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Current Stress is my first, middle, and last name


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@pandapolio I'm still here

I'm working on a post but I'm having some writer's block. There's just so much going on right now
@xandrya Hope it's nothing too serious. My thoughts are with you.

I should have a post up soon. This semester is draining me... I know it's kinda a long while away but I'll be more active when the semester ends and onward. I've learned my lesson - I'm never taking this many classes again
I’ll try and get a post up soon but I mean with Lucy across the school I don’t have much to say atm... I could move her so she witnesses this if you want?
@collectorofmyst He’s approved!

@regitnui sounds great
Sorry for my radio silence, everyone. I’ve just been so busy :////

I’ll be more active this week, hopefully.

@regitnui I think we can start as soon as @collectorofmyst has their CS posted. I’m excited!
@devcon1 thumbs up means accepted, sorry. It’s easiee than typing out a post
@sassy1085 yeah go ahead

Sorry for my inactivity, everyone. I’ve been so swamped. We’ll try and get this started shortly
@December she sounds good, I think the dynamic between her and Rosai should be interestung

Just so everyone knows, we should have the first IC post up soon.

@sassy1085 @devcon1 @allhollowseve @collectorofmyst Can you guys please get your CS approved/posted in the CS tab soon? I want to have all of the characters together before we start
@angelofoctober Wow, I’m amazed at how much background you wrote. I can tell how connected you are to the character

Also I think it’s kinda funny that Konna and Zoze have the same heritage and opposite bending situations.
Okay so the way this is gonna work is that we're going to follow the show's formatting, with different "books" and "episodes" with their own arches. We're starting with a collab post from @regitnui and @pandapolio (if that's what you guys agreed with) that will set the stage for us. The other characters will be introduced en route to or in Ba Sing Se (so you'll need to figure out a reason for your character to be present).

I think this is going to be pretty heavily collab-post based because it's definitely the easiest way to narrate battles and the like.
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