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1 mo ago
Current Merry Christmas!
5 mos ago
Survived Hurricane Dorian with only 24h of no power and minimal property damage :)
1 yr ago
I will respond IC on Saturdays, I will also check in throughout the week but not post
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2 yrs ago
Moving to Nova Scotia in August (O.O)
2 yrs ago
So I got into Massage Therapy school... Just finished the first week and it's been insane! Sorry if i'm slow to respond IC...


Hello! My name is Lilly and this is a bit about me :3

I'm a Canadian role-player.
Atlantic Standard Time; UTC/GMT -4:00, Atlantic Daylight Time; UTC/GMT -3:00.

I like: Tea, Cats, Books, Music, Crafts etc.
I read: Fiction, Adventure/Epic Adventure, Fantasy/Dark Fantacy, Sci-Fi, Tragedy, Apocalyptic, Manga, Christian, Historical Fiction
I write: Romance, Adventure, War, Superpower/Superhero, Fantacy/Dark Fantacy, Apocalyptic

I used to write in larger rp groups and post an average of once per day at the free-casual level. Lately because of life circumstances, I've been participating in more 1x1 with an average posting rate of once every 1-2 weeks at the casual level.

Most Recent Posts

I usually make new years resolutions, and for the last ~7 years or so I've been able to make good on them! This year though... I feel so overwhelmed with school that I think my goals this year are pretty uneventful;
- survive
- complete MScPT
- get licenced to practice my profession

Finals season...
I'm finishing up MWF Seeking BFF and I've just started The Burning White (Lightbringer #5) :3
Freeze Me by Death from Above 1979
Back to school... last year of my masters
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