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Godomar, last scion of house Vandame, looked out across the docks and felt content, an unusual emotion for him. The hot, humid air of the port was pleasant and the light swaying of the deck beneath his feet was oddly comforting, considering what it reminded him. If he closed his eyes, he could've been back at the academy, steering a skiff through one of the nearby waterfalls to drench his crew-mates. For a few seconds he revelled in those memories, not happy ones exactly but recollections of a simpler time when he knew what he wanted and how to get it. The benefit of two years out of education had given Godomar a little perspective on his school days and he reflected they might not have been so quire terrible. After all, what that had been required from him then was determination, a dogged refusal to give and a sharp tongue where as today... today, things were different.

His idle musings ended as his eyes slid open and surveyed the scene before him again. The more punctual and, perhaps, professional of the crew members they were docked to collect were already waiting for them on the quayside. Besides them were a small crowd of excited looking locals, pointing at The North Wind and exclaiming or chattering. A little spring of satisfaction blossomed in his chest, though Godomar knew he had had no influence on the purchasing of the vessel nor on its design as one of the premiere examples of ship-craft on the Archipelago. Still, it was hard not to feel pride when small children looked up at you with awe in their eyes and even leathery old sailors were eyeing up the ship with an appreciative eye.

Godomar itched to set himself to work, perhaps inspecting the state of the rigging or the engines, but he had already checked every inch of the vessel over several times in the relatively brief time since he'd been aboard and found everything to be perfectly in order. All that was left to do was to stand around and greet the members of the crew as they boarded the ship. He nodded to a few and fixed others with a steely gaze. Already he anticipated being the only one on the ship with any sense of discipline, as half of those now boarding greeted his appraising gaze with friendly nods or didn't notice at all. A lack of discipline would suit the ship's captain down to the ground though, Godomar wryly reflected.

He was in two minds about Zephyrus, the laughing young man who would be his commanding officer for the coming voyage. There was no chance that he was educated by an academy, that was for sure, and seemed to lack any sort of official learning whatsoever. However, the other man had a quiet strength and subtle self possession that spoke to Godomar of the confidence of command and self control. He knew he would be a fool to underestimate the man chosen by Madam Le Fèvre to oversee this journey and to direct this incredible ship. And moreover, Godomar was aware that Zephyr had spoken up in his favour during the process of first mate selection. A debt was owed there, no matter what the captain might say as he airily tried to wave it away.

With that in mind, Godomar resolved to reserve judgement on Zephyrus and, by extension, the rest of the crew. There would be plenty of time int he coming weeks for them to show their mettle and for him to show his. A journey such as the one they were to undertake was no small feat and would see them all tested. Until that time, the last son of house Vandame would watch and wait.
Been a busy start of the week, everything's slightly gotten away from me but I'll try to get a post up tonight or tomorrow.
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Dominic flicked through his copy of the script with little enthusiasm. Oh, the play was a good choice, being challenging enough to perform and politically charged enough to be considered a risk. It was just that it was a short play with only one location and so would require very little rewriting to fit the company's stage. Add on to that the lack of any music in the piece and the absence of background players and the coming weeks looked very empty for him. He'd end up sitting at the front of the stage with a copy of the script in his hand, ready to prompt anyone whose memory needed jogging while Art strode up and down amongst the players, crafting his perfect vision of the play with extravagant hand gestures a plenty.

Still, what could one expect, it wasn't as though the Abracadabra! Company could choose the productions they put on with much flexibility or pickiness. They took what they could get and were grateful for it, especially in such reduced circumstances as they were currently suffering. And besides, there were worse fates to suffer than to spend the next few weeks watching Art and the others go to work. Great thespians the group might not be but no one could fault them for lack of effort or ability to multi-task. None of them would let things go while they still felt there was room to improve, staying on long past quitting time, or doing several jobs at once to maximise rehearsal time. Memorably, Noa and Billy had once rehearsed a scene while working on an unstable part of the stage, glancing at their scripts between hammering and speaking lines without dropping the nails inadvisably held in their mouths.

He set the script down upon the piano, sat carefully down next to it and gave the battered old thing a gentle pat. When he noticed Art regarding him quizzically, he gave a subtle shrug and a small nod. The two had been working together for a fair few years now and the director knew that Dominic was more apt to suffer silently than allow his concerns to see the light of day. He was in the habit of checking on the other man, peeking behind the poker face, to make sure he was in on board with whatever the plan was. And, in almost all cases, Dominic was. As much as he liked to play the piano and to train the others through musical numbers, he trusted Art's judgement more than enough to go through a few tuneless weeks if the director decided it was the right path.

Noa, meanwhile, looked up from his copy towards Art with a smile. Having not been much of a student of the arts in his youth and having been on the road for a long while, he couldn't rival the repertoire of scripts some of the others knew. It didn't make him feel useless though, just excited to see what would appear next. Behind his warm eyes, his mind was already running away with plans and calculations, what needed doing and how to do it. There were still those planks on the stage right that creaked and wobbled ominously when walked over, they'd need fixing. And a better lighting setup, the current one was on its last legs. And a matching set table of chairs would be nice for An Inspector Calls, to conjure up that look of the average family dining room. First things first, however...

"Looks good big man, though probably not as good as you in a dress. Just one question;" and he turned to face the other figure towering over the company, Billy Halford. "Are you going to let me have the part of the inspector or do I have to thumbwrestle you for it?"
You mean an image that doesn't link back to fontmeme? If you look at a fontmeme BBCode link, it's just an [image] link inside a [url] link so I just saved it, reuploaded in on imgur and then put the link elsewhere. Personally I prefer the header not to also be a link but I discovered Fontmeme through someone else's linked header so I try to leave a link in somewhere.
Fontmeme and 1001 Fonts are both good, though I prefer the former. I'm sure there are other sites and you can use Photoshop, Pixlr or GIMP to do the same thing, the sites are just a lot simpler. And free.

I think I refreshed the subs page the exact same second you posted, I swear I'm not constantly on the thread
Best answer? Tumblr.

The search function is awful but there are a lot of blogs you can find that have plenty of good art in similar styles. I suggest searching something generic, finding one you like the style of and then follow it to the artist's blog.

Did the edit I mentioned, fixed the issue @Jacobite mentioned and decided to change the text colour because I've been attacked about it before.

Well, that was a whole thing. I haven't given this the fine toothed SPAG combing it probably needs or a proper edit yet, but I figured I'd post the 99% done version here as WIPs seem all the rage at the moment.

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