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Madness can take many forms, but none so contemptible as man's belief in a mythology of his own making.

A world view buttressed by dogmatic desperation invariably leads to single-minded fanaticism, and a need to do terrible things in the name of righteousness.

This man is an animal. Rabid, destructive, and incapable of nuanced understanding.

He. Must. Be. Put Down.

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Balgrim wandered off to a nearby table once his name had been signed. All this excitement for his first adventure with manlings and elgi was causing him to work up an appetite. As he took a seat Balgrim reached into his pack and produced a small metal cauldron that had its lid tied down with some rope. He licked his lips as he popped the lid off and gave his meal a quick sniff. It was some leftover stew he had prepared during his journey from Karak Norn. As adventurous as he was feeling he wasn't quite up for sampling manling food, preferring to take comfort in a meal he prepared himself and moreover tasted previously. Though the meal wasn't hot and fresh Balgrim enjoyed its heartiness. A mixture of vegetables and some rabbit meat he had hunted, Balgrim began shoveling the stew down his throat and audibly grumbled as he vigorously stuffed his face.

Balgrim didn't even notice the other adventurers strolling up to sign their name to the company's ledger, which was something quite uncharacteristic of his observant nature he prided himself on. However in this instance his meal took priority. Reaching into his pack again he produced a travel sized barrel keg of dwarf beer and a rather plain wooden mug. He preferred the taste of beer from a nice stone mug but opted for wood based on the weight. As the beer flowed and frothed from his keg he heard the manling with the Guild roster speak up. Preoccupied with conducting a good pour of his valuable beer Balgrim only caught the tail end of the manling's speech.

"Five o' clock tomorrow morning" Balgrim noted, and continued to focus on his meal.


Balgrim rolled out of his rented bed at quarter to five, quickly dressing and swinging his noisy pack onto his shoulders. He was used to rising and being on the move quickly and knew he wouldn't need any time to prepare before the journey. As he slowly lumbered down the tavern's stairs one step at a time, his belly bouncing with each step, Balgrim produced a small pipe from his cloak and lit some of the Mootland tobacco he had traded for. As he took his first drag, the taste was heavenly. It had the power and flavor he expected from the finest dwarf tobacco but without the heaviness. Pushing open the door to the tavern Balgrim exhaled a large puff of smoke.

He noticed the manling from the guild and a few others were already waiting outside and secretly hoped he hadn't kept them waiting. If he knew there were going to be so many early risers like this was exam day at the engineering guild Balgrim would've pushed himself out of bed earlier.

"What a lovely day for travel!" he exclaimed excitedly to the group.
Ironbreaker is my most used, but I love all Dwarf classes. Imperial Soldier is great too.

Yeah, Ironbreaker is fucking ridiculous for how effectively you can tank. Like I found it just absurd how resistant you are to damage and you have just so much stamina you can block/shove for days.

I think of it like, I know Ironbreaker is all around an infinitely more useful pick than Slayer, but I just find Slayer so much fun.
Anyone here played the Vermintide 2 Beta?

Yup. Played it a bunch this weekend. Unlocked the Slayer career and it's fucking bananas. Prolly gonna level up my human or elf next.
Just as Balgrim took a seat and was beginning to get comfortable a man appeared through the tavern doorway. He had the look of a man well worn by time but somewhat prosperous and upper class in the manner he dressed. Leaning heavily on his cane the man made his way to a table and addressed the entire tavern.

Balgrim learned this man was the Guild's recruiter, and soon after his declaration those whom Balgrim suspected were guild prospects began to make their way towards him. Balgrim almost mistook the first person to approach the recruiter for an elf. The way he carried himself up to the table screamed posh to him but upon hearing the man speak Balgrim was at a loss and wasn't familiar with the man's accent.

Second was another man to approach the recruiter, though this one looked much more plainly dressed. Balgrim wondered if the man had been staying at the tavern and was keeping his wargear in a room upstairs. The man also had an accent that was unfamiliar to Balgrim, if much more comprehensible than the previous.

Balgrim felt somewhat delighted hearing these different manlings speak. He didn't know there were so many varieties in their speech depending on where they hailed from and he wondered if all the men in the tavern possessed such diverse ways of speaking.

Begrudgingly Balgrim lifted himself from his seat and made his way towards the recruiter's table. He had just beginning to feel comfortable but knew this was the opportunity he had been seeking. Pack still full with traveling supplies he waddled over, his equipment subtly jingling as he moved.

"Good day to yeh, name's Balgrim Steelpick. I seek to join the guild and earn my keep. Been a ranger for years and ave' skills in tracking and scouting and could pin any greenskin to a tree with me axes."
As Balgrim tapped the tall elf's armor another dawi appeared from the shadows and warned him about taunting the White Lion. The dwarf's mane was unmistakable and Balgrim took further comfort in knowing more dawi populated the small tavern, even if it was a slayer.

"Ho there kin!" exclaimed Balgrim, giving the slayer a swift slap on his naked shoulder.

The elf chimed in and to Balgrim's surprise fired back at him with another insult. Balgrim had only ever met elves during his patrols and most often the interaction began and ended with either group telling the other to sod off. Meeting one in a much more relaxed environment proved amusing to him, and he looked forward to future bouts of insult tossing with this elf in the future.

"Really? I should think even the poshest Elgi would be overjoyed to wear my handsome skin as a cloak."

Balgrim let out a loud laugh through the small tavern. "Well if you've done well enough to earn the respect of my kin perhaps I should watch my step." Balgrim looked down and took a hand to his bulging stomach that hung over his belt. "Easier said than done." he said and let out another loud cackle.

He tapped the elf's armor one final time and took a seat at a nearby table.

Balgrim prepared his pack for a long journey at his family home in Karak Norn. He did this in silence for his family were out working tirelessly in the mines. Balgrim preferred to set out without a drawn out goodbye and figured he'd save himself the scorn and grumbles his family would likely foster for his choice to pursue goals of adventuring. He wanted to see his family's status restored in his own lifetime and didn't enjoy the thought of them toiling for another 3 generations to repay their debt.

With his pack sufficiently stuffed with mead, bread, and goat steaks he set out for the city of Nuln. Balgrim had always enjoyed his longer scouting trips as a ranger and was delighted at the thought of making such a long journey to begin his career as an adventurer. During the first week of his expedition he took comfort in the joy he got from traveling and ignored the doubts he had in himself based on the fact that he had undertaken this goal without much of a plan. He knew he could make more coin adventuring than toiling in the mines or serving as a ranger but had no concrete plans on where to start other than to head to a large manling city and start looking for opportunities.

His journey up through Heisenberg and Meissen had been quite pleasant. Stopping in Wrumgrube he met a farmer at the local tavern who traded some fine Mootland tobacco for some of his dwarven mead. Setting out again Balgrim made a brief stop in Wissenburg when a recruitment poster caught his eye. The Guild of Esteemed Sellswords had been looking for new members. Balgrim's eyes widened as he was overcome with excitement, along with a small feeling of disappointment. He had found his opportunity for adventure, though he had been looking forward to spending time wandering Nuln. He pushed onward at a brisker pace, reinvigorated with a purposeful starting point to his quest. He kept his sightseeing to a minimal, and plotted a direct route to Übersreik. Balgrim cut through the woods and camped under the stars as he did as a ranger.

After a couple weeks he had finally made it to Übersreik. The town seemed rather unremarkable to him on first impressions. During his tour he came across the Übersreik marketplace. It was easily the busiest part of the town and he saw many merchant stalls and trade carts tangling together in what reminded him of a thick bubbling stew. The manlings were so loud, all shouting at passers by seemingly desperately trying to sell their wares to anyone within earshot. It was nothing like the guild marketplaces of a Karak, and Balgrim began to understand why the Longbeards back home would grumble about manling workmanship and trade practices.

His eyes finally fell on the The Limping Nag, and his throwing axes chimed and clanged as he quickly waddled his way to the door. Hastily throwing the door open Balgrim took a deep breath and surveyed the tavern. Scanning the room he skipped over any ordinary looking person and spotted adventuring types that let him know he was in the right place. He spotted a couple men talking at a table, another sitting at the bar along with a fellow Dawi. They had the look Balgrim sought and he continued his scan until his eyes halted at the sight of armored figure standing just to the right of the doorway propped up against a wall. Balgrim knew straight away it was an elf as it was standard for dwarf rangers to be familiar with all types should they need to report any invading troops or warbands of elves that ventured into their lands.

Balgrim wasted no time and approached the elf, eager to ply his favorite hobby.

"What's this you ave'?" he boomed as his footsteps made the old floor creak.

Balgrim brazenly flicked the elf's armor a few times and it sung a chime back to him.

"I didn't know Übersreik was famous for 'canned elf', they'll ave' to add that to the roadsigns."

He exhaled a deep laugh and pulled the widest grin he could muster looking up at the elf.

@POOHEAD189 Now THIS I will find interesting.

Wonder how Drimbold is gonna treat Balgrim considering his past.
Right on. I'll probably have a cs all done up Thursday or Friday.

Think I'll go with a dwarf ranger becoming a sellsword to help pay off a dept his family owes. Just need to decide on a hold then I'll start work on the CS.

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