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Upon catching sight of the nearing pair, Lin strapped her Dulcimer in it's case and to her pack then she sat straight.
A soft smile touched her lips at the woman's greeting, and she bowed her head in return.
"Esvelle, how lovely to see you again. Please, sit with us."

She reached for the pitcher of mead, and offered to pour the woman a glass as well, despite the fact that she was the one to pay for it eventually.

"May I just say, what a lovely pair of earings you are wearing?" Her lips pursed at that, leaning forwards squinting at the shiny jewels. Eventually, she moved one leg above the other, placing both her hands on her own lap, swirling her leg in the air casually.

"Please, by all means, tell us what plagues and pains you so. How can we be of service?"

a WIP - need to add my story + a couple of small details.
I do need help to understand what's wrong with the coding :S
Anyone willing to help? - HA! I managed to solve it by myself! * takes a bow *

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To Do list:
- Fix grammar
- Short story

sorry for delay, hopefully il be able to post my char tonight
Do we start with those? no right? when should we get those?
When Lin had finished her song, she bowed, and grabbed the coins she collected, tossing one in the air, tugging on the rim of her pocket, and it landed ~~~riiiiiight in there.

She kept playing quiet notes, and smiled at her friends. "Evening..."

The music stopped for a moment, as she counted with her fingers, pointing one at each - thumb for Lauk, "One..." Index finger for Aurix which she had noticed, pointing in her direction "Two!" then the middle finger for Jhimas grinning amused at him "Lucky number three!"

"We two short, aint we? a monk... and a hunter. hmm... sounds like the opening line of a joke... what was it?" She tapped her chin trying to remember.

she then waved that finger in Jhimas's and Lauk's direction.
"I know! here it goes!:

A monk, a hunter, and a druid go into a tavern.
The hunter orders a pitcher of mead, and three jugs.
The Innkeeper offers them three metal glasses.
The hunter asks - Who wants a bit (=beat) ?
The monk said - 'I dont drink'
The druid said - 'I dont do metal'

She laughed to herself, shaking her head, while going on with her playing.

"Oh... I didn't call you all here. Esvelle did. She here somewhere...I'll find her when we are all here. In the meantime, are those tears or are you just sad to see me?" She slapped her knee laughing again, shaking her head.
"Aaah... I crack myself up"
I would like an example :)
Where should we send applications?
Would you want some added background story?
Do we start them as 1st lvl?
Lin was seated casually in the table closest to the pit.
She did not plan to perform tonight, but as it was, muse struck. And when the muse strikes, who was she to deny it? No one, nothing.
She was wearing her leather armor, her long gray hair was braided in a soft, loose, practical braid. She had one leg leaned against the seat in front of her. On her lap laid a large Dulcimer, an instrument consisted of strings and a wooden hollow trunk. She held a fret in one hand, and the neck of the Dulcimer in the other, looking up at the halfling that had played before her.

A smile formed on her lips. She placed a hat on the table, because why not? she could earn some coins with this.
Then, she began playing, interweaving her melodic tones between those of the halfling's, jamming her way into the crowd's ears.
Soon, the halfling was quite taken with the sound and skill the Dulcimer's player, and came to a cease.
But it was too late. Lin was already too deep into her own playing. Her eyes were closed, and her entire body moved along with her playing.

Solo dulcimer, songless

The music shifts to a more structured tone
She then broke into singing, adding her voice to the mesmerizing show:

Her voice was soft and gentle.

"Speed bonnie boat like a bird on the wing
Onward the sailors cry.
Carry the lad that's born to be king
Over the sea to Skye
Loud the wind howls
Loud the waves roar
Thunderclaps rend the air
Baffled our foes
Stand by the shore
Follow they will not dare
Speed bonnie boat like a bird on the wing
Onward the sailors cry.
Carry the lad that's born to be king
Over the sea to Skye
Many's the lad fought on that day
Well the claymore did wield
When the night came
Silently lain
Dead on Colloden field
Speed bonnie boat like a bird on the wing
Onward the sailors cry.
Carry the lad that's born to be king

Every now and then, a person would come, nod in gratitude and place a coin or two in the hat. She would return that nod, offfering a bittersweet smile.

At some point a gnome man tried to sit on a chair around that table, and she moved in a quick movement to block his way with her leg, -not- stopping her singing nor her playing.
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