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thinkin i might skip my turn this time

yeah its an rp migrating from roleplaygateway. and no the templars arent christian, they just stole the name and imagery of the original knights templar because theyre nerrrrrrrds
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kyahaha... but you have already fallen for my trap... i wanted the address the whole time!! twas a devious ploy i played!
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@druidquest You got a post in the works?

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”Maybe we did,” Bouncer parroted, doing a mocking imitation of the cloaked hero’s voice. Her eyes flicked over toward the other one when he spoke. He seemed a lot chattier than the first. Maybe if the vigilante business didn’t work out for him, he could pursue a career as a washed up, talentless comedian. Bouncer applauded his punnery with a noise of disgust.

This was a waste of time. Bouncer stalked around the edge of the room as the pair snooped through the shattered apartment, keeping an eye on them while considering her next move. She doubted these two knew much more than she did, but they were clearly under the impression there was something worth finding here. The more mechanical of the grimdark duo seemed intent on keeping her in his line of sight - did he think she was going to steal something? How absurd.

Her hand brushed against something, and she glanced down to see a folded slip of paper tucked between a stack of disheveled notebooks. LED-man appeared to be inspecting a picture frame for some reason, but Bouncer got the sense he was still keeping an eye on her. Ugh, she needed some kind of distraction to keep this guy from nosing on whatever she found. Almost on cue, the other guy started screaming from further inside the apartment. Bouncer’s watchdog immediately dropped what he was doing - literally, shards of glass from the frame went scattering across the floor - and rushed to check on his partner.

Convenient. The paper slipped into Bouncer’s hand and disappeared into her pocket immediately. She eyed the door for a moment, but.. No, that would just invite investigation when they realized she was gone. Instead she stepped lightly after the other guy, finding him in the middle of trying to comfort his buddy, who was hiding his face in his knees like some kind of frightened child. It was almost sweet.

“What the hell was that about?” she asked, leaning one shoulder against the door frame with her arms crossed. “You see a spider or something?”
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i have a knife and i claim the hospital
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Location: The wrong place?
Event: Never trust a forced confession.

Bouncer’s teeth ground together so hard she felt like one of them might crack. The apartment was disheveled but otherwise empty of life, as if the occupants had left in a hurry. Her nails dug into the flesh of her palm. The unconscious bodies outside, the three masks she’d passed on the way in… They’d let them get away.

She tore through the apartment, looking for someone, anyone who might still be around. She tore a door from its hinges, sending it hurtling behind her and smashing into the opposite wall. Nothing. She kicked in the door of the bathroom, sending it hurtling into the tub hard enough to leave holes in the porcelain. Nothing. The singing in her veins was dimmer now, and Bouncer felt the anxiety begin to set in, the urgency to let it continue.

There was a bang as someone kicked in the door to the apartment. Bouncer vanished with a soft thp and was back at the entrance, eager for a fight with one leg already flying through the air, ready to catch the side of someone’s head. But no- an instant before it could, she vanished with another thp and reappeared in the hall of the apartment, across from the door. It was the masks again, apparently down one member. She wouldn’t mind throwing blows with them, but that would just end up causing trouble for Ms. Stark.

“No one’s here,” she said petulantly, stating the obvious. “That mess you made outside must’ve scared them off.”
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yeah i'll try and get one up soon... ish? i am bedeviled by plans but i'll have it up as soon as ive got a moment to pump one out 💪
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