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Unbreakable Foe, with steel and fire an Aries cuts the flesh and burns thy soul.
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Name my thoughts and brand my soul distant. Drown your eyes and ears in water to experience my perspective.
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All this time I have dreamed about something else and longed for something in my past...
3 yrs ago
I ain't going to mess up this time...


A hopeless rainy noire romantic that adores tragedy.

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How fares the future for my daughter?

Will I be able to get a new job beford this year ends?
Can I expect to study something I want to study, if so, when?
@Gin I'd heard about this release a while ago, but haven't given it an honest listen. I'm not a big 'post-black metal' fan, but I enjoyed the composition of the song and musicianship. At last, saxophone metal! I didn't know what to expect after hearing about the use of sax, but it was an interesting compliment to the track, and didn't run it off the rails. I feel like there's a blend of traditional black metal and shoegaze in there. which feels profound at first, but also ends up leaving me a bit disappointed and wanting something heavier. The sound is a little bright/modern for my tastes, but the construction of the song makes up for it.

I'll throw it a 7/10.

Brand new WITTR track from an upcoming album. Song is 9 minutes 36 seconds and touches on many different styles of black metal across its span, with some acoustic and etheral-sounding elements.

Lovely review. <3
A beautiful healthy half elf girl with superb telekinetic powers and a metric fk ton more. :)
A to size minor colony with a civil war outbreak, right? :)…

@SleepingSilence There ya go, click it and enjoy. :)
In Hello! 11 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome to the guild, may your stay be long and awesome.
Welcome back, I am also making a re-appearance. :)
I am a AYE guy.
Through ruins, through flashing muzzle of blazing guns the Pilot turns a tide with a titans might.
Hail the brave, hail them who defy all odds... Hail the Pilot.
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