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Current Survived Hurricane Dorian with only 24h of no power and minimal property damage :)
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I will respond IC on Saturdays, I will also check in throughout the week but not post
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Moving to Nova Scotia in August (O.O)
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So I got into Massage Therapy school... Just finished the first week and it's been insane! Sorry if i'm slow to respond IC...
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Hallelujah I'm done my undergrad! More time for fun things :3


Hello! My name is Lilly and this is a bit about me :3

I'm a Canadian role-player.
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'Mom...' Zafiria's eyes stung as she dropped into a quick curtsy. It wasn't like their court to not announce her into a meeting such as this. Her father bowed and gestured for her to join him up on the dais.

They all listened intently to Chris Falcon's recounting of the events he knew.

Chris was eloquent with his words, complimenting and manoeuvring the conversation like someone who has spent a lot of time in a court. It made her burn with curiosity, there was too much unknown about him. Much to her own embarrassment, she tried to suppress the rose that she could feel tinting her cheeks. A simple compliment shouldn't be encouraged in such a way and yet she had never before been referred to as a Wind Master. Sure, she was good at it but not nearly as good as her mother or the Masters of old. Zafiria considered herself to be more on the intermediate level of skill.

"Welcome home my Queen." King Ozias rumbled, smiling briefly with warmth rolling from his eyes. "I must admit," he spoke after a contemplative pause "I don't recall invinging any specific warrior here, ony putting out a general call to knowledge as it were." he then turned to his wife "Did you, my dear, in your wisdom invite him here?" many would take such a public question as insult but it was simply how her parents communicated. They were very open with their thoughts and it gained the respect and support of many. She knew that her father loved and respected her mother as much as she did him, they were gifted very differently but both incredibly intelligent and wise.
Zafiria's shock at seeing Chris was one thing but the icy chill of feeling her blood flood to her feet at the sight of Frost was another entirely. The court mask slipped ever so slightly, she felt it as much as she felt her face pale. Frost shouldn't have been able to do that. It seemed to be effortless, if he could do that then none of them was safe at any moment. It was the kiss of death to her freedom and marriage to combative studies. Her father seemed shocked and furious, he was as afraid as she was. It's a scary thing to know that even your parents, even a king can't protect you any longer.

King Ozias stood.

"Ramirez, inform the queen immediately. Tell her of Frost and this swordsman." he boomed. It wasn't a request up for debate but a direct order.

"Wulfrick, who is this man and what information does he have?" the king demanded.

'we need it now more than ever' Zafiria finished for him in her mind. Her father was right, Mr. Falcon would be an incredible ally if his information was as helpful as their top generals said it would be. She knew better than to speak for Wulfrick, so she stiffened her squared shoulders and adjusted her facial features. A bead of cold sweat rolled from between her shoulder blades down her spine.

"Speak quickly."
King Ozias greeted his daughter warmly upon her entrance, much to her surprise. The main hall was uncharacteristically empty, giving Zafiria an ominous feeling. He motioned for him to sit in her throne beside him and gave her a quick talking to about being respectful and careful when practising her spells. He included that the next time she develops an area of effect spell, that some guards take her down into the grassy valley where it should do less harm.

"Now," he rumbled. "Wulfrick and Ramirez will be bringing someone to us soon. Based on Captain Ammiras' description, he is likely to have more knowlege on the Gate of Nemesis." Zafiria watched her father's face turn grim and felt her own blood turn to ice. "They are questioning him now and then they should be with us." No wonder the hall had been cleared out, and she was dressed as if she was attending a court meeting. It was not a happy topic for their family, as they didn't know what it would mean for her in the long run. Zafiria knew she was in mortal danger but what they didn't know was the specific conditions the gate needed to be open, if it required her life and that's why she was in mortal danger or not. There was also the chance that she was to be a guardian of the gate in a truer sense than they had anticipated.

Zafiria wished her mother was here. Unfortunately, the queen had gone to a nearby kingdom on a peace envoy to clear up some legal issues between their two kingdoms. It was customary that the princess would go but because of the current political climate, Zafiria stayed within the boundaries her parents deemed safe as they handled the rest of her world-stage responsibilities.

The air felt heavy with silence as the king and his daughter prepared themselves for grave news, and to meet this knowledgeable person.

I totally am! I've never written something like this before that has such a detailed world to start with. It's rather exhilerating
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