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Current @Sola It pineappled now.
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Attendance! Ellri has committed Sacrilege and must be Pineappled to death for connecting pizza with pineapple. Please turn him in to you local pizza church and may the Pizza God be with you.


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DAY 6 - Genesis City - 7AM

While Karma was apologizing to Alisea, Karma begins to wonder if Alisea was even going to give him a chance. After all, she was barely looked like she was paying attention, that was until Karma handed her the present than she brightens up and told him that nothing was his fault it sounded sincere but Karma wasn't too sure. Then Karma saw the outfit he made for her the other night, one of his first works that looked kind of nice on her. The fact she was wearing it gave him a sense of pride and suggest that there was still room for forgiveness and because of that Karma couldn't help but smile. After Alisea's left Karma then turn to Dirk. "So Dirk, you still want to mean at noon? Karma asked him warmly now feeling more cheerful.

DAY 6 - Genesis City - 11AM

New actions gains

Accelerate (5/Universal)
Quick Reflexes (5/Universal)
Clear Mind (5/Universal)
Renn spent 375

New Spells gains

Essence Gain
Sap Energy
Greater Healing Beam
Aqua Pillar
Attuned to the Aquatic
Weaken Magic
Renn spent 1125

Renn remain: 565


Karma has spent 5 hours running around town, not only has buying spelling and actions but also trying to complete the Make some friends quest that he failed to complete the other day, this time he wrote down the names of the NPCs he spoke to, after leaving their view of course. It felt a bit awkward honestly both he will get over it. After turning in the quest Karma will be waiting for Dirk in the town square, as requested.
Goblin Luz


Now hiding inside the tree, Luz remained still and watch the outside like a hawk. She then saw the Black Beasts in question sniffing around looking for prey, it was at that second Luz thought she was in for a fight yet she dared not move, She only stood still and hope the beast does not find her for at the point at time Luz knew that these Howling Beast were way out of her league. At one point the beasts began getting closer and closer to her hiding spot, at that point Luz fear she was done, but thanks to the stroke of luck the beasts ran off.

Knowing what she knew now she was glad she decided to obey her instincts, ran away and hide otherwise she would have been destroyed by these beasts in seconds. Now the challenge was staying awake and in one place for the next few hours, which was honestly going to be a major bitch, but it means surviving she will do it gladly. So she waited...

During the final hours of twilight, Luz ran through the Forest looking for whatever creature was still in her league only to find nothing. Luz sighed in disappoint and took a rest against a tree for a hand full of seconds only. She then heard a howl that was making her instincts go haywire. Whatever her body was trying to warn her about it was now active, and she was on it hunting grounds. Luz stood up and grabbed the branch tied to her back, part of her wanted to stand up against the creature but the majority of her knew better. So, for now, she decided to withdraw.

"Tsk!" She sprat before turning around and bolting it through the forest in an effort to flee the screen, while her body was moving her mind was deciding; should follow through on her backup plan, or try to make it back into the cave? Unfortunately, it was hard to do both so she decided to run back to the Alpha's former nest. Now in front of the hole in the tree Luz got on her arms and knees and crawled backward inside with her makeshift spear in hand, once she was all the way in the end of the hole she then moved what left of the branches and rocks in front of her to help hide her. She then rests on her stomach and stays put with her hand on her spear, She figures since the Alpha went through all the trouble of making a nest in here; this tree would make a proficient shelter from the howling creatures.
I changed it@Jangel13
Also cancel the part where she gather berries cause luz is going double or nonthing

Actually, i change my mind it would be more in character to try to pull off one more hunt and if worst comes to worst Luz will use that Rabbits' nest as shelter.

I would make the changes now, but i do not have the time at the moment. So put Luz down trying to pull one last hunt.

Goblin Luz


Luz was getting slightly disappointed, as the path she led Gird down had nothing on it except a berry bush. That was unfortunate but at the time maybe it was for the best. Though she did not plan for it the misfortune of not finding much allowed her to play her cards close to her chest for a bit longer. "Hmmm, guess i was unlucky today." She told him sounding slightly disappointed. She then looked at the sun, that looked like it was about to set, it made her feel something bad was going to happen if she doesn't take shelter soon.

“Hey hold up for a moment” he called to her stopping in a small clearing in the forest. “We should head back now, so we don’t get caught out here in the dark.”

Luz looked at Gird and thought this is interesting so it isn't just me? Luz then cleared her throat. "Very well go on ahead. I'll hunt for Just a little bit longer then i'll meet you at the cave before it get dark." Luz told him calmly. Of counse she may not be able fulfill that last promise...


The next morning then came, it was now around 7:00 a.m when first open his eye to be greeted by morning light. He then rubbed his eyes before sitting up in his one person bed. He then looked at a clock 7:03 am it was best to find Alissa before she leaves and buy some armor she doesn't need. So with that in mind Karma then moved in front of a mirror and opened his menu than his inventory, Then he equipped his only outfit and the second piece of work; a mostly white outfit made out of plain fabric, a humble beginning for a tailor. Karma then begins glooming himself up to be seen.

After pulling some of his long hair in a ponytail behind it Karma then slaps both of his cheeks at the seem time to brace himself. "Alright it is time to face the music, yesterday you almost let Alissa die and now it time you man up and tell her you're sorry." He told his other self in mirror sounding fierce but inside he was a little worry, wondering if things were truly going to go will afterward. He then looked at his desk on top of which was new items made from the rare fabric he was given after the dungeon. Maybe it is best to lead with the word rather than rewards.

So Karma marched down the stair as brave as he could yet he found some himself peeking around the door frame looking at her. She was right there eating breakfast yet hesitation still his feet. Come on man you can do this! he told himself. He then stepped his way to there table to which at that point there was no turning back.


Karma then waved for her attendance. "Hey!" He said trying to sound calm. "Alissa...I'm sorry i didn't heal you back yesterday back when you only had about...300 left during that boss fight. The thing is i...I was sorry worried about Dirk, Aster, and Polak that i forgot how low your health bar was at the time. Also, i was paying attence to how full the health gauge was rather than the numbers; cause of which your health seem about more than half full." Karma told her.

Karma then went into his menu than his inventory and summoned a some newly made Cloth Armor. "To further apologies i made this for you, it cloth armor made out of rare material i was rewarded with yesterday after the boss battle." He told her before trying to hand it to her the cloth armor.
Goblin Luz


Luz was watching Gird as he copies her and used the Ivy from the tree to wrapping a piece of bark to his body to cover his bruise. "Your not to bad yourself?" She comment back with a smile. "But are sure you're going to be able to fight with that injury?" She asked him looking a little worried. Assuming he answers yes Luz would then reply with "If you say so, we still have a lot of daylight out so I would like to look around some more and gather some more information about what's around here." Luz informs him.

Gird then informs her that she may be able to tie the horn onto one of the newer branches which kind of spark the idea in her head. "You know what that is not a bad idea." She told him before once again going through the process of securing ivy from the tree, afterword she then crawled back under the tree to get a strong yet narrow branch in which she tied her newly require horn one to its end, creating an improved spear if some sort. "Thank you." She told him with a smile.

Luz then led the way forward, keeping her eyes peeled for anything interesting or threatening on their path. As they walked she could help but wonders if Gird was letting her be lead so he could grade her leadership to determine rather not she was worthy...or rather not she was a threat. It was likely just paranoid but for now, she just plays along and acts like everything is normal.

Goblin Luz


Goblin Luz felt displeased that the meat was so tough to eat though it does taste good, hell the taste was even better then she expected(According to Ruu everything tastes better as a goblin). As tough as the meat was Luz tried to eat as much of her part of the rabbit as she could. Once she was done she would wipe the blood from her mouth, pick up her weapons and then stand up. Now that she had two weapons, both hands were occupied which made thing a bit more challenging; since if she wants to wield her one of her weapons with two hands she would have to drop her one of her weapons to do so since she had no way to carry the other weapon on her person, not yet at least.

Gird then gave her an order to check out the rabbit nest, she didn't know why but she felt there was no reason not to. So she crawled into the tree. "That rabbit seems to have made a nest in here, but there doesn't seem to be much in here except..." Luz then stopped herself from talking and begin poking around in the tree for a few seconds. "Hold on." She told him before she begins crawling back out the tree with two branches in her arms...and then looked at him dumbfounded cause he was cover in the mud like an idiot. "hmmm..." She asked wondering what the hell he was doing while she was checking out the tree.

"Check out this branch." She told him before tossing him one of the items she came out with. "It's probably better branch that you turn to a mallet don't you think?" She asked him before tossing away her old branch and replacing it with a newer branch that was too her liking. "There are also better stones and berries in there." She informed him.

She then went back in to get her horn back after she dropped it to carry out the two branches. "Okay, this is getting annoying!" She said outloud looking slightly disappointed. She then looked around and spotted a tree that had some ivy on it. She then climbs said tree with the horn between her tree and moves those the lower branch she could find ivy on, she then grabs the Ivy and pulled at it a bit to test to strong it was. It could be better but it would work, she then grabs the horn between her teeth and uses it to poke a hole in the middle of the Ivy, before ribbing the ivy apart at the hole. After obtaining the Ivy she then sat up and wrap the ivy around herself, put the horn back in her mouth, and climbed back down.

Afterward, she then held the new branch to her back before trying it on to her body using the ivy, that way she can carry around the branch on her back, carry the horn on her right hand, and keep her left hand free to grab things with. Now that minor problem was solved then begins covering herself in mud just like Gird(Assuming Gird explains why he decided to cover himself in mud). She didn't seem to bother about wearing mud but she was smiling a bit less than she normally does, but she will get over it.
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