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Current For the love of god! Can someone PLEASE explain to me why people want Wuluigi to be in smash 5 cause i swear that he never does anything for the Mario franchise but exist.
23 days ago
@Surtr Inc i take it you haven't played or heard of the RE7?
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@Raddum Oh boy, someone just start noticing the signs. Ever notice how Marvin eyes Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck at certain times of the cartoon? Makes you think. And do not get me started Taz
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Am i the only one who does this?…
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I accidently spray spot remover on my dog...and i haven't seen him since...


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I revised my last post so the Luz hasn't left just yet.
Hobgoblin Luz

@ReusableSword@Crusader Lord@Wildman13@Jangel13

Luz went wide eye as she knew he had somewhat of a point, the reason Luz objected in the first place cause she didn't want to take orders from those who are weaker than her nor did she have a reason to trust the two other goblins as of yet. But she realizes that if the two were going to be worthy followers then they were going to have to lay down the ground now rather then later. "I...see your point." Luz said shallowing her pride in looking away from him. "However, through i still find it hard to trust the leadership of stranglers; i will obey the rules of your system whenever reasonable." Luz told him calmly.

As the group prepared to leave Luz then took a minute to grab a rock and begin to clean off rust on of the edges of the blade. Once she was done she would discard the rock after cleaning off just one side edge of the blade for she didn't want to keep the group waiting, plus for reason unknown to her Luz felt she could complete the hunt using one edge of the blade for now.

@Jangel13 What would happen if a goblin ate another goblin?

Well for one cannbalism is not only immorel but also unheathy as it turn out cause it fuck up your immune system
Hobgoblin Luz

@ReusableSword@Crusader Lord@Kheliop@Jangel13

After Luz was told to wait and watch the fight, for now, She nodded at him. "Roger I'll keep the spear ready." She told him before dropping her stance and ducks down in the bushes to watch the two goblins finish the fight. Thankfully the two didn't need any help as the female seem quite resourceful and skill, luring the spider close to her before killing it with an ambush. Afterword the spider glow disappeared(Maybe) which had to question further how her new vision works. The Spider glow disappeared cause it has died maybe? Luz needs a closer look.

"I think we should talk to them." She whispered to him. Gird then stepped up to them and got the attention of the other female Goblin who introduced herself as not only Nyma but kind of shameless point out she was a follower of Duvelna which had her scratching her head. "Wow, this one kind of blunt." She said to herself before stepping out of the bushes. "Hello." She said cheerfully to them before taking the moment to clean the sticks and leaves out her hair as she stepped up to the two, First impressions were important after all. "I am Hobgoblin Luz, a follower of Duvelna. Is your name really Nyma cause if so we were quite lucky to find you so fast." Luz pointed out to them.

Luz then held her hands behind her back as Gird explains the rules which had the Hobgoblin sighing at the part at the end. "My, Are you sure you want Leadership to be passed around like that?" Luz asked him calmly. "I mean. For one you're are Duvelna's chosen." Luz reminded him with a calm smile. After Gird gives his answer then Luz would follow right beside him before elbowing him to get his attention. "Do you mind sparring with me tonight?" Luz suddenly asked him kindly out of the blue


Then you better get to work finding those requirements

I was planning on it after helping the other two goblins.
lay it on me then

lay it on me then

Leanan Sidhe
Multiarmed Seductress

That is in no specific order by the way

You won't get exact dates but go by the ones that were uploaded. The newest one is purple and the oldest one is the one at the bottom right. You can figure out which ones came first but I can't give exact dates.

If you have ideas for evolution trees then please just tell me and I will think of something up. After all the newest tree which I call the arachne/Asura tree was an idea inspired by our own @Crusader Lord

Now i got a top four for what I want Luz to evolve to.
Hobgoblin Luz

@ReusableSword@Crusader Lord@Wildman13@Jangel13

Luz followed suit, carefully moving in a crouching position as she followed Gird from the side avoiding moving near the strands of webs as best as she could as she moved. It wasn't long before the two found tracks which Gird found it necessary to sniff around the tracks like a canine. Luz couldn't help but look at him weirdly but decided to write it off for now and follow him as he led them to some noises which suggested that there was some action going on not far from here.

Luz then moved more quickly which still remaining crouching down while Gird moved hands and feet sneaking faster than her. Luz then tried to push herself faster but she ended up tumbling over a few times as she crouched run. It was apparent that Gird's evolution didn't just give him an odd skin tone it made him more animal-like. Which begs the question? What makes her new form special? As the two moved closer Luz could help but notice that they were getting close to three light them for whatever reason shining through trees.

As it turns out two of those light seems to be coming from two different goblins, it was almost like the horned animal from earlier only their lights were somewhat bigger than the rabbit, and the last light she assumes was coming from another hidden individual which she was betting was a spider judging from the clues laid before her. As for why she seeing colorful lights inside living things she didn't exactly know.

Luz then looked through Gird and whispered "Do you think we should help them?". Luz whispered to him before taking the spear off her back and holding it above her shoulder looking like she was planning to throw her spear like a harpoon. She was itching to test her new strength by hurling the spear at the individual, but she was only planning on inferring in the battle if things start going south for the two goblins. But it seems Gird had other plans that had her staring in disbelieve as she rolling her eyes at what he was doing.
@Kheliop exactly.

Jangel13 how do our characters report Gird for kill stealing?
Or better yet this

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