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Definitely interested. It'd be nice to RP in a time where Bittersteel and Bloodraven are still alive.

Enterprise name:
Delta Depth Industries

Leader name:
Asher Pyke

Enterprise bio:
Three former convicts all from very different backgrounds decided life on Earth was all too difficult for men with records. Asher took charge and presented a handful of friends with the idea of heading into the stars and making a fresh start for themselves. After several months of planning and conning other's into taking loans, they've gathered enough capital to get themselves to Ember and set up a humble yet functional base of operations. While they aren't super soldiers or brilliant engineers, they are a rugged group of down to earth men with hopes to become rich. With a little luck, they can provide for their families back home and keep their children from making the same mistakes they did.

Starting crew:

Start-up capital:

Starting location:

Starting Requisitions:
(WIP until catalog finished)
Interest check acquired.
Quite interested.
Quite interested.
Interested. Seems fresh and unique.
@Klomster Whom is this out of interest?

Twas I. I'm kind of caught in the middle between the slaver and the steel fists merc, I suppose i'll have to decide soon though.
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