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Iron-Jaw Indianapolis

Once, the man who would become Iron-Jaw, had been a mere raider. His life pointless, his exploits meaningless and his whole existence without any point in the great cosmic plan of he-who-slumbers. Then, he had met the prophet himself, who had raised him from the filth of the Pitt, to become the first warmaster of his army, during his push to take the holy city from the unenlightened heathens that dared to occupy it sacred ground. He had been the weapon of the prophet, his all-powerful and wrathful will.Then, others had usurped his rightful place, and the prophet had discarded him after his shameful defeat against Überboss Fredrick, the man, who had shattered his jaw and ripped it remains from his skull. The eggheads had restored it, giving him teeth and bones of iron, yet the prophet never would even let him into the sacred tower.

With Vulpes, Iron-Jaw soon felt a grim reminder creeping up his mind. For each passing moment, the legion Frumentarii vanished, turning into the shadowy figure of the tall and lean Überboss. Stumbling backwards, Iron-Jaw coughed out blood and spit, before roaring like a wounded boar. "DIE ALREADY..." He had felt so helpless in that fight so long ago. The Überboss had not fought him, but toyed with him, mocked him and finally crushed him. Never again would Iron-Jaw let this happen to him again. With blind fury, he lashed out, his weapon less like a blade, but a club, while he tried to get a hold of Vulpes. Once he would have a hold of the little man, he would easily break his spine like a frail tweak. But he couldnt.

Vulpes was like a leave in the wind, evading and skillfully dodging. And with each missing swing, each thrust and each roaring charge, the face of the Überboss appeared larger and larger in front of him. Soon, the muscles of the Brutish Warmaster felt sore, his weapon heavy and his mind turned against itself. "You are dead...we killed you long ago!" He muttered, stumbling backwards, as the Legate raised his voice. Looking around, the Warleader witnessed him being proven right. He was cornered, surrounded and beaten once more. His eyes grew wide, as the creeping hand of fear wrapped tightly around his heart.

"Its not over yet.."

He did not knew what gave him the push, yet he stepped back, his hand moving to his rebreather and placing it on his mouth and nose. With a flick of his finger he released the sacred Miasma into his lungs, stripping all fear from him. The world around him took a deep red tone, as he once more felt the old feeling of power flood his body. Gripping his weapon with both hands, he roared out a challenge, that quickly was accepted by the him surrounding Bodyguards. They attacked him like a wounded beast, but like one he fought. From all sides, there were spears. Gripping one, another was driven through his armor. Coughing, he felt the sting, but no pain with it. Screaming, he lashed out with his blade, cleaving the head of the Bodyguard who´s spear still stuck in his chest. Maybe it was fear about this feat of endurance, brought upon him by blessed Miasma, that gave him a second of respite, before once more, the attacks came onto him. From all sides, he felt it upon him, as he blindly lashed out. He could not tell if he was hitten stone of flesh, shattering bone or air. All there was, was the sacred Miasma, his sacred connection to the monolith. He felt his teeth sinking into flesh, before tearing out a huge chunk of it.

Then there was the face.

Vulpes once more looked at him, closer than ever before. Their eyes met and the Miasma seemed gone. Almost as if time stopped, Iron Jaw could see the face vanish behind a blade, coming closer and closer. It scratched over his shoulder armor, came towards his head and then, his sight turned red again. Not the red taint of miasma, but a bloody, black red. Collapsing, Iron Jaw fell onto a slain Bodyguard, clutching his eye. Clutching his eye, he could tell that Vulpes had opened most of the side of his head, taken his ear clean off and opened parts of his cheek. Raising an arm, he groaned, but only blood came out between his lips. This was the end, his end!

But fate had other plans. One of the Molerat mounts, wounded badly and left for dead, would proof to horrible even for death. Maybe it was the nightmarish smell of blood and destruction, or just one last act of terror, in hopes to be utterly destroyed, burned and removed from this world, cleansing it of the abhorred that was its unnatural existence. Screeching and storming, it attacked the group of remaining bodyguards and Vulpes, with a deadly fury, forcing them into a defense, away from the dying warleader. In the end, it was even more nightmarish in death, literally cut to pieces.

Saulus Evictanus, removed his helmet and fell down onto a piece of rubble, before picking up his spear. His eyes wandered from the slain beast, over its fallen kind, to the cult-warriors, dead on the ground. As if seeking reassurment, he tried to find the corpse of the warleader, who by now had to succumbed to his wounds, but he could not find him. "He is gone... Another Bodyguard shook his head, giving another beast a stab through the head, making sure it was truly dead. Taking a knee, besides one of the fallen, he frowned. "Glory to Caesar! Shall we look for this devil's corpse?"

Truly, there was no way that he could have gone far. A man could not survive such wounds...but had not the same be believed for the beast that had so wrathfully defied death?

Indianapolis had given the Legion and Brotherhood a taste of what kind of war this would be. A battle had been won, as the last few remants of the cult, if not cut down or shot, fled into the sewers they had came from, bloodied and broken. The City had fallen, becoming the first major victory against the cult.
>mfw Eldrich gods invade and are about to destroy reality and i still dont get a day off...

Interwar/70s-80s-punk settings
I for one, welcome our new eldrich Overlords! All employees of Yotun Interstellar are reminded that their work contracts (see 366-77-alpha) does include a binding non-disclosure agreement to take part in both active and passive roles during sacrifices to elder beings

*Yotun Interstellar takes its duties seriously and likes to point out that it's virgin sacrifices are non-gender based!


"Socialism and democracy are two sides of the same coin. Let it be known, all over Zengrav, that our republic is build upon three legs. Wellfare, Education and Internationalism"
Cheng Wan "Socialist Party of Zengrav / Rally on the 12th anniversary of the Haidan University Massacre"

General Wang Wu - 3rd Republican Mobile Army
Ruins of Kaifang - Palace of the Duke - Headquarter of the 3rd Republican Mobile Army

"Nationalist forces have crossed the Laugan at multiple points, and established beachheads. Royalist lines are broken, their fifth and seventh army is in fully retreat south, most likely to form a defensive line in the Lauhan Hills." Sipping his tea, the young general looked at the map in front of him, as his officers moved figures and blocks over it. "They wont be able to keep this up. The nationalist are exhausted and overstretched." Nodding to the words of his adviser, Wangs eyes moved slowly to the eastern part, and the looming red blocks, amassed at the royalist border. "Any Intel from the east?" A servant entered, fresh tea and dumpling on a plate, soon to be placed on the crowded map in front of the general. "Bloody reds still deny any planned offensive, while they bring more and more material to the border, sir. They know, that the royalist tigers neck has been broken by Yesui´s forces. Its all about the race to Zur-Han and who gets the emperor first." Turning his back from the map, Wang walked towards the grand wall of windows, that gave a view over what was left of Kaifang. Where once had been a city, now was a camp. Houses, burned out and shelled for weeks, now had been turned into barracks for the soldiers of the 3rd, while halls now harbored the tanks and trucks of the army. All in between, huddled and dirty, the last civilians of Kaifang endured. Children running errants or selling black market goods to the soldiers, while their mothers sold their bodies. The were hardly any father left. Most had been drafted by the royalists to defend the city, after Bede Sukh had retaken it from the weak leadership that had been Deputy Governors General Ma Auroit folly. He paid with the wire jacket for it, his dying extended for weeks.

It had his first task, to reclaim the city from the royalists, just half a year ago. Hao Lin had taken the city during the first siege masterfully and with surprisingly little bloodshed, but Wangs conquest had not been so lucky. The iron Duke was not one to leave much to chance and had made him bleed deeply for every inch of ground. With the nationalist offensive in the north, Sukh had traded the lives of the civilian population for time. It was an irony, that he, one of the last to leave the city, would be heavily wounded by an artillery shell. With him wounded, the Royalists were easy prey, and for the second time, the blue banner of the republic flew high above the ducal palace. Still there was no order for the 3rd to advance, or do anything, besides holding its position.

Wang knew why this was the case. The royalists were at an end, their manpower drained, their armies crushed and their industry spend. But this war, was far from other. To the east, the reds, allies of the republic, would soon move on-mass, pouncing onto the dry-bleed royalist territory, racing the nationalists to the imperial capital of ancient days. There, it would be, where the dreaded next phase of the war would begin. For neither nationalists nor the Socalists had any intention of negotiation. When the white and red tide would meet, blood would be spilled.
To all who are intrested! Page one has the link to the discord. There you can present your nation in the #war-never-changes channel.

And yeah, Ayazi already had picked Hawaii first

Look mate. This is a two year rp, that has around 300 posts. While i appriciate your effort in redoing your sheet and it clearly shows a lot of it, it did not address the problem we had with it. I cant just give you a tl´dr of the lore, since i am just one faction inside it. Your faction would have a heavy impact on this rp, and while we always looking for new players, we dont want to introduce new players who we dont know, with factions that could impact the rp like that.

Sorry, got to stay with a Veto from my side on this. And if you are not able to make it to discord, this maybe aint the rp for you.
@Crusader Lord
1. Currently active are:
MWBOS - The Midwest Brotherhood of Steel, the powerhouse of the midwest of america. Lead by Simon Barnaky, who has his brain placed into an ancient machine, it is currently locked in an apocalyptic war with the Cult

The Legion - Losing Hoover Dam, but winning the war with help of the MWBoS, the Legion is now lead by Lucius, who is currently joining the war against the Cult. They also won a second, smaller war against the NCR, that the whole of America agrees on, was pretty damn stupid to begin with.

The Children of Atom - Taking over the power-vacum left behind by the cult in the Capital Wasteland, they Children of Atom became quite a power to be reconed with in the north of the US.

The Institute - Winning the war for the commonwealth and with a 200 year old former ice-cube in charge, the Institute remains a wildcard in the conflict

New Vegas - Remaining independent and heavily profitable, Mr.House has restored the city of Sin to ancient glory, uncaring of the costs. He remains a power broker in the West and an economical Juggernaut

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - A proper christan nation, the Commonwealth was a regional power, before finally joining the conflict against the cult. Also containing badass pirate hunters

Free Texan States - Dont mess with Texas...duh!

Western Brotherhood of Steel - Far to the west, the WBoS is not quite content with the current status and the looming threat of becoming a Junior partner to the MWBoS, now sporting territorial ambitions of its own

Free State of Franklin - We dont talk about the crazy hill people

80s - Remnants of the old great tribes along the I80, divided and beaten by the NCR. Now, with a new warchief trying to unit them to win a future for his people

EcBoS: Shattered remnats of Lyons Brotherhood, now lead by a very pissed of Sarah Lyons

The Cult - Stars bleed for Ug-qualtoth. Embrace the monolith!


Key Republic: Trader republic that currently has a pretty bad civil war

Detroit: Powerhouse in the east, that was infiltrated by the cult and now is fighting for its surivial

NCR: Still greatest power in the US, but heavily beaten down due to an insanely dumb war. Also had a civil conflict that futher saw it decline. May or may not be eclipsed by the MWBoS soon

Great Khans: Local power in the east, currently facing some minor problems with an 80s warlord

As for our GM, he left one day and never returned. Which is a damn shame, cause we really would like him back. Still, we run this thing mostly over discord and its almost a must-be to join, to be on there.

@Crusader Lord
Hey! This rp is indeed alive and kicking. Its atm in a bit of a slow pace, but posts are still regularly. Its kept alive by its discord community. But we are also very much concerned about any potential nation joining, so it has to fit the theme and the lore of the rp so far.
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