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Ummm...yes!! I LOVE .hack and because of that, I have a little personal issue with SAO...

But!! That's beside the point. If you have any interest in having someone like me along, I would looooove to hear your ideas and join in!!

I'm with you 100% .Hack > SAO and I would be glad to have you on board :)

Currently, I've got 2 ideas I'm playing with:
1)Haseo and the rest of the epitaph users disappear (most likely defeated or captured), before the reappearance of Ovan. He comes back stronger than ever, completely controlled by AIDA, and ready to destroy the net.


2)Another catastrophic event occurs within the world. Haseo and the rest of the epitaph users gather to investigate, only to disappear shortly after. Then, Ovan reappears, seemingly, on the good side; preparing to combat a greater threat than himself
@VKAllen To be completely honest, I've only messed around with a couple ideas in my head. I wasn't sure about the interest in a .Hack rp, so I didn't want to get too ahead of myself. We can definitely work something out though
Yay that makes 3!

You guys excited for last recode?

I'm thinking if we can get to at least 5, we can start this thing. Should probably make some things a little more concrete. Would you guys prefer play the GU events out (with some changes of course) and how our characters are affected in the world or an alternate ending that will begin our story?

Definitely excited for recode, trailer made my jaw drop. Finally they jump back on the horse.
Fingers crossed. I may end up having to put everything together and do another interest check for those who don't know about the series
@Demous That's totally cool, as I was planning on us playing either during or sometime after GU. Everything was much better, in my opinion, from the story down to the classes
It seems like after SAO(most) everybody forgot about it's predecessor. As the name suggests, I'm wondering if there's anybody that would like to start up a .Hack rp. I've been fiddling with a few ideas in my head, but there's nothing concrete just yet. I'm open to any suggestions as well!
Hi! O7 I suppose I should express my interest before anything and stop hiding in the shadows. I've actually got most of the CS complete, taking a little break, but should be up soon

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