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(( Alright, finally got em' finished. Hope he's acceptable. Thanks for putting up with my questions by the way ))

Name: Gruff

Appearance: Gruff's lower body resembles a large, shaggy goat the size of an ox, with dark blue hair, huge horns and a monocle. Protruding from the back of said goat is the upper body of a large, buff, bald humanoid with light blue skin. His head seems a little small for his body, and holds a large, droopy nose, big ears and long beard the color of the goat's hair. He wears a white, hand-knitted sweater on his humanoid portion, and a gold chain around his neck.

Personality: Greedy

Bio: Gruff works as a tollbooth operator across the many bridges throughout the Underlake, tolling those who cross them. His strange ability to seemingly teleport between the different bridges (many guess he just uses some secret tunnel system that links them, but if so none have yet found it) makes him just the monster for the job. He is infamous for secretly raising the prices slightly above the actual price and keeping the extra funds for himself, but as the tolls are subject to change its hard to tell if he's charging extra or not. When on break he can often be found underneath a bridge, eating, napping, or knitting, a hobby of his.

Relations: It's rumored Gruff has/had two younger siblings, but if he does/did they haven't been seen in a long time.

Skill: Knitting

Weapon: Two knitting needles that can become oversized for combat purposes.

Armour: Hand-knitted Sweater (I'm not sure if this counts as armor, but seeing as a tutu and an apron did in the game...)

Fight: Gruff usually would only get in a fight if someone refused to pay the toll and tried to cross the bridge anyway, where he would step in to prevent them from going further. He would have no qualms of allowing one to run away, but one could not spare him until they completed the requirements to do so (see "Mercy")

His attacks mainly revolve around knitting and goats, such as thrown oversized sewing needles, rushing goat heads, giant hoove stomps, etc.

His gimmick is that he can sow closed parts of the battle box, making it harder to dodge his attacks as room to move will be limited.


BARTER does nothing at first, but every three times its selected the toll price is lowered, which could be necessary to use PAY. This only works three times, after which it will do nothing, meaning one can't barter the cost down to 0.

PAY UP causes you to give up an amount of gold slightly above the price originally given for the toll (compensation for making him get his hands dirty), which allows you to SPARE Gruff. If you do not have the right amount, it does nothing.

Mercy: Gruff can usually only be spared by selecting the PAY UP act, paying him the toll at which point he'll let one SPARE him and continue on.
@Majoras End

Thanks for clarifying. Also, one last question: in the FIGHT section, do we have to describe each attack, or give the general theme (i.e. saying "Attacks revolve around so and so.")
(( Quick question: what do you mean by "skill" in the monster profile? And by armor do you mean DEF or actual armor?))
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