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Current Will be responding soon and then going on a Histus until October 17th, 2021
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Been working through some burnout lately, sorry for the slow responses. I'll be getting to it this week.
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I've been trying my hand at streaming lately, feel free to join on Fridays 9-11pm EST!
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Guess who's back ;D
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I'm taking a hiatus from Sept. 1-26th to handle some school stuff :)


Hello! My name is Lilly and this is a bit about me :3

I'm a Canadian role-player.
Atlantic Standard Time; UTC/GMT -4:00, Atlantic Daylight Time; UTC/GMT -3:00.

I like: Tea, Cats, Books, Music, Crafts etc.
I read: Fiction, Adventure/Epic Adventure, Fantasy/Dark Fantacy, Sci-Fi, Tragedy, Apocalyptic, Manga, Christian, Historical Fiction
I write: Romance, Adventure, War, Superpower/Superhero, Fantacy/Dark Fantacy, Apocalyptic

I used to write in larger rp groups and post an average of once per day at the free-casual level. Lately because of life circumstances, I've been participating in more 1x1 with an average posting rate of once every 1-2 weeks at the casual level.

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In Splinters 1 mo ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Daniel made his way along the slippery deck, sliding by a few feet with each mighty rock of the ship. Once he made his way to the pedestal at which the wheel spun on, he hoisted himself up and around, grasping the wheel on top of Avry's hand for a moment before unlopping the end of line that he had saved for her.

"Beggin' yer pardon Cap'n." He called over her shoulder as they both grasped the wheel for support when the ship crashed down from the crest of a mighty wave. Daniel felt intensely uncomfortable being behind her in this manner, he justified it by assuring himself that it was the best way to secure them both without obscuring her line of sight and way through the storm. Still holding on with one hand, he used the other to wrap the rope around her waist, and back through his own loop. It was easier to tie it if he could use his hips for leverage or he'd lose balance and pull them both away from the wheel. He tried his best to move with the strain in her arms to allow her to steer. The entire encounter was uncoordinated, but the job got done. Now, Daniel really was stuck out in the storm with the captain, his front to her back and his hands on either side of her own on the wheel.
In Splinters 2 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
"He looks like a hard man." Amelia commented, eyeing him until he left their view. She had, in the moment, forgotten that she had met him previously and that she had hidden behind Scarlet at the time.


Daniel grunted in acknowledgement of Bane's explanation. He had expected more from Bane as he was second in command. Though Avery was incredibly capable, she wasn't infallible.

"Aye," Daniel came over to Iris and began pulling on the line of rope to see if would be long enough. "This be th' treated rope?" he asked as he tied a harness around his waist and thighs with most of the rope to one side of him, and enough length of rope to tie a harness around Avery with her garments on the other side.

"Right, ye lot wi'' hold th' lives of meself and our cap'n in yer 'ands." He fastened a portion of the long end of the rope around a sturdy beam and handed the tail to Bane. He handed a small coil of the rope to Iris. "Let this out as I go, when I'm on the other side of the stairs I'm going to tie it as I go to the ship. When I get to the cap'n, I'm going to tie her in as well." He looked to the port that would lead him out of the depths. "Iris, tha' door will have to be closed swiftly behind me." The rain pelted as the mighty ship was tossed. "Don' fail us both." He cautioned, and with a mighty push on the door, Daniel was back on deck.


Daniel ascended the stairs to the main deck, tieing himself off at the top of it with a loop knot since both ends of the rope were attached elsewhere.

"Avery," He called into the storm, tying himself off again at the base of the stairs that would lead him to where Avery was. The wind whipped his face with salt spray. The deck was slick with rain and salt. The tie he used for his hair was already lost to the storm, blinding him further. He felt his way up the stairs, calling her name and again tied himself off at the top. The last length to go was in front of him. He glimpsed Avery unattached to the ship, he heard her call to him but the winds stole the words. She struggled to keep her eyes open in the pelting rain, her captain's hat long gone. Her hands were ghostly pale with the effort of guiding the ship and holding on. Daniel began his rocky crawl across the bridge, towards his captain.
In Splinters 2 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Amelia humphed with begrudging assurance under Scarlet's arm. She noticed as a keen, hopeless romantic teenager would, that Scarlet responded to the black-coated man differently than the other sailors they'd encountered so far. Amelia was half certain she had met the entire ship up until that moment.

"Scarlet," she hushed, "Who is that man?" It was hard for her to keep a smile tucked away and indifferent curiosity in her tone.


"Ingenious indeed." Daniel agreed, pondering their words, then his face fell. "Did no-one make sure her line was secure?" He asked, as calm as the waters in the eye of a storm. In the silence, he searched the faces of those Avery trusted most. It was solemn.

"Damn th' kracken and th' fool." He scolded. "This ship ca' go on wi' out us, bu' not wi' out 'er. A poor tied knot anywhere on th' ship is life 'r death f'r th' whole crew." He stood up on sure legs and began rummaging around the deck. He was going to need an extra long length of line.

Currently closed. Thank you for your interest!


My name is Lilly (mid-late 20's, Canadain) and I'm looking for a male-dominant partner to try a loose RP idea with. I tend to write more of a slow burn, investing in the development of the relationship as much as the romance. I enjoy writing descriptively, though I have had some struggles with time lately so I've been getting a post up once a week to every other week. I tend to write from the focus of one or two main characters though I can introduce many other side characters to advance the plot. I prefer to write a female character and with someone who is also an adult. I'm open to expanding on the idea if an RP partner has things they want to add. I do like to get to know who I'm writing with but it's never a requirement.

- open communication OOC about ideas/timelines
- reasonable grammar
- approx. 2 paragraphs minimum unless we're on a bit of a roll that requires more back and forth. In that case, at least 1 paragraph is good. Please no one-liners.

My idea;

Some examples of my writing;

In Splinters 4 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Amelia curled her skirts around herself and sat where Scarlet had indicated. She pulled her knees up to her chest and stacked her crossed forearms on her knees, and her chin on top. She watched some of the sailors roam about and others stick together in groups. One was telling a story of myth and legend to occupy the minds of some of the more nervous sailors. She waited patiently for Scarlet to return.


Daniel left with the other masters on the ship for the decks below. They wobbled as they descended slowly, careful not to be tipped loose lest they be lost to the dark waters.

"Bane," They had reached low enough that they no longer needed to shout over the howling winds. "How does the Cap'n know where she's going? thr's no sky or shore t' speak o'." Maybe it was a way to help Avery.
In Splinters 4 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Amelia did as she was told, stumbling the whole way behind Scarlet as the older woman lead her by the hand to the cabin area. She had seen a few storms but none of them had quite appeared so quickly or with such force. She was astounded that only 20 minutes ago it had looked like a little rain on the horizon.

"Scarlet?" she asked, the wobble of confidence surprising herself. To her own ears it made her sound like a lost child. Going below decks made sure that as few people as possible could be swept off the deck and drowned, but it also made it harder to get out if the ship was to go down.

"Have you ever seen a storm like this before?" Her heard squeased so hard it felt like it could cut off her air.


Daniel let Bane repeat the orders Avery had given for Iris through the howling wind. The trio gripped onto rope and pole tightly to be sure not to be thrown overboard by the rolling waves. The Shadowstrike was a strong vessel but even now it groaned under the pressure of the turbulence it found it's self in.

Daniel had defied Avery's orders at almost every turn, he wondered if he would be able to talk sense into her now or let it play out. He couldn't very well take the helm from her, he had no clue how to steer and it would be far out of line even for him.

"Than let's git down below." Daniel huffed. "Unless ye two git yer'selves a better idear?"
In Splinters 5 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
"O-okay." Amelia nodded, stepping uneasily on the rolling deck. She helped Scarlet gather as many glass bottles and loose ends as she could. They dumped what they could into empty barrels strapped into the corner of the kitchen. Crates had tied lids on them. Dining utensils were tossed in and amongst the containers that contained hay to soften the jostling of rough seas.


Bane looked peeved as he strode down the slick stairs from the helm. Avery looked focused and fierce against the growing darkness. Her hair glinted with sea spray, making it look like she was on fire.

"Bane, wha' orders are th'r?" Daniel called into the wind. He leaned over to help a sailor batten down a line off one of the sails.
In Splinters 5 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Amelia grew uneasy in her spot among the sailors and Scarlet. The vibrancy of day dimmed, the sea rolled with more sway and there was something low in the distance. The sailors all gave her sweet smiles and nods before moving on their way. The crew knew it was time to move. She stood and scurried her way to the most familiar part of the ship for her, the kitchen with Scarlet.


Daniel strode with a purpose through the decks calling; "Storm's comin', i' ye be injured git under t' deck. I' ye cn't git there yer self, crew help 'em out." He helped haul one or two sailors lumber to the lower decks. The mighty ship rolled between deepening waves, thunder rumbling a little louder.

Once the injured were in a relatively safer spot of the vessel. Daniel again traversed among the sailors strong, shouting encouragement as he went.
Thank you to whoever sent me a candy cane!
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Hey folks!

This weekend many people are gathering online to play video games and raise money for local children's hospitals. I figured here would be a great place for people to share their links to the event and maybe checkout each other's events. Happy Gaming!

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