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8 May 2017 2:12
Current Globalism... A system designed to have only one centralised seat of power that can and will eliminate competition and fuck everyone over.
23 Apr 2017 4:44
@The Templar, continue trying my brethern. Deus Vult!
22 Apr 2017 6:12
The amount of fucks. Wait...
15 Apr 2017 11:24
Niceness is a fallacy. When someone is 'nice', it simply means that they fail to take the responsibility that is in front of them when they know better.
13 Apr 2017 22:27
Happy Easter everyone. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy your holidays. To the Uni Students; try to take some time off. Unless you're already procrastinating...


Sometimes known as NotBKAllen (just for fun and to mix it up a little).

I tend to be busier in the weekends than in the weekdays. It's the nature of my work and the nature of my leisure I suppose (with some other commitments as well).



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<COMMENCING: BART> l ⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹ 100% l </FIRST IMPRESSIONS>


An awkward start for sure. An irk emerged within him as though stuck within one's throat. It constricted his breaths and stung the circumference of his throat that left him as an awkward gagger on the footpath; the more reason the other students to laugh at him. "Ain't gonna let this be my first day." Bart shook his head in disagreement. "No sir-ee. I'm gonna show'em who's boss around here." He sidetracked from the footpath towards some vacant tables where he viciously set down his backpack and removed the 'New Student's Guide to SCPS' and skipped the unnecessary 'What you need to know', 'Dress Code' and 'Ground Rules' to the 'Maps' part in search of the sporting field or some kind of oval structure in the school's grounds. It took him seconds to recognise his home field before he packed the map away with renewed zeal. "To the Oval!" The fervent shout surprised several of the quieter students nearby-- to hell with'em.

<ERROR!: ^*#aah1u5*%uhy1!gajkl; l Object: %$61421!$^Hkv detected>
<RELAUNCHING: ⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹ l DATA INTEGRITY: 97% l PLAY>

Bart's energy spiked as he made his way for the Ov#l. Adrenaline rushes were what made him feel invincible and unstoppable in the first place. As he passed through the hall^ay, corridor and a few stairs... He was finally met with the green sce*ery that reeked of hormones and sweat incognito with anti-persp$rant that was way too strong for a youngling. Was he glad that the sport they were playing was Rugby. "Alrighty. Just hoist into the game a score a try. That ought to get them attention." He dropped his bad close to a bench and made a sprint for the field, where the ball was flying right towards him! He caught it with a raise of his single hand, clutched it dearly and sprinted as far as he could towards the enemy lines. He'd be running so fast that the defending line was unable to even reach a slither of Bart's clothes and within seconds secured a try for whichever team he had just ran for.

"Who the hell's this guy?" One of them shouted.
"Yo he in your team?"
"Nope! Never seen'im before!"
"You there, speedy kicks who the hell are you?!"
"Speedy kicks? That all you got?"
It was certainly the first time that he'd been called that. Speedy kicks. Perhaps after that display of energy and speed-- it made sense. He tossed the ball presumably to the opposing team and yondered over to the team he had scored for.

"Didn't need your help, but I ain't seen that kind of runnin' before." One of the boys, presumably the captain as signified by the kerchief tied to his arm. "But you don't play unless I say so awright?" He pushed his index finger onto Bart's chest.

"If winning ain't your game, then I'll just run for the other team. How's that for a comeback? Your loss anyway." The game proceeded to go underway, with Bart all of a sudden switching sides. "Oh, and Bart's the name. Remember that." They continued to play Rugby, and Bart certainly destroyed the opposing team who had rejected him.

Bart had the ball now, and tossed it a little too hard and it went overhead. It reeled towards a brunette dude who seemed to be daydreaming or something and the pointy end of the ball nailed'im right in the 'ead. He seemed pretty tall too. "Oooy! You there brunette guy! Can ye pass the ball back?!" Bart shouted from a distance. Everybody began to whisper how Bart had just hit Brandon square in the head.

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<COMMENCING: BART> l ⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹ 100% l </BRAND NEW DAY>


There definitely was a party celebrated over the floor of Bart's room. Stuff and things casually danced atop the dark, soft cushiony wooled floor beneath a streak of peeking sunlight between the curtains where the birds sung a mellow tune. The organiser of the party made quick announcement of the time where the objects became frozen and still as a repetitive alarm bell silenced the singing birds and replaced it with a wistful groan and rustling bedsheets. It continued to buzz itself away until finally... An outstretched arm reached for the clock and calmed the clock down before putting it back sloppily atop the night stand adjacent. Face of a boy who knew it was way past his bed time but stayed up cause he didn't want to sleep. Something in his eyes, cleared it away with a quick brush of his fingers. Time to get off his and get ready for the worst thing ever.


The positioned himself to the side of his bed, removing the bedsheet that had once cradled his warm and dreamy rest and provided himself with the willpower of standing up and deal with life... Half-asleep. "A cold shower will do." He said upon himself and so forth he stood up and shambled atop of the rubbish and out of his room. "Goo.... *yawns* ... d morning..." The voice drifted into the silence. He managed to successfully arrive at the bathroom unhindered. He was now imprisoned inside the frame of the shower with his hand below the shower head and turned the Cold water knob firmly. As the breath of cold water chilled and pierced his hand, his reflexes pulled his hand away "Ack! Cold!" His other hand turned the hot water knob. "Guess I'll just have a lukewarm shower."

Once the woes of shower was over, he prepared his new set of contact lenses and began putting them on. At first it was clumsy-ly. Almost as though it didn't want to fit his eye. It was that he was a bit nervous putting them on. Eventually, he got it. Returned to his room-- Lights on to reveal where the party had taken place and walked through the things and stuff towards a wardrobe connected to the wall and opened it. His new contact lenses allowed him to identify his uniform efficiently. Removed them fro mthe wardrobe and laid them out on his messy bed. A sturdy desk with a computer stood opposite to the bed and he held onto a tube-like object from its surface and sprayed his body with an anti perspirant spray before proceeding to undo the buttons of his uniform and attempt to sleeve his arm through the shirt and wear his maroon pants. Yep, it was clearly the nerdy look at first... Shirt tucked in and pants that looked a bit baggy for him. He wished it was less relaxed and more form-fitting as well as comfortable. He loosened a bit of his shirt so that it didn't look so nerdy. His uniform came with a bloody tie. Damn it. He wished he knew how to tie his own tie but he was tied in a knot over this issue. He pocketed the tie and grabbed his digivice. A picture of Azulongmon and Bart appeared on the screen, refuelling him back with reminscence of the past they've travelled together and their eventual separation from one another. He felt saddened that everything had to come to normal for some reason. Perhaps adventuring was his calling rather than smarts?

And thus forth was the uniform. Except the tie. He quickly launched himself downstairs to greet his family and eat a hearty breakfast. "Behave yourself now. Holiday's over. Be serious in class." His mother commented as he ate and nodded with a mouthful of eggs and sausages. "Now hurry to the car once you're ready. New day is awaiting you and I'll ensure that you're not late!" She pressed on forward while Bart continued to devour his meal waiting for his father to show. A few seconds later, here he comes dressed just as elegantly.

"Dad! Could you teach me again how to do the double windsor again?" Eyes making contact with his father as he sat down by the table.

"Sure Bart. Finish your breakfast first and I'll show you when I'm ready." Bart followed it with a nod, thus continuing his progress at eating his breakfast.

Ten minutes later, Bart and his father was in the master bedroom as his father taught him the double windsor knot by the mirror with Bart closely following behind him. Since he did this before, following the previous patterns felt natural. "There you go. Double windsor. Looking sharp, junior!" Thus forth the ultimate nerd was complete. He was just missing the glasses which was hidden in his bag. "Go give'em hell at school."

Thus forth at morn, he arriveth into the College, aptly named Saints College Preparatory School written obviously by the entrance wall. The persons in the car were listening to the music played by the radio interrupted by the braking of Bart's car as they reached the point of no return. It was also a point of which students gain their first impressions on. "Mum loves you Bart! C'mere!" She kissed Bart's forehead and unlocked the door and Bart promptly undid his seatbelt and responded.

"Love you too mum. See you back on three." Into the wild, wild west. He pushed the door open and exited the car as other students began to look at each other and whisper. Bart didn't care. He barged on forward towards the college with unwavering will.

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Bartholomew Mathers, Bart for short.




"The Unstoppable Force"

Bart is always a happy-go-lucky force to be reckoned with. He has the audacity to force himself outside of his limit in order to achieve greatness at any cost-- but at a price. Those who cannot bear Bart's beaming energy are often shocked by his electric spirit. While he could be polite and friendly, he may also come out to be cold, assertive and somewhat unwilling to allow himself not come out first-- which had resulted in several reckless approach to situations where brute force may be the lesser of strategy. Strangers might also find Bart to be judgemental and predisposing of others for his own faults. With the courage and will to face what's in front of him, Bart will commit 100% to any given task at hand-- whether it was to wash the dishes or win a tournament.


Bart's a teenager who lived with the support of both of his parents feeding him his ambitions. His father channelled his mind with countless of of motivational speeches which had slowly engulfed his mind with strength and will. His poor eyesight was not a limitation to him; it was a sign of greater courage that propelled him forward. Not much could be said about his mother-- whom he viewed as generally restricting and too protective. She wanted to perhaps wrap him up with cotton and cloth and protect him from the dirt he usually is covered with. Due to that mother-nature affecting Bart's views on girls, he has trouble being empathetic towards others.



  • Fanny/Waist Bag
  • Glasses (Stored away)
  • Joggers
  • Yellow-and-black sports gloves
  • Digivice

Bart now wears clear contact lenses and keeps his glasses as a back up.



Babydmon → Dracomon → Coredramon (Blue) → Wingdramon → Slayerdramon

Dracomon is short-tempered; as expected of the Progenitor of the Dramon line (made worse when her Gekirin scale is touched). She appreciates a plan but will easily abandon it once she loses her patience making her somewhat of a wild card in the field. She also has a compulsion to like and eat shiny things that is presented in front of her. Despite all of this... Dracomon possesses a strong affinity and infinite patience to Digimons in need. She willingly helps and protects Digimons who are threatened by another evil, bigger Digimon.


The vampire's mouths contract a bellow perceivable as a hiss, as his patience grew thin. The ghostly presence of the barghests began to surround the area between the witchers and the fleder. "You do not care for the village but you insist upon protecting the sacrifice which ties into the fate of this village itself. Wondrous creatures are you, beings of this realm. I'm afraid I've seen through your deceit. Take her." Ameranth points his claw-like fingers at the girl yet again-- this time the Barghests swooped in unison, striking the mages and witchers at the same time.

Ferghus whom had waited for this opportune moment descended from the tree in which he shrouded himself with, silver katana racing down the Fleder at blinding speeds. Yet with an even faster retaliation was made by the Fleder who not only avoided Ferghus' ambush-- it managed to grip the sharp end of the silver katana with one of its hand. A quick hand sign was made and a thunderous force pushed against the fleder as Ferghus dislodged his weapon from the Fleder's hand and followed Newton's Third Law.

His boots scarred the earth, but as his stance began to form-- he saw the fair-skinned woman holding on to the child... A figure began to appear behind them as a wight unveils itself from its camouflage and ripped the child off the witcher's loose protection. It then began to attempt escape.
Sorry sorry. I got lazy. I'mma brewin' up a post.
I know what you're thinking; I've gone MIA? No. I'm planning to progress tonight.
I am game with anything in terms of post order. I would say that given a reasonable amount of time has passed, it can be overruled.

Thank you for the time you were here. Good luck on the Path!

To everyone else, I will be advancing further if some others do not reply by tomorrow.

Would like to know your bearings if you'll be re-joining us or if you've decided to move on and leave. Please let me know.
@Bazmund If I may, during Witcher 3, it was a player choice to have Geralt Axii a contractor after they've refused to pay for the contract they posted.
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