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Any additional information on Yarings could be useful. If they're the result of a supernatural force cursing infants in a certain geographical location, then I don't see how prevalent they can be to have a significant stigma placed against them. Unless I misunderstood when I read their description.

I won't be home until Saturday evening, so I will be unable to provide you with anything until after then.
Same, though I have no plans to give my character any powers beyond access to some magical artifacts. Perhaps he isn't powerful enough to be an exarch as a feudal lord piecing back together the shattered lands of the northern kingdom once ruled by his family? It's not terribly clear.
I don't know if I could handle being an Archon, I've never really been in an NRP before and I'm so new to RPG. :(

I certainly wouldn't trust someone like you with such a responsibility either.
Yup, I'm ready to go down this rabbit hole.
@Sini Still ready to party.
I'm in just for the opportunity to kill some Targaryen loyalists.
I may be an outlier, but when I take a look in the 1x1 section, I specifically look for pre-made plots and ignore all the pairings. At least with plots, I know that you spent some amount of thought on it.
Give me a heads-up when the OOC drops. I may be interested.
Guess I was too slow to show up for this. If there's any chance in taking in any additional characters, let me know.
I can dig this.
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