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Hallelujah I'm done my undergrad! More time for fun things :3


Hello! My name is Lilly and this is a bit about me :3

I like: Tea, Cats, Books, Music, Crafts etc.
I read: Fiction, Adventure/Epic Adventure, Fantasy/Dark Fantacy, Sci-Fi, Tragedy, Apocalyptic, Manga, Christian, Historical Fiction
I write: Romance, Adventure, War, Superpower/Superhero, Fantacy/Dark Fantacy, Apocalyptic

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Thanks for the info. guys! I just didn't know :)

I looked but didn't see anything about this... sorry if it's a repost.

I was wondering if at any time there would be the support for a RPG app? I thought it might be easier to use than the browser, or maybe more concise?

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Hello? Is anyone still around?
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"Oh." Beatrice breathed as a boy her age opened her compartment door. "Be careful, Tanino is still a-" she said, standing up abruptly. The cat was out and startled. Beatrice rushed past the boy and exclaimed on her way "Tanino!" She left the door open, all of her things exposed, and an ornate looking book on the seat. Clearly, she was more concerned about her cat. Speeding down the hall, uncaring of the noise she made, Beatrice called back to the boy "Are you going to help or not?"
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haha alright :P
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"Aye, Cap'n" Daniel said, standing at attention. "Are ye feeling well fer this?"


"She certainly seems to be doing a fantastic job of that, it seems." Amelia tossed. She began to hear a slight knocking noise. "What is that?" She asked, not yet knowing what rain sounded like on such a vessel. She began to help Scarlet put the wooden dishes away.
Yep! I added my character to the Character tab and I already posted in the IC.
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Hot damn you are quick to post :P
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"Aye." Daniel said agreeing with Bane. "Th' sooner th' better if ye ask me. Th' sky was darkening as we came back te ye Cap'n." he commented. It had looked like a simple collection of rain clouds, Daniel was amused by the idea of weathering a true storm with this crew. His brows knit together in the middle of his forehead. He was thinking how some of the crew would have to go below decks and wait out the storm while the rest fought it, they were not yet ready to return back to regular duties never mind handle a large scale storm.


"I- guess I never thought about pirates having families." Amelia admitted, blushing. Did she really think them so uncivil to not have the basic joys of human life? Family, love, hard work, loyalty... Pirates were the same as those loyal to the crown when it came down to it. "You must be glad that they had found you." She said, trying to move the conversation on. "You must have been there the day Captain Avery decided to journey out on such a vessel." Amelia was looking for another story, trying to maybe ease the pain of Scarlet losing hers.

It began to rain.
Name: Beatrice Leone

Date of Birth: December 19th

Hair colour: Light brown, between long and mid-length, side bangs with many layers
Eye colour: Bright green
Skin colour: a fair ivory, from her mother's side (she tans to an olive tone thanks to her dad)
Body Type: child... but closer to mesomorphic
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 88lbs

Blood Status: Mixed. Her father is a muggle born Italian and her mother was born into a magically gifted Irish/British family. It is hard to say as to if that side of the family is pure blood or not. They believe in loving whomever you love, equating to there being marriages to both purebloods and muggle borns.

Personality: Compassionate and steadfast, Beatrice is always out to help others and stand up for what is right. She is playful and fits in well with her house as one would have to be very clear or harm her greatly in order to lose her loyalty and friendship. Beatrice is always thinking of the good in others. She is determined and disciplined in almost everything she does.


House: Hufflepuff

Pet: Tanino (Male) [Ta-nee-no]

Class rankings:
Top: Charms & Herboligy
Middle: Potions, Flying, Defence Against the Dark Arts
Bottom: Transfiguration (much to her chagrin)

Beatrice was raised within the magical community but often visited her Nono and Nona with family, giving her experience in the muggle world. She has a younger sister, and her parents love her very much. They are always encouraging her to strive to be the best version of herself she can be.
Beatrice was very excited to receive her letter to attend Hogwarts, just as her parents had. She was even more excited to finally be able to own a cat. She picked out a lovely, large, male tortiseshell/tabby kitten. She practically dragged the poor animal everywhere she goes, though he doesn’t seem to mind.
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