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@candlelitcraft So...did that thumbs up mean Mahou was accepted? If so, I'll move her to the character tab.
@Regitnui While she doesn't like them as much as plays, she does enjoy seeing them from time to time, depending on the mover.
@Regitnui While not one of her all-time favorites, she will admit it was a nice comedy with decent special effects.
@Regitnui She believes it to be a "true classic" and have a "beautiful story", and claims it to be "among the greatest of plays" she's yet read, though laments that she's not yet seen one that gets it just right.
Alright, should be all well and done, unless there's anything I need to add/change.

Alright. I'm working out a design for Mahou, so that should be done soon. Other than that I believe she's all well and done.

Seeing as we're all meeting around/in Ba Sing Se, I'll probably have had her sister Hikari have assisted in finally getting her enough funding to go on tour and have her putting on a show in the city, if that's alright.

Hmm...I would like to take the [Chi-blocker] if I may.
I would enjoy to play the role of non-bender
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