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I might be interested, but I have a few questions on the lore of the rp. Will there be a section explaining the lore for the known species mentioned in the IC, such as the elves and animal-shifters? Also how will the Domiciles come into play, since there's no section for it in the CS will it be an IC component that decides what sort of classes our characters take? And lastly, is there going to be a general plotline or will it be more sandbox style/slice of life?

Juzo Kagune

With muscles tensed, Juzo leaned over the lip of the ledge he was standing on to observe the water below. The ledge was only a few feet above the water, the perfect height for maximum fun! Taking a deep breath in, the young genin retreated a couple steps, then sprung forward and moved to fling himself off the ledge. Prepare to witness my perfectly executed double back-flip! That was the last thought Juzo had before things started to go terribly wrong. Despite all of his vigor concerning his supposed "perfected" back-flip technique, Juzo had failed to notice the various loose pebbles scattered around the ledge. As his leading foot moved to push his body into the air, it slipped on those pebbles and turned the following moments into what can only be described as a shit show. Juzo let out a strangled yelp as his inertia forced him over the edge and into the air.


What was going to be the most beautiful display of acrobatics turned into desperate flailing as Juzo spun miserably in the air, knowing that whatever was about to happen wouldn't be good... And would probably hurt. His prediction proved to be correct after his futile attempts to stop his rotation left him in the perfect position for a belly flop. He hit the water with a slight, "Oof" that was cut off as he went under. The water of the lake rippled and bubbles gurgled to the surface for a beat before Juzo emerged, coughing up a mouthful of water. After he took a few moments to recover, Juzo realized that "the swim of shame" was way more embarrassing than "the walk of shame," and as he reached the shore he realized his offensively red stomach didn't help his image much either. Juzo hoped that if he didn't mention his blunder it would go unnoticed, but since his company were shinobi trained in the arts of observation, he highly doubted it. What he knew for sure is that his next attempt would be flawless!

Obviously, Juzo was done with swimming for the day, there were more important things to focus on anyway, his battalion was on a mission after all. Just thinking about it got him fired up, to Juzo, there was nothing better than a healthy dose of danger to get his adrenaline pumping. As if on cue, Kenshiro-sensei returned to their camp for a debriefing. Juzo wasn't sure how he felt about the possibility of Suna and Kiri having an alliance. If it was true, he wasn't sure how it would impact Kohona, but it probably wouldn't lead to sunshine and rainbows, that much he knew. Wait-

Was that food he smelled? Letting his nose and watering mouth guide him, Juzo found himself face to face with Miho. Unfortunately, that lovely smell was coming from a very, very crisped fish that had just been tossed to the ground. Juzo couldn't tell if Miho liked her fish extremely well done or if she just had a vendetta against aquatic animals. "You know Miho, I've got to admit, your cooking technique is flawless, you could probably use that fish as charcoal for your fire... Absolutely genius! Juzo commented teasingly. Psh, he could cook a way tastier fish, granted all he would have to do was not burn it to ashes to trump hers. That's one for chef Juzo, zero for Miho, he noted to himself smugly, despite the fact that he hadn't actually attempted to catch and cook a fish...


✖ ‖ N a m e
Juzo Kagune

✖ ‖ A g e / B i r t h d a y
13, January 18th

✖ ‖ G e n d e r

✖ ‖ B o d y T y p e
Average height and lean, has the build of a runner

✖ ‖ V i l l a g e

✖ ‖ C l a n

✖ ‖ F a m i l y
Father: Izumo Kagune
Mother: Masumi Kagune
Siblings: Seiji Kagune - Older brother

✖ ‖ R a n k
Genin / Battalion 1

✖ ‖ T i t l e s / N i c k n a m e s

✖ ‖ P e r s o n a l i t y
Juzo is an energetic youth that grounds himself in the present moment. Most people describe him as an hyperactive adrenaline addict, as anything that will get his blood pumping attracts Juzo like a moth to a flame. The future never seems to be a consideration for him besides having vague ideas of how he should pursue his dreams, and he tends to act first instead of considering multiple options. Competition is a major driving force for Juzo because he believes that in order to learn and grow one must stretch themselves to and sometimes beyond their limits. Juzo has romanticized the idea of fighting, there's something about measuring one's full strength in mind, body, and soul against another in the face of potential danger that resonates with his entire psyche.

When it comes to Juzo, as the saying goes, "pride comes before the fall." When he wants to achieve something, he believes with every fiber of his being that he will be successful, regardless of the odds or what people say. He thinks that not believing in himself is a far more heinous crime than being accused of hubris. That being said, Juzo absolutely despises losing. When people call him out for being a sore loser, he'll act as if he wasn't fully trying or that he let the champion win on purpose. Juzo has to keep reminding himself that in order to become a master, one has to first allow themselves to be the fool.

Socially, Juzo has shown to be amicable but his silver tongue and impulsive nature leads him to more trouble than not. While some people tend to open up around him due to his zestful nature, others take him as naive and arrogant. In group settings, Juzo sometimes finds it hard to cooperate with others because he wants to prove his strength or show his skills in some way. With friends, Juzo is very playful and joking, and will often tease them as a sign of affection. As a hater of silence and a lover of conversation, Juzo will often fill the empty space with his own thoughts, he'll either work through them himself or share them with others in hopes of hearing their own opinions. Another habit of Juzo's is that he makes rivals of his classmates and friends. If you know Juzo long enough, it's nigh inevitable that he'll challenge you to some sort of competition. Though it's normally in good faith, this aggressively competitive side of him can get on people's nerves after a while. Compatibility wise, Juzo works well with extroverted people who don't take his shit to heart. People with low self esteem or anyone with introverted qualities will probably be rubbed the wrong way at some point by Juzo due to his loud, energetic, and sometimes rash behavior.

Juzo's idiosyncrasies and curious nature make tinkering a natural hobby for him. In his spare time, he's often working on creating little inventions or mechanisms. He will often recruit friends to test out his little inventions, which has let to many situations going hilariously awry. Unfortunately, Juzo struggles with written work, lacking the patience to write out his thoughts on paper. During his academy days, Juzo had to study hard to barely meet the standards for his writing work. He'd much rather communicate with blueprints than with ink.

✖ ‖ L i k e s
- Fighting; Competition
- Tinkering
- Anything that gets his adrenaline pumping
- Learning; Improving
- Hanging out with friends and cute girls

✖ ‖ D i s l i k e s
- Losing
- Greed
- Sitting still; Being bored
- Being smothered; Lacking freedom
- Tradition preventing change

✖ ‖ N i n d o
"I will make my own path, one that will lead to a prosperous future for myself, my family, and my village! I will sacrifice what is necessary. That is my ninja way."

✖ ‖ B i o g r a p h y
Juzo Kagune was the second son born to Izumo and Mastumi. The family life Juzo had as a child was a no-nonsense, strict environment for a young boy, especially one as energetic as Juzo. Constantly ridiculed for his "wild behavior," Juzo was kept on a short leash by his parents. Though the Kagune clan boasts many strong shinobi, Izumo and Matsumi took the business route in life, using their kekkei genkai to invent rather than fight. Using their kekkei genkai, Kugane are renown inventors, using steam to power complex machinery. Izumo and Matsumi believed that grooming their sons to take on the family business was the best course of action they could take. And of course, Juzo resented them because of it. It wasn't that he hated the business, what he despised was not having a choice in the matter.

Juzo would often sneak away from his duties to spar with friends, enjoying the rush he got from combat. It was then that he began taking an interest in the shinobi of Kohonagakure. Juzo would fluctuate between trudging through his duties and spontaneously dodging them to pursue his own interests instead. He remembers being fairly unsatisfied with his life during this time, shackled by his family's expectations. It was also around then when he met his favorite clan elder, Ogai. Ogai was a wise old man who seemed to bring every story he told to life. Juzo remembers sitting in his chambers, listening to tales of the old ninja and samurai of history and being deeply inspired. Ogai was the first person Juzo told about his love for fighting, for testing his skills against others, and about how his desired path in life seemed to go against his parents' wishes, given his current circumstances. Ogai felt sorry for the young boy, and decided he would look after him, for his family seemed only to care about the boy's potential to be a businessman in the future.

One day, after skipping a business meeting his father wanted him to shadow, Juzo visited Ogai to ask him a serious question. Ogai stayed silent for quite a while when Juzo told him he wanted to become a strong shinobi when he grew up, one that would bring his family honor and respect. Ogai then told him this, he said, "Juzo, you are at a crossroads in your life, and you have been given two potential paths that will decide your destiny. One is obviously the easier choice, to heed your parents' instructions and let them craft you into an aspiring young business man with nothing but a bright future ahead of him. The other path is the unknown, a much harder path for one so young to take. But I believe I've come to know you well and I can see that you never back down from a challenge. If you truly wish to become a shinobi, I will show you the way, I will help reveal your path so that you may head towards your future with no regrets. But do not take these next words lightly, it will not be easy, you will be ostracised by your family for disobeying their wishes. I have one question, what are you willing to sacrifice for your destiny?"

Ogai gave Juzo a set of clan scrolls that revealed how to use their kekkei genkai, Steam Release, and began teaching him the basics of taijutsu. Ogai revealed that Kagune shinobi were nintaijutsu specialists, so first, Juzo would have to learn to fight with his fists before any chakra would get involved. As Juzo committed more to training, his family became more and more resentful of him, even his brother was confused as to why Juzo rebelled so much against his predetermined future.

When it came time to join the academy, Juzo knew his parents would never allow to let him pursue his desired path. He instead went to Ogai and expressed his concerns. The old man offered to sponsor the boy, having taken a liking to his energetic and driven personality over the years. His parents stopped talking to him when he was admitted to the academy, harshly claiming that he was letting his family down by pursuing such a dangerous path. After seeing his younger brother use Steam Release while training, Seiji confided in Juzo, telling him that even though his parents didn't believe in him, Seiji did. But, ever the realest, Seiji warned Juzo that it was unlikely their parents would ever understand his choice to follow this path. Ogai's question kept circling in his mind, "what are you willing to sacrifice for your destiny?"

On the day Juzo graduated from the academy, Seiji was the only one to show up and support his brother. His parents had kept up their cold disposition towards their son, attending to business rather than go see what their son had achieved. Ogai had passed away during his years at the academy, a crushing blow to Juzo. He was really on his own then, in his studies and his family life. Juzo persisted despite this, using his resentment towards his parents to fuel himself further. He would show them that he could follow his own ideals and values and still be successful, no matter the odds. Juzo decided to move out once he had achieved genin rank, seeing as he had been receiving no help from his parents for some time already. He currently lives in a cheap studio apartment, with just enough space for his neccesities and a desk for all his tinkering, a hobby he had taken up over the years. If people were to visit his home, they would find a messy apartment, clothes and machinery thrown about. Juzo is much happier on his own though, able to do the things he finds important, instead of his parents. Among the shinobi of Kohonagakure, Juzo thrives, given his extroverted nature. During his academy days, Juzo went out of his way to interact with pretty much everyone. Granted, he's a lot to keep up with, always wanting to partake in some activity or adventure. People were generally split on how they felt about his polarizing nature, either they found him to be fun and exciting or they saw him as annoying and naive to the realities of the ninja world. With tensions running higher between the villages, Juzo knows that he could be placed into to life-threatening situations at any time. But he's ready, Hell, he's probably looking forward to the challenge. But in the back of his head he can still hear his parents' voices, whispering in his ears that the path he's taking could very well lead to an early death. He can't be sure if either omen will come true, but he wants to be learn, to train harder, to become strong. The question is, what sacrifices will he have to make to fulfill his dreams?

✖ ‖ K e k k e i G e n k a i
Steam Release: The Kagune clan is capable of releasing their chakra as hot steam. Most users using this style are close range combatants that use pressurized steam to enhance their combat prowess and movement. Some users utilize a variety of area of effect attacks that involve altering the battlefield, using steam to obscure and confuse their foes. It's an aggressive style that excels at wearing away the opponent using explosive hit and run taijutsu. Steam release users will use their jutsu to evade ninjutsu and close the distance between them and the opponent. Then, they'll most likely attempt to break through their foe's defense engage them with hot, pressurized, concussive nin-taijutsu strikes.

✖ ‖ N a t u r e s

✖ ‖ T a l e n t s
- Tinkering, he's the person people go to if they want to create unique weapons or mechanisms
- Muay Tai style taijutsu, focuses on using the "8 limbs" of the body, users strikes with: hands, elbows, knees, and feet
- Adrenaline junkie, will try anything once regardless of how sketchy it may look
- Ever since he began getting paid as a genin, he's been living on his own, he's learned to provide for himself

✖ ‖ J u t s u
Basic Jutsu

Steam Release

Fire Release

Water Release

✖ ‖ W e a p o n s A n d T o o l s
Juzo carries the standard shuriken, kunai, string-wire, explosive tags, and all the other normal utilities like most shinobi. In addition to his normal ninja tools, Juzo will often bring inventions he designed himself to test if they work like they should. Juzo recently added a pair of weighted finger-less gloves to his tool kit. What used to be a practice tool, has now been modified to suit combat. Juzo wears these gloves to add just a tad more weight to his hits, the difference isn't huge, but it's slightly noticeable. If Juzo wants hit quicker instead of harder during a fight, he'll usually take off the gloves, which slightly increases his striking speed until his hands adjust to the change.

✖ ‖ F i g h t i n g S t y l e
Juzo employs a close-range, aggressive, and in-your-face style meant to overwhelm his opponent until they can't out maneuver him or create enough distance to dodge his onslaught. He'll keep his opponent on the move, in an attempt to give them no time to think or collect themselves. By using steam release, Juzo enhances his agility and impact by pressurizing and releasing steam from his pores. Since his style revolves around keeping the enemy close and closing the gap, Juzo has tailored his fighting style to force people to engage with his nin-taijutsu (Engine Burst Style).

✖ ‖ T h e m e S o n g

✖ ‖ P l a y e d B y

Seems interesting.
Sadly, I'm gonna have to leave this RP, best of luck to ya guys though!
I was planning on having the Kagune clan's inventions be on the smaller scale so that it wouldn't interfere with nation wide technology, seeing as the only people that can use the inventions are those with steam release. But I can change whatever is necessary to better fit your concept, just let me know.

I have a character idea that I'd like to use for this rp, let me know if there's anything I have to change, I'm new to this forum so any advice is appreciated!

Joss Corbyn
directly interacting with @OwO

Somewhere around the middle of the Iron Rose's formation a man in armor sat comfortably on his steed. Joss was comfortable in full plate armor, though he chose to keep his helmet off for the moment, seeing as his companions were discussing the best way to deal with the "Bandit King." Being relatively new to the Order, Joss figured he'd let the other's figure out the plan, though there seemed to be no shortage of ideas. He didn't see what the big deal was, they were the Iron Roses for Reon's sake, they should be able to handle these scum regardless of whatever traps they may have in store. He saw the logic in sending a scouting party to test the bandits' defenses, but the Roses had a reputation to keep, any opposition should be thoroughly crushed beneath their boots.

The skeptic in Joss whispered that they were walking into a trap. If he looked at the events leading up to that day, it only made sense that the Bandit King would only be bold enough to challenge the Order if he had something up his sleeve. Even if it was, there weren't many options for the Roses, they had to take the bandits out regardless. As Joss mulled over his thoughts, he reached into one of his saddle bags for some food to give Zephyr, his horse. While letting Zephyr snack on the feed he had just brought out, his attention was drawn to the vanguard, where the Rose's newest Knight-Captain was considering the best way to engage the mission. Joss had been baffled when he learned how the Iron Roses picked new leaders. To put someone so young in charge of such a unique and efficient group of warriors seemed like a recipe for disaster. And by the looks of it, it was mostly the seasoned members of the Order that spoke up to either agree or disagree with Fanilly. It made sense, the old and the new will always clash, tradition versus change, it was the way of the world wasn't it?

Joss dismounted from Zephyr, patting him lightly before tying him to a nearby tree. Normally the tether wasn't necessary but he figured if things went south and Zephyr got spooked at least he wouldn't have to run around trying to retrieve his anxious mount. He had just returned to the main cluster of Roses when an explosion of movement took place near Fanilly. It looked like their caravan had come across what was left of a bandit attack, coincidence? Joss didn't think so, and he was proven right when his Captain was almost skewered by an archer volley. Quick to act, Joss retrieved his spear from it's holder over his shoulder and donned his helmet as the Order scrambled into an attack formation. Fanilly made the call, attack!

He was moving in an instant, taking in his surroundings and looking for the best place to enter a formation with the other Knights. Spotting Aria, a fellow spear user, Joss slid up behind her group of Knights to cover their rear. "With you," he called out, signaling that they could advance forward on the bandits in front of them without having to worry about being ambushed from behind. Joss activated a mechanism in his spear that allowed it to split into two blades and he adopted a wide stance, grounding himself. Guarding the rear meant he would have to be reactive and not allow himself to be baited out of formation.

A rustle in the forest was enough to alert him of the bandit that sprung from it's tangled depths. Joss almost felt sorry for the man, almost. He was a short man but made up for it with muscle, but judging by his unbalanced stance, he didn't know how to properly use it. The bandit held a battle axe and a buckler shield, and he rushed Joss hard. Corbyn let the man come, refusing to budge even as the bandit let out a war cry and let loose a wild but devastating strike from over his head. Joss moved then, dashing past the strike and lowering his shoulder, his left knee almost scraping the ground. Joss heard the air leave the bandit's lungs as his armored body met the leather clad bandit's. Using the man's momentum, Joss flipped the bandit over his shoulder, using his crouched position to spring himself upward. The axe fell from his grip and the man found himself on his back, winded and dazed. Joss knew what he had to do next, and instead of the expected swift slash to the bandit's neck, he sunk one of his blades straight through the man's shoulder and into the dirt beneath him. Having successfully pinned the bandit, Joss called for rope, and a Knight who was still mounting their house retrieved some from a saddlebag. As quickly as he could, Joss hogtied the bandit and the Knight who grabbed the rope for him threw the man over one of the horse's backs for interrogation after the skirmish. "We got one alive!" He informed the squad he was moving with, having returned to his place in the formation.

Yeah, wow I'm loving how active this is, I've been writing on a few other forums but this one seems to be one of the best I've seen so far. I should have a post up before tomorrow.

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