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I'm so down
I think I've settled on 「Misery Business」as my stand's name

If you were planning on using that one I can switch it though
I'm already brainstorming what musical reference I want for my character.
I'm so down
Just waiting for Martian's post

I make sure to check the thread daily now.
Dr. Distateful try not to post a week late challenge: Impossible

Apologies for the radio silence again, I kinda have a terrible memory.

P.S. @BenG85 I'm knocking on wood for you and your family.
Joe Bronson

"Joe Bronson, Graphic Design Major" Joe said, in his standard deadpan tone. "World famous artist of Gary the Geoduck."

Joe always greeted people this way on campus. most of the time it generated confusion, but it was worth it for those rare occasions when he meets somebody who reads the college paper's comics section. Gary the Geoduck was his latest creation. His last series, The Ominous Olympiad, was canceled prematurely. If you were to ask Joe the reason, he would tell you it was too "high concept" and the staff just didn't understand his metafictional creative vision. If you were to ask any other member of the staff, they'll tell you it was canned because it made absolutely no goddamn sense.

The storage room was a network of dust. It felt like every 30 seconds Joe would move a box or wipe off some old apparatus and be sent into a coughing fit. "Jeez, It's like the Sahara Desert in here." He quipped. "You think we're gonna make it out of here alive?"

His fellow students came across some weird backpack-looking things. As his peers speculated on what it might be, Joe wiped his watering eyes and went to take a closer look. He noticed a sort of nozzle attachment on them. He picked one up and took a closer look at it. "What, is this some sort of nuclear powered leaf blower or something?"
Apologies for the delay. The good news is that there shouldn't be any more delays for the foreseeable future as my college classes are over.

My post will be out before Tuesday.
Joe Bronson

Joe could tell that the professor was troubled by this whole ordeal. He was a little shaken himself as well. He was anticipating going to the nerf war himself but wasn't able to go because he procrastinated on this month's newspaper strips. He really liked the idea of making a card, this was right up his alley. "I could put together something and print it out for us all to sign" he suggested.

The professor then asked if he could help clearing out some space in his classroom's storage space. With class ending early Joe had some free time on his hands, and considering that he's late almost every day, some extra credit wouldn't go amiss. "I'm free as well. Let's get this done, I could use the credit" He stated.
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