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Current @Jaredthefox92 You only have to deal with fireworks? Pffff try guns being fired off into the sky.
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ryan reynolds as pikachu? i seen everything
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Legends say that Mahz is still on vacation even til this very day!
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Today i saw a guy getting beat up by 4 people,so i decided that i HAD help...He had no chance against the five of us.
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For the love of god! Can someone PLEASE explain to me why people want Wuluigi to be in smash 5 cause i swear that he never does anything for the Mario franchise but exist.


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Hobgoblin Luz


Luz could help but look a bit uncomfortable for a second as she held her arm for a second, however, she didn't want to show her leader any weakness so she tried to look at him and give him a smile. "Well...that seems...rough to be honest but if it's your goal when i stand by you." She told him calmly folding her arm in front of her. When Gird warned her about the danger of being monster of such growth and Divine blessing Luz simply nodded to him. "Well, in that case, i feel sorry for whatever fool try to paint a target on us. I'll come with you." She told him planning on following her word.

As Luz followed Gird took it upon himself to test his new body, and from the look of things, Gird was telling the truth for as he ran forward Luz tried to follow suit only to fall behind him. For some reason, she felt that Gird shouldn't be able to move like that his state and yet...Evolution sure is a mysteries thing. As Gird came back Luz made both of her hands into fists and took the stance boxer. "Let test those new abilities of yours." She told him before running forward towards him and begin throwing punches at Gird targetting his face, cheeks, and chest; unfortunately, forgetting to hold back as she attacked him.
Hobgoblin Luz

Hearing Gird voice Luz couldn't help but turn back and notice Gird new form which made him look...almost like was she kidding exactly rotting corpse "Hmmm Gird are you okay?" She asked him. Gird seem to be standing okay he says okay then she will believe it.

Hard to say young one. You have been praising the goddess of death after all but you wouldn't look good a skeleton. Maybe you should try becoming a beast that thrives at night rather then a skeleton"

Luz couldn't help but go. "Pfff...I definitely agree with that." She said before looking back at Gird bowing her upper body to him. "Thank you for educating me elder." She told him honestly before turning back to Gird. "Does that new form...weaken you?" she couldn't help but asked him cause of his now...less then healthy look.

Hobgoblin Luz


Luz then smiled at the elder. "Thank you elder for education me on evolution." She told him before hugging him again."I plan on evolving tonight cause i do not want to fall too far behind Gird. Tell me do you have a recommended form for me?" She asked him curiosity wanting his advice. "It okay if you do not know, I'll just try my luck at hunting something and hope for the best." She asked him honestly looking like she would truly forgive him for not knowing.

How many bats have you eaten? To gain that rank you need to eat a lot of bats and gain at least one or two of their skills

None, I just wanted to come up with a reason for Luz to go after the vampire bats and now i have one.
Hobgoblin Luz


Luz tried not to look to flatter when the elder told her she had the mind of a bear but the end part of the explanation had literally scratched her head. In the end, she figures he was just giving her something to think about for her own good. "I guess so...But Elder when we evolved Gird, Gina, and Ren evolved rather strangely. I figure because Gina became more plant-like cause she received the blessing from the great god of the earth and Gird evolved to look paler cause of his blessing from Duvelna. I don't know if Duvelna accepted me yet and i don't want to earn my place by begging rather then earning. So with that said is there a way to evolve into a form more suited for the night?(*Cough* she want to become a dhampir *Cough*)"
Hobgoblin Luz


Luz then patted the elder back. "Well, you do not have to worry much about me elder. This one has been working hard to become stronger." She told him sounding quite confident and happy. "How the rest of the clan doing?" She asked him making some small talk with him before she decided that now was a time to ask him. "So elder, as of right now I am capable of evolving into my next form but before i want to know about evolution and how it works, a lot more to it then it seems Cause Gird, Gina, and Ren now look different what the others in my group evolve into." She told him before pulling out a spare alpha horn she got of the storage area prior to going to him. She then offered it to him as payment. "Nothing comes free right?" She told him brightly.
Hobgoblin Luz


After a day of hard work Gird and crew finally retired for the night and headed back to the church to get some sleep. As Luz was about laying down to get some sleep a question came up for her once again.

Are you ready to evolve?

"Already?" She thought about it and picked no, for now, cause she still had some question to ask for example what are the pros and con of evolution and secondly why did Gird and Gina evolve so differently from everyone else? was it simply cause of the goddess they worshiped? Until she asked the elder about evolution Luz was going to hold off evolving for now even if it means falling behind. Also there was another question Luz had to asked the elder.

So as soon as she woke up and saw the morning sun Luz got up gather her stuff and went outside and found the elder. "Elder!" She said actually sounding happy to see him she then ran to him bend down and hugged him. "I haven't seen you in two days how are you doing?" She asked him showing that she cared about him. "Were you worried about me?" She then asked him sounding a bit guilty.


I know and I'm sorry that I have been preoccupied but things happened in real life keeping me from staying active. So please tell if you are able to evolve and if you want to. The next post will get us back on track

I understand mate, life comes first never second.


Yeah you don't have to evolve if you feel you haven't completed the requirements for your desired evolution.

Then i guess Luz is capable of evolving now, however she will hold off on evolving until she asked the elder why Gird's evolution is so different.

I know and I'm sorry that I have been preoccupied but things happened in real life keeping me from staying active. So please tell if you are able to evolve and if you want to. The next post will get us back on track

I understand mate, life comes first never second.
I'm assuming our character can pretty much hold off evolving as long as they want right?
@Duthguy@Wildman13@demonspade64@ReusableSword@Kheliop@Crusader Lord@Guy0fV4lor

Alright so from everyone still present tell me your evolution stage and whether or not you are both ready for evolution and will evolve by my next post. I have been gone a while so I need a refresher on who's where

I'm here but i'm feeling bum out that most of our group is mia
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