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Upon reaching to the capital of the Veilletes Republic and headed to the Ministry of Foreign Relations & Intervention Office, the secretary of that particular ministry has given a greeting and telling him on why he was at the Ministry of Foreign Relations & Intervention Office.


"Good afternoon. Very well ambassadors, come and sit down to discuss about it." said by the relation officer while everyone were at their seats. "What did you plan to propose the opening of our trades? Do you have something that we usually don't have? Eh?" question by the relation officer about their trade relations.

"Simply put, we'd like to development and make weapons for your nation. Yathon specialises at doing so, and we already have large stockpiles we are willing to sell to your nation. If you are interested that is, of course."

"Very well you will be let off this time. But what do you want to trade?" replies the rude man.

"Weapons, weapons and more weapons. Yathon specialises in the construction and development of weapons, and we are willing to trade them with your nation, if you are interested of course."

The newly established nation of Khalor is in distress. They have just broken away from their country, and they are struggling to set up a government of their own. They make it known to all other nations that they are in distress and looking for allies. They are in need of supplies and/or protection from other nations. They promise good trade in return, as their country is very plentiful in resources.

A short while afterwards, in Yathon

"So you're saying there's a nation to the south that's requesting assistance?" Arrae said, sighing.

"Confirmed. We have received radio distress communications." The person Arrae is talking to responds. They too wear a featureless, white mask. "What should we do?"

"...send some supply ships. If we can get there before the others we'll be more popular in the eyes of said nation."

"Understood. Sending a convoy right away."

"And let them know we are coming."

Khalor soon receives a response from a nation identifying themselves as the Yathon Corp
"Greetings. We have received your distress call and are sending supply ships carrying food, building materials and weapons. They should arrive shortly."

"Damn! We can't get in there!" The leader shouts in rage to the other soldiers that were with him.

"How about we wait until this thing opens up?" a soldier suggests.

"That may be what we have to do..." The leader rolled his eyes and huffed in annoyance.

"I do not want to wait, I want to fight!" another soldier shouted.

"I want to fight too, but...perhaps the reward is best saved until later." the leader suggests.

The soldier nodded in reply. They waited for any possible doors to open. Soldiers talked amongst themselves to pass the time, and others practiced fighting moves and stances as they waited.

After unloading several crates, the ship uses the same crane to unload a single person wearing a black suit and a featureless, white mask covering most of their face while leaving the mouth uncovered.
"Good Afternoon." The person simply states. "Who's in charge here?"

The 2nd commander nods. "Sounds like a good plan. We would like to establish non-hostile relations too. These weapons will help us, greatly against the northern barbarians of the Yahupi. We would also be willing to set up an embassy in your area, and we would would expect an embassy here aswell." she says in reply.

She orders some of her officers and soldiers to go distribute these weapons across as far as possible, they will give the Federation an edge against the Yahupi.

"Negative on setting up an embassy in Yathon. Our land is too few in numbers to permit the construction of an embassy, any available land is currently in use. We do however wish to set up a structure to serve as either an embassy or at the least a trading post of sorts."
<Snipped quote by Fairyfloss>

They're handcuffed with plastic handcuffs. They seem quite strong.
The warship approaches. It parks up parallel to the other side of the container ship. Text on the side of it is visible
"P62. TNS Flagcel."

A modern edition of the pirate plank is extended from the warship to the container ship and the ship's crew are ordered across it. There are only 4 sailors on deck, 2 in black camo attire with automatic weapons and two are in bleak grey overalls. However the deck is still covered in turrets with guns of varying calibers, and what appears to be the lid of a very large arrangement of missile silos.
The ship is of contemporary late 21st century design. Very flat surfaces with only a few radars and cameras afforded near the bridge.

The crew are sent to a small cell, clearly not designed in the usual sense for 10 people, maybe about 2. There is no window outside and nothing inside the cell. It's very dark but that doesn't seem to annoy the robot that slowly drives by every minute.
After about 30 minutes seagulls can be heard outside. Land ahoy.
The sailors are forced back out to the deck, still handcuffed. The ship appears to be moored at a small naval base. Two other ships are also moored. They disembark the ship and enter the main building and are lead to a large office. There, two officials, one with a very different outfit to the other is behind a desk. The sailors are made sit on the cold floor.
One of the men speak out "WHO ARE YOU?"
The 6 soldiers on each side of the wall tense up and look slightly worried.

"We are sailors in service of the Yathon Corp. We are here to deliver a gift of weapons and open Trade Relations with this Nation." One of the sailors swiftly but calmly responds. "We hope this minor incident can be resolved swiftly as Yathon wants to open relations swiftly and efficiently so trade can start at it's soonest."

The soldiers grin to eachother. "I will inform those who are at a...certain location of a suitable location." the leader states. The others wait around.

The leader runs off to go inform his various superiors and those of equal rank about such an area. Such a place, is called Muriva city, there is a port nearby aswell. The superiors give the orders for a large military presence to be stationed there and to be ready for battle. The leader of those soldiers is dismissed.

A bird is dispatched, giving the location of such a harbor. Once the ferries are there, the Yahupi are in waiting. A few of the leaders wait for things to be unloaded perhaps. They are ready for this plan.

The ship docks at one of the piers, and starts unloading several crates of cargo using an on-board crane.

Meanwhile, in the Federation the 2nd Commander watches as these things are unloaded. The Federation's people there take note of who the people unloading these things look like. The 2nd Commander walks up and introduces herself to these people, extending a hand of friendship to them.

She asks how these Firearms are operated, and she asks what the Federation can offer in return. Gold or silver coins perhaps. She has dark blue eyes, somewhat of a tall stature, with a purple and white uniform, a lightish brown color to it. Her hair is done in a bun shape. She looks young, but not too young.

She is greeted by a person wearing a captain's uniform, but with a white, featureless mask covering all but their mouth.
"Good Afternoon. The weapons come with instruction manuals, anyone possessing the skill of 'reading' should be capable of learning how to operate these weapons for purpose that include, but are not limited to, killing their opponents." The 'captain' says, with a dull, monotonous voice. "As for payment, the definition of a gift states that the gifting party does not expect something in return, which applies here as well. Yathon does not seek to be paid for this gift, but would like to establish non-hostile trade relations between this nation and Yathon itself."

One of the Conscriptors step forward and explaining their intended role in response.

"Actually no sir, we're doing on a part time job working at the Erksterm docks just to earn an extra living. Our main duty is to find and to recruit freshly new volunteers, and then pressed them into our military, hence the reason why we're named the Conscriptors, derived from an actual word called the conscription."

The Conscriptor pull out his notepad and to do his own list.

"If you really want to find someone whom in charge of the docks, you can go and visit at the Erksterm Port Authority Center near at the Master Harbour Bay, two points at the right from the Brescal Avenue. However, if you want to consent a foreign relations with the Republic, you can go to the Ministry of Foreign Relations & Intervention at the capital of Veilletes Republic and give your reasoning and appointment of your stances."

He'll then check marked the stuffs that he was previously completed his job at the Erksterm Harbour.

The 'captain' nods, and heads to find the aforementioned Ministry.

The AA armed dockworkers are beginning to haul those field guns from the ship of Yathon and delivers to a firing range for testing its equipment. The relation officer of AA was awaiting for someone to represent as the ambassador of Yathon Corp and then told to meeting them at the Port Authority for discussion with trades and the relations of AA.

Out of the ship step three persons wearing fancy suits, black hats, and white, featureless masks that leave only their mouths exposed. They bow when they see the officer. "Good Afternoon, we are representatives of the Yathon Corp and we would like to establish trade relations between our nations."

A pigeon was sent sooner on, saying that they accept this proposal. They await anything further.

The ship sends another bird back, containing a request for directions to a location to unload.

For the one in the Federation, the 2nd Commander sends another note, giving the coordinates to a port a little south of this location. Named the Pulipo harbor. The 2nd commander, and her officers aswell as some other men on site head off to the Pulipo harbor to see the cargo get unloaded from here.

"Whatever they will bring, it will sure be of use to us!" one of the officers said.

"It sure will be...hopefully." the other officer said in reply.

The 2nd Commander looked at them somewhat sternly. "I hope so too, but this could also be a trick..." she muttered.

A little while later they were at the harbor. A few docking areas were open for the ferries to dock at the harbor. They waited the ferry's arrival, once the ferry arrived they noticed all the other ships there were sailing, wooden ships aswell as smaller boats crafted out of wood.

When the ship docks, it starts unloading a few containers worth of firearms.

The Veilletes 'Conscriptors' have started to unload the crates full of firearms, loaded into a truck and then being transported into their inspection office to check the reliability of a weapon before being distributed to their volunteering military forces for services. Some Veilletes Citizens with their firearm permits that has been approved by the Veilletes Republic have decided to aboard a ship and take a look of Yathon Military Hardware they're currently offering, probably seeking to find a civilian quality, self-defense weapons just in case when any nefarious things would've happen between the Militarian and Veilletes when the foreign relations between those two eventually goes horribly wrong.

A person, dressed like a captain but wearing a white, featureless mask covering all but their mouth, disembarks from the ship and approaches the 'Conscriptors'.
"Good Afternoon. I assume one of you is in charge here?"

The AA port authority at the south have asked the ship to dock at bay number 3 to unload their cargo. The relation officer along with a few infantrymen are waiting for their arrival.

The ship's crew complies, unloading 15 Field Guns on the dock. Each of the field guns is unloaded on top of a large metal plate together with a crate containing 20 rounds of High-Explosive Ammunition and a small 'How to operate' guide.

The soldiers are impressed by the ship's mysterious crew. One of the robot rovers parks infront of the Ensign and a hologram emits from the top, that reaches to his chest, about half a meter square. The hologram has outlines of the APC, firearms and whatever was in those containers.

He types a 5 digit code into the numberpad, 85942
"We will be detaining you. You are under arrest under the Prohibited Weapons Act. You can be detailed for up to 7 days. Please turn around to the wall with hands behind your back."

Two TNS warships (Monument-class) are visible on the ships computer, destroyer size. It's dusk but a high-gain spotlight from one of the ships illuminates the deck of the container ship, despite it being at such a far range.

The crew complies, turning around to allow the patrol to arrest them.
The ship parks itself against the side of the container ship and a ladder is raised to the deck. 3 soldiers dressed in blue camo outfits, with a pistol in hand each climb up one after the other. The quiet looking one has a small rifle slung on his back.
The two other soldiers each take a cuboid looking object off their backs and place them on the floor. It's clear now that there are 4 wheels on it as 4 legs fold out lengthways with said wheels on each.

These two supposed machines drive off at speed, despite the slippery deck. They slow down however as they drive by containers, a head that juts out from the top emits a blue light all along the side of the container.

The soldiers walk around together as a trio and they inspect containers individually.

The ship's crew all wear identical black uniforms with white, featureless masks covering all but their mouths. They welcome the patrol aboard the ship and helpfully do whatever is asked, opening containers and such when asked.

The ship contains, as said five containers full of rifles, sub-machine guns, light machine guns, pistols and associated ammunition, along with a single IFV.

The IFV itself isn't that big of a vehicle, it is tracked, has room for about a squad of soldiers, and is equipped with a 20mm Autocannon.

"These weapons are a gift. We will gladly assist with unloading them where needed." One of the crew members says in a monotonous tone.

The person who looks to be in charge is the middle soldier of the line. "LOWER!!" he shouts at the others, they lower their weapons for now but not their shields. This person is a good deal taller and stronger than the others, who are still very strong even. He looks down at this letter suspiciously, showing it to some of the others here. "LIES!!!" he shouts and rips the letter into small pieces. He orders the others to open fire on this vessel, and they do so, with muskets. From other areas the other Yahupi open fire aswell. From a bit aways, a flaming cannonball from a trebuchet is fired at them. These people do not like invaders, intriguing how they didn't fire at them instantly. "COME OUT AND FIGHT!!" the leader shouted.

The ship doesn't respond to the attacks. After all, trebuchets, cannonballs and musket fire aren't a big threat to a big ship. Instead, it simply sends out another bird with an identical note and one carrying some gold coins.

In the Federation, the officer that got this note shows it to the other one. They read it, interested in this proposition.

"This is a little out of our league." the first officer says to the 2nd one.

"Yeah, lets get someone who is more suited for this sort of thing." the 2nd one says. They sprint off in the direction of another building in the distance, where the officer's higher ups is located. People watch as these officers go sprinting past them. The building is a somewhat of a larger building than the others around and has a round shape to it.

After a little while of sprinting these officers reach the building and enter. Taking a few minutes to catch their breathe. They knock on the door to the office area of their superior, who is ranked with 3 stars.

"I'm busy." she says from inside. Yes, it's a female superior.

"It's important! Very!" one of the officer's said.

"Fine, fine..." their superior mutters. They open the door and walk in, the superior seemed to be hard at work solving the crime of a murder 3 blocks from here that occurred a few days ago. Rest assured, it will be solved soon.

The superior herself had a rank of 3 stars, the rank of 2nd Commander. She had a purple and white uniform on. Her nametag said "Jennifer Woodland". The officers showed her the note, and she looked up at them for a second. "I see...very important indeed. I will have to send a letter to these feeries, aswell as one to the First Commander (What I am calling Charles's rank from now on)."

The officers nodded. Around a few hours later the 2nd Commander had gotten a note in return from the First Commander, accepting this trade and weapons agreement. A pigeon was sent to this ferry, stating The Federation has accepted this agreement. An article was posted in the newspaper about this, so citizens are aware of this.

The ship sends a return note, asking for directions to a port to land at to unload it's cargo.

= Veilletes International Radio Network =

"Marvelous of the gift, proceed at the closest port of Erksterm and unload your wares there, over. The inspectors will check the goods shortly right just in case if you're trying to committed any scheme against our sovereignty." - Radioman of VR.

The ship complies, and arrives at Erksterm Harbour, starting to unload it's cargo. Using a small crane it has on board, and uses it to unload four containers full of firearms.

Simultaneously, it extends a bridge to the pier to allow people to board the ship if they so wish.

= Code E124816# - L2 Monitor Network ##### =

"A field gun you do say? Well, that's more than a reasonable thing we've ever get from a peace tribute. You will go and meet at the less protectorate sector of the southern port to have a further discussion about your... war goods." - Radioman of AA.

The ship does as told, and waits at the port for further instructions, ready to unload it's cargo if asked.

Meanwhile, back on Yathon

"So, how have our ships been doing, Laria?" Arrae asks, idly drinking a glass of pink liquid.

"Almost all of our ships have arrived, and most have been greeted peacefully." Laria says, drawing something on a piece of paper.

"Most?" Arrae asks, raising an eyebrow. "Also, what are you drawing this time?"

"I'm designing a superweapon!" Laria says cheerfully. "But yes, one ship got shot at with Trebuchets and Muskets"

"So you're drawing cats again. But seriously, Trebuchets?" Arrae asks, laughing. "Have they not gotten anything better?"

"It seems not." Laria says, putting down her pencil. "Also, perhaps you should prepare yourself for a journey."

"A journey, why?" Arrae asks, putting down their drink. "Do you plan to send me somewhere?"

"If everything goes as smoothly as it's going now, yes. So you'd best get ready." Laria says, smiling.

Arrae simply sighs, and gets up. "Very well then..."
= Veilletes International Radio Network =

"Good day traders, what do you offer for the majestic presides of the Veilletes Republic?" - Radioman of VR.

The Veilletes Radio Network receives a response.
"This is the YMW S-38, representing the Yathon Corp. We wish to open direct relations between the Veilletes Republic and Yathon. Our company excels in the development and construction of Military Equipment, and we carry several containers worth of Firearms as a gift to the Veilletes Republic."

= Code E124816# - L2 Monitor Network ##### =

"Hail to the glory of our revolutionary army! What is your current mission to a crawling visit of our militarist people?" - Radioman of AA.

Alfieq's Army too receives a response.
"Greetings, this is S-48 of the Yathon Merchant Warfleet. We have no hostile intent and hope to open peaceful trade relations between Yathon and Alfieq's Army. We sell and produce weapons of war, and carry some Field Guns as a gift to Alfieq's Army as a sign of peace."

There is no radio response to the message. Once these ferries reach the shores of the Yahupi nation, they can see the buildings are all made out of wood, and logs, there is no paved road, streetlights, anything like that. Each has a symbol of a sun carved into the wood. These ferries are spotted quickly by the Yahupi.

"LINE!!!" One of them shouts, they form a line of soldiers, with orange magical shields infront of them. Muskets in between these shields.

They wait in anticipation for something to happen, before firing. They have no clue what this ferrie is, or what it is for. The Yahupi are muscular, and wear minimal clothing. They look like a mix of Mongolians, and Native Americans from our history. On each of their faces is 2, red lines painted on their cheeks. Their chests have various designs of tatoos on them.

As the ship receives no response, it anchors off the coast, observing the activity on the coast. Since there is no response, they sent out a crow, carrying a note to whoever looks as though they are in charge. The note reads:
'This is a message from Yathon. One of our ships has arrived at your coast but has not received a response from you. We come in peace and wish to trade. Our specialities are weapons and more weapons. Please respond when possible.'

The ones that have approached the Federation get no response either. The federation's buildings seem to be much like the Yahupi's, minus the sun symbol. They seem to be more traditional. No 'modern' things here either. The people here look at the arriving ferries with curious looks, talking and muttering amongst the crowd. However, 2 men in blue, and white suits approach the ferries. Looking at them. They looked like your standard European. They seem to be...officers? Police?

"What is this?" one of them asked the other.

"We'll find out." the other said back. They waited for...something to happen.

As the ferry receives no response, it decides to send a raven, carrying a note to one of the officers.
'Greetings, this is a pre-written message on behalf of Yathon Corp. We seek to open trade relations with your nation and are willing to sell weapons for you to use.'

A light patrol boat is speeding over the horizon full tilt, it looks to be armed but a lot smaller then the container ship.
incoming radio transmission

2 seconds of high pitched computer sounds
"Yathon Corporation whiskey alpha romeo one. This is aTrogo Navy Seaboard Patrol. Prepare to be searched under the Foreign Intervention Act. Acts of aggression will be not tolerated."

The ship is a few klicks out, it will arrive in 5 or so minutes at it's current speed.

The ship's captain responds.
"Acknowledged. We will wait for your arrival and let you do a thorough search. Be aware that we carry five containers worth of Firearms and a single Infantry Fighting Vehicle, intended as a gift to your nation from Yathon, as we specialize in manufacturing and developing Military Equipment."
Location: Yathonia, Laria's dining room
Time: Late Afternoon.

"DADDY. I WANT THIS MAN DEAD." Laria shouts, pointing at one of her servant, who instantly goes pale.

"Now now, my dear, what did he do this time?" Stahl says, grinning.

"He put the sugar cubes in my tea! I wanted to do it myself!" Laria says, pouting.

"Very well, my dear. Guards?" Stahl says, as two armed guards enter the room. "Seize this man, have him executed immediately."

"Hang him!" Laria says, grinning. "No wait, shoot him instead, it's faster!"

"Very well, Princess." The guards state as they grab the servant and drag him out of the building.

"Thank you daddy." Laria says, as she waves at one of her other servants to get her another cup of tea. "So, did Arrae tell you anything useful?"

"Ah, yes. Arrae has identified the nations and gave me some basic information on each of them." Stahl says, handing the document to his daughter, who excitedly starts reading it.

"So, which of these nations are our best bets for trade?"

"Well, of the Seven Nations, only six of these potentially have ports on our ocean. I've put them at the front based on their proximity." Stahl says, pointing at the index page.

"So... the nearest nations would be these..." Laria says, pointing in turn at the Trogo Kingdom, Auclaire, and the Yahupi Confederacy. "Do we have any other information about these nations?"

"Not much, Arrae was feeling lazy today." Stahl says, sighing as he takes a seat opposite of his daughter. "So what do you think we should do."

"We should open communications with these nations, maybe send Arrae to visit one of them, get them off their lazy rear."

"Sounds good. Should I send Diplomatic Vessels, Trade Vessels, or Military Vessels?"

"Trade to Trogo and Auclaire. Diplomatic to Yahupi and this 'Federation'. Military to the Veilletes and the so-called 'Alfieq's Army'." Laria says, taking a cookie from a nearby cookie tin.

"Very well, and where should we send Arrae too?"

"We'll wait and see how the other nations react to us before we send them off."

Several Hours later, off the coast of the Trogo Kingdom.

A small container ship, equipped with a single turret for self-defense, anchors off the coast of the Trogo Kingdom, and attempts to contact the nation. Using lamps to try and communicate in Morse Code, declaring themselves to be a trading vessel belonging to Yathon Corp, they state that they would like to establish peaceful trade relations with the Kingdom.

As the first ship arrives at Trogo, several other ships are still underway to the other nations. Heading towards Alfieq's Army and the Veilletes Republic are converted warships, the rear half of the ships converted to serve as cargo decks. If approached, they launch flares before attempting to communicate with Morse Code, declaring themselves to be Merchant-Warships belonging to Yathon Corp, announcing that they have no hostile intent and want to establish friendly relations with the nations..

Approaching Yahupi and the Federation are two large passenger ferries, equipped with two self-defense turrets each. If approached, they attempt to establish contact via radio. They declare themselves to be representatives of Yathonia and want to establish an embassy.

Another container ship, similar to the one approaching Trogo approaches Auclaire. If contacted, it tries to communicate in the same method as the ship that has arrived in Trogo, declaring that they wish to establish trading relations between the nations.
Location: Yathonia, Arrae's Workshop
Time: Early Morning, just after breakfast

Arrae sat down in their chair and sighed, staring at the massive door on the other side of the room. Kept shut with an extreme amount of chains, girders and other things. Keeping it closed was a necessary evil, which Arrae didn't really like much. They much preferred having the door be opened so a little fun could be had. Unfortunately for Arrae, now wasn't the time for fun.

"Come on in, Stahl" Arrae says, taking a glass containing a pink liquid from their desk and taking a sip.
"What do you want today?"

"Ah, good morning Arrae, as observant as ever I see." Stahl says, grabbing a random chair from elsewhere and Arrae's messy workshop and sitting down in front of Arrae after navigating the huge amount of random objects strewn around the room.

Cleaning isn't one of Arrae's favourite parttimes, and that can easily be seen in the state of their workshop. A large pile of weapons 'decorates' one corner of the room while a (hopefully defused) Nuclear Warhead is balanced on top of several piles of books. A creature has made a pile of bones their home, while lots and lots of random notes lie all over the room.

"Good morning to you too I guess, I need to remember to get myself a clock sometime. It's hard to tell the time this deep underground, and the demons on the other side of the door don't really help much in trying to figure out if it's time for Lunch, Breakfast or Dinner."

"Ah, it must be nice being able to worry about the little things like clocks when your bedroom is right in front of a literal door to Hell."

"You get used to it eventually, at least I don't have to worry about being lonely." Arrae said, sighing as they takes another sip of their drink. "Anyway, you're here for a reason I assume? You're not the kind of person to come over to chat for no reason."

"Straight to the point I see? I can appreciate that. But yes, I have a question and you're the one most capable of answering it for me." Stahl says, grinning as he puts a document on the table. Arrae looks at it's title and sighs, opening the document.

"So you want info on these nations, huh?" Arrae says, staring at Stahl while reading through the document half-heartedly.

"Yes. I would quite like to know more about them, they seem fascinating from afar, but I would much prefer to know more about them. Maybe they'd make good trading partners." Stahl says, grinning.

"...give me an hour or two and I'll compile a document for you containing everything I can find." Arrae says, sighing as they put down the document again.

"Oh? Have your powers weakened? I don't remember it taking this long before." Stahl asks, writing something in a notebook.

"They haven't, I'm just really lazy and I want to finish my drink first. Plus I need to write everything I find down too."

"Very well." Stahl says, getting up and leaving the room. "I'll be back in two hours."

"Yeah whatever." Arrae says, taking another sip of their drink.

2 Hours Later

"Hmm. You've provided much less info than I thought." Stahl says, looking through the document Arrae has compiled. "Still though, good work. The information may be basic but this should be enough to determine which nations are worth trading with. Are there truly this few Sovereign Nations on this planet?"

"Appears so, yeah, most of the planet seems to be unclaimed land. If we actually were ambitious we could easily claim lots of territory with minimal effort."

"Are you saying we're lazy and lacking ambitions, Arrae?" Stahl says, looking slightly annoyed.
"Isn't that the truth? All we do is trade. We don't expand, and we rarely actually fight. Anyway, anything else you need?" Arrae says, grinning.

Stahl sighs and gets up, taking the document. "No, this will be all. See you later, Arrae." Stahl says, leaving the Workshop.

"Have fun, Stahl."
Nation Name:
Yathon Corp

Nation Flag & anthem:
Yathon Corp has no flag, and not even an official emblem.

Map Location

On an island in the Southern Sea lies Yathonia, occupied by the mysterious Yathon Corp, a strange company with questionable morals. Specialising in the manufacturing and trading of weapons and such, Yathon is owned by three individuals, each of which controls a different part of Yathon.

Doctor Stahl is the head of Yathon Experimental Weapon Branch. A tall man with white hair, Stahl personally oversees most of the experiments carried out by Yathon, and is notoriously cruel. He is solely responsible for the deaths of most of Yathonia's former population, having 'convinced them' to 'help' in 'useful experiments' to further 'science' to 'help humanity accomplish it's goals'. Stahl's Headquarters is a massive fortress in the middle of the island, from where he oversees his many experiments.

'Princess' Laria is Stahl's daughter and head of Yathon's Foreign Relations and Trade Ministry. A small girl with a god-complex, Laria is childish but merciless, having ordered people to be executed for the pettiest reasons. Despite this, she's good at what she does and has helped Yathon acquire the fortune it has now.
Laria's Headquarters is a palace built on a hidden cove, far away from the laboratories and factories. This is where any visitors arrive to do business, as they don't need to know what the rest of the island is like.

And finally, the mysterious Arrae. Head of Yathon's Magic Branch, and solely responsible for anything magical that goes in and out Yathon. Not much is known about them, but both Stahl and Laria seem to have respect for them. Arrae's Headquarters is said to lie deep underground, the reason for this isn't known but it's probably to keep something a secret. The question however is what are they trying to keep a secret?

The island of Yathonia itself is a lush jungle island, and from a distance looks mostly deserted. Deeper inland however that changes, as laboratories and factories dot the landscape, though most of the important infrastructure is deep underground, hidden away from prying eyes. Yathonia's population is small, but the people that live there have few rights, and mostly live there as poor workers for Yathon for when needed.

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