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I made a list of your skills that you earned with gird. You aren't allowed to eat a certain amount to avoid getting negative traits

Oh, well the thing is that we kind of split the bats between us(Gird get an extra one to eat due to there being an uneven amount of bats left and he did most of the work) since both had a hand in killing the bats and assume would both get all 4 skills from it anyway cause that how i thought planed it. There was no attempt to cheat the system cause i wanted Luz to become a creature of the night.

I apologize you felt that i was trying to cause i rushed getting the post out and kind of skip her getting ectolocation(She got it off-screen). I also notice i miscalculated how many bats Luz ate with them being split up(She ate 12 when there should have been 13). so I'll fix that in the post as soon as i can.

Oh no you don't DENIED you hunted them together and even drinking their blood counts. While I may have listed the skills in an order that doesn't mean cutting off a certain point denies you those skills. Your both insanely strong and smart, I need to give you both at least a little handicap

What do you mean by i denied hunting them together and what exactly did i mess up?

Oh no you don't DENIED you hunted them together and even drinking their blood counts. While I may have listed the skills in an order that doesn't mean cutting off a certain point denies you those skills. Your both insanely strong and smart, I need to give you both at least a little handicap

Hobgoblin Luz

Closer to the Night


Luz carefully stabbed all of the other bats to death with the horn from her spear before checking their aura to make sure they were all dead before removing them from the web. She then begins to consume each of the bats until she gains the skill Vampirism at that point she stopped and looks surprised. "Huh, Vampirism?" She said to herself before checking her body to make sure it wasn't smoking or cooking under the indirect sunlight.

She then read the description of the skill. Apparently, it gave her the ability to restore her health by drinking blood. "Restore my health huh?" She asked out loud before looking at the bite marks on her arm. It was a good time to try out her new ability, so before eating her eighth bats she cut off its head and poured it blood into her mouth drinking it after which the bite marks on her body hurt a little less. She then did the same to each of the reminding bats drinking the blood of 5 bats in total before eating them gaining the Nocturnal and Equilibrium skill in the process. After she was done her body was healed of its bite marks.

After she was done Gird popped her a question.

“Luz now that we are rested and fed do you still want to come with me? I am having a craving for more spiders but more so. I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that terrifies me. The thought of some beast of legend roaming the northern forests. We are already close to the area and the thought of even just seeing such a beast fills my heart with excitement.”

"A beast of legend?" She asked him. She thought about hunting the spiders for their web-spinning abilities, But whatever this legendary creature is, it likely had some pretty cool abilities. Abilities she would probably miss out on if it were to move somewhere. "I don't know if that legendary creature exists but i guess it wouldn't hurt to look for it while we are here." She told him with a warm smile before going with him further north.

Summary: Luz ate her 13 bats drink 6 bats' blood before going with too the Gird north.
Hobgoblin Luz

Blood for dayz


The bats had fallen for the trap hook, line, and sinker allowing Luz and Gird to quickly cut down their numbers before the rest of the group could cause any meaningful damage to them. Afterwords Luz starts pulling bats off her and then starting biting off chuck off their necks before throwing them to the floor to die. Soon enough the bats realize how out match they were a retreat with what they had left, leaving the captured bats alive.

At the sight of their retreat, Luz smiled and laugh very lightly before she began supporting herself with her sword. She began catching her breath before turning to Gird. "Looks like we won, are you okay?" She asked him wiping the bat blood on her cheek with the back of her hand which also was cover in blood from her wounds on her forearm, which made the attempt pointless. She then sighs."...God damn it." She said sounding slightly annoyed.

She then grabbed a few pieces of the bats off the ground before handing them to him. "Here start eating? I'm going to kill the rest of the bats before they can find a way to escape the webs." She told him calmly.


How many bats would Luz have to eat to learn Vampirism?
Hobgoblin Luz

Simple Division


Sadly Luz's plans to lead to tried to lead the bat into Gird's other webs only seem to produce poisonous fruits, for it made it easier for the bats to catch up and bite them. Thankfully their main trap was somewhat the success for though it did not trap all of them, it did trap most of them. While holding the net Luz notice blood and bite marks on her arm from earlier and notice the bat's bites were kind of weak, to the point where she barely felt them.

14 bats remain so there was no time to lose, Luz quickly grabs her sword she left laying near the net and regroup with Gird before standing back to back with Gird before taking a combat stance with her sword in hand. Thankfully the bats were held off as if looking for the perfect moment "I think we can do this, but this next part is going to suck can you bear with it? Faint weakness on 3 then kills as much as you can with one swing." She states tastefully feeling like time was short.

"1,2,3!" and at the moment she said 3 Luz collapse forward to her knees in order to fake weakness so that the bats attack dive forward to attack the both of them Luz would wait until the perfect moment where she can kill the most bats with one swing of her sword at that moment she would use Quick Strike along with her Gift of Dexterity to try to kill or injury at least 4 bats, even if it means letting a few bats attack her first.

Though Luz didn't have time to explain this plan in full detail, the plan was essential to not only trick bats into divide themselves near equally in order to attack the both of them but to kill most of them during there attack to further but down their numbers, that way there wouldn't be enough bats left to do serious damage to them.

Summary: Luz tell Gird to feint weakness with her on the count of 3 so that the Bats would attack them both nearly equally. During the bat's attack, Luz would use Quick Strike to try to at least kill 4 bats as they move in to attack.


Can we get an estimate of how many bats we are fighting?(After the trap)
Hobgoblin Luz

The Chase


Luz smiled proudly when one of her rocks hit a bat. "Got one!" she cheered before turning around and begin sprinting the hell out of there with Gird, and Luz bolted hard; making sure not to leave behind Gird but to her surprise Gird kept up pretty well. "Stay beside me!" She told him before moving below as much of the setup webs as she can on their way to the final point, she didn't sprint under all of them but she sprinted through most of them.

"Almost at the final stretch!" She yelled before moving through the gap of the trees before grabbing her end of the net and rating it up just slightly for Gird to leap over the right half of it. Assuming there was enough time to spare would late until the last second she raise her end of the net as fast as she could in order to get trap as many bats as possible with the net, all while holding on to her end with all her strength and resolve even if it means being bitten the one who just happens to fly just close enough to her until she either could no longer or until there was no point of doing so anymore, afterword she would push the end down to trap whatever bats under the net along with those who got stuck to it.

Summary: Luz tried to lead the bat to as many of the web she could reasonably, before moving to her end of the net raising it up at the last second, holding it even if it means getting bitten before pushing the upper end of the net down to trap the captured bats under the net.

@demonspade64 im going to wait for you to post next. hopefully the duo remember to stick close to the sticky walls to trap as many bats as they can lol

I'll try to have my next post up within the next 2 hours
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