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I’m thinking of making some kind of voodoo witch.
I'll put some tentative interest in this.

- Midtown -

Johanna hadn't exactly been told much about the plan. All she knew from her "friends" in Pariah Underground was that somewhere, somehow, New Haven's police force was going to have its hands full. And when even the police force is busy, anything worth stealing is practically fair game. That's why she'd taken it upon herself to slip inside some poor, unassuming apartment building to do what she did best:

Break into some shit.

Of course, she had to get dressed for the occasion, cat mask and all. Putting on the Sabrecat persona wasn't something she was initially too fond of, but as time passed, she understood the necessity. She wanted people to know who she was, and what she was capable of. Knowing that a Variant committed a crime was, more often than not, the point of it all. Besides, it wasn't like she was sneaking past anyone; if anything, she'd just sneak through them. With careful, deliberate steps, she made her way down the alley until she came face-to-face with the back wall of her target. Holding her breath, Sabrecat phased through said wall, exhaling once she was on the other side; as it turns out, she found herself in a bathroom. This wasn't unexpected, given she had blueprints to the building, but still. Gross.

One short elevator ride and some people-dodging later, Sabrecat stood outside the apartment of one James Ballinger. He was at work, giving her plenty of time to find what she was looking for. Sure, he was just some no-name businessman, but he was also likely embezzling funds from his own company and donating them to anti-Variant hate groups. All she needed was proof. So, she stepped through the locked door, turning the light on as she did so. For the most part, the guy's place seemed pretty boring: black furniture, beige walls, simple decor. And yet, so many secrets. Funny enough, he left the TV on.

His bedroom wasn't much more interesting, though Mr. Ballinger definitely needed to clean the damn place. Sabrecat stepped over scattered items of clothing, approaching a safe tucked into the corner of the room. If someone was going to keep evidence of their crime-for whatever reason-surely they'd keep it in a safe, right? With no hesitation, the redhead phased her arms inside, dragging out wads of hundred-dollar bills, some maybe-important documents, and a whole lot of checks. Stolen checks that she was now taking photos of. Maybe he hadn't gotten around to cashing them just yet? Or maybe he was planning on altering them in some way? Regardless, she had her proof. Now, all she needed to do was talk to her contact in Pariah Underground, get a tip sent to the cops, and--

"BREAKING NEWS: A New Haven laboratory was set ablaze just minutes ago. Occupants of the lab are still trapped inside. The police have not made any statements, but four Variants were seen fleeing from law enforcement officers."

Johanna's head shot up, her body otherwise frozen in its place. She heard sirens wail off in the distance, likely making their way to the scene. Was that the "plan" she'd been hearing so much about? Setting a fucking lab on fire? She shuddered to think of the people still inside, and yet...what could she do? Johanna could think whatever she wanted, but Sabrecat had a job to do. Stuffing the checks and papers back through the front of the safe, she resolved to simply figure it out later. Sabrecat shoved the wads of cash into her hip pouch, then made her way to a nearby window. It was only the third story, so as long as she made herself as dense as possible, she'd survive the drop no problem. There'd be people around, but once again: that was the point. The cops are busy, and civilians rarely interfered. So, she took a running leap, phasing through the window, then solidifying herself as she fell to the sidewalk. She rolled as she landed, ignoring the gazes of the people around her while she jumped to her feet...

And found herself directly under a surveillance drone. Shit.
@Sewer Rat That's Brett Dalton, right? He can arrest me any day
@ZAVAZggg Since the GM is reworking the power class system, maybe wait on that and then decide? But for right now, I'd guess Class 6, since that has the potential to encompass every other category.
I really like how much variety the characters all have (both in terms of powers and personality)! Hope we all have a good time.

Can't wait to start ^^
I also did a "government file" kind of CS (I swear I didn't mean to steal the idea, haha). It's a bit rough and subject to change, so let me know if there's anything that needs fixing!

I've currently got an antihero/rebel character in mind, so I'm glad that sort of thing is possible!
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