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1 yr ago
Current Heiress of Hell has passed away due to health complications. Thank you to this guild, you truly made her happy.
1 yr ago
Going in for a CT scan, the doc think it’s either a problem with the pancreas or the gallbladder. Posts will be delayed.
1 yr ago
To my partners; I have a friend over so I will not be able to reply very often. Will go back to regular replies Sunday night.
1 yr ago
I’m a damsel in distress, I need a knight to save me from this winding tower of boredom.
1 yr ago
I feel like a heathen using the safari browser...
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@The Harbinger

I'm glad you think so! >;3

Maybe! You'll just have to figure it out in a role play now won't you? >;3
First bump!

Oh really now? Well, on the note that you so willingly crossed out I assure you that I am no damsel to be taken. But maybe some day I could arrange that proposal for you instead! >;3


My interest check is up! You can check it out if you haven't already!


Oh a willing sacrifice! What an unexpected but welcome surprise! As I said to the person above my interest check is up! So if you're still willing after glancing that way shoot me a private message! A blood sacrifice on my first day though... so exciting! >:3

Thank you very kindly Nallore!
Hello Mortals! Heiress of Hell here, looking for those who are daring enough to role play with me! Before we get started though let's talk about the mortal partners I'm looking for shall we?

My ideal partner is the following:

•Someone who posts two paragraphs or more
•Someone who enjoys OOC banter
•Someone whose okay with my immensely diverse pun stash
•Someone who I can build a role play with instead of someone who either is too afraid to tell me about any ideas they would like to add or they give up on a role play too easily
•Someone preferably as quirky and awkward as I am

Now that we have that out of the way let's get to the very few rules I have!


•Please be over 18 since there will be swearing, gore, violence, and other mature content
•Please inform me if you need to take time off or you wish to drop
•Please follow other Guild rules previously specified by Mahz

Now for the fun part! Let's get to the ideas I had in mind! Though if you have any ideas you'd like to share please don't be afraid to private message me with them! I don't bite... much!

Hope to see some tasty morsels mortals soon!

Oh dear me! I'm terrible sorry! Are you the demon I'm betrothed too by any chance? >;3


Hehe, indeed! Nice to meet a fellow demon! >:3

Oh? How so? I am quite curious now Mortal... tell me more. Is there any way I can help? I'm eager to stretch out my demonic powers! >:3


Thank you! So kind! Someone's going to heaven aren't they? Well, such a shame... Anyways, thank you kindly again for your warm welcome!

Thank you mortal! Or... dessert? Not sure right now! x3
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