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Current I'm trying to find a partner or two to RP with. I tend to be more interested in fantasy and things that aren't cannon. *shrugs* I don't think I'd be good with fandoms particularly.
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First attempt at setting up an RP: Ready; Set; GO
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Adding people so I can watch them from a dark corner like a creep, but I promise I'll come out and join you once I get the nerve to.
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Brand new and wandering aimlessly! Didn't even know this site existed until a couple weeks ago.


This is my first time joining a site like this and I'm really nervous about starting out on these adventures but I'm hoping that I'll be able to learn and expand my RP skills. I have done some small RPs among friends and have enjoyed them. I am far from the best and I still have a hard time with thinking of what to write, but maybe I'll find some people who are willing to stick with me while I get better. I have a bit of an unpredictable schedule but I will keep in contact with you if there's a time I'm unable to post. I am more than happy to get to know the people I RP with and look forward to potentially making friends.

I would be interested in RPs of:
Apocalyptic / Post-Apocalyptic
Slice of Life

And I'm open to trying others as well.

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Hey! I was hoping that I may be able to join in. I am honestly not sure what character I'd make, and I'm super new. But as long as I have enough to work with, I can generally write a good amount. Depending on the situation, I *typically* write between 3-7 paragraphs.

"Little Red", he'd called her. 'Damn ye, Rowan... Why'd ye have te put ah spotlight on meh?' Just as she checked her watch, wondering when the alcohol would get here, two men hauling dollies with boxes full of her order came through the door. Breathing out a sigh of relief and handed them her card to run it, picking up a bottle of Tequila and chugging enough to get her night started and picked up a smirnoff ice to sip, never putting down her bottle of tequila. She may as well put a nipple on it and nurse on it all night. Lord knew she'd need it. Roxy never drank anymore, which was a good thing, because the tequila hit her almost as soon as it hit her stomach, even with the pizza. Holding her drinks, she made her way to the area where she assumed the games were getting going.

"Oy, howya? Tha extra drinks are hear. Goo get em an les git thus on. If Ah'm beein dragged inta thus, we're goinna do et.
How boot neaver 'ave Ah eaver?

Roxy wanted to kick Rowan for cutting off her retreat even more with each person that came up to the table to get pizza. At least she knew that the pizza was going over well with others, but now she was front and freaking center of attention. Exactly where she hated being. Hoping not to offend or ignore anyone that was around her, she smiled and addressed all of them saying "Ye'r all welcome to it, Ah thought we could all use somethin' while we wait fer tha grillin te start. Ah alsoo oordered a fair amount of alcohol tha Ah hoop ye'll all be ok wi'. If no, Ah ken put another in an have 'em bring moore. Jus lemme knoow." She WAS going to wait for everyone to get their pizza and migrate away from the table but that didn't seem to be working out and now that she was already here, she may as well get herself some pizza anyway, so she grabbed a plate and snagged two of the biggest pieces she could find and shoved way too much in her mouth at once, hoping they would converse among themselves and she wouldn't have to say anything else. Unfortunately, she knew that wouldn't happen, but it was worth a shot.

Roxy hadn't managed to make it back to her secluded spot by the edge of the roof like she'd intended. Instead, the man she'd nearly run into outside the bathrooms had caught her before she could retreat. "Ach, em, Ah think tha someone es bringin moore alcohol soon. Was thar anythin' yer' wanten specifically? Ah might could give 'em a call an ask te pick et up? No' much point en moore people than necessary gooin oot te git et, yah?" She hoped that if there was something he wanted that she hadn't ordered, she could just add it to the order that she'd already placed. If so, it'd have to be soon or they'd have to make a second run out to bring it.

Perhaps Roxy had ordered pizza too soon. It looked like someone was getting ready to grill up some food. But she figured that, if nothing else, people could take some back with them if there was leftover. Which, there probably would be. No point in calling to cancel such a big order that they were likely close to done with anyway. Maybe she could contribute in another way. She hadn't brought any alcohol. under her breath, pulling out her phone again she murmured "Ah wonder if a liquor store wud daluver ta meh." After a few minutes of searching, she found a company named Drizzly who delivered alcohol around Louisiana and so she placed yet another order. They claim that they could get the order to her in under an hour, which was perfect! She scrolled through and checked box after box on items that seemed like popular choices, hoping to get a wide variety for everyone to pick from.

Angry Orchard
Mike's hard raspberry Lemonade
Absolute Vodka
Kraken Rum
Smirnoff Ice
Hangar Fog Point
Don Julio
Assorted sodas, juices, energy drinks and lots of bottled water

Ok, so maybe she had gotten a little click happy and ordered way more than would ever be used in one go, but at least there would be absolutely NO shortage of drinks or food. That was a good thing, right?

Right then, her phone rang, displaying a number that she didn't recognize. "Aye?" The voice on the other end of the phone said "Hi, is this Roxy?" "Aye, et is.." "We have your pizzas, you said to bring them to the roof, right?" "Aye, thas right." "Ok, we're on our way up!" "Right, Ah'll meet ye at tha door ta tha roof wuth yer tip." She tapped the red button and slowly made her way to the door, hoping to be noticed as little as possible and slipping a fifty out of her wallet. She'd simply pass it to the lady as she passed by and then slip back to where she was until others had gotten their pieces and were back to doing their own things.

The lady that Roxy assumed had been the one who called came through the door followed by a few others, all laden with hot-bags filled with the pizzas she'd ordered. Tapping her shoulder, Roxy handed her the fifty and gave a quick nod and small smile in thanks before heading back to where she'd just been. Gods it smelled wonderful!

The man named Rowan had practically skipped his way onto the makeshift stage and singing karaoke. Quite well, too. Roxy was still hanging out on the sidelines watching the others who were up here so far. It seemed like everyone had their own little group of people to chat with. As she watched, her mind wandered back to food and hoping there would be some soon. If not, she’d be ordering a massive pizza. As that thought popped into her head, she thought that it may be a good idea to order for everyone, seeing as she hadn’t brought anything to contribute.

Quickly, Roxy pulled out her phone and navigated to the nearest pizza parlor’s website and tapped in the info, ordering two of everything from cheese, to supreme, as well as 6 two-liters of soda with a note in the comments section to let them know it was needed on the roof and mentioning a 50$ tip if they could get it to her in under 30 minutes. As she clicked “Place Order”, her stomach growled so loud that she was sure that everyone could hear it over Rowan’s singing. Gods she was hungry. Hopefully no one took offence to her ordering food, but she thought that pizza would probably go over well for most. With that done, she took another look over the crowd and considered getting something to drink, but decided against it for now and instead took up a seat on the ledge of the roof and swung her feet absentmindedly.

She knew that it was her own fault, but she couldn’t help but feel lonely. It had always been so hard for Roxy to meet new people, and even harder to find friends in others. Her mother said it was likely due to the years of homeschooling, blaming herself for not socializing Roxy more once they left Ireland. Roxy never felt any animosity toward her parents for their decision to homeschool her, in fact, it was thanks to them that she could to to any college she wanted to. Once she completed her pre-med courses, obviously. But going to prestigious schools didn’t make her less lonely or better at interacting with people. So, for now, she would watch and make up fake life stories for each person up here. She’d think up awesome, outrageous lives for them.

Of course, none of them were the world’s youngest genius who was living here under a protection program for stumbling across some of the government’s best kept secrets. But, it was fun to imagine and kept her entertained while she waited for her pizza to arrive.

Roxy made her way back to the top floor and after finding the staircase that seemed tucked away out of sight, she gripped the cold railing, took a breath, and slowly ascended to the roof. Not sure what she would find on the other side of the door, she braced herself and opened it a crack, peering out and observing what she could before opening it a bit more, just enough for her to slip out. She hoped that her entrance would go unnoticed and willed herself to be unseen. At least for now. It seemed like a good idea to find an unoccupied area toward the edge of the roof to observe before foraging for what food there may be.

So far, there weren’t many people outside, so it was relatively easy to find a corner to claim as her own. There wasn’t much up here except for a few fold out tables and chairs, and she thought to herself that she should ask the building owner if she could plant a few things up here. Not much, just something nice to look at and break up the nothingness currently occupying the whole space. Maybe a small tree with a flower bed around it. Not that she was a professional in such things, but she knew it was something people did in other places, so maybe she could make it work. Although, it would all depend on what the other tenants thought as well. Perhaps it was a bigger task than she was ready for. She shrugged to herself and turned to look down at the bustling streets below.

The night was still young and although the evening had cooled down a bit now, the warmth and humidity from the day were still thick in the air. It felt good against her skin and she lost herself in her thoughts, absently humming a tune and losing all track of what was going on around her. That is, until the door slammed and suddenly it became a whole lot louder than it had been just seconds ago. “Ah suppose that thus means tha craic is aboot ta begin.” she whispered to herself.

A squeaky noise involuntarily escaped Roxy’s lips as the door came at her, but thankfully the person on the other side of the door caught it in time that she avoided getting knocked flat on her ass. Before Roxy recovered completely, he began apologizing, saying something about a banister and splinters and- she gawked up at the man. “Irish? Ye’r Irish?” Her mouth hung open for a second too long for her comfort before she managed to snap it shut and knock some wits back into her brain. “Erm, Soory, Ah’m Roxy. I did’nae knoow ye were en there. Ah was aboot te try an find tha roof. Do ye knoo where Ah goo fur tha’? Ah git lost easily an Ah have noo idea where ta goo.” Her cheeks reddened and she looked down at her feet, not really sure what else to say.

Interactions- @Disturbedspec [@Howling Zinogre]

Without a dresser or clothes hangers, all that Roxy could put together at the moment was her bed frame, but it was something, and progress IS progress! With clean sheets on her bed, it felt a little better in here. She wondered silently if she would be allowed to paint her room. She would have to ask. *But fer nao, Ah’ll jus' goo shoppen’ ta’morrow fer me oother fuurniture. An' some plaants. An' any'thin' else Ah find.* she thought as she brushed off the nonexistent dust from her thighs and decided to see if there were any snacks. It had been FAR too long since she’d last had a good snack and her snack-ometer was running on empty, which was completely unacceptable in her book.

She meandered from her room to the living room and took in more of the apartment. It wasn’t much. The walls were completely blank save for a tv and a futon folded into a couch. It looked as if there had once been carpet, but had long since been pulled up and replaced with a generic grey linoleum. The landlord was probably tired of cleaning up messes in carpet from former tenants. But it wasn’t exactly terribly appealing to Roxy so she made a mental note to take a look at some rugs while she was out. Not to mention some new living room furniture. Maybe some art. If the walls had to remain white, at least she could put something up to break up the monotony. She wondered if Chris would mind some plants. Of course she’d bring him along or take pictures to show and ask him about. After all, the space was for both of them.

When she turned to make her way to the kitchen, she noticed a note on the door. “Roxy, went te shop fer fur- NOO! Noo! WE’RE SUUPOSED TE DO ET TA’GETHER! Ye donkey muppet! Fer fook’s sake!” Quickly she put the number left on the note into the recipient line and typed out a quick message politely letting Chris know that she’d enjoy shopping for home decor together. She hoped he’d understand. She wasn’t terribly picky about things, but she did have opinions and would like to be included when it comes to decisions including her.

In the meantime, she’d pilfer the kitchen for snacks. She could really go for some funions right now. And some chocolate. It was really a wonder that she hadn’t gained weight since high school with as much as she ate. It wasn’t like she was super active or anything, she just seemed to burn it all naturally, much to the indignation of her mother. Unfortunately, she didn’t come across any funions or chocolate. She hadn't given up until she searched every nook and cranny, but still found nothing that she was in the mood for. She sighed and checked the fridge for something to drink and thankfully found a few cans of mountain dew. Leaning back and popping the tab open, she let the fridge door shut on its own and took a deep swig of the fizzy, tangy soda, noticing for the first time that there was a note on the refrigerator door as well. This one, though, was about some form of party. It looked to be for tonight, on the roof. She checked her watch. And soon. It wasn’t like she had anything better to do, and she was going to have to meet people at some point. And they said food… There may even be snacks. Looked like Roxy was going. She may be shy, but there wasn't much she wouldn't do for food.

If, that is, she didn’t get lost trying to figure out how to get there. She threw her shoes on and, pulled her hair into a messy bun on top of her head and began exploring the hall, hoping to figure out where it was. It wasn’t uncommon for her to get lost in places that no one else would. First things first, though. She needed to use the bathroom, so she headed down toward the second floor, hoping that no one was in there. As luck would have it, as she approached, the bathroom door swung open.

“Roxy, is feine. An’ et’s awright, I didna’ have verra moch te bring uup. Ah was jus’ gonna goo ta the shops later thus week an’ see whoat they ‘ave tha’ Ah need.” Roxy pulled a chair up to the table and sat with one leg curled up under her and the other slightly extended toward the back leg of the chair. She felt like she hadn’t eaten in days, when, in fact, she was pretty much never without food of some sort. The whole reason she even carried a purse was to have somewhere to put her snacks. She dug in, likely looking something like a starved dog as she shoveled too much food into her mouth and dropping down her front. With a mouth still full she looked around the apartment and took it all in. Well, what little there was to take in. Trying hard to find something to say she settled on “Yer no much fer decoratin’ are ye?” and almost immediately regretted it. It had sounded less like an accusation in her head.

She let out a groan and nearly dropped her head to the table, completely embarrassed by her own words. “Aacchhh, soory, Ah dinnae mean ta be ruud. Ah jus’... Ah’m no verra good with.. People. An Ah know tha’s odd fur someone en Nursen’ school, bu’ Ah’m workin’ on-” Roxy stopped short, realizing that she was beginning to ramble and looked back down at her plate, pushing the food around and refusing to make eye contact as she finished eating.

Placing her dish in the sink, she said “Ah should probla’ get a shoower nao. Thanks agaain fer the foud.” Roxy hurried back to her room to rummage through her boxes to find a towel and some fresh clothes. She found a plain, dark grey, baggy over-the-shoulder t-shirt and some navy blue constellation leggings, snagged the bag with the meager makeup that she owned, and then continued searching for a towel. After searching through all of the boxes, some more than once, she’d managed to find a single towel which meant that she’d have to struggle through not having one for her hair. “Et’s gooina’ be daes b’fore thus mess dries oot.” She complained about her hair a lot, but she loved it. It was something that she took pride in.

Now showered and dressed, she decided that it was time to start putting her things away, so she pulled up pandora once more on her Echo, hoping that it wasn't too loud and got to work, completely spacing out and losing all track of time.
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