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Creeping around in cardboard boxes since 1998.


I've been playing since AOL days (I just dated myself, didn't I?), and I've been looking to get more writing into my life again. I do paragraphs, consider myself advanced, and write in the third person. I live in the Eastern US timezone; I'm 30+ and prefer mature RP partners. You don't have to be my age by any means, but that maturity needs to be there. XD

I can post multiple times during the day and would love to find other folks who can do the same. I write paragraphs, and the amount can vary depending on the situation, but you can typically expect 2-3. I may go a bit shorter if the scene calls for it, such as if there are a lot of conversations or a location transition. I can also go a bit longer if I'm diving into the way my characters think/feel, setting a scene, or happen to get into it. If I churn out 50 paragraphs, don't feel you have to! We're good as long as you get a paragraph or two and hit all of the critical parts.

Things about me:
I love to write! I also love video games, TTRPGS, etc., and enjoy fibercrafts (knitting, crocheting, spinning), watercolor, and about 5000 other hobbies. XD

Current RPs:
Vampire x Human
Vampire x Human
Vampire x Human
Vampire x Werewolf
Werewolf (Omega) x Werewolf (Alpha)
Werewolf (Omega) x Werewolf (Alpha)

MxM Omegaverse - bring your Alpha for my Omega!

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You're saving yourself a ton of money by not being near one. I like Taco Bell as well, but anything other than the 5 dollar box is outrageously expensive there.

Okay, so it's not just here. Taco Bell has gotten stupid expensive. You used to be able to go and spend like $10 bucks and walk out with like 40 tacos, now you get like two.
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