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I'm not going to write about myself! -Gets glared at- Oh come on!!! No one is ever going to read this! -Start tapping foot impatiently-What? what do you think they want to know about me? That I'm 30 years old and a giant Geek? -rolls eyes and gestures for more- -Glares back and throws hands up- I'm an Avid Dungeons and Dragon player and Pathfinder. I love a good drama filled
story and Hawklyte is my Rangers name in D&D....THERE!

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yeah, were accepting characters.
"I hope so to..". Ben was worried and didn't like this part of town. He received the text and copied the address and googled it and got a map to it on his phone. He started heading that way when he saw the van pull over. No. Oh no please. Don't let them be having engine issues. Ben could fix almost anything but he wouldn't want to fix on the side of this busy road and in this questionable neighborhood. He pulled off to the side down the road just a few yards and looked in his mirror again and saw someone getting in the van. He twisted around to take a better look and saw someone grabbing they're stuff. "Looks like we picked up a hitch hiker. Hope they like SoCal..." When he saw Zac was ready to go, he started heading toward the address he was given. They were finally out of the questionable neighborhood and into a nicer and quieter part of New York City. Ben's phone said turn left at the light and he was on the wrong side of the road, he crossed over a couple lanes of traffic and got flipped off by 3 different drivers. Trying to sink into his sink so he can't be seen he waved his hand out as an apology. He wasn't use to this much traffic. He finally turned and pulled up to the apartment complex. He pulled into a parking space that had a free space next to it and shut off the car. He was interested in the hitch hiker. He got out of the driver seat and stretched out the stiffness in his back and arms. He twirled his keys around his finger as he walked to the trunk, he put in the trunk key and twisted and the trunk opened up so people could get their luggage. He grabbed his skateboard and waited for everyone else.
@The1Rolling1Boy Accepted!
Ben looked over at Leo when he asked about the seats. "Yeah Bro. I just figured people will call dibs on seats.". Ben looked back at the road and let out a breath. He never was good at making friends and keeping friends. He just shrugged it off and looked in the rear view mirror to see Cyrus in the backseat. "You awake back there?" He didn't try and say it loud just in case he was asleep. Ben smiled when he saw Leo take a picture. "Did it turn out okay?". He asked Leo. They started getting closer to the hub of New York City and traffic was beginning to get backed up and heavy. "Wow this city truly never sleeps huh?". As two police cars speed by with there lights on and sirens whirling. Ben grips his steering wheel and goes when the lights change and they get on the Brooklyn bridge finally heading down town. He pulls out his cell phone and hands it to Leo. "Call Zac.. We're looking for a room and food. Someone in his van might have good idea of where we can get both..
@The1Rolling1Boy will we find out her background in game? if so accepted.
@The1Rolling1Boy we sure are! Just drop a character. From New York City!
Ben looked at the Disc that was handed up and let out a laugh! He put the new disc into the player and let out a bigger laugh when the first song was No Sleep Till Brooklyn. The sun was starting to hang low in the sky as they made their way closer to NYC. He was tapping along to the beat on the steering wheel. "SO! what is everyone's plan once we reach New york City?".He asked everyone in the car. Ben wasn't really sure what he was going to do. He was fishing for ideas. He could find something to skate and get in more practice in before the he reaches the west coast. He all of a sudden swallowed hard and let out a deep breath. He was definitely nervous about the X Games and not knowing what to do when he got there. Plus if he didn't get in. What would he do with the rest of life? He leans back and keeping his eye on the road holding the steering wheel with his right hand and has his left arm out the window but he brings it up and bites on his fingers knuckle. They started to reach the outskirts of New York with the tall skyscrapers of the city in the background. I'll deal with it when it happens I guess He thinks to himself.
@CyndyrIm sorry Ben Ignored Claire. I totally didn't catch what was going on there with the questions. I'm still new at this play by post. Lets just say Ben was zoned out with that song in his head lol. I'm about to start writing his post.

When you find out the 2017 X games are in Minneapolis -_-
OH well ^_^ lol
My post has different shades of blue and I didn't mean for that to happen and I just guestmated 75 miles away. Don't be mad. I live in Indiana...
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