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Away till 27th, off to Kyoto get me some pod action


Names Jack nice to meet you, I used to use this site pre 2015 so I thought Id give it another shot and reopen my imagination!

And yes I am ginger...

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Marden Alvarark - Ex-Militarum

Another passing day goes by in the hive, down in the depths Marden has accepted a contract to assist in some territory clearance. Some small fry gang trying to carve a piece out of this particular underground level. Claims of an archeotech buried within the labyrinth of tunnels and passageway through a water reclaim system. Such rumours always increase the bloodshed to an already stained underground.
With such close quarters Mardens primary was his combat shotgun with a mixture of solid slug and a small liberation of executioner rounds from a fallen enforcer, the metal blackened and the wooden stock worn but thanks to training in good working order. The gang a collection of iron worshippers clad in chains and rusted slag sheets shaped for armour. These ‘Underground Earthshakers’ as they called themselves offer a pretty bounty for help. No prisoners requested just take heads and get a cut of the loot. The enemy part of the water guild trying to conserve, recycle and reclaim moisture from the system and the unfortunates that die down here.

A plan was set up to converge to the central atrium and go from there, no tactics down here, take a tunnel and follow it. Marden with 2 of the earthshakers made their way through. The tunnel itself is wide enough for a transporter to travel with equipment through, pipes acting like arteries across the ceiling, some bleeding out a form of liquid or waste product onto the floor. As the group made their way through footsteps could be heard on the metal floor ahead causing them to take cover where possible. The steps got louder and multiple voices could be heard. The adrenaline began to kick in, senses began to heighten and his vision sharp. One of the youths sprung out on first sight screaming whilst firing their stub gun, Marden peaked out 2 men and 1 large figure encased in metal and tubes. It was ogryn sized carrying a large container on its back fists clenched. The two men had exoskeletons formed of servo arms and needles for extraction. They began to open fire, the first guildsmen dropping from a hail of fire from all 3 sluming onto the ground. Marden stood his ground whilst the two shakers advanced with their pistols. The second guildsmen sweeped the floor close to the first shaker taking a blow to the shoulder but stabbing with multiple needles causing the shaker to go limp dropping to the floor. The glass vials dotted all over began to fill with fluid not before Marden raised his shotgun loading an executioner round. As the shell left the barrel is curved slightly heading for the chest blowing through the servo arms and splitting the guildsmen in half. The hulking mass was slow to react but began moving forward towards the second shaker. The shaker stopped realising the stupidity of running forwards began backtracking still firing, along with Marden large ricochets off the mass, tubes perforating gases leaking causing the brut to let off a large growl of pain through its helmet. Marden needed time to load another executioner round, his eyes almost glazed over as he fired at the shaker blowing his lower left leg off, a small smirk cracking on his face. The shaker on his back shrieking with pain as the armoured hulk stood over him shadowing him with its mass. He was picked up like a ragdoll before being crushed, the cracking of the ribcage echoing in the tunnel. In this time the round loaded and aimed straight for the helmet. The bruts head blew off in a shower of metal blood and bone crashing to the ground.

At this point Marden slowly moved towards the corpses shrouded by the gases from the large exo suit. Marden forgot his training to cover his face as the gases almost gravitated to him. The narcotics took hold as Marden took to the wall for support and slumped down beside it. His mouth was dry, almost gasping as his eyes rolled back and the visions began. The sight of a mountain range surrounded by a forest. The flashes monochrome and stark continued. Tall obelisks with shadows surrounding them along with what seems like a caretaker or hermit. “Come to me”. It was hours till he came round, waking up in the same spot, the corpses cold and still. His gear stripped along with the rest of the bodies, it mattered not this ‘vision’ meant something. He had to find out.
Couldn't help myself and make a few mockups. Yes I am a gen 1 water type trainer

I love the idea of gyarados being a mascot hero like in FFX-2 if you've ever played it
Looks like a cool concept
In Dwarves! 29 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
As celebrations goes Brazmere couldn't recall a feast so grandiose. Some of remaining kegs of 'All Sorts XXXXX' frugally being handed out along with some of the best smoked duroc pork on offer. The glow of the braziers giving everything on the tables a golden halo.

Brazmere was taking his fill but of course more liquid than subsistence and as his tankard hit the table his fellow 'surfacer' Beorthric turned up with another.
"Cheers Gents" raising his brew along with a few others that heard. The laughter and cheering of the night was infectious along with the boisterousness between fellow dwarves and clans. Beorthric pointed out a table of orebreakers wanting to draw first blood in the evenings festivities. Brazmere drew a large grin across his face as Kragg agreed he stood up on the bench pointing at the breakers table "Who do you think you are? A bunch of orecrumblers with 'my first pickaxe' at your side dare challenge us?! Bring it on!" Brazmere stepped off the bench onto the stone floor knocking the shoulders of his comrades "Come on lads, this will be easy"

@Jb I was thinking khorne whispering in his ear, shall I move the paragraphs or just put the character name withing the character tab?
Let me know what you think

In the depths of the Hive there is always work, gangs vs gangs, nobility trying to cause a scandal. You just have to find the right person. Marben was one of those people, a dishonoured military man but with some skills to get tasks done. For the past 3 years Marben has made a name for himself ‘The Dusk Killer’ more of a trophy name thanks to certain jobs.

Several tiers below the hive where the sun doesn’t even reach the slums are always covered in damp slurry and the air almost has the taste of rust thanks to the ageing equipment and lack of mechanicus maintenance. Within one of the millions of alleyways is a small watering hole, the smell of unsanctioned brews being concocted.
“It's definitely him, look at the picture” two men were coercing with one holding a partially torn poster; Wanted dead or alive, extremely dangerous by order of the Planetary Arbiters. The poster had a poorly drawn close up of a male with long brown hair, crooked nose and a scar running from the centre of the lower lip past his chin and curled towards the neck. The poster also gave a description of a Male with average height and average build, commonly seen wearing a long leather coat and black undergarments.
The second man took a look at the poster before looking across the rundown ‘bar’ to a table where a single male sat. He was smoking, as he took a drag his head lifted and the dull shine of the indoor light cast a shadow of a scar on the lower face.

The two men continued to bicker as the single man calmly sat and smoked.
It seemed the men came into agreement, nodding together before standing up one blocking the door and the other approaching the table “We know who you are, now whats it going to take for us not to kill you?” said the hulking man, his hands clenched.
“This” The man replied before a laspistol blasted from beside the table colliding with chest leaving a gaping hole, the clothes crisped up beside the cauterised flesh as the corpse dropped to the floor. The second man, shocked, decided to run than fight screaming in the streets for some sort of law enforcement. Marben stood up unquivered by what happened, was it the tranq liquor? Unlikely, his callousness and lust for death were more of a role to play.
As an acting guardsmen his fear was stripped from him as was his morality and care for most beings. Marben became cold, almost a psychopath with little regard for the what's and whys of his orders; the only satisfaction was the killing. He began to crave more and swifter deaths as if he became blind drunk and whatever was in front of him was the target. Unfortunately these ‘tendencies’ were not appreciated by his fellow comrades which has led him towards this new path.
I've never played a bad guy but for my love of the 40k universe I shall try, I'll see what I can come up with

In Dwarves! 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Name: Brazmere Granitebrew

Age: 103

Gender: Male

Appearance: Brazmere is wide as he is tall 3 feet to be precise, broad shoulders from carrying barrels and sure feet to hold him steady whilst doing so. His hair although lacking on his head is white but his beard a mucky grey tone thanks to the tanning from various liquids soaked into it. The facial hair itself is loosely braided but mainly held in place by several tarnished brass rings. His normal attire is a green short sleeved tunic covered by a well worn leather apron. Within the apron a small hammer and assorted tappers

Skills and Flaws:
Strong - From the collection of hops to brewing and moving the barrels to the bar Brazmere along with his kinsmen they aren't weak and they enjoy to be tested, weight lifting, the stone carry all solidifying them as one of the stronger clans in Thrillem.
Iron Guts - Brewing is a fine art but unfortunately there is an off chance something goes wrong. Out of date ingredients, a faulty keg which has lead to Brazmere being able to stomach all manner of foreign things.
Brawler - Some people just cant hold there weight and when it kicks off in the tavern Brazmere is often asked to step in and cool things down, lucky for him with shovels for hands its not hard to knock or throw out the unfortunate sod who decided to start it.

Greed - Currency is fast moving within the tavern be it for a beer, gambling or odds on the first knock out for Brazmere and the tavern the house always wins.
Inebriated - Brazmere is not always sound of mind, there's always a thirst for the next round
Goading - Brazmere enjoys to push folks buttons to cause a reaction, good or bad

Background: In the early days of Thrillem the Granitebrews were labourers and hard workers. Many other clans possessed the skills to build craft and construct and they would provide the materials. As the halls became grander and trade started they set up a tavern on the mid level called 'The Open Door' as the name suggested available to all. Brazmere is one of 5. He has learnt from his family what it is to be a brewer from start to finish. As a young lad he was behind the scenes aiding in the brewing and cargo to the tavern. Over time becoming a local bar keep and friend to every man (with coin). Braz which he is known for short is a fairly relaxed yet sarcastic dwarf taking most things in his stride however he does enjoy to poke and prod certain locals for his own amusement. He can be assertive when needed especially when a brawl gets out of hand and can handle himself whilst in one too! As traditions go the Granite Bowl held each year testing your physical strength and fortitude is a favourite and for Brazmere comes his competitive streak, last year just beating his cousin in the last round; the boulder toss to bring the trophy back home. This year however he has been inducted into this 'adventure' although nervous he is eager to write another chapter for his families linage.

Miscellaneous: I might think of some later

Ive written this ahead of if there is room, I hope so and if not an NPc for you :D
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