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Current I am getting well, let's do this time to post some more!
9 mos ago
I am mute for a while but I am also able to type so, my second voice continues on!
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9 mos ago
I am sick as a dog, came out of nowhere. hitting me like a truck.
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Catch you in the morning
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Was considering Ride by David Sylvian


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I am alive and will make the best effort to keep myself and this rp that way. @Shoryu Magami

Anything else I need to take care of will be taken care of soon as I can. Gonna make sure the most immediate stuff is done first XD, then I can work on a new post and all that.
Guy Heinze

Location: France, Paris, Roof of a hotel near Tremblay-en-France. 14/4/2012

Moon’s Tears

After a good twelve days of preparation, Guy finally stood on the roof of a hotel near the airport, looking down at the place of the escort meeting, preparing his supplies and going through every single item making sure every last thing was in place for what is to come.

"Document of diplomatic immunity, money, one drivers license in the name of Guy Heinze… three packets of chips for today, a pillow, a mask in case I am in public, binoculars, duct tape, a medkit complete with all the things I need to patch any wound… I think this should do, not including that briefcase over there... I feel like I am forgetting something though..." Guy thought going through a large duffel bag, ending his train of thought looking over at a briefcase next to the railing of the edge of the building overlooking the airport.

Picking up the pillow, binoculars and a packet of chips and throwing them towards the edge of the roof Guy reached down, zipping the duffel bag and moving towards the edge of the roof, rampart thoughts of what could go wrong and what to do in each situation running through his head.

It was quite hard to get up on this roof let alone to be spotted on it, the roof had a lower area in the middle allowing to freely move around without being seen. Along the outside was four overlooking platforms with the same inner areas. Climbing up to one and putting his stuff aside, Guy continued mulling over everything.

"Okay, so… if I fuck it up, worst case scenario, ARHHHGhhh..." Guy lamented as he ran through thoughts voicing some aloud. Sitting down and opening a packet of chips, picking one up and pointing to the airport from where he sat, "So I wonder what type of people are coming...hopefully I won't spend this entire experience having people leap down my throat over America..." Guy brooded.

Guy thought to himself about the weight of this ordeal and what it really meant to him for things to go right, he did not know what was in store but all the same under the surface was an almost over-boiling amount of anxiety at the idea of having his goal achieved by the mere whim of some person from Paris.

Taking a bite of the chip, Guy thought about how he would get to the mansion before the others, his thoughts flew across many options and then upon landing with the option of choice he laid down, propping the pillow under his head; waiting for everyone to arrive.
I'm still rearing to go, just fighting the will of the macrocosom, she's trying to turn me into pestilence and start Armageddon.
Just thought I would mention I added more theme music to my public character sheet and that is all I should need to, so if anyone feels like they wanna hear it, go for your life.

Looking forward to seeing what goes on and keeping this all alive.
@Heap241 I like the idea of your character and it's quite nice to see that picture of Tanya Drouginska being used for this. The only thing I can thank bloom for. XD
@tsukune I remember having to do that in school, fuck that. I made a tower defense game back when I had to, lost of people made platformers cause of the ease. Triple A titles have like 30 person teams with a head who knows how to do everyone's job at least as well as they do, if that were not the case most triple A titles would never come out.

I wanted to be a game Dev at one point...I had that dream crushed. Honestly not unhappy about that but yeah. You got this though, debugging is the hardest part and honestly most tedious.

My Character post

I'm still alive and everything, just working on my character and stuff. Life's been crazy ahahah.
I feel as though none of the tag's are gonna fit to well for the survival esc, scenario/environment. Sadly Fantasy as a tag addresses to heavily to the setting which would probably throw people off. In this instance Arena probably fits best for the pacing of the rp.

It will be interesting to see where we go with the whole background killer thing, a way to pressure or make it more likely for someone in the group to die first I feel should be in the game just to add some player based incentive on top of the Sherlock based stuff.

For instance the idea that instead of a voting system we have a big formal declaration of who someone thinks is the killer and if they are wrong the person who makes the formal declaration dies. I have been talking with Sho about something that doesn't gives the accused person amnesty.
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