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Current 3 episodes left in the balance arc of TAZ and I am fucking L O S I N G I T
1 yr ago
workin on it!
1 yr ago
Just read my "Introduce Yourself" post from 4 years ago.... is it possible to go back in time and murder past me?
1 yr ago
god i really need to update my bio.
1 yr ago
im not dying, im just a ghost in training


What's good homeboy!!!!

Hi there! I'm Holly, I'm 20 years old, and I'm here to pretend that I didn't peak in high school! I've been roleplaying for about 6 years, and I've been on the Guild for almost 5! I took a huuuuge break (about 3 years, to be precise :p), but I'm back and ready to kick some ass with my utterly raw linguistic know-how and frequent use of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

Some of my favorite things include listening to/playing music, Owl City, Animorphs, the movie Wolf Children, Scott Pilgrim, helping people, and of course roleplaying!

I'm also trans, and I love dogs a whole lot!! Especially border collies, with the little floppy ears and the big floofy tails. I love being validated, so feel free to start a convo at any point!! Just be nice!!

I used to be SM64Dude! Now I'm not.

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Hey guys, just wanted to stop in and say I'm really really happy with how much you guys want to continue this, even if it's just the few of you... and at the same time, I'm deeply sorry I can't be here with you yet. I'm still working through personal stuff, and finals are coming up, so I'm mighty swamped. I have enough respect for you guys that I don't want to burden you with shoddy or undercooked roleplay, so I've decided to wait until summer (or at least early May) to resume posting, assuming you'll have me back. Feel free to completely retcon Emma out of things for now, or keep her in, or do whatever. The concept of my character and her assets are yours for the time being.

It's disappointing to see ayz and (presumably) Aristocles leave, but I wish them both the best and hope to see them around :)

If you guys need anything at all from me, don't hesitate to ask. I'll be on periodically to see what's happening in the story, and as usual, I can't wait to see what you all come up with :D

tl;dr: oh my goooood I love this I love you guys keep it up see you in like a month
Hey, so I've thought a bit about the narrative for when I come back, and I've decided that Emma should be untouchable for a few days because she demorphed, found her way home, and faked sick to get out of school for a few days. She'd have a hard time dealing with everything that happened, I suppose. Of course, this creates drama because she won't tell anyone- they'd have to call her house or something to find out. I hope this is okay.
They can! Book 11 mentions that i believe.
Hey guys.

I know I've said it before. But I'm really, deeply sorry for being absent for so long. I've been having really bad mental health problems as of late, which I'm hoping to get help with in the coming week. I know that isn't an excuse, just offering a reason, I guess. If it's okay, please continue without me for a little bit. I will be back, most likely sometime next week. I hope that I didn't hinder things too much, and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. See everyone soon :)
Hey, i finally have time to bust out my computer tonight! I am deeply sorry for my inactivity!
@SupernovaBlitz Your character is your character! Every choice is up to you.
will have a reply up later!
Wait, what? That's really weird, that was like a major point throughout the series that they couldn't think back at the other person while they themselves were human... it lead to a lot of communication issues that were crucial to some of the plot lines. Now I'm all confused XD
@RumikoOhara I can link you to pdfs if that would make things easier! You should only need to go through the first book, we're only really pulling material from there.
@Dusty is right, sorry I didn't catch that earlier! Up to @RumikoOhara to choose what's to be done with their reply.
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