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Current @Zelosse Don't be like Rudy Gobert, DPOY - Dumbest Player of the Year. Just don't.
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Just came back from being brutally, utterly wrecked at the 2016 Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival. Then nearly going broke after a full day at Disneyland.
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Congratulations Class of 2016! We finally made it out of the purgatory that is K-12 education! XD
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Just placed 2nd with my robotics team at our tournament today. Only thing that kept us from 1st place was the dreaded L word: LAAAAAAAAAAAAG!!! T_T
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What a day I've had! First a blackout no doubt caused by living near the Super Bowl stadium. Then a logical leap to work on my computer offline, aka clean a bit of dust inside only to nearly break it.


What's up people, here's my intro, just deal with it. B)

Anyways, this is my first time forum roleplaying, closest thing I've ever done to this would be chatroom Mafia and organizing a Facebook faction page for gameplay, besides IRL PnP RPing. However I'm quite prudent and dedicated to being online everyday just to check for posts and such. I'm also very (overly?) assertive when it comes to dealing with game mechanics and GM rulings, and I will raise issue with the GM when I find one that's loose, unsatisfactory, or missing (I may come off as a harsh critic at times, though offering an assistant GM role would help XD).

From what this site offers, I'm interested in joining up a Free, Casual, or Advanced Roleplay thread. Specifically I'm interested in:
- High fantasy
- Cyberpunk sci=fi
- Deeply conflict driven
- Anything idealist/philosophical bound (then broken)
- Based on character origin/progression
- But I'm willing to try anything else if it sparks my interest!

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You can disregard the anime or any source material related to the fandom, I really do want this RP to be welcoming to anyone not in the know.

Why do certain people talking with other certain people turn them into murderers? And how would the people in game figure that out?

This will be the underlying mystery for the entire RP which will be slowly uncovered, but the player responsibility is to first uncover the surface mysteries of which NPCs have special interactions with which other players IC. The phenomenon of "people turning into murderers" will be interpreted in the setting as either a supernatural curse or a conspiracy by specific people in the village. Coupling the opinion of a character on the phenomenon (being superstitious of a curse, paranoid of a conspiracy, etc.) with personal sources of stress (the "triggers" by your written NPCs) leads to the true cause of the phenomenon turning characters violent (homicidal or just suicidal). To borrow a general saying from the source material, it is not just the will of a person that leads them to committing crime, but also the environment that encourages it.

I hoped to not reveal right away the rules that will allow players to figure out mysteries in hindsight, since what I am about to explain could lead to questioning the level of commitment to this RP without trying it first. Basically, I am aiming for multiple short RPs that could even be concluded in less than 100 posts (50 even? Whatever you think a short RP thread is), where after each RP thread is concluded, I will start a new one and continue like a sequel (each thread can even invite new players to join). The rules to transfer continuity between threads you can call "deja vu," where players can choose to recall events from previous threads in order to influence current thread events in new ways. It is like a time travel or alternate universe rule. I created this format to test run to try and find an alternative to RPs demanding long term commitment, and allowing new and returning players to hop in and out between threads.
@sassy1085 Yes please mention them here, I will handle things once they reply.
Unfortunately it seems advertising for a niche Japanese franchise fandom as an RP does not attract enough interest.

Unless, @sassy1085 do you think the players from the How The Leaves Fall RP would be interested if directed here?

(For anyone who read my comment about the Gou anime, the plot of this RP will have nothing to do about it, just keeping this thread alive.)
Bump, how about that new Gou episode?
@sassy1085 For player characters, okay, as long as you maintain IC that your two PCs do not know each other's NPCs from the start. Max 2 PCs per player though, and you can only write 1 NPC to interact per PC, because I don't want to RP 3-4 NPCs per player.
Initial CS drafts have been made, I will update everything I have written for rules for clarity and presentation once enough interest is generated to post OOC thread. Feel free to suggest improvements for these CSes.

@sassy1085 I assume you are still the first in line to want to be a player?
@Hedgehawk Would you be willing to be a part of 2 Higurashi RPs?
I find it hilarious that it seems no one in your group has caught on. XD
This is an idea that I've been brewing for a while, after I've had my run of more traditional formatted RPs on here. I just took outside inspiration to make it mystery genre.

I'll only act as GM and RP necessary NPCs, while each player not only creates their own character, but 1-2 NPCs that'll have specific interactions with that player's character. The basic "mystery" is that (at least IC) each player does not initially know which created NPCs correspond to which other player character, other than the ones created to interact with themselves. As the GM I'll have NPC sheets DMed to me, not have players post NPC sheets (that could influence game play), and mix up NPC interactions, so at least IC it could take a while to figure out who goes with who.

Now for the actual RP setting that I want to test run this on:

The players are affiliated with a school in a Japanese village (with some modern amenities) during the 1980s, either as a student or staff member. There is a phenomenon that occurs during a summer festival held in the village, where in recent years people have died and/or disappeared on the day of and/or days after it. The players are both susceptible to but also able to investigate this phenomenon for a period of the month the festival occurs (RP in game length). However, the players are susceptible to the point that they can become the specific culprits for the phenomenon that year, causing characters to die or disappear (I will be allowing PK). The goals of players are to prevent the phenomenon from turning them into culprits, and if possible investigate as far into the truth behind it as they can.

For those who have read this far and have realized it, yes this is based off the Higurashi When They Cry franchise. No prior knowledge will be necessary in order to RP this. But below is a spoiler to address those interested already with Higurashi knowledge.

If anyone has Higurashi experience and would like to contribute suggestions for plot, please reply with hiders and spoiler labels. I am considering opening up GM spots later to share my load RPing NPCs and developing the plot, but for the test run I think I will be good on my own. I have more ideas to implement if the test run is successful, so this rule set could be updated.

I will write up character sheets once I catch an initial wave of comments on this thread. General suggestions for the rule set are welcome. For the test run I am accepting up to 3 players, first come first serve. Anyone else is welcome to comment OOC while reserving a spot for a possibly larger RP group in the future. I hope this RP can capture an element of detective mystery I have not seen before in my personal experience.
I blink back to process what had been said. Then I sputter.

"Pfft-f-for fock's sake, that's not what I meant! I just fell asleep, and next thing I know my flat's a wreck and London's a mire. How else would I've thought when I find myself sat down before you? I'm not trying to be cheeky here either!"

I ruffle my hair in exasperation, but turn my head away sharply to hide my embarrassment, and ramble on mainly to myself as my thoughts churn further.

"Let's see, I woke up to my alarm this morning, fixed breakfast while no one else was using the stove, met no one as I left my flat, crossed campus to my microeconomics class, had that...wait..."

It strikes me, a faint clue in a murky, interrelated web. This dense fog, this chill I now discern sinking into my bones, and a head of long strawberry blonde hair sharpening into focus as I peek back at Gloria's face, I've experienced in retrospect. But was that not a dream...?

I slowly turn back and utter my question, "...Have you dreamed of a ship at sea, in fog as thick as this?"

@Landaus Five-One
Fortunately, I was not punished by my hasty assumption that the door would swing inwards upon impact, which it does. I rush to hook my hands around it as it revolves, preparing to reverse its motion and slam it shut in the face of hell outdoors. Then I hear an actual voice reply to my aimless venting of fear. And for better or worse, I had hoped to die in the company of someone else out here who could respond to me in a language other than guttural, and leave me in a last, rational state of mind instead of bewilderment.

I hold the door long enough for a petite figure to slip in, and finally shut the lid on the encroaching fog. The howls subside under the rhythm of my heavy breathing, and my body thumps to the floor, leaning every which way in exhaustion. I look up to check on the state of my companion, Gloria was it? Wait, long blonde hair to the thighs, American accent, and that ridiculously weighty purple earring...

"...You're my flatmate, aren't you Gloria? The Yank-er Miss Hathaway, down the hall opposite side from my door?"

With that realization, time slows down as my head races in possibilities. They all lead to the same conclusion however, the creeping realization that I really, possibly could not be in a dream. I was never religious, though my parents did each sit on pews in their childhood before skipping Sundays, but now I draw on every bit of paranormal, supernatural knowledge I can muster, where math, science, and God knows economics cannot help me explain now this unfortunate twist in my life. Again, London is nowhere near the coastline for this dense a fog, nor did it reek of chemical pollutants attributed to smog. What canines would also exist in the entirety of Great Britain, less so let loose to terrorize the populace, unless the immortality memes about the Queen have just been proven to involve lycanthropy? What did I do to deserve an early glimpse of Hades?

I refocus on Gloria while still struggling to comprehend just the space we occupy even. The building walls here look complete instead of haphazard, jagged jigsaw pieces, but the walls dull any light, and seem to absorb the empty space around us further into the room edges cloaked in darkness. If not for the sheen of Gloria's blonde hair helping to outline her, my eyesight tracking indoors would have been compromised as much as the haze had done outside.

"I-I don't know where to pick up, from when we last met. But I think we could start by retracing our steps today. I honestly thought this is all just a dream, though not to count out the chance I could be having a dream with you in it, er..."

@Landaus Five-One
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