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All sounds good to me.
Do you want me to send you a pm?
Sure I am willing to get back to writing again.
Though you have many pairings and many options I have been playing around with this Dnd character of mine that I just can't seem to be able to use in a campaign, but that I believe would be fun to roleplay with.
So maybe you're willing to into this...

So for this think Vikingtheme meets Feywild.
All the gritty darkness of a Witcherstyle story, but with the unpredictability and chaos of the Feywild. Basically Norse/Celtic and Slavic onslaught.

My character is the daughter of the Tribe's Matriarch and with such a position of prestige comes duty.
Unfortunately for her she was set up with an arranged marriage from the day she was born.
Her Tribe lives high up in the Mountains, in a hidden valley and mostly keeps to themselves.
With her Father and Mother gone, the Tribe is left in a precarious position. As they could easily be preyed upon.
Her younger brother is meant to rule, (when their Grandmother passes the mantle unto him) and though he is brash and eager, is still far from ready.
With news of unrest stirring in the area, talk of a darkness returning and trolls that have been spotted down the lower plains, the tribe turns to the Matriarch for guidance.
Knowing the pact must be kept she sends out word through her spiritual messengers.
A date is set and demands are made.
The girl is to travel to the destination alone, wearing her bridal gift and there she will be picked up by her groom in question.
She has never seen the man/being/beast and has only been given a magical orb that she carries on a necklace as a sign of their bethrothal.
She leaves her people behind, descending down the mountain and waits at the designated spot.
However no one comes to collect her.
Lost between what to do, knowing she cannot go back as her tribe is counting on her, but not knowing where to start looking for her supposed fiance, her quest begins...

See and that's where you come in, hopefully...
Cause with all the terrifying and cunning creatures she is going to encounter, she will need someone to protect her.
But please no animals or furries. I just can't imagine centaurs or bears with her, beefy barbarians are completely fine though ;).

Maybe we can mix your characters story and quest up with mine and both sort of stumble along through it, ultimately resulting in what happened to the fiance or what dangers they come accross when they return home...

Just let me know what you think.

My char:
Hi there, I might as well give this a shot again.

Looking for potential writing partners.
The writingbug won't leave me alone again and I'd like some company.

I'll start with what I am looking for so as not to waste any of your time.

- Male or Female doesn't matter to me, so long as we can create something great together.
- The 18+ is because I don't shy away from death & more violence or horror-esque descriptions.

- Also age wise please be 18 or older.
Nothing against the younger members, but I personally wouldn't feel right potential writing out romantic scenes with them.
- With that said let me add I prefer 'fade to black' to keep with the terms and conditions here and 'a toe dipped in' so to speak should we write somewhere else.

- Also I tend to stick to MxF/FxM pairings, which is just my personal preference.
- That being said while I can and have played both male and female characters, I'd like my partner to be willing to double so that we both could get the opportunity when romance features in the story.

- I'd like a Casual to Advanced writing style, as English is my not my native tongue, but I tend like well crafted stories with a good deal of lore, plots and mysteries.
Not that I expect you to be able to write a book, but at least more than just a couple of lines.

Now what can I offer you?

I have been writing and roleplaying online since I was 16 years old, which feels so long ago now.
Adding to that I also have tried out different things to figure out what I am comfortable with & with what I'd like in a story.

My preferences range from Medieval; think A Song of Ice and Fire, LOTR or Witcher type of settings to the darker worlds of; His Dark Materials, Old Fairytales and Myths and as always I love a good skirt ;) think Regency/Victorian Era with a more romance or detective driven storyline. Though I have always loved Fantasy settings best, so I am quite willing to craft a world.
Whatever we'll be writing about I tend to invest a good deal of thought on lore, world building and character creation & motivations.
I'll try to post once a week or inform you if I can't write that week.
Most of all I like it to feel 'our' story, so collaboration would be much appreciated. Brainstorming sessions, working out certain details beforehand ect. With as final touch that I make maps, look up appropriate music and offer you art for inspiration and clarification.

If this appeals to you leave me reply or send me a PM.

Quote: “I promise you father, I will do all that is in my power. I will not let our people fail.”

"I doubt you will be a dealbreaker Mr. Whiskers...most of the men will be frightened off by me being a Librarian."

Name: Eira Brisingr

Age: 20

Appearance: Modestly dressed, in a tall grey blue skirt and a high collared blouse, stockings and pointy toed brown boots (Think Edwardian style*).
Her long light-brown hair is usually neatly bundled up for practical reasons. She has striking blue eyes, though the exhaustion in it is plain to see. Her smile never is full and wavers, before disappearing again in an expression of worry and concern, save for the stares of concentration or the dreamy expressions when she has found another crush.

Personality: Eira had once been very sheltered and kept from all of the dangerous paths her father and brother were walking, but the good natured, gentle young woman would ultimately get a rude wake up call. Still she is determined and strong willed to keep her promise to her father, despite all the harm and pain it will bring her.
She is a wary and at times insecure whether she can do what she promised, she struggles with the weight & importance of it all. She at times wants to tell people, so they can stop spreading untrue rumours of her father and brother killing each other or them being part of some seedy business. She at times laments that this prevents her from leading a normal life as she is still young and frankly not a clue on what to do exactly.
Her high tolerance for pain allows her to go through it all, but mentally she lives from day to day.

Sin: WRATH: One of the Great Demon Generals
“Consume them in wrath; consume them till they are no more, so it may be known to the ends of the earth that God rules over Jacob. Selah”

"Why do You withdraw Your strong right hand? Stretch it out to destroy them!"

Who is Wrath?
Wrath is born from Rage, unquenchable and without Mercy he feasts upon the feelings of Anger. And is by all accounts who have confronted him feared. The need for Vengeance is one of Wrath’s specialities. Terrifying strength bundled together to drive those he feeds upon down to surpass impossible odds and to feast upon the fallen who realise their inevitable defeat.
His persistence to survive and influence those he comes across makes him a true threat to humanity. At least that is what the scripture tells you.

The truth in fact is much more complicated. For right and wrong aren’t always so black and white. In fact, what could be more just than to aid those who seek justice for the wrongs done unto them?

Her fear and anger fuels the very demon inside of her. Allowing him to struggle against her mortal coil, resulting into her being tortured from within, like pressure put on a pipe waiting for it to burst.
During even her short time with the demon, she carries fresh scars from the attempts Wrath had tried to get out up until this point
Whilst in the meantime he always talks to her, trying to gain her trust, break her down and trying to get his way, that way, making her appear more crazy then she actually is or at new moon's appear in her dreams.

Likes: A small measure of peace, stillness of mind, a warm cup of cocoa, a warm fire, a good night’s rest, a handsome nice man and Mr. Whiskers her brother's cat.

Dislikes: Anything that upsets her as it triggers the demon and thus causing her pain. Pigeons and (ink)stains in her books or clothing.

Quirks: She works as a librarian and loves to rebind and update older books.
She's a bit of a weird girl with a love for older fashion.
She also falls too easily for a handsome face, her brother once lamented that she’d say yes to marrying the devil right under their noses as she is quote: "A silent sea of raging hormones".
Despite all her hardship it seems Lady Luck is on her side, or she has multiple guardian angels with all the near misses, mysterious survivals and good timing she has had up until this point.

***She also takes care of her brother's cat Mr. M. Whiskers, a very peculiar feline that her brother once claimed possessed the soul of violent criminal and the M standing for Monster or Mayhem...Eira can't be too sure.

He is a large male cat that at first glance looks quite normal, save for the nicked ear and the scar and the fact that those eyes that are fixated upon you never blink...
And while he does not turn down his pets, he is very specific on the people. Where small children are somewhat tolerated, he smacks the shit out of most ordinary people, with Shawn the postman being his favourite target as well as that snooty poodle down the street.
Whilst Eira normally has no problems with him and dismisses most accusations claiming he is just doesn't like certain people, she can't help but trust the cat when he gives off his signature growling sound even before a person enters or stares at her disapprovingly on how she handles certain matters.

Menace had spent an irritating two minutes in that box. Technically, a cat locked in a box may be alive or it may be dead. You never know until you look. In fact, the mere act of opening the box will determine the state of the cat, although in this case there were three determinate states the cat could be in: these being Alive, Dead, and Bloody Furious.
Shawn dived sideways as Mr. Whiskers went off like a Claymore mine.

The more Eira looked at the smug grin Mr. Whiskers wore the more she was convinced he merely kept doing so to insuring his bet down at the local gambler's ring. Still, he had been right on all of them.
@TheNoCoKid I thought I got Wrath? I'll commit to Wrath. I've decided.
*Thinks of all the atrocious acts she could commit*
Oooh, this looks good. Yeah, I'm interested. I'll think about what I would like a little more...
Really shifting from Greed/Wrath and Gluttony/Lust too much. So I need to think about the character I would like to play a little longer.
Instead of writing down a whole appearance I added a picture to the stats, to give a clearer depiction, hopefully that is okay too.
there finished up the form and this is Twiglett's first form aside from his glowing orb:

Sorry people I have been under the weather these past couple of days, I'll try to finish up my character sheet by the end of today. So sorry for the wait.
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