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go for it
exaclty xd
ya xd im waiting for another one to post :P
@UltraCraftGames still waiting, have one tho, you havent posted yet :)
Factions maybe? Between the Monsters and Hunters? It'll be cool i think @Skinner35
@Skinner35 xd, im afraid to promote it tho
So it's about an exploration RP called Through The Portal, where.
You go through a portal to a New World, that's it @Skinner35
an exploration RP based on an RP i used to play in my first account. @Skinner35

1.Be active, you should post a couple of days to keep the story going if you do not, except if you have something to say, i will make your character poof as what Thanos did to Spidey.

2.No oneliners, to keep the story going you cant just speed post can you? make your own landscape of whats happening around you, improvise with the others, that should take paragraphs yea?

3.No OOC drama,i repeat no OOC drama or a bounty hunter will shoot you in the head.

4.No godmoding, Whether you are interacting with another player, or an unnamed NPC, you may declare an action, but you may not decide if that action succeeds. Here is the rule of thumb: if it can react, the person controlling it gets to decide how it reacts. If it is an inanimate object, you're free to decide whether or not your 360 noscope hits or not. Bear in mind, you are in a strange world, and some inanimate objects may have a few surprises in store. If you godmode or auto-hit, I'll call up Doflamingo from One Piece and have him control your character to death, (xd thx Yuuta)

5.GM and co-GM controls the weather, "weather" you like it, or not.


Character Sheet

Do it however, but filling the information below is a must:

Name: (Include any nicknames or aliases)

Age: (All races will age like humans. Please no 253 year old elves)

Race: (Keep it human-ish. If you're not sure if your race qualifies, ask)

Appearance: (Pic or description)

Role: (What is your character's primary purpose on this mission? Blacksmith? Alchemist? Ranger? Think of it like your character's class)

Bio: (Tell me a little about where your character is from, and what their accomplishments are. Why do they want to go on this mission, and why were they chosen out of all the applicants?)

Skills: (What is your character particularly good at? List any specific weapon or item proficiencies here)

Magic: (List all the specific magical abilities your character has)

Equipment: (What weapons or items did your character bring through the portal? Note that you get a wagon of mundane supplies, and you don't need to list obvious stuff like a water skin or the clothes on your back)

Other: (Anything else that you feel like adding.)
Through The Portal

The portal..

The mages of Chaosera have finally made a stable portal to another plane of existence. This vast new world is full of unknown lands, creatures, and resources, and all the kingdoms of the world have their eyes set on it. At first this lead to political tension, but then Chaosera agreed to share their portal with any kingdom willing to contribute to its power source. It seemed like a good deal, however, the energy it takes to sustain that portal is enormous; after a year of gathering resources, the combined kingdoms of the world obtained enough energy to keep the portal open for three minutes.

The first time the mages opened the portal, they used one minute of that energy. They conducted preliminary investigations, and ultimately determined that people could survive there. They described an open field and sunset skies, but the information was just enough to tease public interest. Then they made the announcement...


Are you a mastered explorer, or wants to be one? Are you an astronomer, that wants to explore other night skies? Are you a Half-Elf? With a spirit stuck to his head?, Well, A group of brave adventurers STEP into the portal, We welcome people from all contributing nations to sign up for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Spend one year in this new world and be heavily rewarded upon your return. We require naturalists, cartographers, alchemists, and any who believe they have something to offer the party. Spaces are limited, and only those deemed the most useful will be sent through. Once there, we require as much information about the realm as possible. Experiment, gather resources, and NAME WHATEVER YOU DISCOVER! i repeat NAME WHATEVER YOU DISCOVER! So, if you're looking to carve yourself a place in history, apply today!


This RP, is a plagiarised Remastered version of Yuuta's Through The Portal that, sadly, no one talked again in 1 year, so, i, as a big fan of his/her work made a remastered version of this.

The RP will start as your character steps thorugh the portal into the New World. The mission is; make yourself useful to the kingdom. What you decide to do is entirely up to you, A wagon of supplies has been sent to the portal along with your characters that contains enough rations for a month if rationed correctly, but it wont last a year, so,

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