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I actually really hate bios, so if you'd like to gather the scope of my skills as a writer, or see my interests: Simply talk to me.

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With a start he awoke, cold sweat on his forehead and an odd feeling of nostalgia. That dream was... It had only been...

It didn't matter. With a great breath and a wipe with the back of his hand, he looked around to make sure his exhaustion hadn't been noticed - it hadn't. Underneath where his head had been, the documents he had been running over. Another contract, as any other, but with a peculiar addition. For the first time in his hiring he would be accompanied by a partner. The details weren't included in this basic coded outline but one thing was for sure. Two people were going on this mission... To be honest, he didn't know how to feel about that.

His room was dark, seeing as how the curtains were closed and the lights were off. A brief check of the time revealed it to be seven at night. To be fair, that was a perfect time for his "work" to begin, and he couldn't have asked his body to perform any better in this sleep cycle. Performing some waking stretches, joints and sore muscles popped and set themselves into place. With a start he suddenly lifted himself from his chair and moved to the bathroom. After running a hand through his hair and brushing his teeth he looked his face over. Dark, sullen eyes stared back - the colour of charcoal. It was hard to tell where the iris and pupil separated, however that lack of color matched his hair. A dark ebony black that was rather flat and dry looking. He hadn't cut it in years, so wild patches and spikes flew off in every direction haphazardly. Some fell off the side and front of his head as one would expect; others stuck directly upwards. Stubble covered his entire face, spotty and with some patches of greater length than the other to add to his disheveled appearance. His face was jagged, for lack of a better word. Angular jawline with scarring at random intervals. A bent-straight nose that was obviously victim of a bad setting job, cheekbones visible from malnourishment and pallid skin.

With a grunt he turned from the mirror and left his room, wandering down to the meeting area thirty-five minutes early to sit in silence and run over the mission briefing again. The briefing room was spacious enough. A large sixteen person table of smooth metal with an integrated display of some sort. Windowless walls and a large projecting screen opposite the entrance doorway. Chairs sat in varying states of use - some pulled out slightly, others rolled out considerably and some still in their ordered place. The assassin took a seat closer to the back corner, stopping only once to read a name on card stock. "Tarx Vim-" was as far as he got before it was torn into a hundred confetti sized pieces. His name was confidential, throwing it around like that was unprofessional, idiotic and downright rude.
Settling into a chair, he kicked his feet up on the table - which were clad in steel toed black boots - and opened up a folder he brought down with him from his room so he could wait for the other members of this meeting with at least something to do.

Looks good! If you like you can choose whether you would like to wait to admit the character for Art of War in the Dreadnought division...

Or sign up for the Art of Deception in the Battlemage division! Inform me through Discord and move your character to the tab!

It seems to me that Culicid would be better suited to division Dreadnought in The Art of War. If you can convince me that he'll be good in stealth-focused operations then I'll be more than happy to accept him!

The only thing I would change, is the items of the requisition. The UHF (United Front of Humanity) wouldn't specially make Xic'Si based items. They would just hand over Terran weaponry which would work just fine due to similar anatomies.

Besides those two points, this CS looks good to go! Give it a little fix and port it over

Suggestion to work on proof reading your post! There were points where I had to reread thing several times to get what was intended.

I don't know if English isn't your first language, but if you have a friend you can help proofread your work - or even use our own roleplay members to assist you - then I recommend you do so.

I hate having to exclude someone but if this sort of thing is persistent it can introduce problems in the flow of the roleplay :(

Human Colony Naurex - Cerberus Supercluster
Undisclosed Location
05/22/97 1:55 AM

Skybreak Headquarters was a shoddy looking place. At least from the outside. A mundane farmstead with a colonial red barn in the middle of nowhere about two hours driving from the nearest city. The entrance was in the barn, hydraulically controlled doors gave way from the floor to reveal a complex tunnel system into a sprawling underground fortress. Packed with staff, electrical systems, weaponry, explosives and vehicles. It was enough to support a small army, or a well trained platoon at the least. Prototype weaponry, transport and armour was developed at a frightening pace - traveling from concept to design to application in wild attempts at creating something useful. Some progress was made, but it was slow going for certain. Kul, Greer, Trivinad, Xic'Si, Entyn and Humans all milled about doing their respective tasks and gave the entire compound a beehive-like buzz. A pleasing environment beneath a distraught land above. In the city of Rekkart nearby, all hell had broken loose. After discovering a double agent in their ranks, a sect of Ascension took out their anger on the city. Small gangs thought frivolous by police and government alike were rapidly equipped with military tech and suddenly became uncannily aggressive. Ascension was using them as proxies to keep heat off, or so that was what the Overseer believed. Speaking of government, the mayor of Rekkart had seemingly disappeared without a trace. Most likely bought off or killed to add another level to the brewing chaos.

Put lightly, it was a shit sandwich with used toilet paper for bread. At least, that was how the Overseer deemed it while walking through the hall. O'two hundred had been the time set for the briefing. During this time he would explain the situation and lay out the ground work for each Division, what they would be doing and how each would contribute - as well as the first lead they had to go off of. A casual briefing if it weren't for the sensitive topics he would also need to disclose. How did other staff members navigate these twisting halls and rooms without being late for everything, was it too late to have a drink?




The doors to the auditorium swung open fashionably late at two-eighteen. In walked a medium sized man known to most anyone as the Overseer. Raven hair strewn about his head and falling off the sides, slightly greased on account of being unwashed. Falling off his shoulders was a large black felt coat that draped down about knee level. Beneath that, was a simple blue button up and black slacks. His face appeared... Heavy. Dark eyes cold and dim as if the man behind them was never really there. Stubble grazed a chiseled jaw complete with chin cleft. This shell slowly moved down the steps, commanding silence from the ambient noise that had been taking place with his mere entrance. Handcuffed to his right hand, was a rectangular black briefcase.

The room was configured much like a professors hall. A simple half circle around a large desk which held trinkets, papers and folders and the like. Chairs for most of the races and large nest-like cushions for the Xic'Si to nestle into. A considerable number of people were in the room. High ranking staff members and officials within Skybreak, as well as the Battlemage division. Dreadnought and Eclipse would come one at a time afterwards, as there was no point cluttering their minds with details that did not concern them. Without hurry or even an apology the Overseer continued walking to his desk, setting down the briefcase and inputting the code. It seemed as if he was not concerned at all that the hall could potentially be missing members. This was no assembly of amateurs however, so anyone missing simply wasn't appropriate for the task. The briefcase hinged open with a satisfying click.

"Before I begin, I would like to explain the situation we are all committed to." The black-haired man began, taking files and papers from the briefcase and tossing them onto the surface of the desk. "This is, by all research and consideration - a suicide mission." He paused again, sliding open a drawer of the desk and withdrawing two things: A bottle of liquor and a wooden cigar box. "Upon joining Skybreak, your records and everything which makes you, you, has been expunged. None of you exist any more." His voice was strange. Collected, calm yet commanding all whilst being devoid of emotion. "If everything goes right, they will be retrieved."

The liquor was opened and poured slowly into a snifter as he seemingly organized his thoughts. "Atop this, those of you in division Battlemage have been outfitted with explosive devices in your blood stream. Designed to nestle within your brain, our control room has absolute control over their detonation. Now hold your tongue." He barked the last bit, lifting and sipping from the glass with his non-bound hand.

"None of us intend to direct or guide your actions. The reason for this device is so that in a scenario where you are held captive and tortured, you will not reveal sensitive information to hostile parties. Utmost caution has been taken to minimize the risk of premature detonation, so no extra care should need to be taken. If you're curios when this implant had been installed then I will tell you." He paused to take another sip of his liquor, opening the cigar box and calmly running his fingers over the contents as if they were golden treasure. "Doctor Issolas, in charge of conducting the physical examination injected the machine into your blood while withdrawing some for her records."

With the motion of his hand, the lights suddenly dimmed and a light gently illuminated the desk he stood beside. Above him on a large screen, an image came into view - of a glasses wearing gentleman of around mid twenties. The photo appeared to be rather candid. slightly pixelated due to distance and with the subject peering off in the distance at something.

"With the more stressing information out of the way, we move onto an actual action plan for Battlemage to conduct." Even in the dim light, anyone would be able to spot what now took place in his free hand. A large Cuban-style cigar with an odd reflective foil wrapping near the base. Those closer to the front could make out the stylized hawk emblem burnt into the material.

"Hours ago, a double agent of ours in deep cover was found out. Working under one Professor Clark pictured above. While known to run a small criminal organization, we believed Clark was operating under order of Ascension and until being discovered, our agent confirmed these suspicions." The noise of a lighter, followed by the lighting of a cigar and the scent of thick sweet smoke filled the auditorium. In the front, two members of Skybreak began talking only to silence themselves after a glare from the Overseer.

"Before losing contact, our Agent disclosed key information about Ascension. When Ascension stopped terrorizing the public, they weren't cooling down as was thought - they were building resources to ramp things up." Another pause to drag on his cigar. The red embers illuminated his face slightly and offered some colour to the dark room. "Project Symphonis, the code for whatever Ascension plans on completing. What it is, how it's made, how they plan to proceed we have no idea. The only thing able to be extracted is the project's purpose: Annihilation of life." He paused again, yet for good reason this time. The image above flickered to a cliff-side mansion. Quite large with wall size windows, a balcony/patio and a half floor. A low sloping roof in dark brown with burgundy accents. It was a classic with wood siding.

"Our only lead so far is Professor Clark, which means he will be our first stop. Luckily our double agent convinced Clark he worked for the police force rather than an illusive organization. As such he should still remain within his home, perhaps with more protection. This is why Battlemage is being sent to capture Professor Clark, alive. Upon retrieval, a collection shall be sent and interrogation will begin to extract what we can. Only from there can we proceed with planning." The Overseer paused for quite some time then, taking a pull of his cigarette and a drink from his glass. Above him the imagine changed again into a floor plan of the house.

"The agent was never permitted to enter the second floor, so it has been left undocumented for now. However the main floor has almost been charted entirely. The only room here unavailable is the Office on the north side, identified by the question mark. Only Clark himself was allowed inside and it was closely guarded. The contents within are possibly invaluable, so searching this room is a secondary objective. There has also been talk of a basement yet even the entrance has yet to be discovered. Possibly through a space underneath the stairwell." With one gulp the rest of his liquor was downed, only to be replaced with a refill soon after.
"To summarize, Battlemage will relocate to Professor Clark's home, infiltrate and subdue him so they may bring him back for interrogation. If possible, checking the office may provide additional leads, and if there is a basement - searching that may dig up information as well." With a flick of his fingers, he threw the ashes from his cigar onto the floor. Embers trickled down and extinguished on the cool floor below. "The mansion is a good hour drive away. That's about ten minutes or less in the transport we're providing."

Only now did the Overseer settle into his chair. The lights slowly returned to about half-brightness which allowed him to flip open the folders on his desk. Once they had all been thrown open, he took a drag on his cigarette, exhaled the smoke and placed it in his lips so his free hand could move some papers about. "Five of you, brave souls all of you. I won't lie when I tell you that your task will be the most complex. Perhaps not the hardest, but the most intricate." He used his thumb to move a couple more strewn papers from the folder further into the center. "You ship out ten minutes ago. Your pilot is named Petal but due to the sensitivity of our mission, none of you will have radio contact. After exiting the transport you will be acting independent without response. If you're curious as to how we'll know if you are being interrogated to make use of the kill switch: You've also been implanted with a subtle neural link of sorts. We'll see and hear what you see and the technology allows it to only be detected with specific equipment. For specifics on how the hell it became compatible with Xic'Si, ask the egg heads below." The raven-haired man surmised, finishing up his cigar with a deep pull.

A brief look down at his desk and its integrated clock confirmed his suspicions. With he himself being late, they were running behind schedule; two twenty five. As if to remind himself, he gave his head a shake and blinked several times. "Petal, the transport, will be equipped with weaponry and armour for all of you. The A-6 multi-role assault rifle and Tactex pistol. The former being a prototype, firing mode selective, six-point-five millimeter compact rifle. Seven hundred rounds per minute with optional attachments. This is the lethal option for worst case scenarios. Taking this is up to user choice as it, and the ammunition, are quite heavy. The Tactex pistol, is an intricately designed weapon specifically for this task. Light, made of polymer and absolutely silent. Featuring a piston type round half an inch wide it is exactly as I said - silent. Newly crafted powder creates an intense explosion which propels a piston into the true round, sending the bullet onward while the piston finds itself stuck in the barrel of the pistol. This leaves the weapon forced to be break-action and single shot, yet allows ranged subduing potential. These guns are light but the ammo is not. I recommend every member carries one on their person. Most hits will be incapacitating but could prove lethal in certain spots or at close ranges."

The screen above turned off, and the room illuminated fully now. At some point the Overseer Houdini'ed out of the handcuffs and was looking through another folder. "The armour for each of you has been specifically crafted using the results of your physiological profile. For the Entyn doctor, brought straight from their homeworld, a biological-synthetic blended armour. Plant coated steel that melds with an Entyn's body and can be replaced at will. The stuff is lighter than most, but can only cover vital areas. As the Xic'Si already has their own armour... We haven't provided anything besides materials and manpower to create additional copies. For the humans, Earth has pulled out a secret development should you choose to take it. Body plating made of graphene sheets. Light as air, more durable and bullet resistant than ceramic plating. Protects from stabs and modular enough to defend most vitals and sensitive arteries. Those of you with cybernetic modifications will be unable to use it however. Apparently the conductivity produce averse side effects."

Had he been talking too much? It sure felt like it. With an uncommon gentleness, the Overseer placed the file onto his desk and leaned forwards in his chair, placing both elbows on the metal surface and clasping his hands. "This briefing is over. Battlemage get moving, your transport is waiting for you in bay A-1. I have faith your squad leader will formulate a plan of action on your journey in, so my task is completed, good luck."

With all that laid out in such a short amount of time, the Overseer suddenly laid his head on the desk and seemed to become unresponsive. A large eight passenger transport VTOL was indeed warmed up and ready in an underground silo. Hopefully, Battlemage would leave the auditorium, gather the required supplies from their own rooms, then load up into the transport and be off to begin the dismantling of Project Symphonis.


Less just about the benefits and more that this guy is blatantly a criminal who's in this for glory rather than saving the world. It's even more unstable than an already accepted character so the Overseer sees it as a liability more than a benefit.

I believe that this character isn't going to fit in with Skybreak. While little matters besides results in this organization, the Overseer cannot draw any benefits to having this member added to the squad. You are more than welcome to rework the character or create a new one but this one will not work, sorry.
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