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In it to win it, chief!
The Khwarazmian Empire declares war on America! I send you my war moves in a private message
With the impending end of the world, and the fall of capitalism at large, it is time...

The Khwarazmian Empire has been restored

John, me old cock! How are you doing? Lovely to see that you have picked up a hobby in Post-by-Post roleplay
Merchants are actually a rising force in this new order. During the Period of Westerosi isolation, social mobility was pretty much dead, but with the opening of the country, they have become a new driving power. They have yet to translate their wealth and soft power into hard power, but yes, this will be one of the topics of this rp. And while every player are to start as a noble house, things can also change with new political ideas enter the country just as much as guns and other goods.

Absolutly. Its not just about war, but the social and industrial progress of a nation dragged "violently" into the modern age. Another theme will be the "old powers" revolting against this change. Knights not wanting to lose their priviliges, the disgruntled houses wanting to get rid of an outdated dynasty on the Iron Throne (or keep it in a modern fashion), the stranglehold of the Starks as hands of the King...etc, etc. Lots of interesting points to have a lot of great RP interactions about.
Oh, there will be plenty of steam, but very little punk. Railroads, early tractors, and steamships will be around. This is very much about the industrialization of Westeros, the social change and all this jazz.

With "No Steampunk" I mean, i dont want to see anyone putting in Airships, or Steammechs or all that kind of stuff. Technology will be very much limited to what we had in the 1860s in our real world, with Westeros being a backwater that only has been open to that for around 10 years or so.
I'd love a ASOIAF and a take on how guns and (assuming the death of Magic once more) changed things as a whole.
Though perhaps it is a bit daunting to factor in the other continents and places, because as a starting point Westeros is large enough of its own as a set up.

Allow me to clear up things.

The RP will be in Westeros, will be about Westeros and will stay in Westeros. The other powers are factors, but they are too distant and too occupied to really play that big of a part, outside exploiting the houses, sell weapons and advise in the modernization of the continent. This is about a Westerosi War and its painful journey to modernize.

"GENTLEMAN! The TALL-TREE FELLING GUN! Capable of firing at a rate of over two hundred rounds a minute. With its rotating barrel and its handcrafted loading system. This marvel of Summer-Island engineering, is named after its ability to fell an ebony tree in just one volley. Created by the renowned Inventor Zhalhar Daa, it is capable of providing a reliable and continuous barrage of high-powered fire. A single team armed with such a weapon can take the work of thirty trained riflemen, reducing costs of your forces while also increasing their effectiveness. Well then, gentleman....Are you ready to sign!"
Jadhalhol Rhalos presenting the Tall-Tree Felling Gun to representatives of House Bolton near White Harbor

It has been 20 long, humiliating years, since the battle of the Strait. Twenty years, since the world has learned, to never again fear the dragon. The banners of the Summer Empire, the Union of Leng, and the powers of the west, fly high over the ports of Oldtown, White Harbor, Lannisport and even King´s Landing. Iron Ships now cross freely along the coast, and sell their goods untaxed by the crown. The Crown and the Starks, its most valiant champions, seem weaker than ever, incapable of performing anything but the most meek protest against the new masters of Westeros.

Ten years ago, a young man from Flea Bottom had a vision to be the Warrior reborn, and cause a fired that would need six years to extinguish with an event that would be known as the "Seven Colored Banner" revolt, under the battle cry of "Raise high the gods, expel the demons and kill the dragons". Six years, the Crown had battled against the rabble, while foreign merchants and mercenaries earned a fortune selling to both sides.

In the end, there would be a crown victory, but the realm had been shattered. And while, de-facto the dragon on the throne still rules, and the Stark's of Harrenhal are still the masters of the realm, nobody has any illusions, that its the great houses that once more rule their petty realms. All it will take, is a little push.

For the age of the dragon is over, and the era of iron and coal has began....

OOC: This is the most basic of interest checks. I can understand that a lot of people are really burned out on a Song of Ice and Fire, and I will most likely take a week or two to get anything serious started, but the Idea stuck in my head, and I love the time period. So just want to run it by and see who likes the idea.
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