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Yup, seems to be working now. Keep up the awesome work, Mahz :)
I just noticed this today - when on a user's profile page (any, as far as I can tell - I tested several), and clicking the 'Recent Topics' tab, the topic titles link right back to that same 'Recent Topics' page, rather than the topic they're referencing.

Just thought I'd bring it to the attention of the staff.
"Yeah," Alana agreed quickly before they went for it. She moved out behind Ashley, just a couple steps after her. As soon as the first walker was down, she went to the fire station, but paused, watching Ashley in case she needed help. She almost moved to do so when the other woman landed the final blow. Turning back, she opened the fire station, quickly taking the end of the hose and running it out down the hall toward the window, motioning for Ashley to follow. She kept unreeling it once they got there, making sure there was enough of it to get them down at least quite close to the ground. "Okay, uh... take this..." she said, tying a loop near the end of the hose for her to hold onto more easily, "Hold on tight with both hands when you go out, alright? We smash the window, then I'll lower you and I'll be down right after you, sound good?"
"Alright, good..." Alana said when Ashley pointed out the window, and then grimaced slightly at the thought of having to take the two walkers out. She nodded, though, realizing there was really no other way. "Yeah sounds good," she agreed, but frowned, "Honestly... I haven't gotten that far ahead... I just know that staying in the city seems like a really bad idea right now..." She took a breath, peeking out again, and then looked to Ashley once more. "Don't hesitate about those two... I don't know what this thing is, but the way some of them look... I don't think there's any coming back from it for them," she said, taking one more deep breath before opening the door and stepping out, holding it for Ashley so she could go after the walkers and open up the path to the fire station on the wall.
Alana's jaw clenched and she swore under her breath a little when their way ended up blocked again on the first floor. At least two of them damn things were more manageable than the crowd growing in the lobby. "I say we take them out quick... blow to the head like the one in your place, that seemed to do it..." she decided after a moment, "Then we look for a window over the parking lot and figure out a way down... apartment building like this should have at least one emergency fire station on every floor - the hose in that should be more than strong enough to hold our weight, let us climb down at least a little before jumping so we don't get hurt..."
Alana nodded, continuing on down the stairs, and glanced back at the question. "I... I have no idea. Granted, I'm a fire fighter, not an infectious disease specialist, but I've never heard of anything even remotely like this... for it to be spreading so fast..." she said, shaking her head. Before too long they were back down to the street level, but as Alana pulled open the door to get out of the stairwell, she found herself looking into a lobby with about a dozen walkers in it. There was more blood smeared across the floor now, and she closed the door quickly, though instead of slamming was careful closing it the last inch or so. "It's full of them..." she whispered, "People covered in blood... maybe we can get out a window from the first floor, down into the parking lot... it's either that or we make a run for the front door..."
Alana nodded, hoping she was right about the military. She took the U-lock from where she'd tucked it into the back of the waist of her pants, and tossed it onto the couch on her way out, finding the frying pan a much better option for the moment. As they moved outside, she caught sight of the walkers just as Ashley did. "I won't argue," she said, following on Ashley's heels, running with her to the stairwell and moving through the doorway as it was opened for her. "Pull it shut behind you," she told Ashley urgently, "Maybe that'll slow them down..." She waited a few moments until that was done before starting quickly down the stairs. "Where's your car parked? We'll probably need to get to it fast..."
Alana frowned deeply at Ashley's comment about the blood, which made the revelation even more troubling. "Maybe it's this sickness, whatever it is - maybe it causes that..." she said. She paused, letting the other woman pick up what she needed. She couldn't help but frown slightly at the idea of leaving her motorcycle, knowing she'd likely never see it again, but given the situation the sentimentality was easy enough to shake. A car would provide much better protection, after all. "North. Those news reports were from south of here, so I say we go north, try to get out of the city," she decided easily enough, "We're probably not the first people to decide that, so the bridges will probably be crazy, but the only other option that I can think of is trying to find a boat and getting across the water that way..."

((OOC: if we could have them come across a firetruck - probably crashed or something - as they make their way through the city, that'd be good, so Alana can pick up her weapon.))
Alana drew a shaky breath, and nodded slightly. "Yeah, I... I think so..." she said quietly, poking the man a little with the broom, and he didn't move at all. She took a closer look, and frowned, seeing her attack had left a wide wound in the skin on his head, but he was barely bleeding from it. "He should be bleeding more... his... his blood is coagulated, but that shouldn't happen unless he was... already dead..." she murmured, drawing from her EMT training. "We should get out of here as fast as we can..." she added a moment later, "Whatever this thing is, it's already gotten this far... I think things are going to get a lot worse, and soon..."
Alana gave a little nod, though she couldn't help but feel odd at the prospect of going through the things in the apartment, even with permission and in this situation. Still, she did, taking a quick look around, and then checking in a closet, where she found a broom. Not much, but it seemed a better improvised weapon than her U-lock for the moment, so she took it before rummaging a little more and finding a flashlight, which she stuffed into her pocket for the time being. It was then that she heard a door slam against a wall inside the apartment, and ran around the corner in time to see the bloodied man falling on top of Ashley. She could hear his teeth clack together as he bit at the air, trying to get to her.

"Get off her!" she yelled, pressing the broom against his neck and pushing hard to get him away from the other woman. The moment he topped off her, she reached down, grabbing onto Ashley's arm, dragging her to her feet and pulled her back with her. The man seemed unable to decide whether to just crawl over or get back to his feet, and was trying to do a bit of both at the same time. Alana glanced around, realizing they were in the kitchen now, and grabbed the first thing she saw - a good heavy frying pan. "St-stay down or I'll use this!" she warned, unable to bring herself to just hit him without trying, but he kept coming, and so she swung. There was a dull crack as the pan connected, and the man collapsed motionless on the floor.
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