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1 yr ago
Current Heiress of Hell has passed away due to health complications. Thank you to this guild, you truly made her happy.
1 yr ago
Going in for a CT scan, the doc think it’s either a problem with the pancreas or the gallbladder. Posts will be delayed.
1 yr ago
To my partners; I have a friend over so I will not be able to reply very often. Will go back to regular replies Sunday night.
1 yr ago
I’m a damsel in distress, I need a knight to save me from this winding tower of boredom.
1 yr ago
I feel like a heathen using the safari browser...
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Bumping this
@Hippo AF

Awesome! No rush though, take your time! ^~^
Yay! Sounds good to me! I look forward to your character! ^~^

Edit: I'd like to appoint you to spider wrangler for the role play too if you join.

Welcome to the small town of Jasper, a quaint uneventful town with charm and appeal as far as the eye can see. Everyone knows everyone and everyone seems to be happy, well, except for the teens who are dying to graduate so they can get as far away as possible. Sure some of them will stay within the town as they're destined to but most will go out into the world to experience all of the wonders it has to behold.

But what if I told you the day of prom things changed for a select group of friends? That the day of prom was literally a day they'd never forget? At midnight each night time resets, the day starts over again and no one but this group of friends remembers anything? This is where the first part of the role play starts, the day of prom where everyone's getting ready. After figuring out that everything resets you would think that these teens might start off with a few harmless pranks or perhaps mess up a few relationships. But after a while things start to get to your head, the power to do anything without consequences.

People are known to miss use power and whose to say these teens are any different? Things escalate and escalate until one day tomorrow comes, yesterday is history but their actions are not. This is where part two comes into play the consequences of yesterday. The teens realize a few minutes after midnight what has happened and know that if they're caught that they will be sentenced to death. So what would any rational teen do if they were about to be tried for crimes against humanity, murder, robbery, etc.? Well run away of course!

So now our teens are on the run trying to escape their crimes thoug there's no way out. But it's fun to try right?

If you're interested in joining this role play please read all the information below and private message me with your character as I will be accepting only a select few to participate.

Looking for three more for the hero idea!
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