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Current If I don't post for a couple days it's probably because I'm busy taking care of my nephews or I'm doing some other odd job. Please message me if I've been gone to long and I'll try to be back asap.


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@Simple Unicycle Spidey is approved
@DC The Dragon Your characters are good to go
Deadpool is gonna be Seth's buddy, but if anyone wants to play Deadpool feel free.
Seth, Son of Satan

Seth looked around the cockpit of the aircraft, viewing the crew Iron Man had assembled. There were some really strong members, like Red Hulk, She Hulk and himself, some weak members, like Black Widow who had no powers and Nighthawk, who was only useful at night. There were also some...talkative members of the team. Specifically, that Deadpool fellow who Seth had grown into a friendship with as a fellow mercenary and agent of chaos. Deadpool turned to Seth and began running his lip off.

"So apparently my lovely X-Friends are preparing to summon the Phoenix again, you'd think they'd had enough of that thing the first time, huh?" Deadpool said to Seth.

"Whoever controls the Phoenix will have absolute power and control over the universe. I can't allow something that could challenge father exist, like the One-Above-All." Seth said to Deadpool

"Seth loves his Daddy!" Deadpool said to Seth teasingly.

"Yes, maybe if this visit to the X-Men's base goes wrong, we'll see him in Hell" Seth said.

"Oh, sorry for your loss-" just then, Deadpool was cut off by an abrupt landing in the Mutant City of Utopia. Iron Man's Pro-Registration Avengers filed out into the Island, were a group of X-Men led by Cyclops were waiting. Iron Man stepped out of the aircraft and walked up to Cyclops.

"We know about what you're planning to do with the Phoenix. We're taking Hope Summers, don't put up a resistance." Iron Man said to Cyclops.

"Yeah, well, we'll see about that." Cyclops said. "X-Men, go!" Cyclops gestured his X-Men to attack, and Cyclops activated his visor and blasted into the Avengers. Iron Man put up a reflector shield and the concussive blast bounced off, but not without knocking him back quite a bit.

"Avengers, Assemble!" Iron Man said. A gigantic battle brewed up on the beach on Utopia, the winner yet to be seen.

@Simple Unicycle Sounds good. I'm writing the first post right now.

Red Hulk, Black Widow, She-Hulk, Nighthawk, Son of Satan and Deadpool, are all on Iron Man's side.
@Burning Kitty Yeah you can do that
@rocketrobie2 Actually, scratch that, I'll just join Iron Man's side and we can start now
@rocketrobie2 I'll wait for 2 more people or until one person joins Cap or Tony's side. This is a war, there should be quite a few people, after all.
@Simple Unicycle That's accepted, once @rocketrobie2 and @Shellshock get your sheets out of WIP mode they'll be accepted
@BladeSS4 Looks good

I'd like if more people took sides in the war, but if you want to freelance that's cool
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