. "No need to pay me back goddess, I kind of when overboard, anyway asking you to touch your tail." Coralina told her smile as she calmly waited all the time in the world. the fin on the end of Coralia tail is a sensitivity area by the way. When Hinako finally to touch her fin to sudden however Coralina would have covered her mouth with both hands to keep herself from squealing as she tried to resist the urge to wiggle the end of her tail. Hopefully, Hinako would take her warning and be gentle with the tip of her tail, otherwise, she would have to suppress her urge to wiggling her tail around in Hinako hand as Coralina tried to keep from making strange sounds.

Even then Coralia herself would be surprised as to how sensitive the tip of her tail was. Though mermaids also had sensitive fins most of Coralina's kind do not consider fin touching to be a sexual act.

“It is a bit of an alien feeling to me, but one that I would have to say feels really nice. S-Sorry if that was a little too much.”

Coralina then held her hands behind her and smiled at her. "It no big deal...really." Coralina told her. "Say would you like to become friends?" Coralina asked her nicely before looking a bit confused and hold her upper part of her left arm in front of her. "I mean if the gap between our status would allow such a thing." Coralina wonder a lot. Coralia doesn't know if Hinako hanging out a lower being such as a mermaid would be embarrassing in the eye of Hinako's Pantheon. As she begins to think about more and more she begins to look down in defeat. "No it probably a bad idea, my status would probably make it humiliating for you to hang out with me."

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