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I'm upset I felt moved enough to log in and post on this.
... If you were there when Foxes got doxxed ...
We have a chat, so I don't see what the real problem is. >_>

Hi :) The site chat is a wonderful addition to the Roleplayer Guild, and the IRC operators hope for nothing more than its unequivocal success. We are merely waving goodbye to the chat that has existed for the seven years prior to this one, the chat run by non-moderators of the Guild.

In short: There is no problem, this thread just isn't for you~

Translation: It's been an inordinate pleasure being your Internet mum, #roleplayerguild.
I have a feeling I saw you around in the OldGuild, Gia. Did you ever GM a RP?

I did not! It turns out I was far more attuned to the mishmash baseline internet shenanigans that was spam and the IRC moreso than roleplaying. A shame, really.

I actually recognize her user name, I think the old version was Giacat or something? I never spoke with her but I am aware.

More Giannine than Giacat, and you also look familiar. If you guys ever stepped into the IRC, I would've seen you there.
Oh, right, I forgot all the oldkids left for greener pastures.

Except you, Aza. Stay diamonds.
why do i even internet
In Bloodborne 6 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
Midnight Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4:00). XD

--That's now!--
In Bloodborne 6 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
...You know Bloodborne comes out at midnight, right?
In Bloodborne 6 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
My boyfriend's mantra, all week:



Also, he's going to stream it with his roommates, if anyone wants to see that game.
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