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6 yrs ago
Current Bradbury's 'There Will Come Soft Rains' is a masterpiece, such a beautiful work that will surely stand the test of ti- What? I'm not crying. You're crying.
6 yrs ago
It takes a special kind of person to bite their tongue while eating. It takes an even more special one to bite the same place while talking. HINT: It's me. I'm that person.
6 yrs ago
Nearly fell asleep in my coffee earlier. I think that's enough irony for one day.
6 yrs ago
Today I had a crow hiss at me. I thought that hissing was something Cats and Snakes did, but apparently those beady-eye bastards are evolving and learning to mimic others' behaviour.
6 yrs ago
Soon to be the proud owner of a shiny new Dremel, and as a result likely no longer the owner of several fingers!
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Hey hey, I'm Goh! 23/M/Australia with a soft spot for dystopian fiction and Lovecraftian horror. I've been RP-ing and writing for about 5 years now; I cut my teeth over on the Planet Minecraft forums but I've recently moved here.

Hobbies include cosplay, being a huge history/politics/philosophy nerd, and telling puns so bad they cause people actual physical pain.

If you want me onboard for an RP, want a collab or just want to chat, feel free to shoot me a message!

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@ONL Soviet themed CoC campaign? I'm down :D I've only ever done CoC once though, so I might need to have my hand held through the ruleset. That and I'm going to R'lyeh overseas in mid March so I might have to kill off my character before then.

Day 275. The other survivors appear to have perished, taken in the night by some unspeakable horror that lurks in the shadows, like a terrible nightmare made tangible by forces too unspeakable to mention. The radio in the corner crackles, and occasionally I swear I can hear voices through the ceaseless static; but before I can make out their words they fade once again into the constant crackle of white noise.

My rations run low. I fear that without drastic action I shall die of starvation - or worse, by the insidious tendrils of the living nightmares that stalk the halls after the sundown.
@ONL Not too bad at the moment, there was a bit of a rough patch a few months ago but I'm through the worst of it now. I'm currently putting most of my time and effort into planning a 3-month tour of Europe early to mid next year, which should be good. How are you man?
@SigurdOur new theme song! This'll be a song we'll never get out of ours minds :D

@RBYDarkUnderstandable, good to know at least. Tell him I hope he's doing well. You too as well.

So guys, what's the plan then? Should I push us forward, or bid our time?

I'm definitely biding my time so I can await the Old One's arrival build off another post
@Sigurd I know, right? And it only took me several months! :P

@ONL Thanks man! I'm hoping the rest of the year is relatively problem free and I can actually focus on my writing. I do need to work on the whole communication front though, I apologise for not giving any advance warning about my absence :/
@ONL @RBYDark I have had just... a shit of a time the past few months; a lot of family/personal issues came up. However, I'm back (hopefully) for good this time.
Argus Lichfield

Physical State: Elevated heart rate, Dizzy
Mental State: Wary

The initial shock and rush of adrenaline now abating, Argus began to notice the hallway spinning around him. The combination of being caught off-guard and the potential concussion he was sporting made it increasingly difficult to focus on the eclectic collection of men in the hallway, and it took every ounce of determination to prevent himself from instinctively bracing against the nearest wall. A drop of sweat slowly formed on his forehead, and his legs seemed to be off balance - was that due to the lockpick beneath his shoe, or the pain still radiating through his head?

The man from before spoke to him again, his own icy glare meeting Argus' gaze. Argus stared back unflinchingly, bar the small bead of sweat that rolled down his face and the briefest flick of his eyes towards the object clutched a bit too tightly in the man's grasp: A large leatherbound book, the words 'An American Prophecy' emblazoned on the front cover. Argus' eyes darted back up to meet his once more, but that cold stare belied whatever emotions lay behind it. Argus knew that he was key somehow, but it would not be so easy to get inside his head.

'I would have preferred advance warning before being sent out to Arkham, yet here we are.' Argus quipped back. 'It's not often that we have one of Massachusetts' finest perish in such bizarre circumstances, and I was told that time was of the essence. But, I digress. You've yet to introduce yourself, Mr...?'

One of the two gentlemen who had entered the hall stepped forward. The man looked like a nervous wreck, carrying himself as if some terrible and gargantuan tragedy were looming above him, threatening to swallow him whole. Speaking quickly and anxiously, he introduced himself as Jeremy Velera.
Apologies. I'm just falling behind in school, and my "part-time" job is giving me upwards of 30 hours every week. Next week I plan to post?

I know the feeling, I'm also staring into the abyss of 30+ hours at work starting on Tuesday. Take it easy when you can!

In unrelated news, Argus post in the works. Should be good to go soon :)
@ONL I'm still around, the Great Old Ones haven't taken me yet! I'm just checking in every couple of days to see how things are going with our band of Arkham Investigators.
Next Argus post is live! It's a bit shorter than I would have liked, but I'm hoping post length and quality will continue improving as I get back into the swing of things.
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