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I've decided to take your two cents and use Edmond Dantes as my persona, thank you for the help, I've never read the novel but i'm going to start so i can get a better look at this character, but his backstory goes well with Bleu.
When I'm home I'll fix the CS

So who would you recommend?
I'm thinking Henry 8th or maybe Frolo from the hunchback
My Character sheet is ready for viewing whenever you guys are ready, I apologize for the wait. Through out the day I'll read through the IC and and should be able to make a post before Wednesday if anything. Once my CS is accepted I'll give it a clean to make it more presentable etc, if there is any problems I'll try to fix them by evening

Sorry about the lateness guys, definitely finishing tonight, been a busy couple of weeks, apologies for letting gm know.

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Yasu Hinoiki

Genji's hands rose to his nose instantly, his breaths became slow and heavy, the dark red liquid oozed from between his fingers, the Mochi boy was no stranger to the stinging, throbbing sensation on his nose, pain in fact he had been introduced to worst, however a punch like that, unexpected to anybody their age would hurt, or even knock them out. The boy delivered a piercing glare towards three Genin of team 5. "You'll regret you that." The two members of his squad tried to come to his aid, but the boy would raise his hand, indicating not to touch him or even come near him. "Let's hope our teams don't cross path once the exams start," he moved his hand from his face, the blood running down from his red nose all the way down past his lip."As I can't guarantee your safety, Mokoto. Drop those two before they get you killed, if your alive after the exams and you apologize maybe I'll let you come over let my mom teach you to cook a good meal." The Genin would retreat slowly, their mean gaze locked on the 3 Genin.

Yasu sighed shaking his head for a brief moment, as he believed now Makoto had made the exam more difficult for them, they were now on squad 19's radar, and though he believed Makoto could take out one of them, it would be very foolish to think she could take on all 3, after all they weren't kids fighting on the playground, but young Shinobi trying to survive a life or death situation, the Chunin exams. Yasu observed everyone. The two boys arguing, a sliver haired sword wielder with sapphire blue eyes, that would make any lords wife scream out in envy, the other boy had the opposite of what of what his opponent had. impure coloured hair, a mix of blonde orange and red, it looked messy, this boy carried no sword that Yasu could see, but he carried something greater, something that feared had feared Yasu just over 2 years now, the Byakyguen. He sighed again, but this time more faint, more quiet, he hoped he wouldn't run into the white eyed boy. There were a few more Genin Yasu didn't like the look of. However the more he thought about them the more Genin would be tempted to abandoned his squad, so he chose to close his eyes and just block out everything. Meditation had helped him a long way, he wasn't advance, but he would practice from time to time. Despite the fear that lay his fast beating heart, he wanted and needed to be at his best, to survive to see another day and to protect his teammates the best he could, he was no powerhouse but he had his ways. "Shirou, he called faintly." How do you get your Kunai's so durable, yet so light to carry?"
Just letting you guys know I haven't ran off, or forgotten, my character sheet should be up tonight or later on today ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ have a good day.
The Tower please :) phantom thieves ๐Ÿ‘€
Interested in this rp will work on Cs once home ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ hope we get more people
In Sentaku 6 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Yasu Hinoiki

Yasu looked at his small kunai and found himself contemplating a new weapon, he was no weapons specialist, swords never interested him as he was slow to draw them, they also made too much sound. Polearms like Shirou's wouldn't suit the boy either, constantly having that sort of weight on his back would annoy the young boy. Yasu thought about Makoto's weapons and shook his head. "I couldn't possibly lift those, too heavy, I need to go with something small, but not a kunai, he thought, sighing he mumbled underneath his breath. "I don't even like close combat, I can't fight they both know that. But i can't pass up a free weapon" Yasu nodded his head in agreement Shirou. " I mean he has a point, we could get disqualified if you start sizing up people, plus Shirou said we'll get a new weapon if we pass or well survive." The tanned skin boy would cast his eyes down to the ground in fear as he remembered his dream, hoping that it wouldn't come to reality, because he of this dream he'd end up spilling a drop emotions. "We have to make it, I've never told this guys this, but I'm glad to on this team with you two, I don't know how you guys see me, but in the 3 years we've known each other, you two have become people I appreciate, I guess in other words, my best friends. So please be careful." Yasu felt awkward spilling this, he turned his back away from the two quickly to avoid embarrassment, he even stepped a little further from them. His heart began beating anxiously as thought "I shouldn't of said that, i shouldn't of said that." He would close his eyes and take a shallow breath.

Making their way confidently through the competitive energy towards the 3 Genin was one of the leaf's richest kids and two of his allies. " So you guys made it then, I mean I expected Makuza to make it, but you two? not a chance, Shirou the stuttering coward, and Yasu the softy. Makuza definitely these two, I mean that guy Yasu, he skipped Taijutsu class after I winded him, the guys got no fight. The boy shook his head in disappointment, his ponytail swishing from the side to side. " So Michi hear told me he overheard Shirou stuttering about some sort of free weapon if you pass." The boy would grin, raising an eyebrow, then reveal, then unsheathe his Wakizashi katana, the gold hilt glistening in sunlight. "Straight from the land of Iron, the most expensive metal you can get, my bokkun, is worth more than your pathetic, duller than dishwater, blunt, primitive spear. You see boys and Makuza, to survive you need to have the best gear. The boy carried on his voice getting louder. " Now let me Mochi Genji of the great Mochi Clan tell you guys something. Those cooking utensils Shirou's mother found won't cut it for you guys, in fact i doubt they can cut through my riceballs. Mochi Genji crossed his arms, the same arrogant smirk on his face. " So how about it Makuza, you do business, I do business, your tough, I'm tough.. You could be my side piece , my girl, how about after this exam we go take a walk around that nice lake, I'll even buy you an ice cream to lick, and we can talk about your transfer from squad 5 to squad 20.

Yasu had no words, he would look at Shirou, then Makoto, "He's done it now."
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