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First of all, I've yet to see a roleplay based primarily on the show go much of anywhere. The world has enough complexities that it pretty much requires information only found in the books and corresponding material. Then again, this is the Casual section, so you may have a much smaller scope in mind.

Now for an RP that revolves around the discovery of new lands in the west... I don't really see the point. We would be completely creating new lands, people, creatures, etc, yet we'd still be restricted by the rules and laws of the world of ASOIAF. Seems a waste of time to me to do all that work only to set it in a pre-existing world where the roleplay itself is barely connected.
You always reboot all your bad ideas... when can I expect a reboot of this?
Busy with college. Don’t bother to wait for me. I’ll post when I can, but it’s unlikely going to be before the battle.

How hard will it be for a sellsword to get himself a castle in this? I'm willing to settle for less than Highgarden, mind you.
It is an interesting concept with well-established characters. And that's ultimately what I'm reserved about. I would feel obligated to read the hundreds pages of character dynamics that already exist if I wanted to play the character adequately and competently. Certainly not something I would be against doing, but it would definitely take awhile, especially since I do have limited free time. What you did post was an enjoyable read, and I just thought I'd share my thoughts about it all. Have a good one.
What if I want to stay on the island?
I think the house will be screwed in any of those locations, but I generally have a special preference for the North.
Perhaps I’ll play as Maegor.
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