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4 mos ago
Current @Zelosse Don't be like Rudy Gobert, DPOY - Dumbest Player of the Year. Just don't.
4 yrs ago
Just came back from being brutally, utterly wrecked at the 2016 Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival. Then nearly going broke after a full day at Disneyland.
4 yrs ago
Congratulations Class of 2016! We finally made it out of the purgatory that is K-12 education! XD
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4 yrs ago
Just placed 2nd with my robotics team at our tournament today. Only thing that kept us from 1st place was the dreaded L word: LAAAAAAAAAAAAG!!! T_T
4 yrs ago
What a day I've had! First a blackout no doubt caused by living near the Super Bowl stadium. Then a logical leap to work on my computer offline, aka clean a bit of dust inside only to nearly break it.


What's up people, here's my intro, just deal with it. B)

Anyways, this is my first time forum roleplaying, closest thing I've ever done to this would be chatroom Mafia and organizing a Facebook faction page for gameplay, besides IRL PnP RPing. However I'm quite prudent and dedicated to being online everyday just to check for posts and such. I'm also very (overly?) assertive when it comes to dealing with game mechanics and GM rulings, and I will raise issue with the GM when I find one that's loose, unsatisfactory, or missing (I may come off as a harsh critic at times, though offering an assistant GM role would help XD).

From what this site offers, I'm interested in joining up a Free, Casual, or Advanced Roleplay thread. Specifically I'm interested in:
- High fantasy
- Cyberpunk sci=fi
- Deeply conflict driven
- Anything idealist/philosophical bound (then broken)
- Based on character origin/progression
- But I'm willing to try anything else if it sparks my interest!

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I'm dunked on by a dense spray of freezing saltwater, moments before I wake up.

Wait, that's not right. Now my clothes and even messier hair are sopping wet, chilling me to the bone. Blasted ocean, never wanted a reason to head south towards the Atlantic or Channel for this matter. Which is peculiar that I would know the sensation of tasting sea salt on my lips, and feeling the weight of dampness in the first place. Right, my name is Thomas Robinson, and I'm most probably lucid dreaming, to an extreme degree I haven't experienced before.

I let out a sneeze, then scan the scene about me, from the wide blue cloths pulling against massive posts in the wind, to the three cylindrical towers lined down center row. The slippery floor rumbles a bit, as from the depths I feel a tremor followed by cracking sounds, and I make out a jagged pillar of ice in the fog pass by the railing on the side. Only then I realize I must be on a ship, not in the middle of the Atlantic or Channel but some Arctic hellscape.

A section of the wall from a shrouded building ahead turns outward to become a door, and a figure clad in the same blue as the ship's sails steps out. One by one, shadowy figures I missed lurking outside step indoors following the first figure, before I steal in right behind them, hoping to not be noticed and further wet. Just in case of anomalies like me walking into a freezer or gas chamber next in the dream sequence, I keep one foot out the door to bolt, into the bloody ocean if need be.

What immediately strikes me is the piece being hummed by the figure clad in blue, a proper instrumental arrangement I'd imagine comprised of piano and strings, yet no classical composers I know of ring a bell. Except all that comes short for naught, holy hell, is that what a senile Pinocchio looks like in my head--mate, not the childhood haunting I want to be in right now. Never mind the old coot's rambling, god those eyes right about bulging out of their sockets, talking about spares when you better get a mirror and sewing kit first yourself. Nah mate I'm out, if this ship's sailing nowhere, I'm gonna jump into the sea myself and get somewhere.

I move when the lights suddenly go out inside the room, but as I run for the railing and over, my surroundings begin to blur and distort like a waking transition, the solid weight of water in my clothing becoming lighter yet airy. The last things I notice when I turn my head back, are a strangely familiar head of long strawberry blonde hair, another of spiky black hair, and a sparkling card floating off the desk in the room bearing Roman numeral XIII.

I haven't set an alarm clock for morning in a long time, so I wake with a jolting start to the beginning notes of Musette in D Major from my mobile.

I shouldn't need it after the first week of university anyways, my internal clock will adjust soon enough to new schedules like I trained it to. Everything in my life must be routine, accurate and precise, for time is a finite resource. Sleep as long as possible, get up, pants on, business in the bathroom, hoodie over, bag shouldered, then out the door. The faster I do the latter activities, the more efficient results important stuff in my life outputs, like sleep and studying.

I open the fridge in the commons kitchen and pull out a loaf of bread, then take out a jar containing the baked, rather stewed beans I cooked the weekend moving into student accommodations. No complaints from the flatmates yet about my extensive use of the kitchen, though having taken advantage of everyone else still ferrying their boxes of extra rubbish to and fro. I only caught wind of two names myself, a Gloria with an accent likely Yankee still adjusting, and a Tyler, hopefully another good Briton lad, like there have been many in that camp since the vote. Right, that reminds me to check the local food pantry after classes, since my scholarship doesn't automatically undo poverty.

After having my beans on toast hot directly from the frying pan, I wash up and head out. Through the drab and harshly lit hallway, down the clanging metal steps, jogging out heavier than they should be doors, past students waving on the freshers, past another running student with two loose bangs flying in the air, past a table of students dealing cards to one another, past one sitting at their laptop in a campus common area I just enter, and even past a peculiar bunch of three, tall, short, and stunted. I know where I need to go and what I need to do, according to my class schedule and planned education. Why I'm doing this is an inefficient waste of thought, I fink.

@AwesomeZero5 Here is another Persona RP I just joined:…
Spots filling up for each Arcana, so join soon.
@Penguin King There is a another Persona RP under the Casual Interest Check section starting up. Sorry but guess we are officially dead.

@Jangel13 Yeah by now I have learned how to numb the feeling of disappointment in dead RPs. :(
Guess I will RSVP since my last Persona RP died.
Well if this is dead, I take the blame for being lazy and not writing new posts for my character, rather just bunching together old ones into monster, harder to read paragraph posts. If we want to restart for the second time, I'll consider creating a new character since I was satisfied with my old one, but not to the extent that it couldn't invite new players to interact with.

So...while this RP was in limbo I finally finished writing the next chapter of my Persona fan fiction. It started as a fan idea for Persona 6 that I wrote an initial draft for 2 years ago, but quarantine gave me time and inspiration to add on to it again. The writing quality is thus quite different and I need to update the initial version, but criticism is welcome either way. Here is the link if you want to check it out:
Sorry for awkward post order, can just assume I posted last. Pushing the pace because I want to get back to the point we were in the original RP.
Present Day

I sign in at the administrative office, then a secretary leads me towards the counseling office, where I introduce myself to the sole counselor of the entire school. A bit curious that a private school has little budget for no more than one, and the dark circles under their eyes shows the load they have to carry. But one statement by them unexpectedly clarifies the true pressure they face,

"I appreciate the help from you and your organization, Angela. It's...the recent case surrounding this school, the Death Husband. Students just keep coming to me with their fears, and for comfort if their classmate went missing."

My heart skips a beat. Of course, I remember now hearing the school name before on the news. My mind instantly flashes to Raven, and I wouldn't be surprised if my own eyes darkened in intensity. But, this isn't Blood Eye, and I can't let my past trauma cloud my exchanges with the inevitable students that arrive for counseling later today.

A scream in the distance probably makes everyone in the room break into a sweat. The secretary tells me to wait inside while they confirm the situation, so I do until a flurry of movement later outside, I notice the secretary in the main office across the hall urgently dialing the phone. I use the bathroom excuse to leave the counselor, and after meandering close enough to confirm the call was indeed for emergency services, I hurry off in a vague direction I think the scream came from.

I don't ascend to another floor of the large school building in case I get called back, but the closer to the location I get the more I could tell it was somewhere above. I stand unsure of my agency in the hallway, classrooms to either side and definitely opposite the direction of the bathroom, when the bell rings. Immediately, someone with two distinctly spiky hair growths bursts out of a classroom door and sprints for the staircase, followed by two other students trailing them in succession. Considering it broke the usual pattern of the rest of the students filing out of their classes in a steady stream towards their next class, I could draw the nearest conclusion as to what they shared in common with me at the moment.

"Raven would've been brave confronting a murderer like that. At least, I think she was with Blood Eye..." I mutter under my breath before moving again with the crowd. The tide directs me towards the stairs so I go with it, catching a glimpse of one of the three earlier students before finally following them under my own volition. I end at an unusually quieter spot on the second floor sparse with students, except for the three grouping around a door down the hall. I slowly approach them and peer through the doorway into what appears to be a music room.

"Um, excuse me, are students supposed to be up here?" I ask, before realizing my dumb question.
Bump again for room left in the first round of posting, but join soon!
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