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For a second there, it seems like the group's attacks were just passing through the enemy like they were nothing, however for some reason they still seem to lose hp when they hitted. "Well, crap this is problematic." Karma remarked in earshot of Reylan. After doing his attacks Karma switches back to his support role took a look at everyone health, and notice that Polak was missing about 25% of his maximum health judging by the health bar above his head. Polak was also looking pretty hurt from that claw attack despite his plate armor. Though Karma barely knew Polak, he did not want the death of a teammate on his hands to he pointed the end of his staff at the guy and consider healing the guy.

As the end of his staff begin to glow a bright green he begins wondering if healing him now was truly the necessity. Karma then turned away with angry. "Tsk!" Karma said canceling his spell. "P-Polak I'll treat your injury with a bandage(First Aid) later b-but for now I need you to bared with it." Karma told him sounding a bit nervous as he delivers the bad news to him. It seems he feels bad for making Polak endure the pain. Karma then walks closer to Reylan. "It seems that physical attacks are less effective on these enemies, so I think it best that i use some of my DPS spell on them." Karma told him.

Karma then moves into a good position, aimed at the most injured Phantom wolf and once against fired a dense sphere of water past his teammates that would finish off Wolf 1 if it hits. Afterword then turn to Paralyze who was getting too into it again. Karma then signed as he remembers how much of a problem Paralyze was going to be, it seems like hitting the wolves with his spell Water Whip was going to be a problem cause paralyse was in the way so instead Karma summons his menu, when into his inventory, summon a flask of water into his hand, and begin chucking the water down as fast as he can before throwing the flask away above his should all cool like. Afterwords Karma then lined up another shot and fired a more power version of Aqueshot at the second Phantom Wolf.


Considers healing Polak but cancels
Tried to finish off Phantom wolf 1 with Aqueshot(gets 50 mana back from using mana payback).
Drinks Water to boost water magic
Then attacks Phantom Wolf 2 with Aqueshot.




It seems the Reylan want to go back into the hall to see if there was unclaimed loot waiting at the end of the hall like last time. Karma then folded his arms. "I agreed, there maybe a chance treasure that respawned at the end at the end of the hall just like the monster plus if it alright with you guys i want to test a theory." Karma told them before putting his hand on his chest and casting a spell.

::Charka magic::

Karma then looked at his mana bar and noticed that he only gained about 15 Mp from that new spell of his. He then signed in disappointment after getting so little from that spell. "Pffff best silver coin i ever spent..." he said out loud before turning his attention back to the group. "Sorry about that, I want to know if there a rhyme or reason for why that in the front part of that dungeon rather then in that long hall over there." Karma told the group while pointing in hall B direction.

Most of the group didn't seem to have any objections, so there journey to hall B was green-lighted. Soon enough the group found themselves trouble waiting at the end of the hall for three new monsters were waiting. "What the hell?" Karma asked himself as he watched the wolves fade in and out of existence like a Boo when you were not looking at them. Karma was secretly hoping that Reylan would just disregard them since there was no treasure behind them; however, Aster for whatever reason decided to engage the new monsters on her own. Shit Karma cursed inside his mind before taking the staff off his back.

Karma then positions himself behind the side of Dirk, pointed the end of his staff at the wolf he then took a deep breath and begin lining up a shot. After determining where Aster, Dirk, and the Wolf would be in the next 1 or 2 seconds then at best moment to cast the spell Karma then said an incantation. "Aque Shot!" Karma then fired a powerful shot of Water that would fly past Aster and hit the Wolf. Afterwards, he began lining up his next spell once again determining where Aster, Dirk, and the wolf would be when he sent his next spell flying. Karma then chanted an incantation before casting his next spell. "Wind Blade". A blade made out of Wind was then sent flying in the wolf's direction.

-Used chakra magic out of battle and got back a whooping 0 mana back thanks to Mana payback
-Move behind Aster and Dirk
-takes a second to estimate where Aster,Dirk, and the phamtom wolf will in the next second.
-Careful Casts Aqueshot on phamtom wolf 1(-100)
-takes a another second to estimate where Aster,Dirk and the Wolf will be again.
-Careful Casts Windblade on phamtom wolf 1.(-100)




Despite the apparent increase of difficulty, things were going a lot better then it did yesterday; For one the White Wolf that took a whole barrage of attack, actions, and spells to kill now took less effort thank presumably cause of the higher levels of the group along with Rogue girl Chari who's strength stats has been increased thanks to new Spell Karma learn yesterday. Not only that but when Dirk thanks to his new armor took far fewer damage thanks to both Dirk's new armor and the strength debuff Karma inflicted on the White Wolf beforehand, it was kind of crazy much much it made a difference. Karma was actually quite worried when he saw the White Wolf about to uses his special attack. He watched nervously only to be surprised when the attack connects and Dirk somehow avoided losing health...that is at least what it looked like looking at the green bar above Dirk's head but looking closer at it in the future KArma would notice a small gap at the end of it...a very small gap.

@Jangel13 @mopsock17 @Scarescrow

Karma then sighed in relieve "It seems I do not have to worry about breaking out the bandages today(Karma refuse to call them First Aids)." It seems that today was going to go really well...that was until new members of the group started going crazy on the third wolf which made Alissa pull Paralyse actions to Reylan attendance out of earshot of the group but Karma didn't need ease drop to guess what that was about. If things weren't weird enough as is a player then appeared out of nowhere. Which made Karma pointed the end of his staff at the newcomer, that is how Karma usually prepares to cast a spell. But everything seems to be okay with the stranger Karma turn his attention back to the front line where the new member Polak was trying disarming the Paralyse problem.

Karma truly didn't know rather not Paralyze was sane or not. So he decides to move closer just in case things go south. the fight was just about done with the wolves so Karma should be safe. "Relax, I get that you're just taking your frustrations out on NPCs but you need to be careful not to scare your party member." Karma told him seeming like he understands.





Before Karma knew it a new life or death trial of skill and judgment had begun, only this time Karma was less nervous and more confident in the group's ability to complete this dungeon without any casualties. "Alright, we can do this. All we have to do is have faith in each oth-" Karma then stop talking and walking when he saw a White Wolf like the one they fought the other day. "Am I the only one seeing that? Why is that here should it be in the other hall?" He asked the group. Karma begins to wonder why this White wolf was here instead of guarding the treasure in the hallway like yesterday, but for now, that doesn't matter it was time to focus.


Reylan ordered the noobie Chari to take on the wolf which, to be honest Karma didn't like, Chari since was a rogue...then again Chari's health was higher than his right now, so, for now, Karma is just going to roll with it and hope for the best. "Before you do that let me give you a strength buff. Karma said before point his wooden staff at her, the end of his staff then begins to glow green.


Karma said before a green ray shot at Chari which increase her strength stat by 5. "When your health falls around 500 or 600 for that matter i want you to get the hell up outer of there until i heal you. By the way, that thing did 200 points of damage to Dirk while he was wearing leather armor and 300 points to Dubstep's pet who didn't have any protection, I'm also going to use my Enfeeble make it do less damage so you may be able to take more damage. So maybe you would be able to take around 1 or 4 shots before you need to withdraw...but take that with a grain of salt." Karma told her sounding worry for her.

After talking to Chari, Karma then wait until Chari or who draw the aggression of the wolf before he pointed his staff at the white wolf and made the end of his staff glow a bright purple.


Karma then fired a purple ray that would reduce the White Wolf strength by 5; Afterwards, Karma then move to a position where he could watch everyone's health without being to close enemy. Though he has thought about using Water Whip on two of the Hill Wolf he didn't want to risk drawing there aggration and getting too distracted trying to defend himself to provide healing. Plus he was ordered to save mana by Reylan.

Use Strengthen on Chari(-50)
Use Enfeeble on White wolf(-100)
Moves to a position where he could watch everyone's health better.


Interacting with:
@Scarescrow @mopsock17 @Tybalt Capulet @Ithradine

After a long days work Karma enter the dining room to see Reylan and Aster talking to two new faces. The first being a man with black, gothic style hair who judging from his equipment maybe a Marauder since he was carrying a mace on his back rather than a sword or a spear. The second being a young man with light green hair that was allowed to grow at front and sides. Karma couldn't make a fair guess at what the guy's class was causing his equipment was unequipped at the moment, Karma himself left his equipment in his inventory cause he didn't plan to get in a fight today, instead, Karma was wearing his normal new clothes in which he just made just to replace the cheap clothes he started with.

Karma walked to there table. "Hey!" He called out to them from a few feet away before walking closer to the table. Karma then looked at the two adventure he has yet to meet. "Hello how are you two doing?" he asked nicely before turned to Reylan "I got your message. Is the treaty ready? If so i would like to eat it-t I mean read it before signing it." Karma told him before his stomach roar after hard days work. Karma then blushed a bit while scratching behind his head. "I was so busy today i forgot to eat lunch." He told Reylan sounding quite proud.


After a day of marvelous success, Karma came to the front desk of the inn to pay for his stay and his daily bath. "I would like to pay for another night and bath here in this fine establishment's." He told the front employ politely before putting 2 copper coin and one nickel coin in his hand. This time he manages not to embarrass himself by paying with a nickel coin after wrongly assuming they were worth more than a copper.

Reni spent: 11
total Reni remaining: 1344

Karma attendance was then pulled away by a sound that indicated that he receive a PM from one of his friends. After making sure everything is set with desk worker Karma then move out of line to check out his pm. As it turns out it was Alissa, who ask him if it was too late to order. Karma then begins typing up a message while typing he begins wondering rather not it was weird for a guy to be making a woman outfit for her. Then he decided that it would only be weird if he makes it weird. Then he wonders if he should tell her about all the reni he made today. His answer: probably not...not yet at least cause he didn't know how they would react to his sudden fortune. It was either going to be badly or weirdly, just thinking about it gives him flashbacks.


After sending Alissa that message Karma then went to the mess hall to eat some Roast Beef and Chef's Special Stew.
Reni spent: 16
Reni Remaining: 1328


With some luck, Karma was about to sell off his wares to some merchant who seems friendly and was willing to buy his wares 10% cheaper then market price for them. Karma happy fully took his offer before sealing the deal and making the trade, but he hesitated a bit to take the money for at least 10 seconds before he forced himself to. However, Karma kind of release a 'pff' of disgust when he heard that some of his kind was already setting down on the first floor. Karma then looked away awkward after he realizes he let his old habits slip. "Sorry that was unprofessional of me." He apologized calmly.

Afterwards, he then turned in his quest before heading back to the inn to finally make himself some new clothes to wear. As he did he begin to reflect on the price of First Aid and why they were so high. Was it designed to make the game even harder or...did the prices increase to suit the demand, cause Players like Karma needed them? If the latter is the case Karma wonder if the player base can change the game economy with their actions.

Item lost:
1 Fabric(common)

Item gained:


Day 4 6:00 AM

Karma had a bit of trouble sleeping thanks to someone snoring next door...and made a noise too himself to buy some ear plugs tomorrow. Nevertheless, Karma got himself up early this morning like he plan and equipped his cheap clothes in front of a mirror before flowning at himself. "Hmm i can use some better clothes..." He reminded himself, Which reminded him. Last night Karma put all of the points he earned into his Sewing and Healing skill. That way he could make and use "First Aids" effectively. However, he felt like he had something more import to buy first.


Day 4 6:40 AM

Spells granted

Strengthen (1) - Target gains +5 Strength for a few seconds. 50MP.
Chakra Magic (1) -- User restores small amount of mana in target. 0MP.

Renn lost:-50

Actions granted

Sprint (1/Universal) - User's running speed increases by a bit for a few minutes. 50MP.
Sidestep (1/Universal) - User steps aside. Low chance of evasion. 20MP.

Renn lost:-50

Total renn spent(so far) 100

Renn remaining: 645

After fighting the black wolves Karma realizes that he may end up having to defend himself from a monster soon. And when the time comes he needs to be ready. So he bought Sidestep so he can dodge an attack from a wolf monster as well as sprinted in case he needs the extra speed to escape. As well as the spell Strengthen so he may give himself or someone else more strength to fight with and Chakra magic to help make sure he has mana. He also wanted to buy Dash and Tumble but he wanted to save his Renn so he can by some Fabric, but first Karma needs to find out if he needs money to fulfill a quest so he decides to check out the town hall.

Day 4 7:00 AM

Karma had looked at the quest board and founded two open quests that could be complete without leaving the safety of the city walls.

Make some friends: Talk to 10 NPCs.
Enter the Workforce: Create 10 items and sell them to NPC merchants in the market.

Karma was still sort of tired from yesterday so he wanted to take it easy and not risk his life just for today so he decided to talk about these two he was planning on working on his sewing skill anyway so the Enter the Workforce would be best to try to complete first so he went back to the market to pay for buy some Fabric, and on the way there he decided to make some small talk with at least 9 NPCs. He didn't know if he could just get away with just saying hi to people while walking down the streets so just kept the talk small.

Day 4 7:40 AM

Item bought: 25x Fabric(Common) and 1 Sewing Kit
Renn spent: 270 Renn
Current Renn: 355

After coming out the shop with new purchase good in his inventory Karma then Decided to take a few minutes to sit down and relax for about 35 minutes.

@Tybalt Capulet@Duoya@Ithradine@TaroAndSelia

At 8:15 Karma sent a PM to all those who help out in the dungeon yesterday except Dubstep who he wished to avoid for now.

After sending the message to those 4 people Karma then went somewhere quiet to begun making 10 First aid using 8 Fabrics. After he was done will then sell those 10 First Aids to an NPC in order to complete the Enter the Workforce quest. Then he will go to the town hall to turn in the result of the Make some friends quest and the Enter the Workforce quest before heading into the inn. Finally, Karma would stay up late tonight make himself some new clothes assuming he still has time some time to do so.


When Karma bought up the question he expected at least one person to support him...but it seems like he made the mistake of bringing it up at the wrong time, while everyone was so thankful to make it through their first dungeon. Karma then turned to the one person he thought would be on his side on this but she ended up taking his defense.

"Yet it was Dubstepp's summon that held the White Wolf in place; without it, we in the back would have been attacked and possibly killed. If anything, it is I who must apologize for what happened."

Karma was caught off-guard before Dirk made start making a strange speech that seems like something out his Japanese animes. Karma found himself looking dumbfounded at Dirk before he made a plan to dig himself out of the hole he was in. "T...thank you...Dirk." Karma said weirded out before laying back. "I was just asking what everyone thought about the Dubstep...that all." He lied calmly but really well. Looking back at this maybe the molehill he was making the mountain out of was smaller than he thought. Karma then turns back to Reylan. "I agree, Reylan would make a great leader. May his reign be long-lived." He chanted out hoping people will not look at him too weirdly.
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