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Interested because who doesn't love the military. I like the sound of all of the ideas but the mercenary setting is most appealing to me.
Definitely interested if there's not too many people already.
Seems like a good idea to me. Reminds me of Fallout 4's frost Survival Mod.

Landing on the casing riddled beach was the easy part. Gazing upon his recently deceased comrades wasn't so simple. Many of these lifeless faces looked younger than him-at least the ones he could recognize. Most of the blood had been washed into the ocean and around the shore however many bodies were still being hauled off. The few survivors groaned in agony as they were moved towards the ships. Hundreds of soldiers had begun to assist the support platoons in unloading spare gear while logistics officers set designated locations for important things such as ammunition and medical supplies. Crates were marked with lot numbers and brief descriptions of what they contained such as ammunition types, toiletries, and rations. "Hey grease monkey! How about you come help me with this Rubinov instead of playing with yourself." The familiar voice came from behind him and as soon as he turned around he instantly recognized the man. Nikita was a friend from Vasas that he'd gone to school with before taking over his father's shop. Nikita being a year and a half older had enlisted with the reserves before moving to become a factory worker in a nearby city.

Anatoli quickly jogged towards Nikita to aid in the moving of the 157 kg Rubinov. Slowly but surely moving it up the beach, Anatoli began to inhale and exhale harder causing the cold winds to singe his lungs. Several M18 and M10 utility vehicles passed by carrying dozens of crates loaded with even more ammunition, gun oil, rifles, helmets, and mortars while the two M10's hauled a pair of Model 137 45mm Anti-Tank guns. A tall and lanky logistics officer briskly walked towards Anatoli and Nikita before stopping and staring at the two for several seconds. Deeply inhaling he opened his greasy maw and barked at the two men, "Here is fine. I suggest you boys get back to the support platoons and continue to aid them in their mission to make this bloody beach hospitable." Gently lowering the Rubinov's wheeled mounting to the sand, Nikita scurried back to his post while Anatoli slowly followed. Arriving where he started he began to further assist the support platoons, moving more crates of supplies from point A to point B. The crates weren't too heavy at all, the job being more boring than exhausting.
Interested because I love zombies.
Interested if this is still a thing.
Looks interesting enough. Reminds me of Shadowrun.
How many more characters we waiting on?
Private Anatoli Vasilyev

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