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Name: Draco Winroe
Image or Description:

Age: Draco is 15 of age. Birthday falls on June 18th.
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Mage or Familiar: Mage
Magic Type: To Be Determined
Known Spells: To Be Determined
Partner: To Be Determined.

Personality: Draco is often seen as a loner. He usually keeps to himself ad doesn’t want to meddle with peoples affairs. However, those who are known to him know that even though he is often quiet, he is quite humorous and caring of his friends, often protecting their name. He is serious about his study and is often on time, if not early on all his assignments. Draco is also super intelligent, often making work easier, he doesn't like to flaunt his intelligence to everyone however.

Biography: Draco's parents were both a Mage and a Familiar, famous, or rather Infamous. His parents were known for their connection to the Underground magic world and was said to be two of the most dangerous duo in the magic world. Wealthy and powerful was a potent combination. To the surface and to the public eye, these two were all the right things, but to those who knew where to look, knew that they were shady mob bosses. Draco was subject to a horrific child hood, one in which no one knows about and he hates to even mention his past.

Because of how he was raised, he hates himself and his parents. He would often try and rebel and was severely punished for his behavior, this only fueled his growing hatred of his family. Their was one person in the family however, who Draco couldn't live without. That was his uncle Kalo, a man who too was in the family business, but tried to keep Draco out of it, and would often stop the beatings his father would inflict.

Now that Draco is away from his parents, he swears to live his life differently from his criminal family, he wishes to be strong enough to hold hos own against his father and to take down the business, once and for all.


  • Solitary
  • Reading
  • Fried Rice
  • Practicing his magic


  • His family
  • Talking about his past
  • Opening up to new people
  • People who interrupt his learning or alter his work timing

Points: 10

Proficiency: 5

Intelligence: 4

Athletics: 1

Quiz Answers:

Password: Solitary
@Invader Len Well im half way though my Mage character, but should i also create a Familier one just in case ?
@Invader Len I hope this is still open, i will be working on my CS now, and it should be up in the next few hours, just looking at this on my phone so i dont wanna start the CS until i get home :P
Well i have to wait for any freaking marine to post, literally anyone to acknowledge that Draco, a high ranking officer has gotten aboard and asked ANYONE for the Captain...
@Leoven As much as i would love to be in this RP, i spent almost three days fleshing out this story, trying many different scenarios. I was writing this almost every day during school and if it wasn't enough to be selected then i will have to pass on this one. I can't make another one as good

So has Draco not been accepted or are you still reading?
I'm excited :p
@Sodomite Shdowpine or Frost is the first CS submitted in the OOC, just to let you know
@Leoven is my char accepted with the changes? If so, may i move it to the CHAR tab?
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