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2 mos ago
Current Legends say that Mahz is still on vacation even til this very day!
3 mos ago
Today i saw a guy getting beat up by 4 people,so i decided that i HAD help...He had no chance against the five of us.
4 mos ago
For the love of god! Can someone PLEASE explain to me why people want Wuluigi to be in smash 5 cause i swear that he never does anything for the Mario franchise but exist.
5 mos ago
@Surtr Inc i take it you haven't played or heard of the RE7?
5 mos ago
@Raddum Oh boy, someone just start noticing the signs. Ever notice how Marvin eyes Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck at certain times of the cartoon? Makes you think. And do not get me started Taz


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Hobgoblin Luz

@ReusableSword@Jangel13@Kheliop@Crusader Lord@Duthguy@Wildman13@kuroku@Guy0fV4lor

Welp that fight was interesting, too bad Luz didn't get a chance to do much during it. Sure she got to blind two of the trolls so Gird can get through but still that wasn't much since the other trolls refuse to fight after there leader got tore up by the goblins in hobgoblins. Luz suppose she could try to kill the remain trolls, by Luz knew she would be out of line for doing since the others hadn't decided what to do with them yet so she waited and left the cave to see Gina messing with the Goblin she help spring out of its prison.

"So hmm what should we do with the rest of those creatures in there? should know?" Luz then drew a line across her neck hinting at her suggestion.
@Jangel13 that 70 exp is not decreased cause we are hobgolbins
Hobgoblin Luz

@ReusableSword@Jangel13@Kheliop@Crusader Lord@Duthguy@Wildman13@kuroku@Guy0fV4lor

Thanks to Luz's bracelet Luz could actually see one of the troll's aura get sucked right into Gird body as Gird held on to him for dear life. Luz waited for one of the other troll to assisted that particular troll, however, it seems to take none of the other troll wanted to play the hero...which was smart, cowardly but smart. Nevertheless, Luz couldn't help but look down at the rest of the troll for there lack of effort to save their leader, then again the leader probably never earn his respect in the first place in which case this was just bound to happen soon or later.

Luz then stepped out of the shadows for a mind to join the side of Gird after he killed the other troll. "Mind if i borrow a piece of this troll flesh, i promise to make good use of it." She told him calmly as she used her sword to cut a slab of meat of the dead troll's arm with her sword and then she made some webs and stuck that meat to her back before retying her spear over it.

Then Luz join Gird in his conflict as the guy dodged and weave through the rest of the trolls, Gird got through two of them using his speed now he had one more to get through, So Luz decided to help by picking up a stone and throwing to the right eye of the last troll using both her pinpoint strike and her strong Hobgoblin arms. This would create a blind spot so that Gird could do what he wants to do.


The captive goblin is in the cave right and not around the alpha's neck
I thought it was just the alpha that was chargeing out?

Yes, it is likely that only the Aplha is out right now, but Luz is basically preparing to stop any effort to rescue the alpha when the shit hit the fan for it.
Hobgoblin Luz

@ReusableSword@Jangel13@Kheliop@Crusader Lord@Duthguy@Wildman13@kuroku@Guy0fV4lor

Luz Brought the rest of the group in just in time for the battle to start, Luz watched from the shadows as the one with the biggest aura came charging to be incepted by the one known as...Zats...she has to be. Welped her clan members were under attack so it time to help out and since Nyma was helping out with the chief she assumes Barth would assist her, they are friends after all and oh through the two are still goblins she believes that the two can still hold there own without her especially with the other clan members help.

Luz then moves around the corner of the cave and prepares to help Gird slow down the other troll long enough for the biggest one to be neutralized. Through the trolls look quite tough so they have to be smart about this, with that said Luz took the handle of her sword and placed it in between her teeth leaving her hands free. Looking at there aura through the walls of the cave Luz prepares for if one of the other giants try to assist. The minute they try Luz would try to spray her webbing on the ground using all ten of her digits to try to spray webbing around there legs only to stop when Gird jumps on one of there backs and try to go for the next one that tries to comes out.

Actually, i think it best we show up a bit late since Gird left us behind.
I'm still here, waiting for Gird next post.

By the way when we shoot out webs are we going our proteins to make the webs or are we using magic power?
Hobgoblin Luz


Luz was interested in seeing what those four mysterious Aura's were, however, Gird had ordered them...them including her to stay behind and stash the gain while he goes to see what. Luz looked slightly disappointed, she frowns yet she told him. "Very well, stay safe." She told him trying to sound professional. Nyma then carried to smaller spider up the tree while Luz works to get the bigger spider off Barth's back, so she can get it on to the other tree.

Doing so may or may not require Barth help but She will try to do it on her own, First, she expelled a long web from her fingers which she then used to tie one end of the web around the spider's body, then stuck adhesive web to the end of her other web and stick the ends to rocks and other solid objects which she then threw over a strong branch to get the webs between the middle parts of the web between the top of the branch so she can use that branch to suspend the spiders body. "Okay, Barth your job is to make sure the spider does not fall from the web as i pull it up, ready?" Luz informed him before she begins using her strong arms to pull the spider upwards so its body would be hanging a few feet from the ground, of course, she may or may not need Barth's help to do this.

@Crusader Lord
After all, that was done Luz then clean the dirt off her hands. "Good work! get to Gird before it gets too dark. As you may have notice Gird Aura us hard enough to see even when he is near us(if i remember correctly), to top it off Gird's aura is pitch black which would make it even harder to find it once it gets too dark. Thank we know he can see aura as well, which means he will unlikely to get lost on his way there. Stay near me cause was it get dark, wolves come out in packs to hunt." She informed them.
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