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<Snipped quote by Sad Ogo>

I was actually considering something along those lines. A lawman, but strays from the straight and narrow. Perhaps he becomes corrupted by his lust for power or a love of money (or both?).

You should go for it, friend. I'm just gonna' go with the Del Lobo plan. I think it'd be interesting to serve as an immediate antag to some of the characters.
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Yesterday, I went to Thieves Landing as John Marston and killed every member of Del Lobo hanging out there. Looted over $60 in cash and valuables. Later, I killed a guy driving his wagon. Sold that for $40 and then knocked over a stagecoach for $200. Pretty productive outing.

As a member of Del Lobo or a sheriff/deputy, you will be going PvP against the rest of us.

Sounds like fun to me ;p
To make a del lobo outlaw or a lawman? I'm kinda stumped tbh
Garbella Memorial Starport – Gleetch

The trio bantered amongst themselves, waiting for Jast and his crew to arrive. Talk of what the group would buy with the supposed shipload of credits they’d receive was the main subject. Gleetch would also make predictions on what exactly they were dealing with. If he had to bet on it, he’d no doubt wager on the issue being space. That seemed to be all too common nowadays. On the other hand, Bluurok hoped there would be no violence whatsoever. In other words, a waste of time.

“Who are those two?” Gleetch pondered as he saw two strangers approach the Raven Trespass. Just how many people did this Jast fella’ hire anyway? Gleetch only hoped there was enough credits to go around. While the Rodian loved his job, he sure as hell wasn’t going to do it for free.

Before the silence between the duo and trio could be broken, out came the Raven Trespass’s crew from the hangar’s far right corner. The trio sized them up, observing them for anything out of the ordinary. From the looks of it, they seemed to be the everyday mercenary. It was common practice for them to do this. After all, they were shady individuals who haven’t worked well with groups in the past. To the victor goes the they say.

And so, the formalities came. It seemed as if the duo was familiar with Jast and the sort. Gleetch, had never met the man and was never one for greetings. He simply kept to himself, observing the entire scene with perhaps a hint of annoyance. It was no secret that the Rodian was ready to get going. He was eager to lay waste to some poor fools all while getting paid for it. This “camaraderie” was a hindrance. A waste of time, even.

Jast seemed to have gathered quite the crowd. This wouldn’t be the typical “find the target and blast him” type job. With the group assembled, Gleetch knew the bunch were in for quite the adventure. Luckily, this most likely meant a good payday. Now, he only had to decide whether he could trust them or not.

Finally, the smuggler captain himself would approach Gleetch with eagerness it seemed. His open hand would extend towards the Rodian, expecting a shake in return. Not one for formalities, Gleetch stared down at his hand before crossing his arms in response. He’d rather cut to the chase then make a new buddy. Not to mention, it isn’t like this smuggler had earned his respect. Any chum could deliver crates. Well, that’s what Gleetch told himself anyways.

“Let’s cut to the chase, smuggler. How much are me and the boys getting paid?” Gleetch spoke in basic. “While we’re at it, why don’t we discuss who we’re shooting at too? Seems like you’re gathering a small army.” The Rodian smirked while glancing over at the others. He looked back at Jor’ Kai who stood behind him. Usually, he’d be the one to do the talking. As evidenced by this encounter, Gleetch was not good at these sorts of things. On the other hand, Jor’ Kai was definitely much more charismatic and seemingly friendly to the everyday stranger. A completely different story when compared to the erratic and impatient Gleetch.
<Snipped quote by f0un>

I believe so. Very few characters have been accepted thus far. GM will be reading over and approving (or not) sheets on the weekend.

Thank 'ya, friend. I'll be making a character then.
Just curious. Are characters still being accepted for this?
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