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Instead of writing down a whole appearance I added a picture to the stats, to give a clearer depiction, hopefully that is okay too.
there finished up the form and this is Twiglett's first form aside from his glowing orb:

Sorry people I have been under the weather these past couple of days, I'll try to finish up my character sheet by the end of today. So sorry for the wait.


Statistics Sheet

Ysmengarde Green-Song Wayfinder (Ranger)

HP: 5/5
MP: 4/4
Fate Points: 1/3

Skirmish Pool: 5D6
Proficiency Pool: 4D6
Locomotion Pool: 4D6
Intrigue Pool: 3D6

• Flurry
• Aether Spirit
Though I am not familiar with the system, I am willing to give it a go as your premise sounds fun.
Ferezanthe had gotten up taking Akio's hand, but before she could offer a thanks he had turned from her to the barmaid.
That gave her pause to catch the words of the fighter and she had to really restrain herself from not launching herself at him. So with a dangerous silence she pushed her anger away at the words of the duo.
She was of a mind to send a bolt of lightning up the fighter's backside, but gritting her teeth, thought better of it.
Trying to hide her own embarrassment she righted the table again and picked up the pieces.
At the entrance of the curious nobleman and his elven wife Fay felt severly out of place. When the man urged them to take a seat Fay shook her head.
"I'll need some air and to freshen up...don't mind me." She uttered, but there wasn't much volume to it. She left the men to their devices, whilst she moved towards the door and stepped outside in the fresh night air.
There she moved to the shadows of building, leaning against the wall as she looked up at the sky.
A heavy sigh followed, as she released her frustration and embarrassment in an attempt to set it aside and calm her nerves.
She had been wound up tight like a spring.
Was it any wonder? She thought as she eyed her hands, the tiniest of layer of scales shone when held up to the little streams of light coming from the tavern.
In end she would receive the same treatment as their cleric had gotten especially if things continued to grow more apparent.

Perception check: 6 (+2) = 8
Ferezanthe itching to get the drop on the big guy moved swiftly.
Using her chair as a steppingstone she attempted to leap upon the table.

Those two won't know what hit them...Oh shit!

Those were the last thoughts that went through her head as she stepped too far.
Her foot landing on one of the mugs of ale, tipping over instantly, causing her to loose her balance.
With panicked flailing of her hands she tried to regain it & putting her other foot wider and too far near the edge of the table. At this the table started to wobble and rock, adding further loss of composure as she felt her foot slip and her face smack against the table before she rolled off.
Attempt to jump on table: A rather unfortunate dex-roll after discussing with @HEAVY METAL
Ferezanthe had been enjoying her evening. Honestly.
She had gotten a new adventure on her hands and found some fellows to watch her back for her.
Fellows that seemed halfway decent at the least.
All was going well, before the incident... Maybe it was Fate challenging her patience once again, laughing as she did so.
She turned and watched as the Cleric and Hunter stepped up to confront the situation.
She took another swig, might as well get another sip before things could get out of hand.
Things like these just happened to smallfolk. It wasn't pretty, but quite frankly this probably wouldn't have been her first time suffering at the hands of cruel people. Considering no one, not even the Barkeep spoke up, this could be an indication thing like this happened before.
"All right boys, why don't you all settle..." She tried, but was completely ignored and watching the two pull out weapons something snapped inside.
A soft chuckle escaped her throat, slowly as she felt the current of her own magic spring to life inside of her, lighting up her eyes before she called out in mild humour:

"There once was a duo in Evergrim
Who both were shockingly dim,
They kicked a barmaid
Who then got aid
From three men and a chick with Lightning."

Her eyes now focussed on the two.
"Bring it you *****!"

OC: Is there a map tavern map online, so I may know my distance between the two? Did you have it on discord yet?
Rolls a 16 for initiave. So with the +2 that would be an 18 wouldn't it?

Boys, I'll follow up with a post soon (in 30 min/ max 1 hour).
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