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Note to self, enter = post.
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Apparently these are a thing.


You followed me all the way to my Bio? Well... Now we must drop it.

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If they're at different skill levels? Whoever is more skilled.

If they're both at the same skill level but shit? The Knife, cause stabbing someone is easy, keeping someone back with a Bat isn't.

If they're both at the same skill level and actually good? The Bat because you can keep them back long enough to land a damaging below to the arm, head, leg, wherever you need to in order to paralyze them long enough for a finisher.
What kind of retard would think like this!!

A very special one. :3
Gwazi is the coolest person of all time.

Humans are out dated. We should upgrade to something better, like Toeians.
So suck my toes or something! :P
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This is a post.
Go back to Iwaku, nerds.

Happy Spam day or whatever.

But with this anniversary we've caused a reverse Migration!
In Toxoplasmosis 5 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
This so good I had to log back onto Spam to say how good it is. :P
Myself :3
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