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I actually really hate bios, so if you'd like to gather the scope of my skills as a writer, or see my interests: Simply talk to me.

I don't bite.


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I... Y-I...

Just, wow. There's not much more I can/want to say besides that.

Galloping abs.

Yes officer, this post right here.

I also reworked the end of my character's bio to include this new reasoning. I think it fits him pretty well actually. Similar to Crimson, it does provide a rather solid reasoning to find him there.
Just wanna say, even if I don't get in, that I love this world building and I'll be watching the RP regardless if I'm a player in it or not.

Keep up the good work *~*

Yes, that's his canon walk now.

I'll remove the enchanted spear bit but there better be one for my boy in rp ;~;

Also, yes a shield would have a SIMILAR function. But not near the same effect. See, if a giant was swinging his four hundred pound club down on Cical, all He would have to do is hold up Zi in one hand in the laziest pose he could muster, and the club would hit, and bounce off due to physics. That is, the blow WOULDN'T carry through into the holder.
In a shield, you'd have to be strong rough to hold up to the blow, as well as all the shock from it. There in lies the difference. One completely stops and mitigates the blow entirely, the other absorbs some of the impact and TRANSFERS it over a greater area. Also you can't stab people with a shield :P

The bio was a bit... Summarized... too much it seems. I understand what you mean fully for the punishment thing entirely. But how I seen it in my head was that, the Prince of War IS capable of killing every one there should he wish to on his way to leave. The shaman knows this, bit also knows he will lay down and die if his lover will die too. Also, now that he realizes she wasn't at fault, he would still like to keep his daughter. Couple all that woth the general town people still loving their Prince of War, and he gets eternal banishment which is arguably worse than death in these hard times.

Edit: Right, and the Shaman is kinda fucking furious because she was supposed to be a virgin so she could get a bigger dowry for him.

Edit edit: Don't understand the pope dream eating thing either. I'm just making an allusion and relaying it to something we can understand. Irl the popes daughter (if he had one) would be revered, just like the Shaman's daughter. And he doesn't eat dreams, just watches like a creep :)
Is his outfit too modest?

I would say yes for a Baccum but it's not my decision :)

Son of a bitch I pushed post instead of edit 》•《
(Someone delete this I messed up lol)
Sorry for any errors or weird words where they shoulsnt be. I typed it on mobile. Anywhere there it is ^-^
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