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@Yuria Here's a thing.

If I can be a rogue child-like android thing that scrounges around the deep ghettos for different cybernetic bits and bobs, half to sell and half to repair itself with, then you have my interest.
I've never played tabletop in my life and always figured that it would probably be best to start somewhere simple. With that said, I have to say that I am interested.
I'm probably obligated to say that I'm interested as well.
No god of trickery? Where's the fun in that?
I may have interest in something like this.
Count me out. Good luck, though.
May be better to ally yourself closely to the German Empire by electing a member of German nobility as the King rather than some random general.
Didn't want to go with Poland and Lithuania? Or is that too overused by this point?

I was thinking of playing within the Eastern European region myself.

(or Finland)
Also, it's no true Poland without Danzig.
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