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Just a WIP for now, I got a busy day and just wanted to get the barebones down before everything hit the fan.

I'm game, this could be really interesting.
Oh yeah I totally agree, I'm going to have it where he can't even use his powers without "exploding". The most he can do is chill your drink, the whole explosion thing is part of the reason why he stopped the hero gig the first time. Incineration was a factor.
I think I got a good idea for a cryokinetic character but I wanted to know if this would be an acceptable side effect for using the guys powers before I really started fleshing him out.

I should be able to post later tonight.
Yeah pretty much, I've built him around the idea of a paladin/tank. Eventually he'll get an aura effect or something but his main schtick is making really great arms and armor/magical enchantments/tattoos. And for that chest? Well, what they don't know can't hurt them.
What about an Hero that got tired of the life and is just trying to stay under the radar and are inevitably forced back into the fold?
So I took Trog and put him in a pretty much completely different direction, lets see what sticks here. And on another note, who wants to discuss relations?

Alright, after designing my character in my head I've discovered I've basically made a Draenei. So I'm going to say screw it and roll with it anyway and just tweak it a little bit. And before I buckle down and finish it I'll say he was going to be a goody two shoes type of character no matter what affinity he had, it's just that Light followed his character more.
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