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“Be sure to keep up!” 7642 remarked to 7331 as he began to lug his way over to the elevated platform. With each and every step, he’d feel the weight of the bulky gun pieces on his back weigh him down. He hoped he’d eventually get used to the feeling, but he was starting to get the feeling that this was just going to be reality for the rest of his existence.

Halfway towards their desired position, a symphony of blaster bolts erupted from the opposite side of the training course. 7642 did his best to dodge and weave as bolts paraded all around him and miraculously failed to land. Occasionally, he’d turn around to make sure his partner was still running alongside him.

“Keep us covered!” 7642 barked to his comrades, hoping his plea wasn’t drowned out by the blasterfire. Luckily, he had reached his destination.

The clone scurried onto the higher ground with an added effort to keep his head as low as possible in hopes of avoiding any incoming fire. He’d quickly work to loosen the straps that kept his gun fastened to his back, causing the various parts to roll off his back with a thump. This was something CT- 7642 had done a plethora of times up to this point thanks to relentless drilling. In the midst of a panic such as this, it was even more so important that he assembled the gun quickly. The clone placed the bulk of the turret in front of him before reaching for the barrel of the gun. He’d begin to fasten the barrel, his hands twisting the part tightly to ensure it was secure.

“Computer… computer,” CT- 7642 grunted before his hands clasped around the heavy gun’s fire control computer which was laying by his side. He’d forcefully press the device into the base of the gun, sighing in relief after hearing a satisfying click.

A few whirs and beeps later, the computer module flashed on to reveal a dimly-lit screen. “Got it!” 7642 declared with glee in his voice as there was little else to do other than heave the gun up onto the tripod. He only hoped his partner was able to do his part.
Another day in the Grand Army of the Republic.

The clones’ lives up to this point were very routine: wake up, eat, learn, train, eat again, sleep. Rinse and repeat. Add in anything at all to this formula and it wouldn’t be difficult to notice that something was happening. An overwhelming sense of urgency and hussle had barged into many facets of clones’ daily routine all while paired with near- harshness from both their creators and instructors. While they surely weren’t coddled before, this shift was definitely noticeable to any clone with a pair of functioning eyes.

Whatever it was they were preparing for, CT- 7642 did all he could to stay positive. He had faith in their creators, the Kaminoans, and in their true purpose: unwavering loyalty to the Grand Republic.

It would be another day of training per usual. Like the last and the one before that, a sense of both pressure and extremity accompanied this session. CT- 7642 couldn’t help but enjoy these moments. There were fewer things more impressive than a squadron of highly-trained combatants working alongside each other in unison to complete their goal.

CT- 7642 stood beside the rest of his fellow squad members present in the training room, donning the classic clone cadet training equipment: padded plates with a helmet that had a yellow, transparent visor. His posture was as good as it could be with a plethora of cumbersome parts belonging to an EWHB- 12 heavy repeating blaster training variant strapped to his back. His chin pointed forward while his eyes focused remained glued on the Mandalorian who’d been their mentor and instructor to this point. Most importantly, his ears were attentive, ready to soak up anything of importance from their Mandalorian trainer. CT- 7642 made it a point to listen to Harkins’ words very carefully as that experience and wisdom he carried and brought to each training session was invaluable. He only hoped his brothers did the same.

“Just like last time, ner vod. Let’s get this gun up and ready quick!” CT- 7642 remarked as he patted CT- 7331 on the shoulder before breaking into a jog to hussle towards the starting line.

As always, the heavy-gun toting clone was more than eager to showcase his skills. Chemistry may very well be the most important quality of any squadron, and for CT- 7642 it was especially important that he established some with fellow squadmade CT- 7331 who was also on heavy gun duty. Building a rapport and establishing a consistent rhythm, so that Rawl Squad could depend on the two of them to have that gun up faster than a rancor eats its meal when it actually counted was the goal, naturally.
This is where the fun begins
I'll get a post up when I wake up
This is the good stuff trust me
Finally, got it up.

I'm so close to finishing my appppp damn gotta speedrun this bio

<Snipped quote by Sad Ogo>

I was actually considering something along those lines. A lawman, but strays from the straight and narrow. Perhaps he becomes corrupted by his lust for power or a love of money (or both?).

You should go for it, friend. I'm just gonna' go with the Del Lobo plan. I think it'd be interesting to serve as an immediate antag to some of the characters.
<Snipped quote by f0un>

Yesterday, I went to Thieves Landing as John Marston and killed every member of Del Lobo hanging out there. Looted over $60 in cash and valuables. Later, I killed a guy driving his wagon. Sold that for $40 and then knocked over a stagecoach for $200. Pretty productive outing.

As a member of Del Lobo or a sheriff/deputy, you will be going PvP against the rest of us.

Sounds like fun to me ;p
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