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Want to know more about me? Sure haha. I'm 22 y/o and I'm from Boston, but currently I'm living in Alaska because I joined the army. I love boxing, football, basketball, and just sports in general. Ever since I was a kid, I loved LOTR. I've read every book and watched every movie, including the hobbit. So I guess that's what eventually brought me here. The elder scrolls are definitely my favorite rpgs but I figured I would give this a shot. I've hosted some terraria RP servers and that was a ton of fun but I just can't do that anymore because of my job :(

Anyway, I think that's the most important stuff. If you have any other questions feel free to send me a PM. And definitely check out my RP forgotten realms if you want to get some good, LOTR style RP in! Peace

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@Rockin Strings Winged elves? Sure why not haha. Just as long as there's a reasonable explanation in the bio, I have no problem with it.
Yeah im not sure where everyone is at but it seems like the holidays are keeping people busy haha, myself included

So you want a piece of me, eh little guy?" spoke the giant of a knight, curling the fingers of one hand into a fist and punching it into the palm of the other. A very broad smile spread upon the man's face, revealing two rows of gleaming white teeth.

A thick suit of heavy iron armor formed a protective shell around his body from top to bottom. It had to weigh a ton, because this guy's legs were the size of tree trunks, and the biceps he flexed looked like they belonged to an arm wrestling champion. There was a lot to cover.

The most revealing feature about the man, however, was the Valanthian emblem engraved onto the corner of his chestplate. It was only awarded to those who served their time in the kingdoms army honourably. He was retired military, and carried himself as such. The cape that draped itself down his back gave him a surprisingly elegant look.

Elegant, but powerful.

All eyes in the room were now focused on the two combatants, including the judges. Some of the other adventurers even began cheering Merek's name, impressed by his bold move to challenge the military veteran. It certainly wasn't the duel he was looking for, but at least he had earned himself some fans. Today, it seemed, the people would root for the underdog.

Feeding off the energy of the crowd, the gruff knight reached behind his back and unsheathed a devious looking mace. It wasn't in great condition, worn and chipped here and there, but that meant it had seen battle before. And judging from the knight's demeanor, he knew how to wield it.

The crowd that had assembled gasped as he did so, temporarily halting the chanting of Merek's name. Just moments later, however, he tossed the mace aside and readied his fists in front of his face. The judges took note of the knight's confidence, and the onlookers erupted with cheers yet again. The excitement of battle permeated through the air.

"Well, let's have at it then!" the knight rumbled, still smiling behind his goatee, ready to let his fists fly as he steadily closed in on his opponent.

Seems like a really diverse group of characters so far, should make for some awesome adventures haha. Really looking forward to seeing how this plays out :D
@Mokley His kindness and goodwill compel him to help others in need even when he really isn't in a position to. For example, a damsel in distress being robbed by a group of thugs. Others might look the other way, not wanting to get themselves into trouble or a dangerous situation, but Hatori couldn't do that. He might be able to win the battle, but would probably be pretty beat up and earn himself some new wounds to take care of.

There's also his merciful nature, preferring not to shed blood unless it's necessary. After defeating or disarming his opponents he normally allows then to surrender and live another day, even though they might eventually return just to backstab him.

I could definitely see the emperor trying to expand to other islands as well, I mean after all he is motivated by greed and a lust for glory haha.
@Mokley Alrighty, I think I understand. As for his biggest weakness, I would say that his heavy reliance on martial arts and blades leaves him very vulnerable against ranged opponents. Also, his bushido and code of honor means that he really only agrees to fair fights, granting less honorable brigands and bandits an advantage since they aren't afraid to fight dirty. A lot of people also could fairly easily take advantage of his kindness and goodwill.

I could think of plenty of situations he couldn't handle alone that would afford the opportunity to build trust with the other PCS before they officially band together. Getting stuck in a trap infested ruin, for one. Or maybe he could have just set off on an expedition that was too long and ran out of food and other supplies.

As for help on his main quest, this could be a you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours sort of thing. For example, after he meets the other PCs and they help him out of a sticky situation, he could agree to help them with their journey in return for a promise to eventually come back to his home and help him overthrow the emperor.

That was what I had in mind anyway, not sure if that's where you were going with this. Let me know what you think haha.

@Sisyphus Also, just want to mention that the posts so far have been awesome, really enjoying this story and I can't wait to get in on it xD
@Mokley It was meant to be sort of a mini plot that our characters might be able to handle down the road, and just a part of his background really. I'm sure it would be fairly easy to come up with an interesting introduction "quest" for Hatori though. If that's what we're looking for?

I'm not too familiar with this integrated character system, tbh haha. Definitely willing to learn and work something out though.
I'm still up for it as long as people are still interested. Was just giving a chance for others to post haha
Here's my character! I certainly hope he is up to standard :) I tried to leave some loose ends in his history that could eventually be tied into the plot.

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