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"I completely understand," Lilac smiled, "Safe travels!"

She turned to Caleb. "Alright, let me get your schedule, and then feel free to go find your cabin, settle in, get to know some campers... whatever will help you get familiar with this place."


Lilac looked up when she heard someone call her name and broke into a grin. "Juniper!" She moved out from behind the table and went to say hello, "Oh, it's so great to see you again," She turned to the boy accompanying her old friend, "And you must be Caleb. It's so nice to finally meet you. Welcome to Camp Remedy."


Tempest listened to Mason talk, captivated. She didn’t know many Leoh who transformed and she had always found the process extremely interesting, especially since no one was really sure how it worked on a scientific level.

”Wow, I’m jealous. Flying must be amazing. I’ve always wished I could do that.” She had wanted to fly ever since she could remember. She couldn’t imagine how amazing it must feel to have the whole world at her fingertips, not to mention the convenience. She would never be stuck in traffic again. ”I bet you aren’t as scary as you think you are. Besides, you’ll fit right in here. We don’t really have the concept of monsters here.” She paused and made a face. ”God, I sound like Lilac.”

She smiled coyly when he winked at her, finding the light flirting entertaining. ”Of course, it must be hard to find out you’re a Leoh. I’m glad I’ve known my whole life. And it’s not like you’re alone in your aversion of the sun, I mean, there are quite a few vampires here.”

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Just so everyone knows, I'm hoping to get one more boy and one more girl character to even out cabin assignments and then I'm gonna close this to new applicants. Hopefully I should have the boy soon, I have a friend who's interested in joining. Thanks so much!
@CollectorOfMyst around puberty, which is why camp remedy is kinda perfect for them. They can learn theory and stuff before though

“Well,” Tempest began after Mason’s comments about what a witch was supposed to look like, “that actually comes from early Christians demonizing Pagans and Wiccans." She decided to cut herself off there. She could get going for hours about early witches if someone let her. Her ancestors had led some amazing lives. "It’s a long story, but most of us are actually quite good looking with the help of potions and such, and we age more slowly than humans.”

Tempest started to feel bad about making that comment about Emilia looking so young as the girl mentioned the challenges of growing up in a doll’s body. She had a difficult enough time as a Leoh, trying to fit in as a human and knowing she would always be an outsider. She could never tell her human friends the truth about her. And she wasn’t two feet tall. “I’m sorry for giving you a hard time about your height earlier, it was uncalled for.” She apologized.

She listened to Mason talk about what it was like to be a gargoyle, completely fascinated. “That’s really cool, I’ve never met a gargoyle before. How did you not know what you were before, if you can’t always control when you transform? Didn’t that happen to you before you found out that Leoh exist?” She was getting a little ahead of herself, but she was curious. She liked to learn about different species of Leoh. She also hoped that her lack of surprise would help him feel better, since he was obviously nervous about revealing his species to them. She wasn't freaked out by any species; she had met so many different types while travelling with her family that she was pretty much numb to the whole 'monster' thing.

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Tempest bit back a smile as the little girl gave Mason a hard time, choosing not to defend him since he could probably do it himself. She almost laughed when the girl claimed Tempest was out of Mason’s league, feeling strangely flattered.

And okay, the kid had a point as she went into saying appearances could be deceiving. Tempest knew that. She probably shouldn’t have jumped to a conclusion like that. She made a mental note to apologize for that later. She didn’t need to make an enemy of her roommate. She also made a note to find out what the girl wanted to talk about. Tempest figured she owed her that much.

She watched as another tiny kid joined their little group. She easily figured out that the kid was her roommate’s brother, and from the brief sentences exchanged between the two she could also tell that the boy was the more mild-mannered of the two, as well as the fact that being that tiny must be pretty hard. She briefly wondered if the two of them lived in a dollhouse year-round, where the furniture would actually be the right size for them.

She looked back at Mason as he started to ask her questions. ”No, it’s not rude to ask what type of Leoh someone is. Yes, naiads are real. A few live in the lake, actually. As far as determining what’s real and what’s not, typically if more than one culture has some version of it in their mythology, then it’s a real thing,” she paused, ”I’m a witch, by the way.”

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@tenma tendo I seriously love that Tempest has a rainbow soul

Tempest had been listening to what Mason said but froze stared down at the little kid ranting at them, nothing short of dread dawning on her.

"You're my roommate?" She frowned. "What are you, five? Last I checked you have to be thirteen to be here."

When Reimred had told her she was going to be rooming with a newbie, she had figured it'd just be some awkward thirteen year old with braces still going through their anime phase, not a toddler. She'd be damned if she was going to be roped into babysitting some kid for her whole summer. She so wasn't going to do put up with that. She just hoped this kid couldn't like, cry through the night about missing her mom or something. She also worried the kid was a snitch. She wasn't going to be able to get away with much if there was a snitch living with her.

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