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Want to know more about me? Sure haha. I'm 22 y/o and I'm from Boston, but currently I'm living in Alaska because I joined the army. I love boxing, football, basketball, and just sports in general. Ever since I was a kid, I loved LOTR. I've read every book and watched every movie, including the hobbit. So I guess that's what eventually brought me here. The elder scrolls are definitely my favorite rpgs but I figured I would give this a shot. I've hosted some terraria RP servers and that was a ton of fun but I just can't do that anymore because of my job :(

Anyway, I think that's the most important stuff. If you have any other questions feel free to send me a PM. And definitely check out my RP forgotten realms if you want to get some good, LOTR style RP in! Peace

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I've been pretty busy these past few days, and I've been spending a lot of time updating and tweaking the OOC page. For now though, I think it's up to date. I also have a 4 day weekend coming up, so aside from Thanksgiving tomorrow I should have plenty of time to make some posts IC myself.
@Doc Doctor

Alright, sounds good to me. A little more practice/experience should help with duels in the future. Your move then?
@Doc Doctor

Hmmmm. OK ok. I'll be tapping out on this one. Learned something new about the spitting cobra today, lol. In the future I suppose I'll also be more descriptive about the position of my character. The only question is where to go from here... With Dartega now completely blind, I'm sure it won't take long for Zande to dispatch him. I'm expecting a fittingly brutal end, although it is a bit painful to see him defeated so easily... :( put a lot of work into that character, haha.
@Doc Doctor

You've never seen a rational boxing guard that covers the eyes? Lol, I find that very hard to believe if you've ever watched any boxing or mma. A proper full guard covers the entire face and body, although I wasn't even going for that. What I had in mind was something similar to this:

The only difference being that instead of blocking a punch, he would be blocking a wooden skewer. It's only a natural reaction if you're a fighter to raise your hands after being hit in the face, even if it was just a misty spray.

And as for the venom, I don't really remember reading any specific details on your character's bio that say anything about necrosis, killing cells, or causing blindness. In the post where the venom is actually spit into Dartega's face, all it says is "a wracking, sizzling pain". So with all the information I was given, I took that causing pain was the venom's effect. Pain is something my character has endured his entire life, and it says so clearly in his bio.

Personally, I don't feel my character has done anything outside of his limits, or anything that could be considered OP. Honestly, it seems like you're the one who's now starting to get all technical and throw in extra details. No offense, you seem like a great writer, much better than myself I'll admit. So take it however you want to. Maybe if an unbiased, third party was here to observe the duel, it would go more smoothly and fairly.
@Doc Doctor

Although Dartega had taken a few seconds to reopen his eyes, he had instinctually entered into his combat stance as he staggered backward, raising an arm in front of himself and forming a simple guard with his forearm. It was similar to a boxing guard, a reflex that he had learned and perfected when he was just a boy.

It was all he needed to deflect the simple wooden skewer, even with his eyes closed, and he felt it splinter upon the armored bracers he had raised just in time. The jungle man was fast indeed, but not that fast. Surely he would have expected such a reaction from a trained combatant. Perhaps this time, it was he that had been underestimated.

When Dartega's eyes did open, the visage of the jungle man's sharpened teeth was just before of him. He had likely overextended, lunging to reach Dartega with the skewer as he staggered backward and leaving open the perfect opportunity for a counter strike. With a vengeance, Dartega smacked the jungle man's assaulting arm out of the way with a backhand, in an attempt to open him up for a ruthless overhead slash from K'Girr.
[Accidental double post lol]
@shivershiver Awesome, well written bio that I really enjoyed reading. Officially approved!

His drinking abilities are balanced nicely, although I would say the stat changes are a bit modest. Still, they can stack with the default alterations I had planned already. For example, an average man might gain 1 strength from drinking an ale, but Merek could gain another +1 on top of that, essentially making the effects more potent. Overall I like the idea.

I will be expanding further on the impact of statistics on the OOC frontpage, so I suggest everyone takes a look at it every now and then to make sure they're all caught up.
@Doc Doctor

The spray of venom was absolutely unexpected, and although Dartega possessed lightning fast reflexes, he could never have been prepared for such an underhanded tactic. By the time he realized what was happening, the mist had already blasted him in the face and seeped into his eyes. It was definitely painful, and the thought of kicking the jungle man into his own fire instantly vanished from his mind.

He staggered backward slightly before regaining his composure and entering into his combat stance. Although the venom might be excruciatingly painful for an ordinary man, it was actually something Dartega was quite accustomed to, and after just a few seconds he opened his eyes again. The demons from his past had done their job well, providing brutal punishments and even torturing those who resisted their dominance. Compared to that, this was quite bearable.

Most importantly, he had learned something valuable about his opponent. Obviously, not just any bandit would have prepared such a devious and cunning attack. Zande was well trained, skilled, and probably had many more tricks up his sleeve. He was exactly the type of opponent that Dartega had always despised fighting. The high price for the contract was beginning to make sense, and from now on he would be much more careful.

At this point, it would be wise to call upon the power of his demon blades. The sooner he could finish the jungle man off, the better. Softly, he whispered the words of power to his blades in the demon tongue. "Zasalamel... Inguz Mahadar Nu Kanta... Mobidir!" When the invocation was finished, K'Girr erupted in flames and Bozar glowed red hot. The conjuring of their power would send a wave of heat outward in all directions, possibly even singeing the jungle man unless he had something prepared.

Now Dartega was prepared to engage Zande with his full potential, and with a much different state of mind. Despite the character's less than honorable strategy, he was still dangerous and would be granted the respect he probably deserved as an enemy combatant.
@Doc Doctor

At this point, Dartega felt as though he was simply wasting time. Obviously, he hadn't come to drink and eat rabbit. If this Zande character wished to defend himself with a cheap bottle of rum and a pointy stick, then so be it.

Casually, he pulled K'Girr from it's sheath and began striding forward, a blade now in both hands. The time for nonsense was over. A swift and powerful front kick straight into the fire would do the job, he thought. And it would even save him the trouble of cleaning blood from his blades afterwards.

Now standing nearly face to face with the wild man, he lifted a greaved knee to his chest and prepared to place a well aimed kick upon the center of Zande's torso.
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