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Busy with college. Don’t bother to wait for me. I’ll post when I can, but it’s unlikely going to be before the battle.

How hard will it be for a sellsword to get himself a castle in this? I'm willing to settle for less than Highgarden, mind you.
It is an interesting concept with well-established characters. And that's ultimately what I'm reserved about. I would feel obligated to read the hundreds pages of character dynamics that already exist if I wanted to play the character adequately and competently. Certainly not something I would be against doing, but it would definitely take awhile, especially since I do have limited free time. What you did post was an enjoyable read, and I just thought I'd share my thoughts about it all. Have a good one.
What if I want to stay on the island?
I think the house will be screwed in any of those locations, but I generally have a special preference for the North.
Perhaps I’ll play as Maegor.
This interests me.
I'm working hard (or am I hardly working?) on the House Tyrell sheet.
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