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Current @Zelosse Don't be like Rudy Gobert, DPOY - Dumbest Player of the Year. Just don't.
4 yrs ago
Just came back from being brutally, utterly wrecked at the 2016 Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival. Then nearly going broke after a full day at Disneyland.
4 yrs ago
Congratulations Class of 2016! We finally made it out of the purgatory that is K-12 education! XD
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4 yrs ago
Just placed 2nd with my robotics team at our tournament today. Only thing that kept us from 1st place was the dreaded L word: LAAAAAAAAAAAAG!!! T_T
4 yrs ago
What a day I've had! First a blackout no doubt caused by living near the Super Bowl stadium. Then a logical leap to work on my computer offline, aka clean a bit of dust inside only to nearly break it.


What's up people, here's my intro, just deal with it. B)

Anyways, this is my first time forum roleplaying, closest thing I've ever done to this would be chatroom Mafia and organizing a Facebook faction page for gameplay, besides IRL PnP RPing. However I'm quite prudent and dedicated to being online everyday just to check for posts and such. I'm also very (overly?) assertive when it comes to dealing with game mechanics and GM rulings, and I will raise issue with the GM when I find one that's loose, unsatisfactory, or missing (I may come off as a harsh critic at times, though offering an assistant GM role would help XD).

From what this site offers, I'm interested in joining up a Free, Casual, or Advanced Roleplay thread. Specifically I'm interested in:
- High fantasy
- Cyberpunk sci=fi
- Deeply conflict driven
- Anything idealist/philosophical bound (then broken)
- Based on character origin/progression
- But I'm willing to try anything else if it sparks my interest!

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I'm fine IRL, don't really go outside often anyways, and all my classes moved online.
@Dark LightWe're really still right at the beginning of this RP, individual post lengths in IC are only reflective of players' development of their characters not story exposition. Reading only the IC posts by @Jangel13 should catch you up to speed on the story so far, then you can choose how to insert your own character into one of the arcs, with guidance by the GMs if you wish to join again. (Also GMs should really be doing the mentions not me...)
@Not Fungus@World Traveler?

Now would be a good time to bring in the cavalry @Dark Light@Sage Orion 0312. Have the latest questions about their CSes been answered already? Just find it strange to see their last posts on here mention WIP, assuming talk was taken to PMs.
Coronavirus hit hard huh
Present Day

Judging from the air surrounding and forcefully emitted from the Vice Principal, she's an authority figure I wouldn't look to actively buddy with as a colleague, or blatantly disregard if I were a student again. I move aside for her to pass not wanting to push my luck, then make my way back to the counseling office. Inwardly, I cringe as the bathroom excuse I give to the other counselor piles up with my other lies given today, and halfheartedly toss a prayer of forgiveness on top of it all. The other counselor at least seems to take me in stride without a hint of incredulity, continuing where we last left off by showing me my temporary office space before letting me settle in. I set up for the brunt of my work expected to begin at lunchtime.

Eventually I pass the time idly on my phone. When social media didn't suffice to engross me, I find myself tapping open the notepad app, then randomly away at keys while collecting my thoughts.

Why didn't the music teacher go to check on their own classroom themselves? And why was it unlocked, if band practice doesn't happen until afternoon? If I don't get any immediate visitors at the beginning of the lunch period, maybe I'll sneak out again to find that music teacher. Just to ask a few questions.

I nod to myself and start typing what would be my case notes. The only evidence I gleaned from spectating the student investigators was the broken glass, and I think I overheard the fox haired one mention a mirror. Beats me why a mirror would be connected to crime, though the shards could be sharp enough to cut something...or someone. I briefly search the web to update my knowledge on Death Husband, and add that context to my notes.

But now I return to thinking about connections between the particular students I met. Why them, and in such a hurry, when the scene was easily accessible to any set of prying eyes? The Death Husband case has been open for so long, yet with respect to the other counselor, the school has acted lackadaisically in a drastic situation where equal measures should be taken. Did the police ask them to remain open so they could catch Death Husband in the same place? I think back to their last update on Blood Eye, with no new victims nor leads. Well if everyone's so relaxed about everything, except for those students and I, perhaps...

I follow my whim searching for other cases related to Kage Private High. My heart leaps to my throat as the top search result shows the local news coverage of Blood Eye victims, related to some of the students. But I resist clicking the link, I'd avoided looking up who the Blood Eye had also left alive and hurting for their loved ones, not wanting to share the darkness and grief only I could be plunged into all this time.

In other news this is turning into one of the longer days in my life.
What about those whose applications are still WIP? @Dark Light@Feijao@Sage Orion 0312
Present Day

"Well, I do have a visitor pass..." I reply behind the blue haired boy, shifting the lanyard around my neck with said identification into better view. I pause to take in the scene of students investigating a crime scene: the spiky haired student looking increasingly like a fox examining a glass shard, the blue haired boy cautiously opening lockers with a yardstick, a third student more determinedly opening another set, and a girl standing beside me looking on nervously. I wonder if it's more than a coincidence of curiosity that these four specific students, and I, were drawn to this area due to the novelty of a criminal like the Death Husband, Blood Eye even. Where would the music teacher of this school be anyways, if not watching their own classroom? If I'm to have an amateur interest in detective work as these other students seem to have, there would lie my first suspicion.

I hesitantly clear my throat to talk again, as the only adult in the room, "Actually, I'm a part time counselor asked to come help your school, in that office. A...secretary was showing me around, until we heard that scream. She ran back to the office to call police, while I was close enough to find my way here. So, since the police are probably on their way..."

I hesitate again. There's a fine line to cross into becoming an authority figure for these students. Except I'm not a teacher or similar person they could possibly respect in the moment, especially with me fibbing. Part of me wants to, but that part seems to think of prodding or even scolding them like younger children in trouble. Another part sees myself no, someone more like Raven in them, with youthful energy not yet tapped by becoming a working adult. I take a breath, then finish my line.

"...we should investigate this as efficiently as we can, before they arrive," I'm about to take another step into the music room, when I hear approaching footsteps, "Oh, somebody's already coming."

As if by instinct, I turn around and march back down the hallway, hoping to meet whoever it is and stall for time. I figure it would make up for my earlier awkward arrival if I fibbed in favor of the students rather than against. It's going to land me in some trouble with the school staff for being up here in the first place anyways.

"Hello, my name's Angela Gong, you can just call me Angela. I'm a part time counselor assigned here by the local Catholic charity, non profit and secular divided of course. More here for career guidance, a bit of financial aid, some basic mental health services including referrals, you know. I was just looking around the school to get to know the place, talk to some students and introduce myself."

"Oh uh, I did just come from that end of the hallway and greeted students there, I think they were cleaning up after independent band or choir practice so they didn't need supervision. Which is funny actually, part of the reason I came up here was because I heard the music room was this way, and the school's counselor mentioned wanting to see the music teacher for something. I couldn't find them inside so uh, would you happen to know where the music teacher could be, maybe their office? I'd like to make a good first impression on my colleague, if you could help me."
Present Day

I simply nod at this unprecedented turn of events. Me, finally trusted by Boss to act by myself for work, not only that but to do some counseling? I essentially shadowed my seniors in the previous cases we worked, looking over my shoulder while they did the talking. Now this is no chance to mess up, Angela.

Recalling my college courses, I think about how textbook my approach should be, balanced against what my peers had indirectly taught me in the field. Most of the clients we interacted with were adult heads of household however, their children or wards usually away from home like at school. It hits me then that Boss may have assigned me to counsel at a school, because I would be closer in age to the students compared to my coworkers. I clap my face in reassurance as my ride share pulls up, and minutes later I arrive at Kage Private High.

I sign in at the administrative office, then a secretary leads me towards the counseling office, where I introduce myself to the sole counselor of the entire school. A bit curious that a private school has little budget for no more than one, and the dark circles under their eyes shows the load they have to carry. But one statement by them unexpectedly clarifies the true pressure they face,

"I appreciate the help from you and your organization, Angela. It's...the recent case surrounding this school, the Death Husband. Students just keep coming to me with their fears, and for comfort if their classmate went missing."

My heart skips a beat. Of course, I remember now hearing the school name before on the news. My mind instantly flashes to Raven, and I wouldn't be surprised if my own eyes darkened in intensity. But, this isn't Blood Eye, and I can't let my past trauma cloud my exchanges with the inevitable students that arrive for counseling later today.

A scream in the distance probably makes everyone in the room break into a sweat. The secretary tells me to wait inside while they confirm the situation, so I do until a flurry of movement later outside, I notice the secretary in the main office across the hall urgently dialing the phone. I use the bathroom excuse to leave the counselor, and after meandering close enough to confirm the call was indeed for emergency services, I hurry off in a vague direction I think the scream came from.

I don't ascend to another floor of the large school building in case I get called back, but the closer to the location I get the more I could tell it was somewhere above. I stand unsure of my agency in the hallway, classrooms to either side and definitely opposite the direction of the bathroom, when the bell rings. Immediately, someone with two distinctly spiky hair growths bursts out of a classroom door and sprints for the staircase, followed by three other students trailing them in succession. Considering it broke the usual pattern of the rest of the students filing out of their classes in a steady stream towards their next class, I could draw the nearest conclusion as to what they shared in common with me at the moment.

"Raven would've been brave confronting a murderer like that. At least, I think she was with Blood Eye..." I mutter under my breath before moving again with the crowd. The tide directs me towards the stairs so I go with it, catching a glimpse of one of the four earlier students before finally following them under my own volition. I end at an unusually quieter spot on the second floor sparse with students, except for the four grouping around a door down the hall. I slowly approach them and peer through the doorway into what appears to be a music room.

"Um, excuse me, are students supposed to be up here?" I ask, before realizing my dumb question.
@Jangel13 In general terms, what are the conditions to move onto the next scene if any? Unless this is the only scene for the crime.
I got skipped. But at least I can write a lengthier post to cover two rounds instead of two short posts.

@Feijao Gonna try this mention again, finishing your character sometime? I think my character would interact well with yours.
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