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10 mos ago
Current Thanks again RPG for enjoying the Candy Cane Service! They have now all been sent, and so I bid you adieu. Merry Christmas, and may your 2021 be hopeful.
10 mos ago
Extending the Candy Cane Delivery service until Christmas Eve!
11 mos ago
Caught up on Candy Canes again! :) Keep the Christmas Spirit going~~~!
11 mos ago
I have been having a busy weekend just helping Santa with a couple of things, so Candy Canes will be sent tomorrow! Thank you lovely Guild friends! :)
11 mos ago
it's okay if you'd like to blacklist Candy Canes. For every blacklisted Candy Cane, I will send more to other members who would like them :)


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And that's a wrap!

I am once again blown away by the kindness, love, and appreciation this community has displayed throughout this event. I think in the end, over 500 Candy Canes have been sent! It's too hard to count them!

I hope that you all had a beautiful Christmas, I'll be back next year - and will leave you with a heartwarming song for your evening.

More Candy Canes will be going out soon! Appreciating all of the patience and love ❤️
I said I would be closing this event today, but due to an absolutely OVERWHELMING response to the whole thing, I'm going to run it until Christmas Eve.

Thank you to all who've been using this service over the Holidays! The positive response has warmed my heart immensely! :)

Keep it up! <3
My star didn't light up, so I need to get a new topper! But I'm still pleased with it:

Caught up on canes again! :)
Hello friends! I am almost caught up on the Candy Cane deliveries!

I am so blown away by how many of you are reaching out with positive holiday messages <3

The last few will be sent today ~~ my apologies, I have busy weekends - what, with December and Christmas and Santa and all...


It's your favourite Christmas Elf again!

While I'm getting busy with delivering Candy Canes across the guild, I've had another request from the Staff! This time, someone called ButtsandNolts has requested I take the lead in decorating the Guild!

Can you help me?

This will be the general thread for sharing pictures of your Christmas Decorations!

We want to see the best decorated trees on the Guild!

Once you've decorated your trees and your homes, please snap a picture and share it here so we can all bask in how lovely they look!

As a point of genuine concern;

If you do not wish to receive Candy Canes, you can feel free to message me privately and I'll make sure none get forwarded to your inbox, no questions asked!


That was a big delivery!
Even Christmas Elf has received Candy too. We were not expecting it >^.^<
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