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Here's James 2.0

I'd say that the club members would know each other decently enough, at least to form real opinions on each other instead of first impressions. Otherwise we're gonna have to hash out relationships with each other.
I tend to collab with others more often than not when it comes to PVP stuff because I don't actually care much about winning as much as I enjoy character development. Like... I'd rather spend my time making the fight interesting with someone rather than focus on winning it, if that makes sense.
Thanks, I hate it.
Ultimately I may not be the best authority on this because I may or may not have missed the ball completely with my own skills. The whole technology thing as skills is a grey area, I think, until we get some GM clarification.
Fair enough, I read it as the electricity comes from the wires which are embedded in her body. Which is pretty dope but I don't know how they are going to fire lightning bolts without cutting themselves open... or maybe that's the point.
The only things I can see as being problems is the age and the whole "actual wires in the skin" thing. We're a bunch of highschool kids with superpowers as a focus of the RP, and the wires in the veins thing would just electrocute your blood to death. Would probably flow better if your Electric Surge ability is something that you either do as a class ability or through purely technological means.
As far as I see, I think the only issue I have with James is that all of his active skills are based off of technology instead of an ability given by his class. Should that be something I fix or...?
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