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Tybalt Akriel
Race - Archon
Age - 24
Class - Duelist

Skills -
Grand Master - Direction Sense, Archery

Master - Swords, Paired Swords, Unarmed Combat, Singing, Dancing, Boxing, Acrobatics, Gymnastics

Expert - Sneak, Climbing, Horseback Riding, Carpentry, General Repair, Other Weapons

Basic - Swimming, Pick Locks, Escape Artist, Sailing, Sewing, Painting, Sculpting

Archon Abilities -
Eyes glow in the dark
Healing Touch
Cleansing Touch
Breath of Life
Supernatural Strength
Supernatural Endurance
Supernatural Agility
(Tybalt can unlock latent Archon Powers up to an including becoming a full fledged angel)

Possessions of Note -
2 Lightning Rings + 2 Longswords specially crafted to go with the rings.
Blessed Bow w 24 silver arrows

History -

Tybalt was born in a fantasy world, not unlike this one. His family carried the bloodline of Akriel the Archangel. Not having had many Archons born to the family in recent generations, he was immediately put into a protective custody he might describe as a prison. He was taken to a Cathedral where he was forced to worship a god by the name of Kormath. Although he didn't like his life and was unhappy, he didn't rebel against the priests or his family. He did grow increasingly distant from authority. Sometimes at night he'd sneak out and heal people who were sick or injured.

One day, the shadow gate opened near the cathedral and a few shadow monsters stalked the area, claiming numerous victims. The people grew desperate for a hero... and eventually the priests of Kormath sent the Archon to close the rift. Tybalt was met by the Shadow Master himself, who offered to recall the beasts and closed the rift if Tybalt would enter the shadow realm and serve him for a number of years. Tybalt at first refused, but after he was defeated and seconds from death he agreed. The town was saved but lost their savior.

Tybalt was put through different training in the shadow world. The Shadow Master tried to trade him with various demons, devils, and alien intelligences... but none wanted the Archon. The Shadow Master went silent for many months and finally assigned Tybalt to guard an access point to the shadow world. He was to serve with other humans and half breeds of all kinds. But his loyalty should never sway to the Shadow Master until his time was served.

He emerged from the portal and met the other humans who eyed him suspiciously. He and a small group of shadows were to guard the shadow realm from a threat in this world. He had command of the Stalkers, the Cutthroats, the Ghouls, and a single Shadow Beast.

For an RP with the beautiful and talented @GoddessSophia
Revelthal Moonspeak

Age: 824
Race: Endamaar Elf
Class: General (formerly Archer, Pikeman, Corsair, Swordmaster, Lancer, Dragoon, Knight, Dreadnaught, and Elite Forces)

Skills -
Grand Master - Unarmed combat, Sword, Spear, Bow, Marksman, Dagger, Short Sword, Rapier, Paired Weapons, Recognize Weapon Quality, Heraldry, Detect Ambush, Military Techniques, Dance, Wind Instruments, String Instruments, Sing, Linguist, Etiquette, Recognize Enchantment, Command Garrison, Command Troop, Horsemanship, Public Speaking.

Master - Painting, Sewing, Blunt, Staff, Targetting, Detect Concealment, Interrogation, Intelligence, Command Army, Marching

Expert - Sailing, Carpentry, Metal Working, Animal Breeding, Writing, Percussion Instruments

Special Ablities -
Extreme Agility
Extreme Speed
Unlikely Dodge
Excellent Vision and Hearing

Weaknesses -
Meat (Vegetarian)

History -
Oh... what a long story... coming soon. =)

For use with @GoddessSophia
Dirge Bluestalk

Human with Dragon blood lines with magical experimentation

Skills -
Wrestling - Master
Whip - Master
Daggers - Expert
Sword - Expert
Escape Artist - Master
Jailer - Master
Climbing - Grandmaster
Ambush - Master
Sneak - Grandmaster
Pick Locks - Master

Abilities -
Chameleon Skin - (Changes body temperature to match hiding background)
Poison Darts - Slow/Confuse
Thick Skin/Supernatural toughness
Supernatural Strength
Awareness Trance
Death Trance
Fire Resistance

Weaknesses/Oddities -
Frightens animals easily
Craves meat
Dislikes Direct Sunlight
Has a Predator Mentality

For use with my sweet @GoddessSophia =)

Marbach Haze
Mixed Heritage (One half genie, one quarter human, one quarter dream creature made real)
Slave Warrior/Mobile Fighter/Disciple of Air
Age - 91
Height - 6'3"
Weight - 110lbs (Solid Muscle but the Genie in him makes him strangely light)
Eyes - Emerald Green
Hair - Pitch Black
Skin - Light Dusty Blue

Expert Level Skills -
Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy & Navigation, Biology, Botany, Mathematics, Art, Breed Animals, Gemology, General Repair, History, Languages, Literacy, Lore: Demons & Monsters, Lore: Faerie Folk, Lore: Geomancy & Ley Lines, Lore: Magic, Lore: Religion, Masonry, Rope Works, Sailing, Sculpting & Whittling, Writing, Animal Husbandry, Brewing, First Aid, Holistic Medicine, Surgeon/Medical Doctor, All Weapons not Mastered

Master Level Skills -
Acrobatics, Athletics (general), Body Building & Weight Lifting, Boxing, Climb/Scale Walls, Forced March, Gymnastics, Juggling, Prowl, Running, Swimming, Wrestling, Weapon Use - Blunt, Weapon Use - Crossbow

Racial Magic & Abilities -
Supernatural Strength -
Carry 5x body weight while maintaining vigorous activity
Carry 10x body weight while walking
Lift 20x body weight
Supernatural Toughness
Supernatural Speed
Excellent Vision
Excellent Hearing
Walks on Clouds (can manipulate clouds like they were solid)
He can leap up to 20' up and 40' across with a running start. Half with a dead start of encumbered.
Powerful Lungs - Can blow a person over with a breath (Strong Push)
SPECIAL Inactive - Flight, change size at will, turn into smoke, create food & drink, granting wishes.

Disciple of Air Magic -

Breathe Without Air -This spell enables the person affected to function totally without air, whether it be underwater, in a vacuum, or in an area with little or no oxygen. This spell does not protect the person from magic toxins and gases (miasma, cloud of slumber, dragon's breath, etc.) or any other type of magic, but it does protect against natural and man-made gas, smoke, foul odors and pollution.

Cloud of Slumber - This spell creates a 20x20x20 foot (6x6x6 m) cloud which instantly induce magical sleep on all who pass through it. They cannot be roused until the cloud vanishes or they are dragged from it, in which case they will wake in a minute.

Cloud of Steam - This spell creates a cloud of steam that covers a 30 foot area (9 m) up to 90 feet (27.4 m) away. Anyone caught in the cloud, or passing through it, will take heat damage. The steam also temporarily blinds anyone within.

Create Light - The caster is able to magically create a light that is equivalent to a good lantern. The intensity of the light can be changed by a thought. The light can remain stationary or follow the caster. It will not affect vampires.

Create Mild Wind (2 mph/3.2 km) - This spell conjures up a mild wind about two mph (3.2 km). The caster can control the wind's direction and can direct it up to 400 feet (122m) away.

Shocking Grasp - The spell gives the caster an electrical field around their hands. Touching a person will cause that person to be harmed with a powerful shock. This can kill weak individuals but a stun is more likely.

Stop Wind - The caster is able to completely still the wind for a 100 foot (30.5m) radius. No breeze or wind can penetrate this area; all is still. This spell only affects non magical winds gusting under 25 mph (40 km).

Thunder Clap - The caster is able to create a booming clap of thunder that is so loud that it seems to make the air vibrate. This is can be an effective method of intimidation, showing one's anger, power, or simple theatrics. The boom can cause fright in people who aren't hardened or weren't expecting it.

Change Wind Direction - This spell enables the caster to change the wind to blow in any direction he wants. Such a change can be made as often as three times per melee round, within the spell's duration period.

Create Air - The caster creates breathable air in a six foot (1.8 m) area. This is not an air "bubble" so it must be done in an enclosed area, otherwise it will just dissipate. This spell does not work under water.

Heavy Breathing - The caster is able to conjure a mysterious, menacing sound of heavy, labored breathing as if something invisible was lurking about. The caster can mentally manipulate the sound, increasing or decreasing the breathing rhythm and move the sound around up to 60 feet (18.3m) away. The breathing can be heard in a six foot (1.8 m) radius. Those hearing the breathing are likely to become fearful and panicky.

Howling Wind - The caster is able to create a mild wind which creates an ominous, ghostly howling, reminiscent of a banshee's low moaning when death is near. All who hear the wind will become nervous and/or fearful.

Levitate - The caster can lift himself, another person, or object straight up into the air. Maximum weight is 1000 pounds. The maximum height is 150 feet. Levitation is the ability to rise straight up into the air, horizontal movement is impossible without outside help or spells.

Mesmerism - The caster conjures a nearly invisible mist that swirls around as many as two people or animals. The magic induce a hypnotic state that dulls the wits. Victims lose all sense of time and distance, and are slow to react.

Miasma - This spell creates a poisonous vapor that can be cast up to 100 feet (30.5 m) away and affects a 20 foot (6 m) area. Those affected will instantly fall ill, struck with fever and vomiting.

Northwind - The warlock is able to create a biting cold wind gusting up to 15mph (24 km). This wind will chill everyone to the bone unless they seek shelter or bundle up; drops temperature to about 10 degrees below freezing.

Silence - Creates an atmospheric condition that enables the warlock to control the air vibrations and muffle any sound.

Air Bubble - The caster is able to create a durable 15 foot (4.6 m) diameter air bubble. The air bubble will contain breathable air for its duration and can be used underwater or in a vacuum. The bubble can be easily pierced and popped.

Lightning - This spell creates a lightning bolt which can be directed at any specific target. The lightning bolt shoots from the casters fingertips.

Float in Air - This spell creates air currents which hold a person or object aloft hovering about one foot above the ground. It can be used to slow someone's descent from a fall or used to float on top of water. Movement is
awkward and slow.

Darkness - This is an unnatural darkness which cannot be dispelled by normal fires. Nightvision and other means of enhanced vision are cut to half by the enchanted darkness. Only the caster is unaffected.

Fingers of the Wind - The caster can conjure a wind and manipulate it to touch, tap, bump, or press against a person or object. It can also put out candles, open and close windows and doors, or move or knock over small items weighing less than 10 pounds (4.5 kg)

Northern Lights - This spell conjures forth a kaleidoscope of swirling, changing colors that dazzle and entrance ALL who behold it. Victims will gaze helplessly into the beautiful dancing colors, not speaking, moving, attacking, etc., for the duration of the light show. All senses return at the spells end. However, the magic is broken if any of the entranced people are attacked!

Resist Cold - The caster is able to resist/ignore the effects of cold functioning without discomfort or ill effects in temperatures as low as zero.

Walk the Wind - This is a sort of limited fly spell enabling those enchanted person to hover up to 20 feet (6 m) above the ground and glide along the wind currents. Air Disciples love to impress people by casting this spell and
walking into the sky as if climbing a staircase. The caster can glide on the wind at speeds of up to 20 mph (32 km).

Wind Rush (60 mph) - This spell creates a short, powerful wind gust at 60 mph (96.5 km) that is capable of knocking people down, knocking riders off their mounts, blowing small objects about 100 feet (30.5 m) away, or creating dust storms. The wind can be directed by the caster at one specific target or a general sweep (maximum wind width 20 feet/6 m). Any character caught by the wind blast is helpless and unable to attack or move forward. It may take additional time to gather up all the items blown away.

History -
When Mardach was created, he knew he was a clone of a man by the name of Jarym. He was even given a fragment of his soul encased in flesh made from dreams and visions. In his first moments of life, he only knew the genie and the very sick looking man. Mardach didn’t know who Jarym was or why he came only that somehow he could help him through his master. Master was the genie who created him. He didn’t know much, he knew the languages of the original Jarym and he knew his heart was broken… in complete pain… but he didn’t know why. He knew his palms contained strange tattoos that moved. He would die for master or do anything for master. His entire purpose was known and he knew he didn’t expect to live very long. He didn’t fight it or argue it. He always, always did what was told of him from master. Master took him away from Jarym to a wonderful world in the clouds and then experiments began. Most were painful as though his heart was being broken into smaller pieces and then being put back together. There were many moments when Mardach wished that the experiments would end and that master would let him sleep… but that day never came.

One day after the pain vanished… Mardach noticed that his skin had turned blue. Master was very upset. It was a very bad day. It was then that the experiments ended. Master told him that a part of his own essence was mixed now with him. That he the clone was now a living soul. That he couldn’t be experimented on anymore and that he’d have to find a life. He gave Mardach his name and put him in a school in the Genie city of Ulniz. Leaving Mardach alone, Mardach was asked if he wanted to learn fast by a genie with a sly smile. Mardach agreed and was transported off dimension to a new world controlled by the genies which held a library. In time Mardach found the needs to sleep and eat and love and live. He also developed a strange interest in learning everything and he spent countless days in the library reading anything that they would let him. Still as the custodians of the library knew he wasn’t a true genie they wouldn’t allow him to read many books. A section of the library was created that he wasn’t allowed to read. At first this didn’t bother him, because there were so many other things to read. And every week, he attended the Air Temple which helped him to learn of the ways of Air. It seemed that he had the affinity to learn the ways of Air. At first the instructor didn’t want him as he wasn’t a true genie. But with time he was accepted. Learning how to bend the winds to his will was fun and natural. He had learned so much at school that he was eager to put his knowledge into practice. Having graduated, he went home to find that his years were his master’s day. His master was again very displeased. Apparently using the temporal distortion to study was a very, very expensive way to learn. And Mardach had spent more than 80 years learning every topic there was to learn. All the subjects were added and tallied and multiplied by the time distortion surcharge. His master was charged the entire debt which was payable immediately. Upset by this, the genie sold Mardach into slavery, but still was out of pocket for the rest. Mardach accepted his fate at the time as genies viewed periods of slavery as natural. He would never say an unkind word about his master.

For many years he worked in the courts of a king in a far off dimension. He learned many life lessons and things about the ways of humans there. He had many days of back breaking labor. He learned to fight and kill another living creature. He was working his way up in the world and the king was pleased with him. Until one fateful night he vanished.

Three Guild students in Mannaz, who had heard of the tales of the genie went into the summoning chambers. They had a deal. Each one would get one of the wishes. Their teachers didn’t know what they were doing. They had searched every Air dimension… and it seemed like there was literally nothing that they could get their hands on in the Air worlds. So one night Jazmin told the others that maybe the genies were protected in their home realm… that maybe they should search parallel worlds to find a genie… not under the same protection, but trapped in a bottle waiting to be summoned. The three were very excited that night and pooled all their money for amplification crystals.

They were very surprised when Marbach appeared in the circle. They all rushed to make their wishes. Marbach didn’t want to leave the world he was just in. He turned to escape the open portal but the greedy students closed it first for fear he would escape. He just stared at them for a while, before finally telling them that he didn’t have the power to grant wishes. The students were close to sending him back when a teacher arrived and told to leave the chambers at once. The teacher tried to banish Marbach but it didn’t work. He told the students that if the blue skinned man wasn’t dangerous, they would have to take me home with them and book more time to banish the blue man then.

The students left upset and not sure about what happened. Marbach didn’t like what happened and didn’t like the students and their greed. As they were discussing what to do with him and what a strange thing it was that the teacher couldn’t banish him… he mentioned that he was a living soul and student immediately clammed up and a plan was made and Marbach was smuggled out of the guild halls.
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Wolfrick Mandrake
Cursed Black Knight
Age - Unknown
Height - 6'3"
Weight - 245lbs (muscle)
Eyes - Tarnished Ivory
Hair - Black

Skills -
Horsemanship (Knight) - Master
Weapon Proficiency (Lance, Sword, Morning Star, Daggers, & Targetting) - Master
Unarmed Combat - Master+
Dance - Master
Public Speaking - Master
Rope Works - Master
Interrogation - Master
Pick Locks - Expert
Cooking - Expert

Racial Skills -

Blood pact - He was sold to devils as a child as part of a evil witch's pact. Because he was raised by devils to kill his mother, he has the following abilities -

Spider Climb
Magic Immunity - Devil's Magic (Resistant to Other Forms)
See the Invisible
Unholy Aura (Cannot walk on hallowed ground)
Supernatural Strength
Supernatural Endurance
Supernatural Toughness

History -

Wolfrick was sold to the archdevil, Hilte as an infant. Hilte wanted a greater control of the world of men so they trained him, taught him, tortured him, and rewarded him for acts of cruelty and loyalty. Eventually he was given to lessor devils to torment. One imp, Boil, taught Wolfric that his mother was the reason for his suffering and even showed him the contract. His anger was forged into the perfect weapon. Finally the devils felt he was ready, but they wanted to test him. They gave him to a noble who was an advisor to King Larimus. The noble, Remus Mandrake, was in league with the devils to topple the kingdom. Wolfrick arrived and claimed to be Remus's son. It didn't take long before he was involved in events and contests with the other noble's boys. He was vicious but subtle. The kingdom had a tradition of knighting one noble's son during the festival of the swords. Wolfrick killed his two closest competitors and was knighted before their deaths were discovered. The evidence pointed to a pious clergyman's son. Slowly, Wolfric infected the kingdom. Many false accusations were made. Paranoia and darkness started to steal the hearts of many. But like all villains eventually, someone saw something they shouldn't have and the whispers against Wolfric came. Wolfric was arrested and locked up 4 years from the date he arrived in the kingdom. With help from Boil, Wolfric escaped and now begins his search for his mother... that he might slay her for her crimes against him selling him to a vile devil, Hilte.

For my use with the sweet and talented @GoddessSophia
913 year old vampire

Skills –
All Combat Skills – Master (except those noted below)
Swordmastery – Grandmaster
Archery - Grandmaster
Dancing – Master
All Musical Instruments – Expert (except those noted below)
Lute, Lyre, Harp, Harpsicord – Master
Singing – Grandmaster
Appraise Gems/Antiques/Weapon Quality – Master
Detect Ambush/Concealment/Traps – Master
Interrogation – Grandmaster
Surveillance – Master
Sleight of Hand/Prestidigitation – Grandmaster
Escape Artist - Master
Pick Pockets – Grandmaster
Conning/Lying – Grandmaster
Wizard - Apprentice

Natural Abilities –
Unique Vampirism – drinking blood will make Abel younger (he does age naturally but is still immortal), heals him, helps remove almost all negative effects from him. No reflections, no shadows, cannot consume non blood.
Vulnerabilities – Sunlight, holy symbols, holy water, cross roads, running water, wood, fire, silver
Other Vampire Abilities – impervious, exceptional senses, extremely strong, agile, and smart, special bite attack which ages victim 10-20 years, move silently, shadow melding, human bonding, unnatural presence.

Personality – Quiet, reserved, subtle, listener, calm. When afraid, Abel becomes more evil. He is more likely to kill innocents, blackmail people, resort to torture or other despicable methods to get control of the situation. When angry, Abel gets quiet and downright lethal. He values loyalty, the arts, and thoughtfulness. He is annoyed by kiss ups, stupid power struggles over things that are trivial to him, interruptions, and incompetence.

History –
0-6 years
Abel was born to unknown parents and left to an orphanage. He was adopted first by a fishmonger, who was abusive and returned Abel to the orphanage when Abel was only 6. Abel was then adopted by the innkeep and put to work cleaning the rooms of guests. The situation wasn’t much better than with the fish monger. Abel was struck with a broom for any failings. Abel finally decided he would leave and collected loose coin that he found in the rooms he cleaned. One day Abel was impressed by a certain handsome devil of a man who seduced women and managed to get them to pay for everything. The con man was kind to Abel at one point and inadvertently became a role model for the young Abel.
6-18 years
Abel worked hard over the years and eventually tended the bar and other higher jobs. He learned how to handle his money and to protect himself against other cons. When Abel was old enough he left the inn, and tried his hand at conning people and found that he had the talent. Although some scams worked better than others. Seeking out his role model, he was conned out of his ill-gotten gains by his idol. This did irreparable damage to young Abel who looked up to the rogue. He left and considered himself just lucky to be rid of his one-time role model. Wanting to leave the con artist scene, Abel became very good at sleight of hand and set himself up to be a magician who could entertain people with cards, coins, handkerchiefs, smoke, and mirrors. Still a measure of deception was sometimes used and eventually some justice caught up with him and he served a year in prison.
18-26 years
Free from prison, Abel found work as a lumberjack. It was extremely difficult work and there was no opportunities in the labor camp where he worked. He learned many things about the creatures of the forest, including the faeries that tormented the lumberjacks.
26-28 years
Abel was recruited into the Galmorix – Veshinal War. As a lowly foot soldier, he offended a superior officer by being interesting to his daughter. Abel was removed from active duty and forced to do mostly undesirable jobs in the back scenes and barred access to the young woman who was interested in him. Fortunately, Abel’s side was victorious in the war, and it didn’t take long for him to be discharged.
28-29 years
Free again, Abel went off to try to restore his livelihood, he wanted to have an easier life, so he decided to try the magic show again. Not long after he’d invested everything he owned in the venture, that he discovered that the market for such entertainment was waning and he had many competitors with very upscale acts. Abel returned to conning. He arrived at one older estate and offered to be the entertainment for the night in exchange for a meal. Little did he realize, he was actually entertaining a vampire! Seth Dominir. Seth was a gracious host and allowed Abel to spend more than a few nights there. Seth enjoyed the sleight of hand and the trick Abel could do. Abel thought he’d struck it rich as he noticed the priceless art that lined the halls of the estate. So after a few amiable days, one night Abel left his room with the intent of stealing some of the wealth and running away into the night. However, he met Seth in the hall. Having been discovered, Abel tried to flee but the vampire was too strong for him. Abel was then locked in the dungeons below the estate until he was ‘persuaded’ to work off his debt.
29-39 years
The next decade, Abel worked for the vampire faithfully, he was treated well and after a few years Abel decided he liked Seth and would remain. As Abel proved faithful, Seth entrusted him with greater responsibilities. One job was that Abel was to be a tracker and ensure that unwanted visitors were chased away. Abel took up falconry and learned many weapons. He hunted and killed any of Seth’s enemies.
39-40 years
INCOMPLETE – Seth sired Abel making him a vampire. Abel was forced to leave Seth…. More to follow.
40-90 years
INCOMPLETE – Abel allied himself with Seral and Lavara. A reign of terror began…
90-117 years
INCOMPLETE – After a falling out Abel left Seral and Lavara, in search of his own way. He allied himself with Diore Liexha for a few seasons. He was hunted by the famous vampire hunter, Maraxus Lieman.
117-131 years –
INCOMPLETE – Maraxus slew Diore but was killed by Abel. Abel sired Gwenneth Caston and Zabrina Haunte.
131-244 years –
INCOMPLETE - Abel sired Nezera Rockmar and Luna Trimble. Gwenneth betrays Abel and Abel is captured and coerced to rejoin Lavara. After many, many years Jezebel, sired by Lavara frees Abel and the two escape. The two form a friendship, but have trouble seeing eye to eye. They part ways after 6 months… however, they keep bumping into each other. It seems they both have similar life strategies… Abel inadvertently rescues Jezebel from Gwenneth as he discovers Gwenneth now works for Lavara. Jezebel likewise assists Abel with a group of hunters.

244 – 811 years
Many mishaps happen… many adventures… here’s some of them…

The reign of Zabrina Haunte… Zabrina creates her own clan of vampires. She discovers Abel and wants her master to come and be subjected to her. She sends her clan after him. With Jezebel’s help Abel manages to escape. After many more cat and mouse games, Zabrina finally gets the message that Abel isn’t interested. She decides to drop it, at least for now.

Eternal sunrise – a religious leader tries to eliminate all vampires… Jezebel and Abel become unlikely allies to Zabrina and Lavara. The vampires destroy the religious leader and steal the artifacts that are capable of bringing the Eternal sunrise. Abel was going to keep the Celestial Compass, but Lavara betrays him and the groups separation is ugly. Jezebel becomes separated from Abel.

For use with my wonderful friend @GoddessSophia

Deizuul (Day-Zool)
Ollvyr Caston
(228 year old human sorcerer with Infernal Bloodlines)

Skills – (Normal, Advanced, Expert, Master, Excellent, Grand Master)
Hand to Hand Combat(Unarmed) – Master
Hand to Hand Combat (Sword) – Master
Criminal Mastermind - Master
Sneaking – Expert
Climbing - Expert
Devil Lore – Expert
Demon Lore – Advanced

Passive Racial Abilities and Quirks
Devilish Aura
When Angry – Grows claws and eyes glow red
Silver Tongue

Activated Abilities -
Withering Touch, Protection from Good, Abyssal Vermin, Blasphemy, Scorching Ray, Cause Fear, Bull's strength, Rage, Battering Blast, Stoneskin, Dismissal, Transformation (Full Devil), Hellfire, On Dark Wings, Greater Teleport, Unholy aura, Meteor Swarm, Power Word: Stun, Summon Devils (Barbed, Bone, or Ice).

After having surrendered his humanity, Caston loves nothing more than the thrill of the hunt. His favorite prey is human, preferably anyone who would match wits with him or offend his operations, therefore, he would rarely prey on the innocent, but likes to try to control the darker side of humanity through his silver tongue and crazy ventures. His personality is a bit liquid. He can pretend to be someone very nice and loving for extended periods of time. But in the end the objective is always power and control.

Olivyr Caston was born the one and only illegitimate child of Jaqueleen Caston. Jacqueleen was the daughter of two different worlds and was trapped in a kingdom where, thanks to her accent and eyes, would never find proper employment or a proper suitor. Forced into prostitution to pay the bills, Jacqueleen was approached on night and made an offer she couldn’t refuse… and conceived… Olivyr. Jacqueleen loved her son, so tried to get out of the deal, she fled the country by boat taking her youthful son with her. Eventually, the father caught up and after being tortured, Jacqueleen was thrown overboard and never seen again.

Olivyr was forced to take a new name by the creature that referred to himself as his father. Now referred to as Deizuul, the youth was trained in the arts of mischief, magic, and cunning, with debauchery, torture, and murder being his entertainment. He was given an imp by the name of Nix, to serve him and amplify his spells, as well as teach him the mysteries of his heritage. Deizuul loathed his father and never forgave him for what happened to his mother. For many many years he lived in fear of his father but obeyed him until his nature was as savage as his father.

One day he had his fill of death and carnage… and he decided to be free of it all. Nix understood what he wanted and agreed to the deed. Deizuul snuck into his father’s room while he slept and took his head. Now the leader of a criminal organization… Deizuul ran it into the ground and ensured that all of its members were captured and executed. At this time Nix abandoned him for a time. At first, Deizuul was granted immunity as a key in bringing the organization down, but the more members of the ‘gang’ were caught the more, Deizuul’s shady past was brought up… and it didn’t take long for him to realize that his immunity wasn’t going to keep him alive or safe. And Deizuul felt obliged to flee the country and go back to his old name. He preferred to be called Caston.

Once he returned to the city of his mother’s livelihood. Caston tried to find honest work and live a good life… but the seed of evil was planted… and slowly the deeds of his past returned. His conscience was so easy to lose and before he knew it he was back dealing with the dregs of society trying to live the easy life and finding pleasure in the misfortunes of others. Nix returned and completed his training. Now the years started to disappear under his reign of terror. But slowly, Caston longed for a change… and looked for a sign that things might be different.

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