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2 yrs ago
Current If I don't post for a couple days it's probably because I'm busy taking care of my nephews or I'm doing some other odd job. Please message me if I've been gone to long and I'll try to be back asap.


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This title just came into my head while I was just chilling.

Basically, it's a massive war between cyborgs, demons, cyberdemons, half-angel vampires, super-powered mutants, psychic half demon pro wrestlers, gay werebears or whatever in a post apocalyptic futuristic hell-space Earth.

Sounds like fun? Of course it is. I'll start working on it when I'm not drunk and sleepy.
Really excited for this to release on Aug 2 but I have almost no one to play it with, so I'm looking for some players to start a game of this. I've never GMed a game before but I've been a player in many, many games. I might be up to GM if I really, really look into it but I'd prefer not to.

@Lord Wraith It says it's allowed if I get permission.
<Snipped quote by Grec>

Pretty sure villains are off limits at this time.

Might play Kingpin or Damage. Can I make my version of Kingpin a Vampire?
Thinking about making a big fat Vampire guy
@Metronome I might just end up reusing the old Discord. Don't be too amped to play yet, I don't even know if we have enough people.
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