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6 mos ago
Current If I don't post for a couple days it's probably because I'm busy taking care of my nephews or I'm doing some other odd job. Please message me if I've been gone to long and I'll try to be back asap.


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@LordofthePies It's all good, I need to make a post soon too
@Duoya Very interesting character, who do you want to be wielding him btw?

@Zapdos Yup, it's always open
@cashmeoutside Nah you gotta just say the location you're going to in the town like saloon or church
@Traps Here you go. I'm assuming most everyone will be starting in Wichita.

Finally, added all the characters and the Silver Sisters faction to the Zero Post in the character tab
@Traps Kinda gross, but accepted
@Lurking Shadow Yeah just go ahead and edit it in there, then you can post it in the character tab

@Forgiveness Pennydumb's character is a Supernatural Hunter
@Lurking Shadow A slight resistance, like it would take 6-8 shots from a gun to take him down.
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