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Unbreakable Foe, with steel and fire an Aries cuts the flesh and burns thy soul.
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Name my thoughts and brand my soul distant. Drown your eyes and ears in water to experience my perspective.
2 yrs ago
All this time I have dreamed about something else and longed for something in my past...
2 yrs ago
I ain't going to mess up this time...


A hopeless rainy noire romantic that adores tragedy.

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@Gin I'd heard about this release a while ago, but haven't given it an honest listen. I'm not a big 'post-black metal' fan, but I enjoyed the composition of the song and musicianship. At last, saxophone metal! I didn't know what to expect after hearing about the use of sax, but it was an interesting compliment to the track, and didn't run it off the rails. I feel like there's a blend of traditional black metal and shoegaze in there. which feels profound at first, but also ends up leaving me a bit disappointed and wanting something heavier. The sound is a little bright/modern for my tastes, but the construction of the song makes up for it.

I'll throw it a 7/10.

Brand new WITTR track from an upcoming album. Song is 9 minutes 36 seconds and touches on many different styles of black metal across its span, with some acoustic and etheral-sounding elements.

Lovely review. <3
Asks her if she is lost.
A beautiful healthy half elf girl with superb telekinetic powers and a metric fk ton more. :)
A to size minor colony with a civil war outbreak, right? :)…

@SleepingSilence There ya go, click it and enjoy. :)
In Hello! 10 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome to the guild, may your stay be long and awesome.
Welcome back, I am also making a re-appearance. :)
I am a AYE guy.
Through ruins, through flashing muzzle of blazing guns the Pilot turns a tide with a titans might.
Hail the brave, hail them who defy all odds... Hail the Pilot.
White Ward, just... listen to them... If you don't like the first song, chsnge, if you don't like the beginnings of their songs, hang in there!!!
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