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Current If I don't post for a couple days it's probably because I'm busy taking care of my nephews or I'm doing some other odd job. Please message me if I've been gone to long and I'll try to be back asap.


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@Metronome I might just end up reusing the old Discord. Don't be too amped to play yet, I don't even know if we have enough people.
@Metronome I love the character, sounds good. Also gives you a chance to redo his characterization.
Anyone still around?
@Lightning Is it really too late to apply or am I too late? Just been busy lately.

Aight we got one
<Snipped quote by Grec>

No, I dislike both DC and Marvel right now.

How come?
@Letter Bee Nah, I wanted to make something different that hasn't been done before. If you like DC or something more than Marvel we can try that but there are already a ton of DC roleplays active right now.
Lore for newbies:

Vampire Clans:
Mage Traditions (Orders):…
Werewolf Tribes:

There's more, like the Technocracy for the Mages and the other Werecreatures than Werewolves. Just search for them on the White Wolf Wiki.

It's impossible to hear the words "New York City" and not have images of crime, poverty and filth come across the mind, but also a hub of culture and some of the most influential people in not only America, but the entire world. Artists, Politicians and in this Universe the likes of the Avengers, Mutants, Vampires, Inhumans, Mages, Were-Creatures, Hunters and all manner of incredibly powerful costumed Vigilantes and Villains.

Horrible crimes go unpunished on the streets by criminals of all stripes. The Secret Empire (Hydra) has it's fingers in the human government while the Camarilla Vampires and the Sabbat Vampires wage war in the alleys at night, vying for control of the city. The Mages of the Orders remain hidden in their towers, the Orders influencing reality and protecting their secrets according to their own ideas and philosophies. The few Werefolk that are brave enough to trek out from the Wilderness and live amongst the chaos of the city carve out niches of their own. The Hunters, whether they be from the Church or the Government, destroy and/or capture anything from Mutants, Vampires to Werewolves and beyond. The leaders of these groups are in Flux-they may be anyone.

Ancient Horrors simmer across New York City. Beneath the streets, an ancient, dead heart lays unbeating. The original Vampire of which the Flesh Crafting Clan, Clan Tzimisce descended from, dreams and grows. It's fleshy tendrils expands into the subway systems and spores of it's body circulate through the air on windy nights. It is a hellish Avatar, a wicked demigod given body in the world. A young Apocalypse is being taught to once again become the Destroyer of Mankind, hiding out on a secret base protected by the Final Horsemen. Even more creatures of terrible powers approach Earth, and target New York City for it's huge host of powerful characters.

In this Roleplay, we will be playing incredibly powerful characters. Feel free to be up to a Methuselah Vampire, Elder Werewolf or Master Mage (but no ArchMages or 3rd Generation Vampires). You can be a hero or villain, it's free game here. We will be using the lore of Classic World of Darkness Lore for the Supernatural Characters. Magic works like a combination of Marvel and Mage The Ascension magic, mortals can see magic even if they are Sleepers and there is no penalty of using magic around mortals (as Superheroes have awoken people's minds to the Supernatural), but all of the lore of Mage the Ascension still exists. Vampires are only weakened in the daytime and do not have health regeneration, but can still use bloodheal. However, this game will mostly take place at night.

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