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@sadfoxHey hey, I am absolutely still interested in that! Sending you a PM :)
Free bump and tentative interest. I'd like to discuss further, if you're still looking. If you'd like you can reach me on discord

I am so sorry for not seeing this before now! Which of the ideas were you interested in? :)
Bump <3
Hello there, lovelies! 💓
I am looking for some new RP partners as I have a little more free time than I anticipated recently. Right now I am looking for both fandom and original settings! Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
I do both M/F, M/M and F/F roleplays. And I am willing to double for M/F rps if needed (though only for fandom rps, not original settings)! I primarily RP over on discord, and exclusively write in third person past tense. I am also looking for partners who are active, so please be able to reply at least once a day.


- ACOTAR (A Court of Thorns and Roses) [Can do OC/canon and canon/canon]
- Lord of the Rings [Legolas/Aragorn]
- The Hobbit [Legolas/Kili, Thranduil/Thorin, Thranduil/Bard, Legolas/Thranduil]
- Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus [Solangelo - Will Solace/Nico di Angelo]
- Kushiel's Dart trilogy
- Red, White and Royal Blue [FirstPrince - Prince Henry and Alex Claremont-Diaz]
- Throne of Glass potentially, as I am still reading the series.
- Witcher [Looking for a Geralt against my female Witcher OC, Yennefer or Ciri]

Original settings:
- Fae/elven royalty.
- Arranged marriage between kingdoms that have been at war or for political gain. Particularly looking for M/M for this!
- Hades and Persephone sort of settings. Looking for a Hades for this one.

Please be 18+ if you contact me as I will not RP with minors.
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